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29 Mar 2014
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I bought Lenovo A1000 Tablet on 10 March and it was delievered promptly on 13 March. The packing was excellent as always. I also have a Asus Google Nexus 7(32 GB) (2012) which I bought from Flipkart on January 6.

Now I will try to give you an unbiased review about Lenovo A1000 and also compare it with Google Nexus 7 side by side.

[A1000] - The sound is awesome. The stereo speakers are really good and they are also
front facing which is very good. Dolby Digital technology is great!!
[Nexus] - The sound is average not as good as Lenovo :) The speakers are at the back
which are covered mostly when holding the tablet .

[A1000] - The screen resolution is not that great but it is good enough for playing Full HD
1080 P videos. No lags whatsoever.
[Nexus] - Nexus has the sharpest screen resolution in all tablets!! So no problems in any
video playing. Pictures are crystal clear and no dull colours.

[A1000] - It has 1GB DDR2 RAM and Nexus has 1GB DDR3 RAM. It plays all basic games
like Subway Surfers etc but lags while playing heavy games.
[Nexus] - It plays all games like a breeze. Nothing ever lags on it. Asphalt, Riptide
everything without any problems!

[A1000] - The camera is good enough for video calling but nothing more. Both don't have a back camera but who needs it on tablets??
[Nexus] - The camera clarity is excellent. You have to download a Camera Launcher from
Google Play to get the Camera App.

[A1000] - The internal memory is only 4 GB. You have to buy an external SD card. I bought a 16 GB one from Flipkart. After update you can get more space for apps.
[Nexus] - 32 GB is sufficient for every need. HD movies, Games etc. The best part is that
all the memory is in one place//

Lastly I would request you that this is an honest review. Don't pay any heed to the false reviews. They are not even Certified Buyers... All the reviews are false !!

If your range is between Rs 6000-7000 then buy this tablet. If your range is 12000-13000 then Nexus 7 is the best choice.

After buying please UPDATE the tablet. Then you will get more space for apps. Also buy the original Lenovo Flipcover and Screenguard. It is a great deal. Please also download MX Player from Google Play. It will help you to play every video format which is not available in this tablet by default and neither in Nexus 7 :D !!


Thanks for reading this review...................................


This Lenovo tablet is working as fine as ever. It has only frozen once after 16 hours of continuous heavy use. I looked up in YouTube about how to reset it as you can't take out it's battery. There is a small hole inside the sim slot. You have to press it with a pin or any pointed object. After doing this, I left the tablet for 2 hours and the switched it on again.

It has been working as good as ever since then. I have watched many HD movies on this tab like Gravity, Frozen,Lone Ranger etc. If you want to download paid apps and movies on your tablet , just download a Torrent Client from Google Play like Torrentex or BitTorrent.

You can then download costly games like Riptide GP[Rs.120] Shine Runner[Rs.200] etc and all the movies for free!! So after three months this tablet is as breeezy as ever. If you are planning to buy a mobile,go for Lenovo Idea Tab A1000 Tablet as it has calling feature and double the size of mobiles. This is one of the best tabs in the market from one of the most reputed brands.


[If you have any queries regarding this product, please feel free to mail me at I will be most happy to help you :D]


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16 Sep 2013
piece of trash - Is this what lenovo produces?

This tablet is a nightmare.
I had a friend order one for me. I came from some third party vendor through flipkart. It came with a no return policy. I did not bother one bit. I had bought it for keeps really. I thought what ever problems it could have would be minor.

but wait. 2 days after I bought it, it goes of into a self test mode. And then fails a series of tests and stays put with a character screen for ever.

You cannot turn off this blasted piece of trash.

You just have to let the battery drain for the next 8 to 16 hours. Apparently then you can recharge it and use it.
I ran in panic to the service center in Hyderabad - Ameerpet with this thing. There is an aged couple sitting right in front of me with exactly the same problems. And there is an engineer helping them with the issue. But they put me through the same rigmarole for 3 hours before they diagnosed it as a faulty battery (same as the other case). And kept it for 2 weeks.

