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30 Jun 2013
A Decent phone by Lava

If you compare it with its competitors then you will find it to be very affordable and value for money. I have bought it from another website with same price but got additional 5% on it. So it costed for me @12.8k.

In the box you get lots of stuff
1. Phone itself (black color . back panel looks a bit grayish)
2. Battery (2000mah)
3. Headphone (white color in-ear)
4. Charger (black color)
6. USB cable (black color)
7. OTG (On the go cable) (black color)
8. Flip Cover (white color)

This phone is compared to the likes of Micromax Canvas HD , Xolo Q1000 , Karbonn Titanuim S5 , Zen Ultrafone 701 HD .

Its flipcover is great.. if you open it the phone gets open automatically and if you close then it will close automatically
Also it has android 4.2 out of the box
OTG cable works fine.. works with my 32gb pendrive.. dont know about external hdds.. haven't tried with it..
Camera is even though BSI sensor the picture quality is ok.. But the competitors offers similar and sometimes not better than this phone.. if you focus it properly and do some edits then you can get a good picture quality.. Front camera is average and limited to skype , video calling and all not so great about it..

Gaming is great like the competitors because of same processor and gpu..
Quadrant Score - 4027
Antutu - 13108
NenaMark - 43.2

The display is just to awesome thanks to OGS Technology..It has a 720p display with 294ppi and color reproduction and viewing angles are great..Also the phone is very slim than other phones in this range only 8.4mm which makes it comfortable to hold and less bulkier to hold too..

Also one more usp of this phone is Gesture controls which works perfect if you get used to it.. In the beginning i found it gimmicky but after daily regular use I found it to be very easy and quick to use. You can use it for taking pictures moving around to one to another songs videos pictures fmradio.

Battery life is OK.. same as it competitors.. It will last only a day on max .. as per my usage.. I charged 100% @8.30am and till 6.30pm i kept my 2g net on all time .. made some calls and also received few ( 45 min in total) and played games (temple run , asphalt 7 , subway surfers ) for 1 hr in total (including all) and browsed internet for 30min used whatsapp and fb for 30min each. So in that 10 hours i was using my phone for somewhere around 3 hours and for all 10 hours my 2g net was on continuously.. And when i checked my battery at that time it was still 32% available.. so it will easily last for a day..

So go for it.. You wont be disappointed.

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30 Jun 2013
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certified buyer

Cons :
1. GPS :No ==> Dedicated Chip to track satellite and pin point the location for user. It is good if you are looking for navigation while driving your car with offline maps.It is preferred for those people who like travelling in car most and like to explore places.
2. Support for GPS : Yes ==> EPO +AGPS
EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit) is one of MTK’s innovative proprietary off-line server based A-GPS technology. It supports up to 30 days satellite orbit prediction, which can be used to greatly enhance user experience by improving GPS Time To First Fix (TTFF).

We have to manually download the EPO file which takes around 3 to 4 minutes. Sometimes it may fail. That means you are depended upon the Mediatek Company as your mobile connects to thier NPT server. It requires active data plan or Wi-fi to download from the server.
3. Locking GPS position
To Navigate the phone requires to lock your current position and we have to depend on A-GPS or EPO file due to missing GPS.
4. Lava IRIS 504Q is working well after you download EPO file with offline maps (Mapfactor/Navitel navigator/Sygic/NavFree). I personally tested on Nav free.

5. Online Maps require active data connection (3G or 2G or Wi-fi). Google navigation voice by guidance and Maps are working well with Wi-fi. 2G it will be slow.
Conclusion : GPS is working well after you download EPO file.
7. Micromax/XOlo/Karbon phones fails to lock the GPS position due to missing GPS chip. They also have to depend on EPO file before they can start navigation.
Dual Sim
8. It supports Dual Sim Stand By not Dual Active Sim. If you are surfing or making voice call in one of the SIM the calling party other will get this message ("The customer is not reachable").
Not so good with respect with color capturing. My Sony xperia Arc s took exact color of the dress whereas this camera I can see a change in color to darker side.
Pros :
1. Slim phone.
2. Good Viewing angle.
3. Visible in sunlight also by increasing brightness. Please uncheck the check box which control brightness as per the condition.
4. It supports Class 10 memory card + UHS 1(Ultra High Speed). I am using SanDisk SDSDQUA-016G-U46A 16 GB. I brought it from Flipkart for Rs 825/-.
5. Camera Handling is good but it will take unnecessary picture because of gesture control enabled. Better to switch off.
6. Voice is crystal clear.
7. Playing Video and songs is enjoyable.
8. Fast booting.
9. Jelly Bean 4.2.1.
10. Skype is fully supported. (I installed skype for play store and started skypecall to my relatives in USA (Ipad UserI) and had crystal clear sound on both side and good video transmission also. I used my Airtel Broadband 2Mbps to make Skypecall.
11. You can move all application to SD Card without any issue except google related application (Google maps/hangout/google navigation...)
12. Wi-Fi no issues good connectivity.
13. Bluetooth no issues with pairing with bluetooth devices
1. Can read your USB Memory Card using OTG cable provided in box. I tested personally with 4GB USD data card. It was able to read and play my video from the external USB drive.
Software Update
1. As per the company they will be releasing latest software for operating system. It will get updated by OTA no need to go to service center and no need to change your mobile to experince latest changes made in android os.
Current Version is Jelly Bean 4.2.1 waiting to get update 4.2.2. (As of now no updates given) Updates received to fix bugs.

