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Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Lamy writing instrument is guaranteed for two years from the date of original purchase against defects in materials or workmanship. See Details
Rs. 1890
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Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib (Mattblack) Price: Rs.1850

The LAMY Vista Safari fountain pen is an entry level writing device designed by Wolfgang Fabian. The attractive looking fountain pen comprises of an ABS plastic build which makes it very eye-catching. The plastic fountain pen makes the instrument so light that it initiates extended periods of writing without any interruption. The sturdy ink pen also facilitates smooth and seamless writing for beginners.

This Safari fountain pen from LAMY supports converter and cartridge feature that gives you an advantage to use both the facilities to meet your writing needs. The Converter system allows you to fill your pen with your favourite ink using a convenient plunger. You can also remove the plunger and replace it with a practical ink cartridge you prefer. In order to remove the converter you need to turn the converter in anti-clockwise direction and then push the cartridge into the grip section until you hear the click sound.

With the polished steel nib, you can enrich your writing skills by producing fine lines of writing. The sleek barrel helps you to have a comfortable hold on the Safari there by honing your writing skills. This fountain pen from LAMY comes with an elegant pen cap that protects the nib of the writing instrument from breaking. You can enjoy the pleasure of writing just by removing the cap of the instrument. The flexible pen clip in the Vista Safari holds on to your pocket firmly prevents from falling.

Specifications of Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib (Mattblack)

Brand Name Lamy
Model No 17 F
Type Fountain Pen
Collection Safari
Body Color Black
Nib Grade Fine
Nib Finish Steel Nib
Special Features
  • ABS Plastic Finish
2 Year Lamy India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
Please note: All products sold on Flipkart are brand new and 100% genuine

Reviews of Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 36)

01 January 13
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certified buyer


Today i thought lets celebrate the new year by sharing a review on the very famous,lamy safari fountain pen with you.It is one of the most renowned and most adored pen in the world of fountains.:)So i am quite a bit fortunate to share my experience regarding this pen with you all....:)...Here we go now....:)


Excellent.Just excellent.It is made of plastic,but don't let that make you fool...this is virtually an indestructible pen.:)They say,its ABS grade plastic.I don't really care,because it is extremely solid in construction and that is what that matters.The cap fits with a soft click but locks the pen very securely.One funny thing is,the locking takes significantly less pressure than unlocking the cap.So,you are always sure,the pen is secured by the cap.The clip is both iconic and functional.Every minute portions of this pen shows quality construction and innovative processing.


The design shows clear signs of in depth thinking behind the construction.Take the ink window,for example.This is placed in such a way that u can see up to the lowest extent of the ink column in the converter.This pen provides solid ergonomics with no compromise.The simple design is extremely functional in practical field.The pen is very light weight.The triangular grip section with tow cut out sections provides solid grip for fast writing.
I have had heard people complaining about the triangular contour of the section,but for me it was no problem. Of-course,you might like a rounded contour more.:)
The pen is big in size.I have fairly large hands,and it suits me perfectly.So,those having a smaller hand,might have a little problem.The balance of the pen is just optimum.


Its just the performer we seek.:)The nib is just built to perform in everyday work places.The moment you touch the paper,it writes...first time...every time.!!!The nib is smooth,very smooth, but always lets you feel the surface of the paper.:)this is what we call,great feedback.:)It is not buttery smooth like a sheaffer prelude,but it has a different variety of smoothness which is very practical.The broader the nib,the smoother the feel and the thicker the lines.:).The nib is very hard with almost no springiness.There is no skipping at high speed writing.It lays down a moderately wet fine line.You can feel this machine,writing for you.IT IS JUST THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR THOSE WHO WRITES A LOT OF STUFFS WITH GREAT SPEED.


