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LAVA Pocket Wireless W 150 Router: Router

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13 Sep 2012
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perfect router for bsnl evdo

Got the device today. Tried connecting with my BSNL EVDO Micromax 300c modem... entered the settings manually, shows connected but no internet access.

Went to Lava site chose lava w150 and downloaded latest drivers /firmware.

Then connected lava device wirelessly to laptop, in the settjngs --admin -- upload and uploaded the downloaded driver and did a firmware upgrade followed by restore factory default (to erase previously entered settings) .

Later connected my evdo modem and entered the manual APN settings. Write any APN and enter username and password same as in the evdo settings and apply.......Perfect connected to internet. Typing from my Tab connected to Lava wifi hotspot.

If u want to access 3g /evdo (also lan) as a wifi on all your devices read smartphknes, tabs laptops, and whatnot......go ahead and buy this device. Haven't checked its battery though ...range is good and can be used in a 2 bedroom apt.

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01 Jun 2012
A good device

I bought from flipcart and received it within 3 days of order,meticulously packed and timely delivered.

I am using this router with BSNL 3G and BSNL EVDO dongles.This device recognizes and connects to the GPRS/UMTS signal automatically.But to configure it with BSNL EVDO was a bit tricky.Firstly it did not recognize settings then after firmware update available at the LAVA website I was able to configure it with BSNL EVDO dongle.Now it automatically detects this type of dongle and connects.
For EVDO, settings have to be configured manually under 3G option.Any APN name may be given,User name and Password has to be keyed in and then apply the settings.Do not forget to update firmware before applying these settings.

One drawback is that its WiFi range is not very good and signal drops significantly if the device is at a distance of more than 25 feet and if there are walls in between.But at this price,this device is a very good bargain.

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07 Feb 2012
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good product...good service

i bought this cos i have a tablet and an iphone so i needed wifi on the move. this comes with a battery backup of around 3-4 hrs so u can keep it in ur bagpack and use net wherever u want to. its range is not that much. i guess it wud be around 25 to 30 feet. after tht the signal becomes really weak. all in all a good product. i use it with my tata photon plus and to configure you have to input manual APN. this product serves the purpose of having a mobile net connection. i guess its usp would be the battery backup.

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01 Apr 2013
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good device!

Lava W150 is a good device. i am a developer, so for me a device is not just a device but has a lot more weight when it comes to its usability more than it can offer. this one is a gem. this device is small and tiny and sort of light in weight, yet this device is a *bazooka bomba* as opposed to *tzar bomba* tiny little device with a crappy software from lava, just change it with openwrt and viola it just gets a brand new shining arm in the armour. okay the drawback is 16 mb ram inside else this device is a cool one. with 16 mb ram? you cannot run a full blown out openwrt with a nice gui, but well i am okay with the console usage. what makes it even fine? the hardware + battery @ 1499. well i got 2 of these little gems and both of them are now running openwrt. first device i got was broken and faulty, i got a next day propmpt quick replacement, so both the devices are now happy and singing in joy to the customer.
unless you are a developer, you will not find this device worthy, some may find it operator locked, but with your own custom firmware, openwrt (3rd party) firmware you definitely void the warranty, but you also get an awesome cool device at a price which is dirt cheap (inexpensive).
what more can i want. if you are out to buy a new device this is definitely the one. but if you are a developer, then you need it more than any other for now, since there are none like this for this rate. viola its cool. but as a developer you also remember custom firmware means warranty void. but still better than the stock firmware, stock firmware is utter crap. go get this and go customize. :-D

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25 Apr 2013
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Lava W150 Router - Great to use for Home use


I have been ordered this product from Flipkart and it delivered to me me within 4 days.

My main purpose to use this produc with tata Photon + (EVDO Device - EC152) as in home i am using 3 mibiles and 2 laptops which all needs internet connection.
The Lava Web-site doesn't show any compatibility for EC152 but i took risk also flipkart executive advised me as the device will work with all EVDO and 3G dongals.
In the first boot when i have connected with EC152 Tata Poton+ it connected within 1-2 mins autimatically ... it hasn't required any manual settings or anything..
I am happily using it with all my devices ..
Coverage: decent can work in 15-20 feet radius coverage without any issue.
The battery backup is ok you can easily use it for 2-3 hours without any issue.
Size and weight is ok for carrying it out while travelling.
It only support RJ45 and 3g/evdo dongals so if planning to use 3g SIM need to buy extra dongal to use with device.

Last.. important thing.. Lava box says it's MRP. RS.3549 where flipkart is offering it at Rs. 1499.. so great buy.

I would recomend it to use for all tata photon+ / EC152

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28 Apr 2013
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Works good, as mentioned

I have 'BSNL EVDO 3g' data card. I needed a to connect my 'Tablet'. after reviewing many variants, I decided to buy this one. Despite I read in some reviews that I had to update the firmware of the device but I decided to try.
But to my surprise 'Lava' have already updated the firmware to support 'BSNL-EVDO' DEVICE 'ZTEmt 8700'. I configured it in jiffy and it was alive and working!
I would like to thank 'flipkart' for their quick delivery. I ordered this on Friday morning & was delivered next day noon. That kind of surprised me as I had cancel my previous order for a different product due to more than two weeks delay. This time they surprised me. :-) way to go.