1. Overall the phone is VFM(Value for money).
2. Will not let you down in look. Better than Samsung Grand. Light weight and crispy and vibrant.
Software : Quadrant Standard
BenchMark :
Where Lava IRIS 504 Q stands in crowd :-
3. Lava 504 Q
MIN FREQ : 497.25MHZ
BOGO MIPS : 2439.94
RESOLUTION : 720 X 1280
DPI : 320 X 320
I just copied that zip file to my system and found that it contains all the application that comes with this mobile. Myself and Naveen removed the Combat 2 game as incoming SMS was not coming (only with Vodafone SIM). Open the zip file and copy the .apk file (combat 2 on your sd card). Using file manager in mobile try to open the file it will install combat 2 once again. SMS issue resolved.

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06 Jul 2013
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Lavajaab Irisistable !!

I bought this phone for my dad and it got delivered to me in two days, so I'm happy with the Flipkart service as usual.

Unboxing this device gave me the usual stuff along with a nice Screen Protector, an OTG Cable and also an Intelligent Flip Cover.

Features are those typical features that you'd see in every other Indian Smartphone produced these days.

However, I would say that the display of this device is one of the better displays I've seen in a while. And I'm not even comparing this phone with the likes of Micromax Canvas HD. Because frankly, that display was just overrated by many idiots who hadn't seen an HD display given away for that price. This, in fact, is one of the best displays I've seen seen on a device for this price bracket. The color is just perfect, not ridiculously vibrant, nor too dull. It's just perfect. The brightness levels are also fantastic. *****

Now, coming to the Camera. Has anybody really appreciated the camera quality of any such devices ? I mean, Micromax Canvas HD was loaded with great features that looked incredible, just on paper. I'm not saying the camera is great, but this sensor is actually pretty decent GIVEN what the price of this phone is. The camera could beat the HELL out of any other Indian smartphone at this price range at any given day. I think the camera is fairly decent and gives you good pictures outdoors and OK pictures indoors. And the front camera also works like a charm instead of being there just for the sake of it. ****

Battery Life is another point that I'd like to put some light on. Canvas HD and even other phones like Karbonn Titanium S5 and Xolo A1000 face some spectacular failure when it comes to battery life. My dad is an average user. He makes almost 50 calls a day, lasting 2-3 minutes each, for his unexplained business purposes. During that time, he's usually connected to 3G for WhatsApp which includes forwarded video playback throughout the day, a few games like Scramble and 101 Crane Missions, casual photography and very little to none music playback. Also, the brightness level is always kept to FULL and never low nor set to Auto Brightness ever. That being said, the battery EASILY lasts him one whole day and at night, before sleeping, the battery percentage suggests that it has 27% juice left in it still. I think that's fairly good and I'd be OK with that powerful battery life. ****½

Performance is just top notch GIVEN that the processor is clocked at 1.2 GHz and also because QUAD CORES are supposed to give faster and better performance, apparently. And it does too. The 1 GB RAM is also perfect for multitasking. ****½

Build Quality is also something to be happy about. The flip cover is also of good quality but I'd wish they gave a color option. Buying a black phone and then using a white cover is somewhat odd but I guess that's OK. The OGS Technology can easily be SEEN on the phone from the outside. Power Button should've been on the top though. Also apparently, this phone has striking resemblance to the HTC Butterfly. Look for Micromax to come up with something awfully gimmicky that looks like the HTC One. ****

Talking about awful gimmicks, the Gesture Motion Control is nothing an but awful gimmick. It works but not always and we end up landing elsewhere in the gallery. This can also be used for capturing photos which is ridiculously annoying. THANKFULLY, you can turn this off and continue living a peaceful life. ½*