Sorry,but i can not be convinced to say that this pen worth some 1700 rupees.If you buy a simple plastic original lamy converter,that will cost you even 300 rupees more!!!So a total of 2000 rupees!!!I think
this pen is not worth of that much money.I have already listed all the great features it has,but all of those does not make it eligible for this much money.After all it is made up of plastic with a plain nib.
I have the same issue with the schneider base fountain pen too.The lamy has clearly superior quality,but still,I FOUND IT OVERPRICED.!!!Some 500 rupees less,and it worth every single penny for that.


flipkart delivery was as great as ever.

N.B.;- I use the pen with a converter,which in long run is cost effective. Lamy is distributed in India by Linc. You can get a converter in there official office supply stores.Large shopping malls are the best places to find out one.

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22 September 13
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certified buyer
Thing Of Beauty, An Advise on choosing the nib grade.

After a detailed testing and observation l would like share some facts about this pen.
By it look i gives an impression that the pen was very carefully manufactured.
starting with the body, its a very sturdy Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS) plastic generally used in heavy duty mechanics.Be very carefull using the pen in your chemistry lab as it would be eaten up by esters, ketones, ethylene dichloride, acetone,glacial acetic acid, carbon tetrachloride and aromatic hydrocarbons and are attacked by concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.
To speak of the feeder its very creatively built an is easily serviceable.
They provide a cartridge and a converter, the converter is an innovative antique but holds just 0.8ml of ink in it, where as the cartridge holds 1.4ml and can be refilled using a syringe.
I made a detailed study on the nib which is the heart of the instrument.They are available in black chromium plated, slivery steal and of course the gold.I would be speaking about three grades of nib:-

EXTRA FINE(EF):-Its very rare and is only available against an order,the slit, the breath hole are very authentic for all the three grades.The difference in the tip head is as follows,
in the extra fine grade the diameter of the head along the slit is greater than the diameter horizontally.Vertically the head is of same dimension with that of FINE grade,but horizontally it is a bit thinner than FINE grade,To say in other words a vertical stroke in EXTRA FINE nib is smooth and thinner than FINE nib,a horizontal stroke is scratchy and same as in thickness with the fine nib.

FINE(F):-The tip head of the nib is more like a bead shaped with a uniform diameter equal to vertical diameter of extra fine nib, to say in gross the tip head is more like an oval in EF where as perfectly round in F grade. Comparing the two the F grade is very smooth and handy than the EF in all directions.

MEDIUM(M):- Its just the big brother of the fine grade with a larger bead,smoothest of all drinks a lot of ink, the borders are uneven.

Smoothness & Thickness:-
In vertical stroke

In horizontal stroke

Ink consumption

Resistance to damage during a fall

Border of line the drawn (jagged) M

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5 of 5 users found this review helpful.
21 October 12
one should earn it

I got this pen today, and stabbed in the cartridge and it started as a hot knife on butter, totally smooth and flawless. I got the Fine nib but i thot it was somewhat btw fine and medium tht one can always expect such variations. I have lamy studio also which has a Medium Nib and this was writing almost as same as that but a pinch finer.

I have many fountain pens ranging from cross, sheaffer legacy heritage, lamy studio, mont blanc n more but this lamy safari is almost comparable to them in smoothness, I got this coz i wanted a sparky pen and encouraging pen (black is elegant but red it fire and energetic) and comparatively cheap (i should say comparatively inexpensive coz cheap is a negative connotation) for simple writing and specially doing mathematics, and YES the pen stood up really well, using it since i received it and its getting better and better.

I would recommend this pen to only those who really love fountain pens and want something more than the old school parker (I hate parkers, they r just a waste of money). Go get it and have fun writing, may be u can get better marks in exam (RED suggested) or get a promotion in company (Matteblack suggested) coz you will not leave your desk since it encourages you to write more more and more.

Totally worth every single penny.

Note: Who does not like it perhaps dosent really know what fountain pens are meant to be :P and for more details and for which fountain pens to buy you can contact me on, thanks signing off. Happy Writing.

