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Lava Iris 402: Mobile

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08 Aug 2013
first to review
Great value for the money.

Its just been a day of use and after some tweaking to allow the installation of the apps directly on to MicroSD card and I am already loving this phone.

1. Extremely good screen with very respectable resolution.
2. Ideal size for single hand use.
3. All bells and whistles (dual core CPU, dual camera, 3G, blue-tooth, FM, Wifi etc).
4. Looks well built and robust and seems expensive.
5. Perfect for email, Whatsapp, organizer, streaming music from my Subsonic server, Facebook, Voip calls. Haven't tried Maps and Navigation apps yet.

1. Touch sensitivity may not be of highest standard.
2. Available disk space on the phone is too low (in order of 100 MB or so), as a result you would want to install all your apps on the SD card (I pushed in a 8GB one which seems adequate).
3. Don't expect to play games on this. I did not have any such requirements, therefore not really a con.
4. Camera may not be the best, but I am not a fan of cell phone cams anyway so I don't care.

Bottomline: Great phone at great price, does well at performing all basic functions expected from a smartphone. A word of caution: don't get your expectations too high.

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11 Oct 2013
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certified buyer
I wont suggest this phone to anyone

I bought this phone from flipkart and got it delivered on time. all good but the phone is just a waste of money if you're already an android user you'd know what am talking about. But if this is your very first android then you can give it a try.

Because of the very low 256 MB of RAM it's almost unusable. I've been using this phone for over a month now but very unhappy with this purchase. SLOW SLOW SLOW and very LAGGY. obviously we cant expect much from a basic android but this is just not the phone for me.

If you are buying this to play games this is not the phone for you. Put some extra money and buy a phone with at least 1 GB of RAM in it to enjoy your phone to the fullest.

Camera is of no use even though it has 3 Mp of camera it looks like a VGA camera. and the flash in the cam is also almost useless except it helps in the power cut times to find your matchstick or whatever.

As a conclusion this phone would be ok if this is your first android otherwise forget this phone it's not worth it.

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04 Sep 2013
My experience with this phone

The Lava Iris 402 was gifted to me by my brother after he broke the screen of my Micromax Aisha A52. The first thing I noted about the phone was how different it was from my old Micromax. I expected it to be a little better since it is a newer phone but the technological gap is mind blowing.

The phone has a candy bar shape that is quite popular amongst Android devices. The front of the phone is governed by the large 4 inch screen. The power rocker and the power button are placed on the left and right edges of the device. The rear of the phone is quite plan and simple. The bottom of the phone is the speaker that is placed just off center above which is the Lava logo. At the centre is the Android logo with the name of the phone written beneath it. The camera module is on top with a metallic cowl surrounding the camera and the flash.

The phone has a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 256 MB of RAM. This configuration is pretty good for running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean that is running the whole show. The internal memory of the phone is 512 MB with a majority of the space taken by the OS. This leaves just 150 MB available for the user. Thankfully, the phone has an expandable memory card slot, a feature that many high end phones such as the HTC One seem to have skimped out on. Aside from this, the phone also has dual SIM capability, 3 G connectivity, Wi-Fi, as well as a proximity sensor and a G sensor.

The phone as a display of 4 inches which I feel is the perfect size. It has a WVGA resolution of 480x800 pixels and is a capacitive screen that has multi touch. The screen has decent viewing angles and average sunlight legibility. The touch responsiveness of the screen is quiet nice and makes playing games or simply using the interface a joy.

The Lava Iris 402 is graced with a 3 megapixel, fixed focus camera that comes with a LED flash. The phone takes some above average photographs during the day and pretty good pictures during the night thanks to the LED flash. There is also a front facing VGA camera that can be used for Skype calls. The videos taken by the phone is pretty average and same can be said for the sound quality.

The phone has a 1500mAh battery this is just about enough for one day, that too with moderate usage. While I do wish that Lava would provide a 2000mAh battery, I can???t really complain since battery capacity is still larger than most other phones in its category.

Final Words
The Lava Iris 402 is an excellent smart phone that is backed up by a beefy processor and the latest flavor of Android and is one of the most competitive devices in its category.

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14 Nov 2013
Worthy phone and good buy

I have been using this phone for about a couple of weeks now. After I had bought it, I read some online reviews about its low internal memory, which is true. But adding an external card actually covers up for that flaw. So far I have had a couple of issues with this phone, and they have just been about its processing speed. I now will be writing about how this phone has been working ever since I bought it.


Lava iris 402 has 1.2GHz dual core processor, but I guess it is because of its 256MB RAM along with 512MB ROM that this phone slows down at times. It has happened only when I had been playing games on it. On any other application I have never occurred any such issue till date.

Operating System

It runs on Android Jelly Bean OS that is one of the latest versions, though an even upgraded version came into effect lately. I hope its upgrade will come into picture soon. But otherwise too, Android Jelly Bean is the best OS that has come out in market till date. It is faster, efficient and much more reliable than its predecessors.


It has a good 4 inch display screen that surprisingly has a wonderful resolution. I have seen it, and have also tried it in sunlight. The interface of the phone as a whole is also very much impressive. Soft keys as well as hard keys are very easy to use and operate.

Battery Life

It is good enough for at least 7 hours in one go upon full recharge. I usually charge it after a couple of days because I only have moderate use of it. Its standby time also has a good backup.


