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Inside Apple (India only)

Language: English
Length: 240 Pages
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
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Inside Apple (India only) (Hardcover) Price: Rs.460

Inside Apple provides an inside look at what working for Apple, one of the most popular companies, involves.

Summary Of The Book

The products released by Apple represent innovation to many. The company’s products are highly accessible and rank high on usability too. In fact, the company’s products have a fan following rather than a customer base, as it specializes in letting its customers experience the freedom and joy that only new technology can deliver.

In this book, the author reveals the process that goes into making these products. He mainly credits Steve Jobs for the success of the company, and states that Jobs’ visionary ideas transformed Apple into one of the most valuable companies in the world.

The author reveals business concepts from inside Apple’s workspace, like assigning a Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) for each task and the annual event where the company’s top 100 executives are transported to a secret destination with Steve Jobs.

The author also reveals interesting facts about the company, like the time spent over framing the right product package. For instance, there is an iPod un-boxing room where a designer would try out several different boxes that iPods could be packaged in. The designer would open each box to determine the box that would give the customer the utmost satisfaction while unpacking.

The book also reveals the obsession with secrecy that drives the company. No single employee, however high ranking he is, knows all the details of the product that he is working on. Only the details relevant to his particular task would be revealed to him. For this reason, when a new product is launched, the employees also wait along with customers for the exciting details about the whole product.

The book talks about the care given to assuring the best press coverage for the company and its products, and the attention to detail that goes into its high profile product launches.

Inside Apple begins with the return of Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple in 1997 and covers the company’s run up to the present period. It also focuses on the direction the company could take in the post-Jobs era. It also takes a close look at Apple new leadership team, comprising of people who have been directly responsible for the company’s success over the years.

About Adam Lashinsky

Adam Lashinsky covers financial and technology companies for Fortune magazine. He has written cover story articles on companies like Hewlett Packard, Apple, and Google.

Inside Apple is his first and only book, as of August 2012.

Lashinsky has also written analytical articles on companies like Wells Fargo, Intel, and Oracle. He is also a contributor to Fox News Channel and has appeared on many business shows. Before joining Fortune, he was a columnist for the online magazine, and also for San Jose Mercury News. A native of Chicago, he has worked as an editor and reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in History and Political Science. Lashinsky is married and lives with his wife and daughter in San Francisco.

Specifications of Inside Apple (India only) (Hardcover)

Book Details
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Imprint John Murray
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9781848547445
ISBN-10 1848547447
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 240 Pages
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Book Reviews of Inside Apple (India only)

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17 February 12
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certified buyer
Not really for fanboys

If you're a fan of Apple and following Apple news at least for the past 2-3 years, you really don't need this book. Go and get Steve's Biography.

The book follows a way of praising Apple and Steve's strategy which will surely make the fanboys happy. On the other hand, while talking about people Adam also has bare minimum details which any fanboy has.

I feel this book should have been written by Walt Mossberg who has better insight about Apple and Steve's personal favorite journalist.

The book covers about Apple's way of keeping secrecy, the people who handles it, how Steve is relevant/irrelevant for the company. What are the strong point of Tim Cook? How it's like a new joinee to Apple etc. which can give you better but not worth of reading insights.

Anyway a good read but not really mandatory!

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29 March 12
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certified buyer

At first, when I saw this book online, I thought it’d be one among the many, ‘post Jobs Cashing In’, books to be released by a capitalist publisher and a greedy author, with due respect to both of them. So while I was thinking of which one to order among so many of them, somehow, like all Apple products, this one ‘Felt’ right. And Boy, could my intuition be more accurate!
‘Inside Apple’ is an all access card to a secretive behemoth called Apple. The book takes you through all the areas of management, communication, product development and the workflow at Apple. Their obsession with perfection, their emphasis on details right from the text in their ads to the packaging of products, subliminal branding and most importantly, Focus.
There’s a line in the book, which says, Apple is “a company whose methods fly in the face of decades of well established management maxims.” I believe it’s only because they follow a method much older than recent management maxims. Their method is pretty much based on the Zen philosophy of Focus, Minimal and Simple.
It’s very rare for a company to grow to be the world’s largest, in the lifetime of its founder. Through this book, you’ll know, how Apple doesn’t care about either, the size or the growth rate In fact, doesn’t even care about the shareholders. Their focus, like their products, is Simple. Make “Revolutionary” Products and a “Wow” Product Experience, and the rest will take care of itself. Unusual and Surprising, are understatements for both, the company, and this book.
Adam tries to scratch the surface of Apple’s famous Secrecy policy. Right from anecdotes like, the company having plainclothes security at a close by bar to watch over if any Apple employee leaks some information in the heat of the moment, to their memento store at the office, which sells a tee shirt that reads “I visited Apple, but that’s all I’m allowed to Say.” So much is their belief in keeping things secret that most of the times, employees at One Infinite Loop, don’t even know what the person in the next cubicle is doing. The work culture is unlike any of the ‘Best Places to Work’ magazine issues. Something that amused me the most in the book was “Everyone inside Apple is trying to get out, and everyone outside is trying to get in.”
One more thing, it takes us through the leadership and succession planning for the post-Jobs scenario. As an Apple fan, you may rest assured, that the company’s going nowhere south in the near future, for Steve’s pumped enough of his vision into each employee. However, it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out thereafter. The closest one can get to know how Apple works without working there, is through this book. Adam Lashinsky has thrown this light on the ‘dark side of moon’ in a manner that you can’t not be amazed by this company which takes being Casual, very Seriously. I highly recommend it to all. It’s Unputdownable.

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15 March 12
A peek into the biggest company in the world...

The book tries to get an answer to one of the most intriguing questions of this year - What makes Apple click ?

I mean they have weirdest PR, outrageously secretive way of working and a very quirky way of functioning. Yet they have the one of most valuable brands in the world and the most successful company today. Why?

The book does give us a few insights, but honestly there is nothing new that was not already there in the market. The author claims to have done a fair bit of research but he fails to impress. I being a fanboy, knew almost everything he wrote in the book.

So a major disappointment on that front. Nevertheless, it can be a fun read for a Apple fanatic, just because, at the end of the day, it is about Apple. :)

My recommendation : Don't buy it. Put some more bucks and buy his biography instead. That's one hell of a book ! :)

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20 March 12
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certified buyer
Should have come a little earlier

Inside Apple gives a peek into inside working methods of Apple. But as a read, it might have been structured a little chronologically or based on some other parameter. If it would have come before the Job's Biography, the impact would have been different. For those who read the Job's biography this book is not an essential.

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04 February 12
first to review
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certified buyer
Overall it's a pleasure to Read.

Overall it's really a nice book, very well written. I can recall there are coule of instances in which the author tries to funny & pokes sum humor about Sir Steve Jobs, which I didn't liked. Other wise it's a must read. You Should definitely buy it.

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    Book: Inside Apple (India only) by
    ISBN Number: 1848547447, 9781848547445, 978-1848547445


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