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Lenovo X Series X120E/ APU Dual Core / 320 GB / 2 GB / Free DOS Netbook: Computer

Reviews of Lenovo X Series X120E/ APU Dual Core / 320 GB / 2 GB / Free DOS Netbook

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07 Mar 2012
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LCD Flickering Ruined A Perfect Product

Shipping and support of Flipkart was splendid as usual.
I have been using this device for almost a month now. Absolutely loved it in the beginning. Lightweight and portable, comfortable keyboard, decent performance for the price and better than expected battery backup.
However, a few days back the display started behaving erratically. The top few rows of pixels started flickering. A little research on Google made me realize that this was a widespread problem.
I took a few corrective measures suggested in forums and the problem seems to have disappeared for now.
Had it not been for this issue, i would definitely give it a 5 star rating.

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20 Apr 2012
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best sub 20000 netbook/small laptop one can buy

being a lenovo fanboy for their construction and durability ethics, after seeing the price of this netbook the choice was easy. and being a linux user, not having to pay for windows is a boon. so here goes my pros and cons list.
1. Fast AMD dual core processor with in-built graphics, ensures that you play full HD stuff smooth.runs brilliantly smooth on connecting to a external big full HD(1920*1080) resolution monitor.

2.all the hardware modules are supported by drivers contained in latest linux kernel. so all modules work out of the box for ANY recent linux distribution. you don't have to search around for drivers!

3. didn't pay for windows!

4. extra ram slot! buy one 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz ram for just 600 bucks and you can run memory multiple memory intensive applications like GIMP(photoshop replacement for linux) or Avidemux(video editor) or Audacity(audio editor) simultaneously.
but even 2GB onboard is good enough for most purposes.

5. anti-glare or matt display. good for non-narcissistic people like me who aren't to keen to see their own face reflected on the usual industry standard much advertised HD-Glare displays.

6. Awesome keyboard. usual lenovo thinkpad standards,full keyboard. keys are well separated, sturdy, have the familiar big keyboard feel when you press them.

7.very responsive touchpad. once again measuring up to thinkpad standards. supports double tap, two finger scroll etc. and has the usual trackpoint and extra set of 3 buttons on top of the touchpad. those buttons are very handy.

1. doesn't make me a sandwich. :)

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30 Mar 2012
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Worth owning:
When I was searching for a thinkpad, I came across x120e on flipcart. Given its price, this is an excellent product.

Working with Dual OS:
I installed Windows 7 (64 bit) as well as Ubuntu 11.10. There are issues with dual boot, and were solved by installing "EasyBCD" boot editor. Updated BIOS and installed all the windows drivers from Power manager, WLAN, hot keys, etc. are working perfect.

Booting Ubuntu has problems. It is hanging now and then. Starting Ubuntu in recovery mode and resuming to normal mode is solving this issue.
I want to try installing LinuxMint or Ubuntu 12.04LTS, and see if this problem persists.

Regarding RAM upgrade:
In Windows 7, I hardly observed RAM usage of more than 1GB, where as in Ubuntu I found it reaching 2GB frequently. This forced me to upgrade RAM to 4GB (additional 2GB costed Rs600/-).

When I compare the day to day usability of this netbook with my desktop (with 3.2GHz speed and 4GB RAM), it is comparable.

If one is looking for a light weight laptop at below 20k price, I strongly recommend this. This is performing at par with laptop. It deserves a better name than a netbook. I have no hesitation to call it as Utrabook.

Unless you are aiming to run high end programs on it, thinkpad x120e will meet all day to day requirements.

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15 Mar 2012
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Great Product

I am using this after using Dell-XPS & i think it is much better on battery backup, mobility,good build quality, good screen, it is overall a great product.
flipkart gave me excellent delivery.


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11 Mar 2012
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Perfect machine in its price and class

It is Little wonder! feels nice, built sturdy, truly represents ThinkPad family. I always needed a portable and sturdy machine which can be carried over places. I think I found one, after failing with two other models.
Works well with Windows 7 and other photo applications.
Choose the right drivers to ensure smooth working and use a flat surface for extended hours of use, to prevent overheating.

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28 Apr 2012
Excellent product

There is no LCD flickering problem.Load the correct drivers.
Excellent build quality.
Excellent display.
Plays 1080p HD videos without fuss
Lightweight and classy.

Battery life is lesser than stated.
Best buy in 19000. Go for it.

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21 Apr 2012
fantabolous machine...... more than a netbook

I purchased this machine a week ago. Got windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installed. Your can get all the drivers from support lenovo website. I u r looking for a small but powerful package then go for it. Windows rating is 3.8. Even Intel centrino(core 2 duo) has no more than 3 . I u r worried about heating problems then relax. This machine comes with AMD FUSION tech ie low heating and wonderful battery backup(approx 6 hrs) . U can play NFS carbon easily on this laptop. what else i can say about graphics support.
I love this machine... cost effective , portable yet powerful

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14 Apr 2012
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Great Product: Hardware Quality is too good for the money.