I cannot reach these angels on the phone. for 5 working days straight (with several holidays in between) I tried their landline. It connects, and a beautiful voice from heaven on the IVR tells me I am a very valuable customer etc and I have to wait for service. Several minutes later it goes off into a forbidding vacuous silence.

I am able to get to the lenovo call center. The gentleman on that call center also tried the service center for some time. And then advised me that the service center is not receiving calls and the only way for me to find out what is happening is go back to this place 17 km from my home. Oh it is just next door. He is not asking me to go to Delhi like the local MPs have to do for resolving issues on a case by case basis.

I land at this service center. And then suddenly I am informed that the nice folks have noticed my case and are replacing the battery. I have to sit for 1 hour to collect my tab.

Anyway I bring it back home after two weeks. And then the fun starts again.

I come home and then notice my google account is not working on this tab. After 2 hours of panic again, suddenly it starts working. And the next couple of days I scramble to install my apps that I had cleared out before handing it in for service.

There is a very interesting design bomb in this tablet. To start with it has only a 4 gb internal storage. Bad design in the first place, but a workable hardware for os and apps.

But wait a minute. 1.5 gb is occupied by the OS. and 2.5 GB is left. Not too bad. But here is the real joke. you can install apps only on 500 mb. Some engineer with a wicked sense of practical humor produced this crap. the remaining 2gb is reported as external usb memory. apps will not typically install to this. You have to install an additional app like app2sd for moving apps out to this 2 gb partition.
Then this workaround it will not work with many apps. the 500 mb fills up very rapidly. in about 20 apps. facebook occupies about 50 mb. updates to default existing apps will eat up your "internal" 500 mb without your even having to install anything. And these updates typically cannot be moved.

Now here is the real kick. two days after I brought back this unit from the service center, the crazy piece of junk starts it system test again randomly. Again I have to let the battery drain out and perhaps take it back to the service center.

I have to rate the whole experience 50 stars below zero.

Buy this machine if you want to go through a science project designed to be a practical joke at considerable personal expense and heart burn. There are already enough reviews about this machine on the web. There is no reset button on the tab anywhere. The bright folks who produced this tab are so confident about their brilliant work, that nobody noticed this simple feature. There are safety valve in 200 year old boilers. But nothing on this one. Oh we can dispense with such uncivilized thing. Just let the damned thing explode.

this is for a1000 f.
I have a a1000g no updates yet. can they fix anything with any updates?

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22 Feb 2014
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certified buyer
Execellent Tab@best price , very much satisfied.

I have got this tab in 24 hours, Got it for very low price Rs.6449/-. The overall performance or quality of the product is very good. Prior to this I'm using Ubislate 7c+.I have noticed that there are lot of quality and performance differences in between Ubislate and lenovo idea tabs.
For ubislate 7c+ I spent Rs.5700/ But this tab I got it for Rs.6449/- with extra features.I'm very much happy with this tab. This tab is having good Wi-fi and phone signal capability. But in case of ubislate its very low.

This tab is having IPS display with front speaker and Dolby dts audio out. Its very good for watching HD movies and playing games. Touch sensitivity is also good.

This tab is having 3500 Li-polymer batter, This is giving very good battery backup.Also having GPS. Really good. I'm 200% satisfied with this tab.

I would suggest all don't buy other small brands like Ubislate, Once again many thanks
to Flipkart for their quick and quality service.

Please Upgrade the tab version to latest version by going to Settings->about Tablet->System Upgrade before using it or before installing any apps. Otherwise you will get some low memory issues. By upgrading to latest version, the internal memory will be increased to 2gb. where as the initial internal memory is around 500mb only.
So make sure that you are doing system upgrade to latest version.

Latest build number is : A1000G_A412_01_10_131008_2G

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Shivkumar A
07 Apr 2014
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Lenovo Tab genuine Review.

