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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

(Games, PC)
PEGI Rating: 18
Platform: PC  
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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning (Games, PC) Price: Rs.949

If you could decide your own fate and find your destiny as you seem fit, how would you live your life? Would you be a kind and noble to the people you meet or would youu like to see how true power feels and rule over everyone? With this basic premise you are welcomed into the world of Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning.

The game is suitable for anyone who loves the world of magic and fantasy. Targeted towards hard-core gamers, Kingdoms of Amalur has enough elements to keep you entertained for hours. The action role-playing game is available for the PC platform and has a Mature rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

The story of Kingdoms of Amalur begins with your character rising from the dead using the Well of Souls. You don’t have a fate; you are a blank slate. There are decisions to be made and they can be good or bad, depending on what you choose. You can save people and become a hero or kill people to become a tyrant; the choice is entirely yours. There are many quests and by accomplishing them you have to find your own unique destiny.

Developed by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, the game was published by Electronic Arts. The minimum hardware specifications required to play this game smoothly on your computer are Windows 7, Vista or XP, Intel Core2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6 GHz processor, 10.5 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM for XP or 2 GB for Vista/Windows 7, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB or better. 

The single player campaign takes you on a journey with many quests. Each quest will explain something about your character and help you in building it. The game features 5 distinct regions, 4 playable races, and 3 class trees with 22 abilities per tree. The playable races are Almain, the Dokkalfar, the Ljosalfar, and the Varani. The class trees are Might, Finesse, and Sorcery and can be upgraded according to your skills achieved.

The highlight of Amalur is its combat. Starting from your first fight to your last, Amalur provides fully satisfying combat. You have an array of weapons and armor at your disposal that you can use for all your battles. Each battle won will earn you skill points. These skill points can be used to upgrade your individual abilities.

You can attack in various ways at your enemies. These include lighting, fire and ice attack modes, which when combined become a deadly force. The combat is enhanced and is more interactive through the use of different camera angles. To make the action look more cinematic, the camera shifts according to the combat you are indulged in, making it much more intense and entertaining.

The combat has interesting features and is intense, responsive, and even customizable to an extent. Customization can be done by combining your combo attacks, depending on the weapons you choose. The unique thing about Kingdoms of Amalur are the different elements that are so intricately yet cleared weaved into the story. If you feel you are not satisfied with your characters advancement in the game, you can pay an in-game character called Fateweavers and get your slate clean again.

The game includes a new rage system that allows you to get into a berserker state called Reckoning Mode. This is very helpful when you are surrounded with a bunch of enemies. Entering this state will let you dispose them off quickly. This is a dual benefit mode as you can not only kill your enemies, but also earn an experience bonus.

Besides the main quests there are plenty of side-missions too. The game is large enough to provide you with more than 30 hours of gameplay. If you are an avid explorer and like to hunt every secret and complete every mission, the game can provide you with more than 100 hours of gameplay.

Online features

The DLC for the game is known as The Legend of Dead Kel. The DLC introduces a new continent called Gallows End, adding 15% more landscape to the game. The DLC also adds in plenty of new quests, side-missions and new enemies, giving you more game-time. You can download the updates, DLCs, and trailers directly from the company’s website.

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Specifications of Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning (Games, PC)

Title Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
Category Games
Platform PC
Publisher Electronic Arts
Mode Single-Player
Genre Role-Playing
Note Most of the PC games require internet connection to activate and download online updates.

System Requirements for Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Operating System:
    Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • CPU:
    Intel Core 2 Quad (or equivalent) running at 2.4GHz or greater, AMD Phenom X4 (or equivalent) running at 2.6GHz or greater
  • Hard Disk:
    At least 10.5 GB of free space
  • RAM:
    At least 3 GB for Windows XP, At least 4 GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Operating System:
    Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • CPU:
    Intel Core2 Duo (or equivalent) running at 2.2GHz or greater, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (or equivalent) running at 2.6GHz or greater
  • Hard Disk:
    At least 10.5 GB of free space
  • RAM:
    At least 1 GB for Windows XP, At least 2 GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Graphics:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or better, ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB or better, Supporting Pixel Shader 3.0
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Reviews of Game: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 22)

17 April 12
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certified buyer
A Really Cool and an Awesome RPG

First of all, thanks to Flipkart for gradually increasing their scope of selling goods from Books to Games. I must've bought about 12 games after I came to know about this.