There is absolutely NOTHING spectacular about the speakerphone either. But it is WAY louder than other phones that are doing rather better business than this one. **½

Overall, the basic needs of a human being are fulfilled to the fullest at a very reasonable and affordable price so that's a thumbs up from me. Also, Lava has promised future OTA Updates which is fantastic because this phone already runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and it'd be great if Lava squeezes out a few future updates. This is a VERY good phone and you cannot compare it with Micromax Canvas HD because it's way out of that phone's league and has gone into its own universe of awesomeness. ****½

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30 Jun 2013
Lava Iris 504Q...Awsm Phone

its just oswmm...
Full HD bright display
Gesture motion control
Awesome camera with flash
hd recording
1.2 quad core processor which offer No lags
Android Gelly bean 4.2.1
touch is excellent
plug and play for pendrive (otg cable provided)
loud speaker offers great sound
battery life is excellent
ultra thin
front camera which is quite good
flip cover and screen guard provided in box

internal memory is only 1015 MB
otherwise till now i haven't find any cons in it..

I Would Highly Recommend To Buy It..

92% of 13 users found this review helpful.
08 Jul 2013
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Lava Iris 504Q is one of the best product in Indian market

I also become a priority buyer of this Lava Iris 504Q model. I was planning to buy a good Android phone from last 20 to 25 days, so had huge researched on the popular Android brands like Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn and HTC. My priority was like a normal people: smart phone, cheap price, latest features, upgraded model, Dual Sim with 5 inch screen, high resolution for video recording as well as image click, and the most important things is a good battery backup.

After a big research I found this phone and pre-ordered on same day. Then I received it on 01-July-13 and I did feature operation to check its advantage one full day. Believe me this is awesome smart phone with latest technology, 1.2 quard core fast processor, video and image quality also good. The battery backup is quite good because everybody knows that any brand with 5-inch smartphones have maximum 1.5 day maximum battery backup with any type of usage in 2G or 3G. It has one day backup with internet usage.

One of the advance feature I like about this phone is the OTG USB support instantly, without delay. I attached my 8 GB Pan drive and copy data from pan drive to Phone, also watched movies directly from pan drive. I attached USB mouse also to see it is working or not and I was surprised to see mouse is also working in this lovely Iris 504Q model. I am using continuously 01 of July 2013 and very happy to own this phone.

And lastly I must say, it will directly compete with Micromax A116 and Karbonn S5 Titanium.

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16 Aug 2013
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Complete Paisa Vasool by LAVA!!!!

After a lot of research(close to more than a month) i went for the Lava Iris 504q.

A Prompt Delivery by Flipkart
I bought the phone 2 weeks ago.

Now coming to the review of the phone:

1) Screen:
AMAZING!! A 720p resolution which caters every requirement. Viewing angles are excellent. I dont know about the ppi and all,for me i can watch HD videos flawlessly,so it definitely is AMAZING!!

2) Battery:
I use Whatsapp,Viber,Skype,Facebook, for the entire duration of the day,also have 4 Emails configured and use all the mentioned apps extensively and phone calls for close to two hours in a day. With this i get close to 20 hours,which is way more than what i had expected.

3) Performance:
I donot play games,so cannot comment on them,so far not even one problem with the performance. Using the OTG i am able to play movies from my pen drive directly,which is again amazing.

4) Sensors:
The gesture recognition works for me very easily,on an average 7/10 times i am able to use this feature with out a problem. For those who donot want it,simply turn it off. It also has a magnetic sensor,where in when we close the flip cover the phone goes into sleep mode,thereby reducing the battery consumption considerably.

5) OTG:
Not many would be aware of this feature,this means On The Go technology,which is very very useful in today's world. You can simply connect a pen drive and access all the contents in it. I was even able to play a few 720p Movies which were in .avi .mkv and .mp4 formats directly from the pen drive. It is very handy as you can access documents and other important stuff on the go.

6) Internal Memory:
1.8 gb is present for us to use. With Android JB(jellybean) (4.2.1) you can install the apps directly on the memory card,so get a micro sd card and all your worries are gone.

7) Camera:
8 MP Rear-cam with a BSI sensor (this type of a sensor is primarily for clicking pictures in low light as these sensors absorb relatively more light).
2 MP Front-cam,sufficient for all video calls.

8) UI:
A very basic UI from LAVA(Please dont expect much for the price you pay for the phone),however if you are very keen about looks,then please install a launcher from the Play Store (Smart Launcher,Go Launcher,Nova Launcher,Apex Launcher to name a few)

Nothing so far. On the whole,given the amazing specs and relatively a highly competitive price,
LAVA Iris 504Q is a WINNER hands downs.

