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Introduction to the Constitution of India 20th Edition

Language: English
Length: 200 Pages
Publisher: Lexisnexis
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Introduction to the Constitution of India 20th Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs.227

Introduction To The Constitution Of India, is an ideal text for political science students, and laypersons, which provides an analytical look at the complexities of the Indian Constitution.

Summary Of The Book

Introduction To The Constitution Of India, looks at the beginning of India’s journey from January 26,1950 to the present day. It has gone through many amendments since it was enacted. There is an official Hindi translation and an English version of the Indian Constitution. The original is handwritten with beautiful calligraphy, which the author has tried decipher for the benefit of his readers. The Indian Constitution is currently the longest one of any country in the world.

This book takes readers through the minute details of the Constitution. It is divided into nine chapters, with the sequence of the chapters closely following the Constitution. Some of the topics covered in the nine sections are Nature of the Constitution, Government of the Union, Government of the States, Administration of Union Territories, Local Government, Judicature, The Federal System, and Miscellaneous topics like Elections, Languages, Public Service Commissions.

The book begins by introducing readers to the Indian Constitution. Then it explores the historical background, philosophy, features, and creation of the Constitution. Readers will become well acquainted with the Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights and Duties, as well as the amendment procedures.

The remainder of the book provides information about State governments, Union governments, administration procedures in Union Territories, and governance in special areas such as Jammu and Kashmir. Basu has also included details about the functioning of small governments such as panchayats, planning committees, and municipalities. A sound background about the judicial system, especially the High Courts and Supreme Courts is also provided. In the final chapter, readers are given a thorough background information about the nation’s federal system. In this chapter, topics such as emergency provisions, inter-state relations, minorities, elections, and languages are addressed.

This text is a useful reference tool for Political Science students, as well as the citizens of India. Introduction To The Constitution Of India, was published in 2012, by Lexisnexis.

About Durga Das Basu

Durga Das Basu is an Indian author and jurist. He has also written, Comparative Constitutional Law, Casebook On The Indian Constitutional Law, Law of Press, Comparative Federalism and Commentary On The Constitution Of India. Basu has received numerous honorary doctorates from over six Indian universities. He also has doctorate in law from the University of Calcutta.



Table of Contents

Part 1: Nature of the constitution
1. The Historical background
2. The making of the constitution
3. The philosophy of the constitution
4. Outstanding features of our constitution
5. Nature of the federal system
6. Territory of the Union
7. Citizenship
8. Fundamental rights and fundamental Duties
9. Directive Principles of state Policy
10. Procedure for amendment
Part II: Government of the union
11. The Union Executive
1. The president and the Vice President
2. Powers and Duties of the president
3. The Council of ministers
4. The President in relation to his council or ministers
5. The Attorney general for India
6. The Comptroller and Auditor general of India
12. The Union Legislature
Part III: Government of the States
13. The State Executive
1. The General structure
2. Governor
3. The Council of ministers
4. Advocate General
14. The State Legislature
15. The State of Jammu & Kashmird
Part IV: Administration of Union Territories
16. Administration of Union Territories and Acquired
Part V: Local Government
17. The new system of Panchayats and municipalities
18. Panchayats
19. Municipalities and Planning Committees
Part VI: Administration of Special areas
20. Administration of scheduled and Tribal Areas
Part VII: The Judicature
21. Organization of the Judiciary in general
22. The Supreme Court
23. The High Court
Part VIII: The Federal system
24. Distribution of legislative and executive powers
25. Distribution of financial powers
26. Administrative Relations between the Union and the states
27. Inter state Relations
28. Emergency Provisions
Part IX: Miscellaneous
29. Rights and liabilities of the Government and Public servants
30. The services and Public service Commissions
31. Elections
32. Minorities, Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes
33. Languages
34. How the Constitution has worked

Specifications of Introduction to the Constitution of India 20th Edition (Paperback)

Authored By Durga Das Basu
Book Details
Publisher Lexisnexis
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9788180385599
ISBN-10 8180385590
Language English
Edition 20th
Edition Type Reprint
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 200 Pages
Book Type Non Fiction Book
University Books Details
Degree/Diploma UG
Specialization Computer Science Engineering
Subject Constitution of India and Professional Ethics
Term 1st Year
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Book Reviews of Introduction to the Constitution of India 20th Edition

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 77)

28 June 10
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certified buyer
I highly recommend this book to all

I received this book within three days of placing the order as promised on the website. I have read the first four chapters so far and simply love this book. The first chapter on the historical background is also wonderful.

It is clearly evident to me that the author has an amazing insight into each and every word of the constitution-for e.g. the chapter on the philosophy of the constitution delves on each word in the Preamble explaining their meaning and significance. He also quotes opinions of eminent people to explain some ideas better.

To summarize, the author is undoubtedly an expert in this subject and is articulate enough to convey his understanding in a clear and precise manner to the readers.