1. Adhoc wifi wherever you go.
2. Small size internal battery powered, that means you can go without power.
3. Good looks- comes with a carry pouch so it doesn't get scratches easily.
4. Value for money.
1. Network range seemed to be short as I was getting low strength only a room apart.
2. Also while entering configurations in the settings page - it keeps restarting on completion of every entry. It should update & restart only after Pressing of 'Apply' button.
3. Also there seems to be dropouts after long hours of usage(3-4hrs) but reconnects automatically.

Overall experience with this product & 'flipkart' has been happy & satisfying.

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13 Apr 2013
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Very decent device, Nothing to cheer about

Well, i am not agree with all the very good ratings given by user, it is a very basic device, which does its job in a very ordinary fashion. First thing, which every one should know, its a very old device. the one i received from Flipkart has manufacturing date July 2011, this is the reason why, all the new 3G dongle is not supported out of the box, and the funny part is, the only customer service available from LAVA is the "Firmware", which is available at their web site, download it, upgrade the device, plug the dongle and pray
[as i did :-)] if it works ur luck; otherwise u will not get any help or support form LAVA, or atleast i didn't get any, i send a message, i left my mobile number for call back service, but i didn't get any response, Thanks LAVA.
Build quality is ordinary, Wifi range is around 6 feet, for information there are 5 LEDs, which is providing, very basic information. Although provided charger has very good quality, i can say its has better quality than the charger i received with my LAVA Etab Xtron. So there is something to cheer about. Battery backup is good more than 2 hours. and its really helpfull in case of sudden power cut.
Finally my suggestion, if your internet life totally dependent on 3G dongle and u have more than one device for internet connection and ur switching your dongle from one device to another (like i do) go for it and buy it. otherwise look somewhere else and yes there is compatible dongle list at LAVA, dont forget to check before buying it. I am using Huawei E303C and its working fine. so anyone using this dongle can safely assume that it will work with this device.

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03 Jan 2013
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LAVA W150 Pocket Router - Very Good

Thanks Flipkart. Excellant delivery on time.

While using Penta 701R with USB dongles to connect to internet produced Poor battery life (Around 1Hour plus)

I was looking for a good protable and battery supported router.

Zeroed on Lava W150 after lots of Help on data from Flipkart

Used Reliance Net Connect+ Dongle AC2736 on LAVA W150 along with Penta 701R Pad

I could say

- Lava Connected beatifully repeatedly ( Sometimes Reliance Modem Installation Struggles in Windows 7)
- Hassle free Reliance connections.
- Practically no wifi drops
- Good Battery support from Lava W150 for 3plus hours
- Improved my Browse/Download/Battery capablities of Penta R701R (Now i get over 2Hours before the battery actually critical)

Still i exploring the possibility on USB File tarnsfer. Get back to you soon after that

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18 Apr 2013
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Disappointing start - acceptable for its cost...

There are two reviews to be keyed in here. One is about Flipkart itself and about this product.

About Flipkart: I am not going to repeat about the service or delivery of the product (though it was delayed by one business day) as now it is quite well known. However, Flipkart's web page design and information to search for was not that great when it comes to this category.
There are no sufficient filtering mechanism to locate these devices in this category. Due to this (and my mistake) I first ordered a different device and cancelled immediately to order this. I even regret my decision of buying this even after receiving this (not because of the device's features - but because of my different expectation, which I could not find before buying).

About the product:
For this money, I would say this is a good deal. At first things appeared to be all simple. That is what the 'lean' product manual/user guide say. But this seems to be far from true at least in my case.

I have one broadband (wired) modem without Wi-Fi and one Tata Docomo Photon+ data card. I first tried to connect this product with my broadband modem using its RJ45 (Ethernet/LAN cable) and it was indeed a plug and play kind of behaviour. I was able to use Internet in my mobile connected to this product through Wi-Fi, which inturn connected to Internet through my broadband modem. So, for those who have broadband modem without Wi-Fi, they can buy this and use Internet on their Wi-Fi devices and enjoy their broadband speed and allowance.

Then I tried connecting my Tata Docomo Photon+ and waited for several minutes to see the LED to settle blinking. The signal strength indicator was showing all bars, but it seems it was unable to connect to Tata Docomo's network. After searching in Google for a while, I understood that the W150 (this product) doesn't know how to dial the connection. I connected to W150 through wifi and accessed its settings (by visiting to page and switched to "Manual APN" from "Auto APN". While doing so, I specified "#777" as the number to be dialed and "internet" as both username and password. After saving and switching on and off the W150, Tata Docomo Photon+ worked well.

As said earlier, I still live with disappointment as my requirement was to put a 3G SIM in this device which also has battery and can be used as as Wi-Fi router. After purchasing it, I now discovered Micromax 400R Data Card seems to be the one I am in need of! :(

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08 Apr 2013
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Good to use, not a great support

Flipkart is as usual prompt.. and excellent service.

Product look and size wise good. It connect to Reliance 3G just out of the box and in no time.
First issue faced is while configuring secure wireless, getting into configuration menu found it diffucult as the documentation was confusing. Steps mentioned in the manual do not work. But later I found that securing option is right in the home screen of the setting option. During this I tried reaching the customer service, but found there is no toll free number. Lava has a call back option where CS is supposed to call back but no one has reached me since Saturday afternoon till monday.
I am facing one more problem, if reliance 3G is kept not used for long it will gointo sleep mode. Then I have to restart the router. Looking for a solution.
I have not checked the batery backup duraton.

Overall ok product at this price, streaming is good.
Minus non responsive customer service and poor manual.

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