Hi All,
I had purchased this in Flipkart from WS Retail and delivered on April 1st 2014.
Got this for Rs 6688/- .
Brought this for my son???s use and for my dad to get used to Android. Didn???t want to invest costly tabs or very cheap products. Personally no trust on Micromax,Lava etc.
Hence zeroed down this model.
Am writing this review after using it for 7 days.
Did some checks with my Samsung Grand which has almost same spec (like 1GB Ram,1.2Ghz DUAL core proc) for few aspects. Below is my review.
Note:- I not mentioning any specs about A1000 here since its available everywhere.
1) Looks and Build.
Look wise this Tab looks very very old model, bulky and thick. The build quality is good. However leaves finger print where ever you touch.
Will rate 3/5 considering the cost what i had paid.
2) 2G quality
No so great. Had a call directly on tab (without headphones) the call was feeble even at high volume. Tried loud speaker option, due to Dolby the speaker sound was really good. The tried with handsfree Samsung headphone I could hear clearly however the other person was not able to hear me clearly. Internet browsing was slightly better than BAD.
Will rate 2.5/5 considering the cost what I had paid.
3) Display.
Not bad as i thought. Has HD display.Played few HD movies the display was good. However in side angles the screen looks washed out. Colour reproduction was okay.
Will rate 3.8/5 considering the cost that I had paid.
4) Processor.
Compared here with Grand. Installed "Clean master" and put both the devices in Airplane mode checked for CPU utilization Lenovo showed 48% against 59% in Grand (note lower is better). By the time I did the test I was having more apps in Tab than in my phone. Had some HD games for my kid and they played without Lag. However noticed one point where You tube videos take more time to buffer and some dont even play (in high bandwidth Broadband also). Will rate 4.2/5 considering the cost that I had paid.

5) Speakers.
One of the best I had seen. Will rate 6/5 considering the cost that I had paid. Yes I mentioned 6 deliberately.
6) User Friendliness
The icons are big enough and lag free while operating. However the settings icon and menu icon are very small and placed in odd places. Even the tab is 7inch we will face challenges in clicking them. On/Off and volume buttons are not so easily accessible. Will rate 3.5/5 considering the cost that I had paid.
7) OTG support.
Got a OTG cable for 100rs in local market and device identifies it within seconds and able to play videos without lag. Even some of Samsung devices dont have it.
8) Battery Back up :-
Had a very good battery back up. Runs close to 9hrs with heavy gaming and videos. Also charges in 3 hrs. Will rate 4/5 considering the cost that I had paid.
9) Memory:-
Internal memory is less. The bad news is post update from lenovo the install space is only 1.5 GB. Try using apps like "Clean Master" which will help to move apps to SD card. Will rate 2.5/5 considering the cost that I had paid.

10) Flipkart Services and WS Retail.
I was expecting good services from Flipkart and moderate services from WS but suprisingly Flipkart didnt impress me. I ordered this tab on 28th march and 29th march at 11.36am it was dispatched and reached a hub near my location on Sunday 30th March at 5am. It could had been easily delivered on that day however I got the same delivered to my location (not even 4 kms away from nearest hub) on 1st April. Note March has 31 days net to net 2 days delay.
When I opened the box the packing was neatly packed and box was brand new. Even the cover and seal was untouched.
Will rate 2/5 for Flipkart service and Will rate 5/5 for WS Retail.

Tips for usage.

1) Always keep the Tab switched off when not in use. Afterall this is not a phone to kept on all time.

2) If you are buying this model once you are on Wifi or 2G you will get a update from Lenovo (to increase the usable space to 1.5GB) pls install that first before you install anything.

3) Put a screen guard immediately from a local vendor. This will be about 250-350rs.

4) Dont buy a flipcover online Im having issues in that. Get it from a local market after inspection.

Final verdit.

If you are planning to get a tab for rugged use , kids to play or elders to get used to Andriod with minimal or no call/2G and having Wifi this is a very good tab.
Will rate 4/5 considering the cost that I had paid. Im not giving +1 point because
1)Memory allocation issue(1.5GB)
2)could have better screen resolution.
3)Most importantly as an Indian and expect full paisa vasool and even am satisfied will declare one point less.

Thanks for your time and kindly share your suggestions, comments and feedback.

Shiv Kumar.

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14 Aug 2013
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Lenovo Idea Tab A1000 Rocks(?)

After using it for 16 days...


