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03 Feb 2012
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His Last Lecture, your first!

It's fascinating how a man who knows that his days on Earth are numbered can actually approach his impending death with such panache! And in the process, he even manages to help the readers set a few ground rules for living life to the fullest. Randy Pausch had it all - be it a lovely family, a neat job, a wonderful life. Everything that a man could ask for! That's why it's hard to digest the cancer's attempt at playing spoilsport. I say attempt because even though cancer was out to put a full-stop on Randy's life, he made sure it served as a comma - not just in his life, but also in the lives of his loved ones!
This book is not about death, but it's about life. It's about living life the way it should be, and to make the most of the chances and the time we get in one lifetime. It's about staying alive even after death... it's about leaving a legacy!
Mr. Pausch's last lecture will surely serve as a first lecture for many on how to approach the remainder of their lives.
Hats off Randy!

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26 Jan 2012
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Give's you a reason to think....!!!!!

We all know we have to die, but what if one day you recognize that you have less time than you think and you have lot to do.

That was Randy Pausch, a lecturer who just inspires you and forces you to introspect within, to find yourself and prioritize your life.
There would be a point in the book where you could feel bored but just flip a couple of pages and you are ought to be caught again by the book,
Not just because it's written beautifully but because it resembles the life of every other man, with only a difference that the persons it's talking about knows he is going to die anyway, leaving behind his three children( the eldest being 6 years) and a widow.
But as Randy said,"You cannot change the cards you are dealt, it's how you play the hand."

This book is certainly going to change the way you think and live.

And you are going Gift it to the people you want to get inspired by life.
I did it, I'm sure whosoever reads it will do the same.

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19 Feb 2012
An Introspective Read...

Randy Pausch was not a professional writer and this is not just another 'non fiction', 'self-help' book. He was a professor of Computer Science, Human Interaction design at Carnegie Melon university. He has worked with Google, Adobe, EA.

The title gives you a fair bit of hint what's this book about. It's common for American Professors to look back on their lives imagining they are going to die soon and deliver a lecture in which they tell the audience what matters to them the most and what they have learned in the course of living.

Well, Randy Pausch did not have to imagine he was going to die soon while delivering his last lecture. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and had only months to live while he was preparing for his lecture. So ironically his 'Last Lecture' was actually going to be his 'Last Lecture'. This is what makes this book a compelling read.

In this book he talks about his childhood and how he achieved his childhood dreams, he talks about his battle with cancer, about people who were important in his life and many other things that made him who he was.

The most endearing thing while reading this book is the absolute frankness and honesty with which he talks to the readers and his children through the book.

A very good book. Highly Recommended.

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22 Apr 2012
Highly motivational work

???The brick walls are not there to stop you. They are only there to check how badly you want the thing behind the wall.??? This pretty much sums up the book. Written by Randy Pausch, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon and a terminal patient of pancreatic cancer, this book entails author???s life story in an inspirational way.

Pausch delivered his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon in August 2006 and titled it ???Achieving to your childhood dreams.??? True to his words, he presented his ambitions as a child and how he went about in achieving them. It was all about his passion for a dream which enabled him to fulfill it - howsoever exorbitant it was.

This book is highly motivational and people will connect to it very quickly. It inspires you to go out there and demolish that brick wall which has been stopping you from achieving your dream. A great read.

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02 Sep 2012
Not a review but a doubt!

I seriously doubt the sanity of those who have given this one a single star! A friend of mine gifted me this one on my 23rd birthday! I wish I had read it earlier. A book like The Last Lecture not only inspires you but also gives you a lot of courage and positivity while dealing with life. The quotes, the presentation, The pictures, the feelings made the reading an intense experience. Take a bow Randy Pausch.

P.S- Writing a review was a "head fake" here. All I wanted to write was the first line.

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16 Feb 2012
Seems an autobiography of a common man..................

I ordered this book from flipkart after reading rave reviews by people for this product. Flipkart's service was impressive.

"The Last Lecture" begins with a promising start by introducing a professor who is about to die in a few days but is willing to share his life experiences with his students through his Last Lecture.
Somehow , i had expected this book to be motivating and inspirational but it turned out to be a mere autobiography of a common man who has lived a Simple life as we all do .
You tend to get bored after a few chapters, reading how he spent his childhood days, what his dreams were and how he somehow managed to fulfill them. After a point you start questioning yourself why am i reading "somebodys" childhood stories ..??

Atleast for me the book was over after 90 pages and didn't read further.

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05 Jul 2014
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Very Good

The last lecture, itself conveys something about

the author RANDY PAUCH who suffers enough with his

life. Its all about a loving heart .He who is suffering

from cancer is just ready to deliver a last lecture.

It makes us sympathetic, but later we ourself gets

motivated . It conveys a lot of love,care ,and

importance of life. He in turn never hopes

anything but its a matter of belief. The last lecture

of this youthful,energetic and cheerful man gives

us an inspiration to live our life .He conveys his love

for children and his wife Jai. The slides he put up for

the last lecture gives us an image of his broken heart.

The moments which I spend reading this, gave a

different experience of life. It really makes us

aware ,that our life is short hence it should be


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15 Jul 2012
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First few and the last few chapters hold your nerves !!

Hmm.. it was good.. First 60-70 pages and the last 20 pages made me feel this one..! But in any case, Salute to Randy for being optimistic throughout his life. He never feared death which made him live more... May God bless his 3 children and his wife Jai... :):)

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13 Feb 2012
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This is an incredible book surrounding around real life situations faced by the author upon being diagnosed with cancer....This book is all about how to conduct your life and contains some of the valuable principles and ideas which we would do well to impart into ourselves and follow them.....

When you have got only a couple of months to live, just consider what would you do ?? For what would you like to be remembered for by your children ?? What valuable message would you like to pass-on to others ?? You will have to find the answers to this questions by reading this book.....

So, this book is worth every penny spent..

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07 Jul 2012
It tells you how to live ! & not in a preachy way...

" Don't tell people how to live. Tell them stories and they'll figure out themselves how to live their own. "

These were his lines. Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor of computer science was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with only a few months to live.

He decided to live these months to the fullest. The story is about how he goes about doing that. In the process, he gave one last lecture in his university which went viral and garnered more than 15 million hits on youtube.

My advice to you would be just this - Don't think twice to buy this book. And you won't be disappointed. :)

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