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It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

Language: English
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It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life By Lance Armstrong
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It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life (Paperback) Price: Rs.550

As the title of the book states, this is not a work chronicling the victories and achievements of an ace biker. Lance Armstrong, a 24-year-old sportsperson, and the ‘Golden Boy’ of cycling was success’ favourite pick when he was titled as the top cyclist in the world, having consecutively won the esteemed Tour de France. However, Armstrong would soon come to realize that life, and not the track, was going to be his real challenge.

In October 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with stage-3 testicular cancer. The tumour soon spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain. With only a mere 40 percent chance of survival, it seemed that his good life had come to an end.

It took cancer to change Lance Armstrong completely. The blessings of a good family, supportive friends, and the quiet nobility of a fulfilled life came to mean much more to him and he found himself transforming for the better. After undergoing rigorous sessions of chemotherapy, he underwent surgery. Finally, he decided that he was ready to let his ruptured body and soul heal. Thus began the training session through the mountains of North Carolina, and as his love for the sport came back, he decided to make a comeback.

With the greatest comeback story the world had ever witnessed, criticism and controversy were not far behind. After winning the Tour de France again, he was accused of consuming drugs to enhance his performance.

Inspirational and uplifting, It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life traces the life of Armstrong as a sportsman, patient, father, and transformed man.

Published on May 22, 2000, people all over the world have found tremendous inspiration from this book. Written in simple language that all readers will be able to understand and follow, it is enough to stir one’s life and perspective. This real life tale drives home the point that nothing is impossible and that a strong mind can surely conquer it all.

About the Author
The Chairman and Founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Support and Research, Lance Armstrong is a world-renowned cyclist, seven times consecutive winner of the challenging Tour de France, and the most inspirational success story of a hard battle against cancer.

Other books by Lance Armstrong include Every Second Counts (with Sally Jenkins), Comeback 2.0: Up Close and Personal, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program: 7 Weeks to the Perfect Ride (with Chris Carmichael and Peter Joffre Nye), and Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion (with Robin McLaurim Williams and Graham Watson)

Although his writing is brutally straightforward, the sheer honesty of his life’s account and the way he bares it all make his books gripping. The book is rich in medical detail. The account of his comeback, with the gruelling training sessions and arduous hard work, is truly intense and serves as the perfect guide for coaches and trainers. The charm of his writing lies in the sincerity that pours out from every page.

Armstrong retired from cycling at the end of the 2005 Tour de France in the July of 2002, but returned to competitive cycling soon after, finishing third in 2009 Tour de France, and retired from competitive cycling as well in February 2011. He has three daughters with his first wife Kristen Richards. He also has five children with girlfriend Anna Hansen.

Specifications of It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life (Paperback)

Author Lance Armstrong
Book Details
Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 9780224060875
ISBN-10 0224060872
Language English
Edition New ed
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 304 Pages
Depth 20 inch
Weight 239 g
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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 71)

15 November 11
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certified buyer
It's not about being human too

It's not about the bike and this book is almost not about a human too.

It's a story that hollywood would have dismissed as cliched, because only in fairy tales do you hear of tales of such grit, determination and dreams.

Bullied into the corner with cancer, stomped by chemo and torn by sponsors, Lance makes a comeback, this time leaner, more resolved to win than ever.

The book conveyed in first person by Lance, takes you through his childhood in Austin, his triathlon days and then his Cance and then his amazing comeback to win his first Tour De France.

Read it to be inspired, to be awed and to believe nothing is just impossible

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97% of 34 users found this review helpful.
26 January 12
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certified buyer
It's what you do, which makes you extra-ordinary

What if you are on the top of the hill of success, and suddenly someone pushes you down?

That's what Lance Armstrong is,
A super successful biker, and suddenly one day his career seems to end because he is diagnosed with cancer.

The story is not about how Lance fought, but how an everyday person would react and go through in his toughest times.

It would let you decide that who your well wishers are,
It will let you realize what real struggle is,
And it will give you the importance of family, friends and life.

It simply teaches you not to take life for granted.