1}Superb battery back up!

2}Amazing front speaker audio quality/clarity!

3}Mp3 quality through 3.5 mm headset jack even more better than speaker!

4}can pair very easily with bluetooth version 3.0 enabled wireless headset!

5}Sexy Manly Looks! Especially the all black in color one! I just loved it!


1} Call receiver quality sound through earpiece is very poor!

2} Never get messed/muddled with OTG & 2g internet because this device only supports 2G sim internet. No one can insert any of 3g dongles into that OTG female connector what meant only for pen drives or other normal USB port!

3}internal memory one could have of merely 503 MB(?) out of that 1 GB DDR2 RAM which is way pathetic especially for downloading other apps differently from marketplace! The device only gives warning to uninstall a few apps to free spaces very frequently which I personally think a major limitation of this phone!

4}This device always get heated from the backwards while charging; no matter whether you put it into switch on or off mode!

5}I'm not even bothering about the rear camera but front one which comes with a 0.3 MP, but by quality it's simply way deplorable even if me compare it with micromax funbook 0.3 MP camera one. Not expected at least this from Lenovo.

6} Tricky travel adapter one is not even a branded lenovo product but been manufactured by some china based third party named HuntKey.

7}UI and Touch is desperately needs massive improvement & upgradation. Well I personally assume, regarding UI & Touch sensitivity no one would been dare to level its shoulder with SAMSUNG!

Apart from all these this device is not that bad in this price amount especially after a self renowned branded company followed by Samsung!

Thank folks!

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09 Apr 2014
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Best Beast

First of all I would like to say that I was looking for a budget tab for a long time.
My first choice was LAVA XTRON+. After contacting few people I came to know its battery drains away too fast.
My second choice was HP Slate 7 which was good but let me tell you it doesn't support sim and calling facilities, but who cares? I personally don't prefer calling from tab. But one of the major feature missing is OTG(On The Go).

Lenovo A1000 Supports OTG, so you can connect this tab with mouse, keyboard, pen drives.

Now Talking About Features :

Battery : I don't know whether its my luck or not, but i play loads of games in this tab, watch movie for about an hour, and guess what its lasts till mid night, ie. i charge it for the whole night and after a use of atleast 4 hours(heavy) and rest of the moderate till midnight battery only falls to 35% =)

Graphics : Only One Word. "NO LAGS".! =)

Display : when you tilt it left side it gives a bit reflective screen. :)

Speakers : Superb Dolby Digital.

Storage : After Upgrading you will get a 1.5GB internal storage and yes you can still move maximum of the apps to another left out 1.1 GB =)

While watching 720p movie it might lag a lil bit. dont worry download MX player and start the 720p video and turn on S/W Decoder. "NO MORE LAGS" =)

Best Part I Played NFS MOST WANTED Without Any Lags =).

I ordered it on 6th April At A Cost Of 5999/-.
I Stole The Deal.
Thanks Flipkart.! ;)

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30 Jul 2013

Good sensitivity
Good viewing angle although only in two sides
Multi process are good I myself ran 5 no lag I experienced
Good battery backup more than a day with normal usage 6 hrs gprs ,19 min call,30 min gaming
Good music dolby speaker loud sound
Otg suppprt for mounting only fat (NTFS not mounting (IF ROOTED NTFS ALSO MOUNTS)
Fast charging
No heat issue
Internal 1.5 GB(update released)

No 3g
Viewing angle is good in only two sides
As it is new acessories are not available readily like pouch screen guard
Sony headset is not working with this (along with mic) , samsung headsets are working fine

Stating it is slow because of Lenovo launcher we can install any other launcher then u will see its full capacity
Verdict by me is goo blindly if ur budget is lower for getting nexus AND NEED A CALL FACILITY TABLET

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05 May 2014
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certified buyer
Lenovo A1000 .... Good product at cheap price...

