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LG A290: Mobile

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06 Aug 2013
Reacjes high but falls short

This cell is selling like a hot item on every shopping site on in India. Have used it for two weeks and here is what I liked and what i didnt,

-Triple SIM- huge boon for people who roam or have different sim cards for different purposes for example one sim for cheap local calling/one for cheap STD/one for other use.
-Nice shape-loved the back metal finish, though it picks scratches if not kept well.
-Sound packs a punch- loud and clear
-One button network switch-awesome feature never seen on any cell before
-Decent torch
-3.5mm audio jack
-micro usb charging point which is really a boon.

-Light but not sturdy
-Cant display images above 1mb
-Poor user interface - needs lots of polishing
-GPRS poor and super slow
-outdated features, needs a revamp
-need to add each music track individually to create a playlist its such a pain

Conclusion- Marvel idea with pitfalls, Proud to own this cell, versatile 3SIM which is only branded 3 sim cell in India, rest chinese. Decent sound and easy sim switch make it worthy of having as a second phone, first being a high end model (in my case Xperia J for my 3G,camera and multimedia needs)

I recommend this but buy only for 3 SIM cards, worth the money.

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25 Jun 2013
Best tripple sim mobile in india

My brother is using this mobile from last two years. I am the one who gifted it to him. He wanted a mobile with best battery and best call logs as he will be keep on making business calls. He is into travels, real estate and other businesses that demands more calls. He just asked that he wanted tripple sim with best battery and with best call logs. I found this one as best though i couldn't judge it is awesome at that time.

Now my brother tells me that he will use it till it die completely as he may not get this kind of phone in future.

He had everything that he wanted in this mobile. call recording, mp3 songs support, FM and torch, bluetooth. best battery(comes for 3 days for him). what else? All things that are must.

For a normal user, I am sure it can give battery upto 5 days..

No negatives found with the expectations we had. We never wanted it to be used for internet purpose. For that we use other devices anyway. For call making and call tracking, contacts storing and all other minimum needs it is "awesome phone".

I never write review. I am so happy with this mobile. I would have used 10 mobiles till now from basic to top end phones. But this one impressed me a lot with its performance with the expectations we had.

If you want tripple sim phone for making calls mostly, you don't have any mobile that can beat this mobile.

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10 Jun 2013
Why you should buy this phone!

As someone already mentioned above that this phones can be used side by side of your smartphone as exclusive voice call phone!Now let me tell you why actually you should buy it ,especially if you own another Android smartphone!
1.Standard microUsb charging port,same that fits in any android!
2.Supports upto 32Gb class 10 Sd card that can be removed without removing battery!
3.1500mAh battery lasts atleast one week!
4.Very good quality voice call reception!
5.Loud front speaker and acceptable torch light!
6.Standard 3.5 mm audio jack that accepts your android headphones,or you can playusic in your car with it!
7.Tri-sim switch thats easy to use!
8.Mine came with original shock proof soft case!

There are actually no cons at all,but still if you ask i would mention it.
1.I hate blue keypad backlight
2.Its not actually other sim standby!

You cant get better than this phone with these combined features with this price...i bet you cant find one!I challange you!:D

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01 Jan 2014
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certified buyer

I had been Waiting for this product On Flip-kart Since it Was Out of Stock And finally it was been made available. I am Lucky to own this Phone Its not Available in market now.
1) Big Screen LCD display
2) Long Lasting Battery Works for 5Days Without Charging for normal use
3) Benefit of Triple Sim With Easy switch key on left side
4) Acceptable Torch Light
5) Enhanced Voice Clarity And Strong Front Speaker
6) 1.3Mp Camera With Photo Editing options
7) Indian regional Language Supports.
8) Memory Card Support 32GB
9) It Has 3 Default Themes
10) memory card can be removed without removing battery
11) Best thing is it has flight mode option Can Disable 1/2/3 Sim or any combo when required
12 Internal memory 19mb , Bluetooth support can transfer music even on mono

I don't find any cons for this phone For internet usage one can use smart phones

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24 Mar 2013
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certified buyer
Very Good Mobile Phone

USP for LG A 290 are listed below:
1.0 Crystal clear voice reception and transmission (even in Lifts/cars/buses/trains) .
2.0 Super Strong Marathon Battery of 1500mAh rating.
3.0 QUAD band GSM mobile with Three SIM slot, means connectivity across globe.
4.0 "No fuss" User interface and No "hanging mobile OS" business with this mobile.
5.0 Good quality camera at this price.
6.0 Adequate geometry and weight to fit into hands/pockets.
7.0 Memory card slot can be accessed without switching off the phone i.e without removing battery.
8.0 Accepts Contacts in vCard format and CSV format with Bluetooth/Cable with and Phone/PC.


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24 Jun 2012
Security key not available

+ Good phone for the price.
+ Triple SIM feature is superb, can switch between the SIMs at the touch of a button (on the side)
+ 1.3 MP camera pics are good quality

- Fonts on the display are not all that great
- SMS display (no. of lines) is less, difficult to read/type long messages
- SMS not available in conversation mode
- Worst feature - no screen lock password available, so anyone can unlock

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23 Jan 2013
extra ordinary mobile

5 months back i buy it in local market. it is working very well.
positives;- easy to use tripple sim,
great battery back up, 4 to 5 days,
super call quality,
strong signal reception,
good quality cam,
audio quality ok.
very good sound, voice clarity in calls;

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22 May 2013
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certified buyer
A very good mobile in small price .

There was so many question in my mind before giving the order of this product but after using it I would suggest that this is one the good mobile in cheap rates . I like following things in this :
1) Strong Battery backup.
2) clear voice during call.
3) faces no issue while using three sims simultaneously.
4) Good music player sound .
5) big screen as compared to other same category mobiles .
6) OS is simple good to enable users to use it normaly .
7) Torch light

Thanks to flipkart for fast delivery.


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25 Sep 2013
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A Very Good 2G Triple SIM Phone available in India.

A Very Good Phone with Tri-SIM support.
Supports More than 2 GB micro SD Card (I am using Sandisk 8 GB Card with it)
3.5 mm Audio jack. Audio quality is superb!!
Price is Reasonable!
SIM Changer button (Press and Hold to change or toggle between 3 SIMS)
Plastic quality is Good!
Look is Good. ( I am using Silver color Handset)
I got delivery in 6 days. ( I live in South Kolkata) Packing was very Good.

Overall rating from my end is:- 4.5/5

With Regards :-


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20 Oct 2013
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certified buyer

I booked this product from I love this phone . I think its the only 1 phone available with 3 simcard on standby mode can deliver battery back-up for 4-5 days. I feel its importance few days back when Orissa was hurted by Phailin & no electric supply for 3 days but I was able to be in touch with my well wishers becoz of this phone. Great Phone with clear voice. Only demerit is it doesn't have call active feature .

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