One of the best phones ever made. LAVA will surely give SAMSUNG a run for its money.

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28 Jul 2013
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A Decent Smart Phone

On the basis of the reviews posted on the different internet sites I have decided to buy this phone and pre-order the phone with 8% discount. Though its is very hard to believe on the reviews for many without handling the phone in the shop. The same suspicion is with me too. Does I took the right decision by purchasing the phone without a look in the shop and that to from a online site. But all my suspicion tuns vague. The Phone is pleasure to be seen in the hand and I become a satisfied customer of both Lava Iris 504q and FLIPKART.

Coming to the Pros and Cons of the phone.

1. Great Display. Great touch response.
2. Full HD 1920X1080p video play-ability with VLC player. As stalk player does not recognize the sound format.
3. Sound quality is good with headphone as well as speakers.
4. Gaming. Not tried high end games but temple run 2, subway surfers, Modern Combat 2 (free with the phone) are awesome delight to play.
5. Battery backup is a decent one with One and half day with moderate gaming, full hd video songs play, and decent amount of internet use and Calls.
6. Features like adjusting sound and brightness with touch while playing videos are very convenient to use.
7. Smart Flip cover which turns on and off the display with opening and closing.
8. Camera: picture and videos are decent.
9. All the sensors works fine.
10. The USB play-ability is also worth to mention.

The color of flip cover. It really does not go with the handset color. If the flip cover is grey or any darker shade the phone looks more premium.

Wave feature. Its just a gimmick. Hard to control. Only suited while watching photos in the gallery.

Its very important to mention about the Flipkart and especially W S Retail for their customer support. The phone which I received has defective headphone (It can happen in the shops too). I asked for the replacement of the headphone to W S Retail. They are extremely prompt to my response and informed me that they are willing to provide me with Rs 350 in my wallet so that I can purchase a new head set. As I doesn't find the appropriate accessories I raise the concern of compatibility to the WS Retail. And to my surprise, the next day I was informed about the replacement of the entire package and the whole package is replaced hassle free. So my shopping experience is awesome with the FLIPKART.

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11 Jul 2013
Dont listen to Non-Techies - Its Superb

Please dont listen to non-techies who only know brand names.
I have bought this after using high end HTC and Samsung phones for more than 3 years and believe me this one is a superb phone with all qualities of premium set.

First of all I would like to remove the confusion that it does not have GPS- It does have GPS...(GPS, Bluetooth, FM and WIFI 4-in-1 are built in all mediatek processors so no question of whether it has or not - check mediatek website). I have installed GPS check app and it detected satellites quickly.

Fit and finish of this set is awesome with white flip cover and grey color of set. Feels sleek

It has all sensors including GYRO,magnetic, acceleration etc.
Benchmark performances are better than even Canvas 4. Check videos if u like.

Everything Else is so much better than other phones. Like Screen with HD OGS display. Blacks and colors are extremely good on it.
Battery is also perfect for more than a day usage with moderate usage of WIFI/3G and gaming.
Non techies will say go for Quattro- It has just FVGA display (800x480) this has 720p display (a Huge difference when u will see). U get every thing free Flip cover, 1 screen guard attached and one extra etc.

The only cons are sound and camera.
Sound-> Its good in earphones but speakers are not loud (better than micromax)
Camera-> OK like all this category phones

Over all an extremely good buy at this price

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08 Oct 2013
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just fedup


i have ordered this phone through flip cart with lot of hope got delivered on 2nd august . but unfortunately i started getting issues with mobile from day one . there are connectivity issues and photo's are not coming property .

from past two weeks the mobile was not charging property . when i took that to service center they said their is some corrosion issue and it can not be changed under the warranty and they have asked me to pay 1000 rs .

in the past i used sony xperia x10 and samsung . i never faced any issues and till today they are working fine . i better feel going with reputed mobiles then this kind of sub standard mobile phones

guna (

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26 Jul 2013
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lava iris 504 q awesome

lava iris 504 q awesome , great mobile ,good display & size , I am not getting words to describe it.
When i received sms it will so me error (unfortunately modern combat 2 has stopped)
In another review i see for this error solution PLEASE UNINSTALL MODERN COMBAT 2 GAME AND INCOMING SMS WILL RESUME.
But this game is very nice and enjoyable. so u not uninstalled this game but only force shop this game after u play
and u will received all sms on your mobile.
And last
i say lava iris 504 q awesome mobile in 13k

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