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24 September 13
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certified buyer
The pen with which you will fall in love** (conditions apply)

Bought this pen after trying it at some retail store. I'm writing this review after using it for 8 months. The way the lamy advertises the pen is superb. They will let you test the pen at their outlets. You will get attracted by holding the pen and next you will fall in love with the smoothness of the nib. I bought this pen online from flipkart. All this attraction and love came with the star marks on the top(i.e. conditions apply). The pen is not that wet compared to parker vector and frontier. The nib is paper dependent. The nib is very smooth but it is little bit dry. Some times the width of the stroke used to vary all of sudden, that irriated me alot. Thinking that the problem is with the nib, I started to tweak the nib. Finally I ended up spoiling the nib. I bought the nib from a local vendor at a price half of the pen, but still the problem persisted. I wrote a complaint to lamy regarding the problem of wetness. They immediately responded, asking me to send the pen for service. Even after servicing the problem still persisted. Even replacing my parker in bottle with lamy, which is 10 times costlier than the parker, didn't helped me. After reading some tips and tricks of fountain pens, the problem was solved to a greater extent. If you have such a problem do the following
1) Clean the feed with hot water and few drops of dishwasher. This will remove grease, if there is any grease. Please take great care while removing the feed. DONOT TWIST THE FEED, JUST PULL THE FEED. Hold the feed on the sides, dont hold it at the tip, you may end up breaking the feed.
2) Clean all parts of the pen with hot water.
If the problem still persists. Take wire of gauge >32 SWG that means thinner than 32 SWG. Insert it into the hole. Pull the wire out through the slit. This will remove any blockages in the nib slit. If you want to make it wetter, make repeat pulling the wire through the slit. This will make the slit wider and will make it wetter. You should be very careful while doing this, or else you may end up damaging your nib.
I even after taking such a pain in repairing my pen, still i love it.

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20 March 14
Lamy Safari is okay, but compare Kaweco Student before you decide

Lamy Safari is okay. But do not forget reading pen collectors' reviews for comparison of Lamy with Kaweco (Heidelberg/Nurnberg, Germany, started in 1883).

I used both. If you think Lamy is smooth, try Kaweco just once, you don't have to read anybody else's review ! Unfortunately Flipkart+WS Retails, who are the first official dealer of Kaweco in India, have a dwindling stock now.

Side by side comparison of Lamy Safari and Kaweco Student
1 ) Nib : Both use steel nibs, not as flexible as gold 14K or 18K. But Kaweco makes the difference less perceptable, with an unbelievable smoothness.
2 ) Nib smoothness : Kaweco Student wins (some serious pen user groups (who dare adjust flow in Mont Blanc & Pelikan, tells you that Lamy does not even come close).
3 ) Flow - Kaweco has excellent flow (medium to slight wet), Lamy is a bit drier.
4 ) Body - Kaweco material looks more classy. Lamy Safari looks contemporary but definitely not classy.
5 ) Metal parts - Lamy Safari is simplistic. Kaweco Student looks more sophisticated, particularly the design on top of cap matches those found in super-primium brands.

In addition, in India Flipkart initially kept the price for Kaweco fairly attractive, vis-a-vie other international brands.

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certified buyer
fantastic pen

nice pen, timely delivery, thanx flipkart keep providing good pricings so that we can purchase without market hastles, it saves...

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24 April 14
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certified buyer
Lamy Fine Nib is amazing

The pen was delivered in a shortest possible time after I placed and order. The seller also included the pump which was a nice...

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19 April 14
Vidya Kafle
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certified buyer
Another Pen in my collection

Exactly speaking it is matt- brown-black, bigger than expected but lovely pen to have! I forgave its skipping issues which prac...

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28 March 14
Lamy Safari is okay, but compare Kaweco Student before you decide

Lamy Safari is okay. But do not forget reading pen collectors' reviews for comparison of Lamy with Kaweco (Heidelberg/Nurnberg,...

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20 March 14
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certified buyer
Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Very hard to write with, ink color too light, too thin a nib; not good for long use, gets boring within a paragraph. Good hold,...

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15 March 14
     Lamy Vista Safari Fountain Pen - Fine Nib (Mattblack) Price in India: Rs. 1850


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