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Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money

Language: English
Length: 180 Pages
Publisher: Cnbc Tv18
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Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money (Hardcover) Price: Rs.424

A book that helps its readers re-organize their finances better, Jago Investor: Change Your Relation With Money is full of useful tips and strategies on money management and financial planning.

Summary Of The Book

Jago Investor: Change Your Relation with Money is a book that instructs readers on how to keep their personal finances in perfect order. The book aims to eliminate financial illiteracy, as the author believes that most people are very unfamiliar with the concept of money management, as schools and colleges don’t prepare students for the same. As a result, they take decisions that can boomerang and hit them back in the long run. Others get so lost in the myriad financial concepts that come with investing in insurance, mutual funds, or stocks that they simply give up.

The book emphasises on the importance of financial education, and the author writes the book from the perspective of a novice dabbling in investments, rather than a financial expert. He has also tried to steer clear of providing advice on various financial products that are available in the market. Rather, the author, Manish Chauhan, tries to bring about a change in the quality of financial thinking on the part of the reader.

In order to ensure that this is achieved, this 180-page book touches on topics as diverse as the creation of wealth, protecting one’s family against bad financial times, the importance of setting goals, and the dearly-held myths about the business of making money.

One of the highlights of the book is the focus laid on how to use information technology to organize personal finances. The author underlines the importance of managing documentation to prevent clutter and unnecessary confusion. The book has seven chapters, and these are: Burning the Jungle, Get Set Goal, Have You Protected Your Garden?, Bursting Your Myths About Money, Simplifying Your Financial Life, Change Your Relationship With Money, and 10 Things To Do To Make Your Financial Awesome.

The book tellingly makes the point that the financial world is rarely a stable one. Things change overnight, new products come in, old ones get tossed out, and the economy may dictate new financial plans. However, financial principles and strategies that help people keep their personal finances in order never really change.

About Manish Chauhan

Manish Chauhan is a blogger and founder of a financial planning website, Initially started in 2008, it is now one of the most widely read financial blogs in the country. Manish Chauhan earlier had a stint in the corporate world at Yahoo, but now is a financial coach who conducts workshops. He operates from Pune.

Specifications of Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money (Hardcover)

Author Manish Chauhan
Book Details
Publisher Cnbc Tv18
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9789380200415
ISBN-10 9380200415
Language English
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 180 Pages
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Book Reviews of Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money

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Most Helpful Reviews (10 of 104)

12 February 12
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certified buyer
Disappointed, more of an Intro to Financial Planning

I was quite disappointed when I put the book down after reading it. Dont get me wrong, its nice book if "You are just beginning investing and want to know the very basics". Since its Manish and after getting so much value from his blogs, I was really disappointed at the depth of this book.

I mean, I do not expect detailed information but even basic depth is missing in this. His blog has more information and material than this book and I think its overpriced.

What I liked:
1. Easy approach to the subject
2. fluid language
3. Nothing much technical
4. Templates that he provided by sending an email to him
5. The charts, like the insurance you nee

What was wrong/missing:
1. No in-depth information on anything!!!!
2. Some basic advice on products people should be looking at like Accident Rider in insurance plans etc
3. No information on how to evaluate various investment avenues like MF, Stock etc

Who should buy:
You are absolutely new and want an overview to financial planning

Who should not buy:
1. You are fan and regular reader of his blogs
2. You already read good magazines like Outlook Money, MOney Life etc
3. You already know basics, and are looking for how to evaluate a product. For example, you have term insurance should you another insurance with critical illness rider or lets say you want some basic pointers on how to track MF
4. You read blogs or part of forums

I think Manish should clearly mention what top expect from his book so that his fans can make an informed decision. If it was any other author, I wouyld have given a 3 star, since its Manish (someone whom I respect), I am giving 1 star.

I would suggest skipping this book and getting Subra's book on 40 rs a day

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77% of 30 users found this review helpful.
06 February 12
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certified buyer
Deserves the name - Must have book on your personal library

Thanks to Manish for the book making it precise and wealth of information. As the name suggests it wakes up the "Investor" in you. Treat the book as work book in the first reading itself, reading it as novel won't help, even though it may ignite some thought.

In India many of us are pro savers, compared to other parts of world. The book helps us in organizing the savings in a professional and calculated way. The book talks in terms of achievable (SMART) goals. It clears some of old myths.

