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Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology

(Movie, Blu-ray)
Language: English  Year: 2011  Format: Blu-ray  
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Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology (Movie, Blu-ray) Price: Rs.2099

Get ready to embark on a journey unlike any other. Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy is a DVD collection that contains all the adventure sci-fi films from the Jurassic Park film series. Based on a novel by Michael Crichton, directed by Steven Spielberg (first two movies) and Joe Johnston (the last movie), and featuring actors such as Sam Neill, Julianne Moore and Jeff Goldblum, the storyline of this series revolves around two isolated islands (Isla Nublar in the first two movies and Isla Sorna in the last one) where, with the use of DNA samples from fossilized mosquitoes, scientists manage to reanimate dinosaurs that existed in prehistoric times. When the vicious reptiles manage to break out from their constraints, the humans who are around are jeopardized. Will they survive or become dinosaur food?

Specifications of Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology (Movie, Blu-ray)

Actor Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough
Producer Kathleen Kennedy
Title Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology
Category Movies
Format Blu-ray
Language English
Year 2011
Manufacturer Reliance Big Entertainment
Running Time 347 minutes
Video Encoding Region A,B,C
Number Of Discs 5
Subtitles English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
Genre Adventure
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Reviews of Movie: Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology

Average Rating
Based on 17 ratings
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11 January 12
first to review
A huge letdown !!!

I got this trilogy hoping that it will have freshly minted new scans of the film from the original film negative/35mm. But to my surprise this is the same version as the old 2000 master that was used to create the DVDs and the HDTV version. They have just added a bit of artificial sharpening, edge-enhancement to make it look cleaner, that's all! What a shame. What's worse is that the picture size has become smaller, as much of the width from the sides and the top-bottom of the picture frame is cut off for some unknown reason, resulting in a more zoomed-in; cramped look. The laserdisc had the better framing, with a wider picture. Then it has the disgusting blue tint all over it. The original warm and exotic colour look is gone. And no 'deleted scenes' from the first and the last movie, seriously??? There were so many scenes deleted that are well documented throughout the internet, that could have been put into the Bluray. Look at the 'Alien Anthology Box set', look at the 'Superman Anthology box set'- they all have them. Universal Studio is notorious for making cheap bad bluray transfers before, with Gladiator, this is such a travesty. It is clear that they simply didn't spend any money at all. used the old masters and told us lies to fool us. Apart from a few moderately exciting new documentaries, and some old materials from the trilogy dvds, there's nothing new or exciting about this set.

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80% of 15 users found this review helpful.
22 November 12
The Jurassic Park Blu Ray Trilogy: Three Cheers!

I wanted to buy this Blu ray Trilogy from Flipkart but seeing the abysmal reviews from a previous comment refrained from doing so.
A big mistake.
Last month (I am writing this is November 2012) I received a copy of the Blu ray trilogy from a friend in UK and fortunately, it was a region free version.
This is the British Blu ray version as I believe different versions with different packing/content are sold in countries including India and USA.
This review is not about the film or its stories but rather about the Blu ray and its conversion to High definition and maybe allow the viewers to have better buying options of the Trilogy set vis-à-vis the previous review.
While I cannot comment on others the previous review, this is my take on the set and maybe a prospective buyer can balance reviews supplemented by other reviews on the net (most are positive) before a purchase.
Unbiased Customer’s reviews are important in Blu ray purchase as they are expensive and one does not want to end up with an expensive one time film viewing but also need to be balanced by several reviews. And since this is a set, all the more dependence on readers and their impartial views.
Steven Spielberg was himself personally involved in all the three transfers to hi-definition in the original 1080/P coding.
Mine came with 3 digital copies (one you can transfer to a laptop or even an I phone/cell phone/mobile) and three Blu Ray discs. I am not sure what the set in India offers.
With due apologies to the previous review, while the first part falters in many parts especially during the use of CGI (Computer generated images) I found the viewing quite pleasurable though a bit grainy in parts. The film has just the right balance between CGI and the mechanical animals especially developed for the film and the two have been blended in seamlessly so one finds it difficult to discriminate what is computer generated and what is mechanical.
I have a 46 inch screen and a 6.2 sound Home theatre system so in smaller sized sets the defects may not really be in the way and only if you look out for them.
The night time attack of T-rex is amazing and so is the iconic scene in the kitchen where the suspense is nail biting palpable, maybe one of the most suspenseful scenes of all times not unlike the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcok’s Pyscho.
The effects therefore may seem tame by today’s standards (say compared to The Avengers or even The Iron Man) but still they hold out quite well.
A film like Jurassic Park is seen for nostalgia and not for its technique which is bound to be surpassed in today’s times and all the 3 films have many OMG moments.
The second film was the worst of the lot (as far as the story goes and more like King Kong though the climax is worth a shabash) but still made a lot of money and visualising it in brilliant High Definition added another dimension to home viewing. Maybe as a stand alone the film may not have worked but as a part of the set, it’s acceptable.
The third film was average script wise but visually stunning and outstanding in sound and special effects. One can feel and almost touch the plant life and the dinosaurs. The Blu ray is nothing short of exceptional; and many scenes had me simply mesmerised not because of the content but because of the faultless transfer.
On the sound section, the three films score a high 5 out of 5 at DTS HD Master Audio 7.1 surround with a heavy use of Subwoofers and rear speakers, and how! These are reference audio sounds and will have the neighbour’s knocking at your doors. Its amazing sound and this is what Blu rays are for: one cannot simply listen to the sounds in stereo or worse, mono.
Thumping footsteps, glass cracking, rustling leaves, T-Rex’s attack of the car, zipping motorcycles, Dinosaurs snarling, exotic jungle sounds and especially more so in the second part ( the San Diego climax is worth the disc) , where most of the film is based in the forest. Add to this the music score as a icing on the cake and you have a set that’s a winner all the way.
And I would certainly recommend buying it for home viewing as repeat viewings
I had bought a Blu ray of Yash Chopra’s “Hum Tum” (Saif Ali Khan/Rani Mukherjee) from Flipkart and found the transfer to High Definition quite average and many places had loud colours and excessive sharpening but still, it was better then a normal DVD. And since I loved the film at that time, this was the next best thing for repeated viewings.
One cannot expect an old film to be in a pristine condition but only hope for a improvement on older versions.
I would certainly recommend buying the set for fans.

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3 of 3 users found this review helpful.
12 December 12
Good one

I have the UK version of this trilogy from Amazon UK and they are great. The packaging on the Indian version looks the same as that one and more often than not, Indian Blu-Rays are the same as UK Blu-Rays. So don't go by some of the negative reviews on here. This set is definitely orht a buy.

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    Movie: Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough


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