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95% of 37 users found this review helpful.
09 January 12
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certified buyer

Faculty of INDIAN POLITY also and as a student learner i highly recommend..sorry its better to say that only base book for all the UPSC and other State PSC's..

All the Topics given by Mr.Basu is really well catered for the students in an order. There is no need to go for search for the new topics..each and every Topic and chapters are clearly explained.
Those who are attempting for the first time to service commission examinations... Just go blindly for this one..its referable for all the time.. Give ur first preference to this ... and save your valuable time.. rather then going to other books

second preference is should be given to Laxmikanth.

Thank u all
and forget to say.. i just got this books in 2 days when i ordered.. Thank u FLIPKART for saving my time and money :)

Was this review helpful?  / 
92% of 12 users found this review helpful.
18 September 13
More suited to advanced (not expert) readers

The book is an excellent reference point for any/all issues on the Indian Constitution. A majority of Civil Service aspirants (myself included) treat this book as the golden standard for Indian Polity, and rightly so.

However, if you are new to Polity and want to understand the basic nature of Indian Constitution, this book is not for you. Owing to the use of a form of english typical to the court rooms, the book can be a bit overwhelming to the novice reader. Therefore, in my opinion, this book is for those who already have a working knowledge of Indian Polity and want to further their knowledge.

Reading this book will definitely chisel clarity into your understanding, but more importantly, it will enable you to learn and adapt the vocabulary of a lawyer. At least, sort of.

PS: Here's a sentence from the book. If you can understand it without strain, then you should go for this book. However, if it is causing you some trouble (especially with the way clauses and sub clauses intervene each other) then perhaps, you will be better off coming to this book at a later stage.

(The sentence is taken verbatim from page 392, explaining the Fundamental Rights of Civil Servants)

"In other words, if against two public servants similarly similarly circumstanced enquiries may be directed according to procedure 'substantially different', at the discretion of the Executive authority, exercise whereof is not governed by any principles having any rational relation to the purpose to be achieved by the inquiry, the oder selecting a prejudicial procedure, out of the two open for selection, is hit by Article 14."

Was this review helpful?  / 
7 of 8 users found this review helpful.
06 February 13
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certified buyer
If you can read Chetan Bhagat's book, you CAN read this too!

I chanced upon this on the best seller list and was surprised to find a book on a drab subject making to Flipkart's best-seller list. Flipkart delivered the book within 72 hours of placing the order (as usual) :)

About the Book:

Many reviewers have said it is highly helpful for preparation of competitive exams to understand Indian polity, etc. which is true. However, this book is not solely targeted to IAS/IPS/competitive exams aspirants. It is meant for every layman citizen of India who can read and understand English.

Most citizens of India do not know anything about the administration of the Country and the States. Upon reading this, the reader will know about the Indian Constitution, their rights, how the government is formed, etc. etc. The Indian Constitution is the biggest Constitution in the world. Dr. Basu has endeavored to simplify the Constitution to be understood by the general reader.

This book will be helpful & is highly recommended for everyone who wishes to understand the Constitution of India.

The chapters are laid our logically and the LANGUAGE IS SIMPLE. Hence, if you can read Chetan Bhagat's book, you CAN read this too!

Disclosure: I'm a general reader and NOT preparing for competitive exams.

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7 of 10 users found this review helpful.
06 December 11
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certified buyer
Decent Read

This is book is mainly for the people who are preparing for competitive exams. The language of the book is mostly in legal genre, for people who have not read these type of books earlier, will take sometime to get the hang of the language. I wouldn't say it has grooving narration, but it isn't bad either.

Headings by the side of the paragraphs make it a little cumbersome, you fail to make out that you have moved on to a next topic. The book covers almost everything. It also touches upon the amendments. author also brings in his views about certain topics. though at times, narration of some particular topic may fall short, I guess one cannot expect more in a book that is just an introduction to the Constitution.

Was this review helpful?  / 
4 of 4 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

View all
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certified buyer
A good start for a law student....

A very helpful book as a law student but not recommended for professionals...They may be knowing better which one to buy for them.

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10 April 14
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certified buyer
A book worth more than Civil Services.

It is not that one must be a civil service aspirant to buy this book. You must have one in your rack for your day by day unders...

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02 April 14
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certified buyer
the ultimate choice for csat aspirants

Dd basu the name is enuf.stanrd is high but if someone wants to know it in details one must go through this book

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22 March 14
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certified buyer
fair knowledge!

This book contains materials that can be pretty useful for the students who wishing to prepare for any of the UPSC examinations...

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20 March 14
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certified buyer
classic one

this book is a classic one. It is written on the research of thousands of papers and other books. One must read this book to ge...

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19 March 14
    Book: Introduction to the Constitution of India 20th Edition by
    ISBN Number: 8180385590, 9788180385599, 978-8180385599


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