It would be even more helpful, if it would have been included some basics about various saving schemes, low-medium-high risk sectors, stocks, MF, etc... as an added material.

Gift the book to the person who started his career. Last but not least, the author emphasizes "Peace of mind and contentment" also as wealth.

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87% of 15 users found this review helpful.
01 February 12
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certified buyer
Jago Investor- a must read for a young investor

In this book, Manish uses a simple language to explain personal financial management concepts to the common man. Using simple examples and narratives, he explains complex financial concepts and try to create awareness among public about the importance of personal financial management. In India we would have been thought a lot of things that are not useful in life , but we are not educated enough about personal finance management and we end up doing a lot of mistakes. A must read for people who are starting their career fresh out of college. If I would have read it 6-7 years back when I started working I would have avoided so many mistakes that I committed in investing. Way to go Manish.

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87% of 15 users found this review helpful.
03 February 12
Great book for beginners about personal finance

At the end of most chapters he has a quick review section he calls “Flashback Learning” and more importantly he outlines a 2 hour action plan. The 2 hour action plan is what the book is all about. Quit reading, talking and discussing, instead take some action in regards to your personal finances.

Some of the best bits of information from the book:

- page 90 – “You can never get excellent returns with safety in the SHORT TERM; that can only happen in the long term”
- page 128 – he shows a flowchart that I think everyone should make because it visually shows where YOUR money is going
- page 136 – A simple checklist of what your sample portfolio should look like, it’s all about simplicity

Overall the book is great for beginners and I would highly recommend it.

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92% of 13 users found this review helpful.
09 March 12
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certified buyer
Wish I had read it before.

Why didn't someone tell me these simple principles of saving and investment before? The best part of the book is that it is written by someone who calls himself a Student of Wealth rather than a Guru. And after reading the book I believe its lot better to learn from a Student, than a Guru.

One needs some courage to go through this book. It first shakes you up from your slumber (financial laziness), then squeezes off you, your mislearnings about saving and investment, usually a result of preaching by many learned financial experts (read-agents), and then sometimes it punches you on your nose making you realize you silly mistakes.

First I couldn't read it beyond a few pages with each page making me realize about the opportunities to create wealth I missed, how I allowed my common sense be be buried under greed,herd mentality, or simple laziness. However, with quivering hands I flipped through the pages, knowing fully well that I must not escape reading it to the end.

As you go through the book, you realize that the writer is here to give you an unbiased advice.

Do not expect this book to be something magical which will make you rich, it just gives some plain good advise on savings and investments, strengthens your own common sense and encourages you to take our own decisions in the right way and encourages you to ACT. Its not easy to create wealth, but reading and acting on this book sure is one of the ways.

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85% of 13 users found this review helpful.
29 March 12
About Jago Investor

What an excellent book....This is my shortest expression on completion of reading the book.

Well. Giving a briefing on the experience of reading the book.

--Acknowledge and Preface - Too Good
--Way/Style of presentation - Appealing and too good again.
Shows the capability and potential of the author to convey the right meaning of everything explained in the book to a variety of audience. I am quite sure, this book could influence any one's financial decision making processes and visualize the right approach towards a great financial planning leading to achievement of not only basic necessities but long term dreams and aspirations.
--Importance of early investment - Well demonstrated again
Strategy, Effectiveness and the drastic difference of saving even small amounts during the initial periods - very very well demonstrated rather illustrated.
--Life Insurance - Commendable again
The do's and do not's in this section is very well demonstrated. This section again well explained and would help greatly from an awareness perspective. I do not think there is a better way of illustration.

This book is for every one and for all ages. The earlier you grab a copy and understand the things the better. A definite value buy and I'm quite sure that none of you would regret buying this excellent pick. I can assure that this would be beneficial for anyone who isn't insane. A great great gift to all those whom you really care for. This book would be an eye opener for many. (My wild guess would be nothing short of 80%). The author's excellence as a financial coach is well evident and the book speaks about that.

UNDERSTANDABLE, SIMPLE, POWERFUL...Above all works for ANYONE and not a particular cross section of people. Highly recommended for the youth who are a nation's backbone to grow in a responsible manner with great insights from a financial perspective.

( One more thing, i would like to convey is about the build quality of the book. Great. Excellent. Not the boring ones which you normally imagine or expect on hearing that this is something related to financial success, management or progression.)
:) :) :) - Do not waste your time. Grab a copy.
Happy reading!!!

