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22 Sep 2012
Get ready for the adventure.....

After i get to know about the movie which is being made by Ang Lee i couldn't resist myself form buying this novel.
If you love to read something new with adventure, twists and turns , hope ....then this is the novel for you.

Go and grab it and fall into a dreamland.
Its one of the best novels i have read till date.

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20 Jun 2011
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Brilliant Book

Life of Pi is an extremely well-written tale of the true grit and determination of a survivor. Once you start, its hard to put down this book. The language is simple, flowing and easy. It portrays the courage of a 16 year old boy in the face of terrible calamity and just his will to survive. It could easily be a true story. I would rate is as one of the best books ever read. No wonder it won the Man Booker prize.

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08 Mar 2012
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Smart. Intelligent. Fresh

a story of survival like never before. break the story down into 3-4 substories and you'll like all of them. wont disclose much but would just say "read chapter 90 very carefully" :D

hats off to this amazing tale of life !

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03 Oct 2011
Belief is what bonds you with the Life of Pi!

Even though the Life of Pi is a fiction, somewhere in the first quarter of the book, Yann Martel makes you believe that it is a biography of someone (Pi) who was born in Pondicherry, India, grew up till his teens, with a zoo in his backyard, and with the political scene in India becoming unstable (1977), the family along with a few animals that remained behind, after selling off most of the zoo inhabitants, boards a Japanese cargo ship to Canada. And after this act of making you believe, all the action takes place in the 227 days that runs between the days Pi gets into the sea as a castaway in a 27-feet lifeboat with a 450 pound Bengal Tiger and till the day he lands in Mexico. It is this belief that makes you cling to the novel and move forward catching hold of the link one after another, but at a slow pace, and when there are times just when you think the links are falling apart (losing interest), belief bonds you together with the story. But at certain places, you get the idea that a few facts about the South-Indian culture are a bit incoherent (just 2% of the entire story telling). Altogether, a great read, no doubt about it!!

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31 Aug 2012
Amazing Amazing Amazing. And more amazing.

Filled with depth, wonder, and astonishing clarity, Yann Martel has weaved an unbelievable tale. His imagination is expansive, narration brilliant, characterization beyond words. Too good. Too great. Must read. Raw, original, awesome.
Read it, please.

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22 Jul 2012
indeed a story that will make you believe in God

Truly worth Man Booker prize...

What a story.. I cant think anyone could write so many chapter about life on a lifeboat..

It has a perfect blend of a book, at least for me. It has story, it has its spiritual content, it has the interesting aspect about it, and it has - a very impressive part - of facts and knowledge... At the moment, I think I can tame a tiger, if I am stranded with it on a lifeboat surrounded by ocean... If not tame a tiger, I am pretty sure I can live off land, on the water, in a lifeboat!!

And I also think, no person, after reading this book, will ever give up his will to live, what may be the situation...

Goes to my favorite books shlef..

It is indeed a story that will make you believe in God (you will understand, if you've read the author's note of the book)...

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12 Aug 2012
Thank you Richard Parker

Life of Pi is simply complex only in the thought process.It is a personal favorite as this book has a life changing effect on you.Your perspective of things change quite visibly.
Unlike what the Book says it does little in restoring my faith in God,
but does in restoring my faith in people.

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14 Jun 2012
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Not really

I started reading this novel with great enthusiasm but almost dragged myself to finish it. Huge disappointment from a 'Man Booker' winner. The book dragged like the length of the sea. No climatic end to summon up the misery I went through to reach it.

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25 May 2011
good read

a good read..i read the much thinner Student's edition...
anyway the content remains same...

a true booker prize winner..
you'll surely read it 2-3 times..the writer's vision is great..
there are some patches where you might think "what's going on?"
but all things will fall in place at the end...

i'll give it 4-out-of-5.

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25 Apr 2011
first to review
not bad

it may a little tedious reading for few.personally i felt not a bad book.though the end was bit weird and incomplete and left out.but the vision of the author is appreciative

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