I've bought the PC Version of this game and am using an XBox Wireless Controller with a Gaming Receiver to play this Game. Like all modern Games, the Connection is instantaneous. The moment you connect with an XBox Controller, the Game changes according to your settings, which is Way too cool, as this is my First game with a Controller.

The CD was brand new. Not a single scratch and even though I didn't order for any special packing, the Bubble wrapping was done very neatly and perfectly so that the goods are not damaged in any possible way. So, good experience there.

Coming to the Game, it should be played on an XBox, or a Controller should be used for you get the Ultimate feel of the game. The Inventory system of this Game is really good. Almost every character in this Game will respond to you, something which is very good for the First Game launched along the lines of Amalur. I will not say that this Game felt similar to skyrim because both these Games are the best in their own rights and ranges and Amalur is something that is really cool.

What is really exciting while playing this game is the Combat. I felt akin to Darksiders, including the Finishing Moves and the Reckoning Phases. unlike Skyrim where the Combat appeared somewhat Bland, the Combat of this Game is really exciting. I was very much happy to see that I had captured the core concept of this Game, for IGN and the other Gaming sites have applauded this Game for its Combat which is very very refreshing when you are playing an RPG.

The Graphics are not as cool as the Game, but of course dont let that fool you. I played a Demo on a Slow System which was very bad and when I instantaneously jumped to the Real Game, that too with a Controller, I was extremely satisfied.

In addition to that, there are Tons and Tons of Side Quests. Loads of them. You have Skill Trees which lead to an Increase in your Powers and Skills where you cna either be Jack of All Trades or a Master of None. While making those choices, I felt akin to choosing my Own Career. Should I be an Engineer? Or should I join the Military? Or should I do both? If you feel that Correlation, then you'll truly enjoy the game. You'll feel your own character learning and progressing, which feels really good, as you can Customise your character to the Maximum Extent Possible.

Hope that Darksiders 2 turns out to be as Cool as this. Though I know that the Combat of Darksiders 2 is really really Cool.

In any case, Buy Amalur without any hesitation. I guarantee you. If you play 2 hours everyday, then you might be playing this game for2 - 3 months to come, if you really explore everything.

Have a Good Gaming.


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3 of 3 users found this review helpful.
08 February 12
first to review
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certified buyer
Good Action Role Playing!

Have just played 8 hours (out of the advertised 300 hours) so you can't really call this a review. :)

First of all, the game is LESS BUGGY than the recently released Demo (I personally haven't come across any bugs, but I haven't play more and I'm near the same towns/areas as the demo, so have to explore more).

I'm playing this using my XBOX 360 Gamepad (yes, on a PC, inb4 PC Gaming Master Race, etc). The combat is more-or-less a button masher, but even though it may look lame that pressing different buttons changes your weapons/switch from magic INSTANTLY, it's FUN and the visual effects are pretty good (kind of like them JRPGs, more on that later).

Graphics look like Fable; Role Play Elements (Alchemy/Crafting/Quests/Inventory/etc) are like Elder Scrolls games... There is a "Dialogue wheel" like Mass Effect series, which helps you make Good/Evil decisions (Kill Him/Pardon Him/Extort Money).

Side Quests are OKAY. Story is a bit weird, but I suppose it'll do since many RPGs have crap stories anyway (I mean, even Skyrim if you've completed the Main Quest).

So It's "Fable+Elder Scrolls" meets "Legend of Zelda". Gameplay is good, Graphics are passable, Environment is Good, Combat is good. Overall, it's a GOOD game. Well worth the money since you'll be playing it hundreds of hours.

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4 of 7 users found this review helpful.
21 February 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Great Game , Well worth the price

Remember the days when an RPG means endless hours of entertainment. Well this is exactly such a game , over 150hrs of game play. Great Combat system reminiscent of Fable. The Story could have been a lot better but the focus of the game is on the Gameplay and combat system where it beats most of the competition hands down.

Sure , the story is dull. But which RPG isn't about saving the world. Yeah , the character's aren't as intricate as the characters in the BioWare games , but lets face it , Dragon Age 2 was a 30hr game at the max and that's stretching it.