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2 of 3 users found this review helpful.
14 November 12
Jago Investor by Manish Chauhan

I learnt/got aware of quite a few things from reading the book.

1. While I knew (in the back of my mind) about the power of compounding, I never in my wildest dreams understood how much powerful it is, and I am regretting I did not start investing early in my life. Now, i'm realizing that to create a large corpus, the amount of monthly SIP investment that I need to do is lot more!

2. Your examples of the King's granary is an excellent example of the power of compounding, and it hit the point home very well.

3. I realized that I've fortunately made the right decision with regard to a large term insurance, and I've covered myself reasonably well

4. You continue to talk about "being in action" throughout the book - I've realized that in areas of life where I'm very successful are those where I've truly been "on the court, and in the action field", rather than being a spectator - it is just a matter of bringing the very same commitment to the area of money.

5. Goal setting is something that I've not done, and this is a good learning I'm taking away from the book.

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15 March 12
A Simply Powerful Book

Do u wish to Change your Relationship with MONEY?

Think about a average person who stars his day late, get drowned into the Routine and boring life.

Suddenly, one day he wakes up early and does everything different. He goes for a walk, plays some sports with frieds while listening to music. Takes variety of food in breakfast and is early enough to see off child to the school. Spends quality of time with wife before leaving for Office.

You would bet that he enjoys life more in second situation.

The same feeling can be linked with anybody now thinking about money and his changed mindset after reading and re-reading the book which is aptly called "Jago Investor" (This has become mission of Manish Chauhan & Team).

In short,

This book is:
Thought Provoking
Out of clutter, much needed effort towards empowering a Common Man.

Kudos to the writer and looking forward to read more in time to come . . .

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1 of 2 users found this review helpful.
22 June 12
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certified buyer
Books like this should be taught in college and school

Excellent book if you know nothing about personal finance and investing (i feel 95% people new or experienced worker don't know anything about personal finance). After 9 years of work experience as a software engineer i did not even know what is a Term Insurance until last month. This book has actually changed my attitude towards money. After reading this i started SIP in mutual funds, going to get term insurance shortly, going to handover 4 of my LIC endowment plan which i now realize are crap (i pay 85K per annum as premium, what a waste of money), started investing in gold and silver, etc. But you must visit the jagoinvestor website to know a lot of details on investing and personal finance. This book is actually to change your mind set and not to explain each and everything about investment and financial products.
One complain from Manish is that the website jagoinvestor should also contain a link to the jago investor forum where you get answer to all of your queries. Also Manish should try to start investing in making a world class website which is a tip from a software engineer :)

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0 of 1 users found this review helpful.
24 September 12
Should be read by everyone who earns and also who does not earn

you see i experienced the popular proverb that it is difficult to earn money but it is more difficult to save those money.i shall say a few words on an event that today i.e. 24-09-2012 i read the newspaper times of india in which there was a news that a retired professor lost rs 10 lakh in response to a SMS and email in which he was told that he won a foreign award worth Rs 7 crore.he thought he will get it and in response of various phone calls he shelled out Rs 10 lakh which he saved during his service tenure.the result is as usual.He lost it.yesterday i.e. on sunday i saw KBC in which one person won Rs 25 lakh and he was answering for Rs 50lakh.But he did not know the answer he went on guessing as his other help line options were exhausted.Mr. Amitabh Bacchan warned him that if he lose the question he will lose Rs 25 lakh and he will get only rs 80000.But he went ahead and lost the game .He took only Rs 80000 instead of Rs 25lakh.Amitabh Bacchan told that a Person should have knowledge but he should have wisdom too.I want to say that one should respect the money whatever you have and one should not waste haphazardly.your book teaches soon as person earns money he should have (in he she is also included)known that how to make money out of money in a legal way.Manish ji i thank you once again that you wrote such kind of book which inspired me to think of personal financial budgeting and management. Thanks a lot.Rating definitely 5 star

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02 October 13
An Excellent Book to Start Financial Planning With

The language of book is quite impressive and entices you to read on - particularly, the fables in between to derive the point,...

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13 April 13
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certified buyer really changes your relationship with money :)

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07 December 12
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Excellent book on financial literacy

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02 December 12
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Awakes ourself regarding our financial life

I would like to thank Mr. Manish for writing this amazing book. It's really a must have book to think about our finance situati...

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25 November 12
    Book: Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money by Manish Chauhan
    ISBN Number: 9380200415, 9789380200415, 978-9380200415


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