Got the item for 5.5K through flipkart. Arrived in decent packing. Time taken for delivery was ok. Using the product for past one week. Given the price the screen resolution is good. Works on dual band GSM. I have a doubt whether the internet through SIM of GPRS or EDGE, though the product manufacturer site does not make any mention of it. Googled and found that the product will support 3G dongle if the device is rooted but u will end up loosing your warranty. Wi-fi speed is good.Tablet froze one time. Had read lot of reviews talking about the absence of hard reset switch. Ironically lenovo product page also does not mention about the presence of hard reset switch in the product whereas the hard reset switch does exist in this tablet. Yes. I could find the switch near the SD card slot (Open the SD card cover plug. You will find a small pin hole inside. U can use any safety pin to press it. Press gently till u hear a click). Lenovo india support page contains hardware maintenance manual and in the manual u find an indirect mention of this option (they are talking abt a hard reset cable location). Finally i could reset the tablet and reboot it. The problem of 512MB memory allocated as internal memory and hence the app installation limit is all history. Lenovo provides OTA update. Once u connect ur tablet to wifi the update takes place in a jiffy. After the update the internal memory allocation jacks up to 1.5 GB (the drive gets repartitioned). Battery back up is good. With heavy use it lasts for around 8 hours for me. Totally a good buy at a great price. If u are a first time user of a tablet go for it. u will not regret.

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21 Feb 2014
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certified buyer
Stop criticizing this little master!!!

Hey Geeks. Stop criticizing & harassing this poor fellow. Always remember one thing before you turn yourself a critic, ???Get what you PAY???. As long as anything meets this, settle satisfied. I???m pretty happy with this beauty as it meets that category. Many 1-4* rating here is all about the specs of this product & FK???s service support as i can see. We???re not here about discussing the specs of this product as it???s already locked down but about the performance. I give ita 5* rating as i???m completely blown away with it???s performance (Mind again, at the entry level & ~7K price range). I felt meh when I saw couple of reviews who had mentioned lack of ???rear camera/flash/flip cover, etc??? as cons of this device. Ufff., grow up guys!!

Finally, I would strongly recommend this low budget top performer to my friends!

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28 Sep 2013
A misunderstood tablet

I bought this from a different online retailer 1 week back. The price keeps on fluctuating. Flipkart was offering it for Rs 7499 few days back.

Why a misunderstood tablet?

This is a decent tablet with remarkable build quality and battery life. When I first pressed the power key, it went to Factory mode and then self test mode. I panicked. Worst fears coming true. What happens is as follows:
1. You start the tablet, it goes into factory mode. First test is some ALPSS or something.
It is testing the proximity sensor located just right to the camera ( horrible camera, though). You have to touch it after 5 seconds. It then goes to other tests.
2. It tests the screen, sound, touch and you have to press ok or pass.
3. I got stuck when it asked for a headset. It requires a mobile 3.5 mm headset which I didn't have.

Well search on google showed that many buyers had the same issue. One person gave the solution and also informed that the first test is for the proximity sensor. The solution is to reset the tablet. The reset button is located just below the sd card slot. You can see it once you open the flap. Press the button with a pin or suitable instrument and the tablet resets and starts normally. Probably it is a fault of Lenovo for messing up the first boot.

The internal memory for tablet sold in India ( model A1000-G) remains at 500 MB even after the software update. We have to wait for the upgrade. Anyways you can manage by moving newly installed apps to USB storage by using the ES file manager. USB storage is the remainder of the 4GB internal memory.

Gaming: I have played Subway surfer, Temple Run 1 and 2, Cut the Rope, Angry birds, Indiatimes T20 fever without any problem. Reviews mention you can play most games without any lag

Camera is horrible. Anyways the purpose of the camera is for video chat and not for taking snaps. That too is pathetic.

Touch sensitivity is excellent except at the extreme edges.

Display: Very good display and colour reproduction. Viewing angle is okay from all sides except from the left of the tablet.

Wifi is good and there are no issues with it.

Battery life is good, lasting for 6- 8 hours on continuous use. Charges fully within 2 hours.

Could not check GPS and bluetooth.

This table has been slammed by most reviewers who compared it to Google nexus and Samsung Tablets. Consumption of content through a tablet is highly personal and each has one's own requirements and expectations. I am happy and all my needs required from a tablet are met with Lenovo A1000.

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