Well worth the buy, could have come with a lot more product literature like a manual or something. Sure is nice when you are buying a game to get a manual of the game on PAPER.

Good job by flipkart with the prompt delivery.

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3 of 3 users found this review helpful.
12 August 13
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Ok game

So, Kingdoms of Amalur. The creators promised a gameply of 300+ hours. Does it really have so much in it? Well, yeah, I finished the game at Normal difficulty and it took me about 150-160 hrs. But I didnt take up/finish all the side quests and I un-installed the game as soon as the main quest finished(I made sure to complete as many side quests as I was willing to before finishing the main quest).
Anyway, on to the review now.

Is this game worth buying? Yes if you have not played such a game before. I am an amateur+casual gamer so I didn't have many games under my belt when I bought this. But the ride hasn't been smooth. The game has it's share of niggles. Little things which, if you are a 'frustrated from life' person, will make you tear your hair off. Enough! On to specifics now.

1) Largest campaign amongst all offline games(I think).
2) Nice array of weapons/armors.
3) Nice weapon combos
4) Nice magic attacks.
5) Various type of creatures to fight
6) You can run away from a fight if you are not in the mood to fight :) (Not always, though)
7) Nice ability improvement tree.

1) Frustrating installation process (The Origin client in the disc is outdated. You have to download a new one. Good luck doing that on a dongle)
2) For some reason, every time I started the game in offline mode it would freeze on me as soon as the actual game would start. You have no idea the number of times I've come out of the game by pressing alt+tab, closing the game window and restarting the game. It was almost at the end of the game that I found the trick to bypass this stupidity.
3) Every time you fight, the camera gets locked in a very weird view. It makes moving around and fighting difficult.
4) The NPC interactions are emotionless. Only the voice of the characters have emotions. The rest is just bland. Doesn't really give you that feeling of interaction.
5) It has a lot of side quests. Some are boring, some stupid. All of them require a lot of running around. You can choose to not do them, of course.
6) Lots of reused layouts. It gets boring.
7) The character's story doesn't really have any punch.

Final verdict:
Go for it if you've never played a game like this before and if you have a lot of time on your hands. You will not get bored.......or......wait, You might not wanna play it for extended hours though cos it'll soon become very boring :).
Still, it kept me occupied for a good month and a half.

Was this review helpful?  / 
1 of 2 users found this review helpful.
28 May 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
One of the best action RPGs

I am a huge fan of RPGs and this game is definitely among my favorites for the genre. For some context, I found this game to be pretty close to Fable

The game keeps it simple in terms of combat control but the fight sequences are elaborate and stunning to watch. One of my favorite things about the game was the ability switch your character type at any point in the game. I started off as a pure might character, switched a quarter way through the game to a finesse/sorcery style of play and finished it off as a pure mage. Each style had its own rewards and the game gives you ample opportunities to explore all of them. While there isn't much customization to the look of the character, the customization to skills and abilities is amazing. The level 40 cap is a bit annoying, but you can always get hold of a Fateweaver and try something new. Oh and the Reckoning mode is just insane.

The environments are beautifully designed and draw you in. While playing you realize the amount of detail the story line has and the potential for multiple series set in the same universe. Of course considering the minds behind the game, nothing less is to be expected. Not taking anything away, I do wish there was a bit more humor in the game.

If for nothing else, the game must be played for the awesome combat. And regardless of which path you choose, you will agree that the chakrams are the coolest weapons in the game.

Considering the price and the duration of the game, you sure do get great value for money. A must buy for RPG fans.

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certified buyer
Horrible game

The graphics were bad, with all the bright colors, it was really pathetic.

The game play, it was decent in that a...

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10 March 14
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certified buyer
Ok game

So, Kingdoms of Amalur. The creators promised a gameply of 300+ hours. Does it really have so much in it? Well, yeah, I finishe...

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12 August 13
About Gsme

It is such a cool game to play.The characters are awesome,the gameplay is awesome and finally the whole game is awesome.we will...

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11 January 13
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certified buyer
Nice RPG and cool graphics but not challenging

The game was nice and it has all elements to keep you interested. It has many interesting side quests, so you can play the game...

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27 August 12
One of the best RPG game I ever played

First of all I just started to play RPG games so read this review in that perspective please.
I loved this game without a...

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03 August 12
    Game: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning


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