Its written just like a simple conversation and you'll feel that you're having a discussion in you room.

Any person who wants to read for any reason,
To get inspired, to just time pass, to gift, read just for the pleasure of reading or any reason you may have, you should give this book at least one read.

Believe me, you'll want another read of the book.

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24 April 12
Realizing human capacity

The book is an autobiographical account of Lance Armstrong, whose career path to become a cycling champion was shattered at the age of 25 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He candidly describes his fight against cancer, the consequent loss of hope to race, small inspirations to comeback to track and then a punishing training schedule that culminate into seven consecutive wins at Tour de France (TdF). He speaks of a mix of deep harrowing experiences during his chemotherapy treatment and brain surgery, since he was in advanced stage of malignancy; and that of spiritual experiences when he survived the harshest of the moments near the finish line of the Tour stages with only an ounce of physical energy available to cross the line.

It is an enjoyable read to motivate you to fight stronger, practice harder, and never never never give up!

Quotable Quotes:
"We are so much stronger than we imagine"
"They (doctors) know more about life and death than most people"
"Hope is the only antidote to fear"
"We have unralized capacities that sometimes only emerge in crisis"

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30 March 12
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certified buyer
Compelling !!

Unlike many others I had read this book much before Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer ... Lance's book is well written and is extremely uninhibited. He painstakingly takes us through the journey , and has left me emotionally drained after I finished the book ... His account narrates in details Lance's vulnerability at times while fighting the dreaded disease, and also his indomitable mental strength to cope with it ... and then gouing on to create history in Tour-de-France. He is honest and speaks from the heart, and I have never felt going through a superhuman's anecdote. Rather it is a well written account of a normal human being who fought his way out of cancer .. I would take u through the highs and lows during the prolonged treatment, and throws light on the world of professional sports ... Easy paced and straight from the heart .. this book must be on everybody's shelf, whether or not he has even heard about "Tour-de-France" !!

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26 April 12
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certified buyer
Stuff of legends

Lance Armstrong's story is the stuff of legends. 'It's not about the bike' is a spectacular book describing the life of a man born with immense talent who had a tough childhood and was marred down by cancer but emerged as the greatest cyclist ever.
Lance was a rough teen, successful tri-athlete and an excellent son.
The narration is good and style, engaging. The story,described in breathtaking 290 pages, is truly inspiring.
Human relationships are described well and their importance revealed, as the story progresses.
He is a cancer survivor and his experiences are priceless, and his body is one of the fittest.
Lance won Tour de France 7 consecutive times and still the simplicity of his personality leaves one in awe.
Book has a lot to teach: love, respect, struggle, determination, inspiration, teamwork and friendship.
There's a human touch to the book and describes a life cheered and supported by true friends. Lance at one point had lost all hope to return to cycling. His perception of life had changed. He didn't want to cycle anymore but his friends and wife helped him find his true self. Earlier he cycled to earn a living but now it was for the love of it.
Describing the moments just after his '99 Tour de France win and the yellow jersey awarded to him he writes,'only the zipper is mine, rest all belongs to my team, the front, the back, all of it'.

I have always looked upto him since I was 9 years old when I saw his poster in my school and read few articles about him, and time spent reading this book has been a good investment.

Quality of the pages is excellent and the cover is good.

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4 of 4 users found this review helpful.

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a must read motivational story

its a must have type of books with an inspiring story motivating you all the time..... while reading you feel all the time conn...

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03 March 14
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Very inspiring read.

If you connect to the mindset of writer, it gives you a new vigour and inspiration to move on in the life. Although Lance has b...

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08 February 14
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certified buyer

Truly inspirational and great book to read...surely pumps u UP!! has been well written and is great in every aspect..kee...

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27 December 13
An inspiring story

A truly inspring story of a human being who was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer (with metastasis to the lungs and...

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20 September 13
Worth It

very surprising & annoying the pictures inside the book are black & white ,shame i can't see the yellow jersey in yello...

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12 August 13
    Book: It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong
    ISBN Number: 0224060872, 9780224060875, 978-0224060875


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