It has 2 cameras. The back cam is 3MP, which received some negative reviews, but I did not find it to be that bad. It is low resolution of course, but still picture quality is very much decent. VGA front cam is also not that bad either.

As a complete phone, I find Lava Iris 402 to be a worthy phone and a good buy. I have bought it, and I am happy that I trusted my instincts for buying it.

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05 Mar 2014
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certified buyer

I bought this phone for my Mom from my first salary and i wish i would have got something better.
I know this a low end smartphone with a low end price but dont buy this getting influenced by the specs.

1) So-called dual core processor
2) Speaker quality
3) Battery life (really good in standby)
4) Decent looks
5) Decent screen

1) 256MB RAM. This is very less for a phone running 4.2.2 Jelly bean. The Core applications use most of the ram leaving little for the user to utilize. This will result in launcher re-draws, stutters and long app opening times.

2) Very very low internal storage. Installing 5-6 apps will eat up the little storage space. What to do next? Well.. even if you move some movable apps to sd-card you wont be left with much. Biggest disappointment.

3) Performance Issues (Lags & Stutters): Sure the scrolling and navigation is smooth and lag-free if you are just gonna navigate through the app drawer, contacts and settings menu. But install some apps (5-7) and then you see the phone struggling like a snail. I do not expect this to perform like the quad core phones out there.. but a smartphone should efficiently utilize its internals to do day to day tasks like whatsapp messaging and browsing the web atleast, which the LAVA Iris 402 fails to do. It just cannot multitask even 2 apps.

4) Touch: You need to hold this phone in your hand in order to make the softkeys to work. You keep it one a table or a surface and the softkeys wont work!
5) Earphones: Total crap as everyone must expect.
6) Camera: Fixed focus. Horrible shots. (Again, expected at this price.)

I have used the micromax A89 which was a very good phone running ICS in the same price bracket (6k) and i can say it was a real better deal than the Iris 402. Too bad mmx discontinued it.

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10 Sep 2013
Dont Buy....

Dont even think about buying this phone if you are thinking of playing games and installing apps....
This phone is running on 256mb of ram and 4.2.2 jelly bean.
So hardly 30mb of ram is left for user's usage....
This phone works with jelly bean fine and smooth but cant provide you to play games..
the first thing you need to do after buying this phone is to root it and degrade it to GingerBread (2.3) so that it runs faster and lets you play games and surf the internet easily.
This phone comes with 3g which works fantastic if you are high on battery level. Trust me, you will never find a 3g enabled phone in this price range (other than KARBONN A5+)..

But the RAM does the damage.
LAVA should have given - Dual Core processor, 512 Ram so that it runs smooth...
But they failed..

If you are planning to buy this phone you should instead try out KARBONN A5+

Trust me i have used the Karbonn one for 6 months and this LAVA disappointed me...

I shall give this phone 2 stars for the 3g compatibility..

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03 Sep 2013
It fit well into my budget, and also in my style

I???ve just recently moved to Delhi and everywhere I look people are sporting smart phones. Not to be left out of the crowd, I too purchased the Lava Iris 402 since it fit my smart phone budget. I mostly use it to watch my favorite Hindi movies on its beautiful 4 inch 480x800 pixel display. I was a little disappointed that the internal memory storage is almost negligible however it is expandable up to 32GB so I can conveniently store my all-time favorite videos on my phone. Although I am still figuring out how the Android OS works, I have downloaded many games, photo editing applications and even movie making applications from the Play Store. The experience of using these games and applications is flawless because of its 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor I am told. Since I???m not a techie, what I can tell you is that it is well worth the buck.

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30 Sep 2013
Not Best

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

I want to buy this phone but at last I decided that it will not good for me because I am not satisfied with camera and application of this phone.

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24 Sep 2013
My perfect phone, just what I needed!

I have been on the lookout for a proper smart phone in and around the 5000 rupees range and a few people suggested that I buy the Nokia Asha 501 but I???m really glad that I discovered the Lava Iris 402 at a similar price but which has much better features than the former. The 4 inch screen is pure awesomeness and you can watch movies and play games and it all feels pretty life like. The 3 megapixel camera takes nice pictures and also has a flash to support quality photography in low-light. The secondary cam is pretty useful for clicking self portraits and video calling say with Skype. Although the inbuilt memory is 4GB, it can be expanded up to 32GB and you have more than enough space to store all the apps, photos, videos, songs and games you truly need. I???m glad I picked the Iris 402 up rather than the others in the market.

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24 Feb 2014
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certified buyer
mixed reaction

this phone is very nice for starters (be it touch phone beginners or migratory attempt to experience android )
In my case, it was a gift to my less tech-savvy mom, so in this price it serves well.

But me being user of some high end touch phones, it disappoints me due to its low RAM...can't even upgrade Gtalk to Hangout because of it.

Camera is the worst thing on this phone but this like/dislike depends on how much important it is for my case, was never a requirement. So its OK.

rest all pomp-n-show is available, like WiFi, secondary cam, Android Jelly Bean, good battery with mixed GPRS use, fits well in palm, camera flash, etc etc.

In this price, one can think of buying this phone if he/she is a beginner for Android...but not meant for gaming or RAM hungry apps.

One star less for average RAM and poor camera.

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