Believe it or not its a great product. I've been using this ultra-portable for the last couple of weeks and I've been very satisfied with it. I am a Linux user and I found it to be exactly what I need. Plus I'm not paying additional money for any lousy OS.

Few things you need to be aware of are:

1) Download the Graphics driver from the AMD website only. Do not go for the Ubuntu/ any other distro suggested one cos its a mess. The file name is you get the AMD Catalyst control center that helps you adjust almost anything.

2) The X120e gives you about 5 hours of battery life. But remember to turn that annoying bluetooth off to get those 5 hours.

3) Body is good. I mean it. You compare it with others of the same category and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's keyboard is the best feature... it does not bend-in at the center. The track-ball is not annoying me, I do have a bit of fun with it at times lol. The keyboard will take about 5-minutes of 'getting used to'. The base plate is metal. The rest of the body is good quality plastic.

4) The Screen is OK... Its viewing angle is not great but what I like is that its matte .. so no more annoying reflections. I watched a few movies in it and I've been happy overall.

5) Its not generating much heat, that keeps my laps happy :) The Wifi antennas are pretty good, You'll be surprised how much signal it can catch. Since there are no optical drives the machine is generally silent. The fan goes nuts at times when you do get some stuck programs but that's only normal.

6) webcam is good. But I'm not much of a superstar in social networks so I never had an opportunity to really make use of it.

7) There is a SIM-CARD slot under the metal plate, I really don't know if I can get 3g with it... If I can then there is nothing better. I saw that when I opened it to put the additional 4GB RAM that I bought with this product.

OVERALL: Very very happy. I wanted to purchase the x130e but I can't be bothered to wait for its launch in India. The Hardware quality is so good that it reminds me of my Nikon DSLR. Its a bargain for the money you pay.

FLIPKART: Them guys messed it up, I got the product got delivered only in about 7 days because they did not put relevant tax forms for inter-state courier. I had to shout at them to get it send. Max delivery time was 7th (purchased on the 1st. )and they did deliver it on the 7th. It could have been done 4 days faster but hey I won't complain. :)

OH BTW: I bought this from Flipkart but I don't see that "Certified Buyer" tag anywhere. Not that I'm bothered. :D

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29 Mar 2012
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Replacement of ultra portable notebook (In my opinion) !!

About Flipkart Service:-

Super-fast Delivery, delivered it to me within 28 Hrs,BRAVO !!!
Ordered on 27 March 11:00 Am Received on 28 March 3:00 Pm. FlipKart Guys please carry on this service.

About Product:
1. Very nice and professional looks. Business Class Product.
2. Light weight only 1.6 KG
3. Battery Backup 6 Hrs (6 cell bat)
4. Awesome Keyboard and touch pad (multi-touch)
5. It has 1 eSATA, 2 USB, 1 HDMI, 4 in 1 Card reader, LAN, wifi
6. Very fine quality of inbuilt web-camera.
7. AMD E-350 Dual Core 1.60 GHz supports virtualization technology.
8. Boot time 27 Seconds (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) RAM 2GB DDR3
9. USB Data transfer rate is high (33 MB/S)
10. Windows Experience Index rating 3.8
11. Good Graphics ( AMD 6310)
12. No noise , No heat up.
13.Anti-glare LED 11.6 Display !! Awesome

1. I Haven't seen any bad thing in it. See its a Netbook not a LAPTOP or DESKTOP. So Don't compare please.

PS: What I like very much about this Netbook is , Its Business class professional looks, Keyboard, Touch pad, matte finish body
(fine quality plastic) , anti glare LED 11.6 screen.
Awesome built up in very reasonable price!!
Guys this is the one I was looking for. Worth of every single penny....

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12 Mar 2012
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Great portable laptop

Overall feedback on the X120e:

The Good:
-Battery. It said 6 hours in the specs & itâ??s giving me a bit more than that with regular surfing & MS Office.
-Matte display: I donâ??t have to worry about the window behind me anymore
-Keyboard is awesome. Exactly what Iâ??d expect a ThinkPad to have
-Did I mention it feels solid? There is no flex is the lid, keyboard or even the bottom cover

Needs improvement:
-For an 11.6� laptop it feels a tad bit heavy. It still only clocks in at 1.5kg but just feels a bit more
-The touchpad buttons on the bottom are too close to the edgeâ?¦ I accidently end up clicking those when opening the laptop
-Itâ??s still a AMD E-350 at the end of the day. The windows rating isn't stellar but I guess I canâ??t be complaining at this price

Other thoughts:
If you have trouble getting wifi to work with Windows, go to lenovo's website and look for ThinkPad 1x1 11b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter & download and install this driver

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