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Lost Season - 3

(TV Show, Blu-ray)
Language: English  Year: 2006  Format: Blu-ray  
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Lost Season - 3 (TV Show, Blu-ray) Price: Rs.2999

Episode 1: A Tale of Two Cities

Now prisoners of "The Others," head games begin for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.

Episode 2: The Glass Ballerina

Sayid's attempt to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer from the others jeopardizes Sun and Jin's lives.

Episode 3: Further Instructions

Locke experiences visions of Boone, leading him to a new mystery on the island.

Episode 4: Every Man for Himself

The Others perform a sadistic medical procedure on Sawyer in order to prevent him from causing any more mischief.

Episode 5: The Cost of Living

After Mr. Eko has a vision of his dead brother, he sets out to return to the site of his plane crash.

Episode 6: I Do

Kate desperately tries to protect Sawyer from being killed by The Others. But at the same time, The Others plan to use her as a pawn on Jack to get him to perform surgery on Ben.

Episode 7: Not in Portland

Sawyer and Kate struggle to escape the island while Jack sabotages Ben's surgery, and Juliet's plan to make a deal with Jack to kill Ben on the operating table is exposed.

Episode 8: Flashes Before Your Eyes

After Desmond saves Claire from drowning, Charlie and Hurley suspect that he can see the future. So they try to get him drunk to get some answers out of him.

Episode 9: Stranger in a Strange Land

Sawyer, Kate and Carl reaches their island at night, and the reluctant Kate wishes to return for Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is interrogated by "Others" constable Isabel about the incident with Juliet and when she mentions the meaning of his tattoo, he recalls his vacation in the paradisaical island of Phuket, in Thailand, where he dated the sexy, mystic and mysterious local Achara. Ben has an infection in his spinal column, and Jack negotiates the freedom of Juliet, who was going to be sentenced to death for Pickett's murder in the policy of "an eye for an eye" of "The Others". Later Jack recalls what happened to him when he forced Achara to disclose her innermost secret.

Episode 10: Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Having returned to camp, Sawyer's help is enlisted by Hugo, who has an obsession with retrieving an old VW van found on the island. More events in Hugo's life are also revealed, showing what brought him to be on the doomed flight.

Episode 11: Enter 77

Sayid, John and Kate find another Dharma station on their way to rescue Jack. In the meantime Sawyer tries to get his stuff back in the camp.

Episode 12: Par Avion

Claire launches a plan to use migratory birds to send a message, but she doesn't understand why Desmond keeps sabotaging it. Elsewhere on the island, Sayid, Locke and Kate scale The Others' protective perimeter and discover their camp.

Episode 13: The Man from Tallahassee

Jack tells Kate that he has made a deal with The Others and is leaving via submarine tomorrow. But Locke blows up the submarine before Jack can leave, after having a long conversation with Ben about the island's powers.

Episode 14: Expose

Nikki and Paulo are two more of the castaways with a past just like any of the others. What have they been doing since the plane crash?

Episode 15: Left Behind

With their secret location now compromised, The Others abandon camp and take Locke with them. But they also leave Juliet behind, handcuffed to Kate in the middle of the jungle.

Episode 16: One of Us

Jack takes Juliet back to their camp after being abandoned by The Others. However, nobody else at the camp trusts her or wants her there, until she saves Claire's life.

Episode 17: Catch-22

Desmond's latest fragmented vision suggests that his old girlfriend, Penny, will crash-land onto the island. Desmond organizes a posse of himself, Hurley, Jin, and Charlie to come along with him into the jungle expecting Penny to parachute onto the island. But the vision also suggests that Charlie will die by stumbling upon a trip-wire if he comes along with them. But Desmond insists that Charlie must come along to make the vision come true. Meanwhile, Desmond recalls his days in a monastery in Scottland over 10 years earlier after leaving his old fiance, Ruth, a few days before their wedding where he later met Penny. In the present, Kate attempts to flirt with Jack, but he instead has eyes for Juliet, and Kate has another one-night stand with Sawyer.

Episode 18: D.O.C.

An unlikely person helps Desmond save the life of the mysterious woman who crashed onto the island, and Juliet helps Sun find out whether she conceived on the island or before the plane crash.

Episode 19: The Brig

Locke tells Sawyer that he needs to come with him to kill Ben. But the man Locke wants him to kill is actually his father--who also happens to be a figure from Sawyer's past.

Episode 20: The Man Behind the Curtain

As Ben takes Locke to see Jacob and reveal the island's secrets, Ben's background on the island is exposed--as well as what happened to the Dharma Initiative.

Episode 21: Greatest Hits

Desmond has another vision of Charlie's death, but this time his death ultimately will result in Claire's rescue. Meanwhile, the survivors discover that an attack by the others is even more imminent than originally expected.

Episode 22: Through the Looking Glass

Jack and the survivors wait for Charlie to turn off The Others' signal-jamming device, not knowing that he has been captured at the Looking Glass station. In addition, Sayid, Jin and Bernard are captured after The Others invade the camp.

Specifications of Lost Season - 3 (TV Show, Blu-ray)

Actor Emilie De Ravin, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Evangeline Lilly, Dominic Monaghan, Matthew Fox, Henry Ian Cusick, Elizabeth Mitchell, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Harold Perrineau
Title Lost Season - 3
Category Movies
Format Blu-ray
Language English
Year 2006
Manufacturer Sony DADC Manufacturing India
Running Time 991 Minutes
Number Of Discs 6
Season 3
Genre Adventure
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    TV Show: Lost Season - 3
Cast: Emilie De Ravin, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Evangeline Lilly, Dominic Monaghan, Matthew Fox, Henry Ian Cusick, Elizabeth Mitchell, Yunjin Kim, Terry O'Quinn, Harold Perrineau


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