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Mein Kamf

Author: Adolf Hitler
Language: English
Length: 524 Pages
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
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Mein Kamf By Adolf Hitler
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Mein Kamf (Paperback) Price: Rs.189

Mein Kampf, the historic autobiographical proclamation by the German dictator is considered the master plan of his military campaign and political strategies. The book is a peek into the mind of the person who lived for Germany's uprise and in the process, drove the entire world to a disastrous war.

Summary Of The Book

It was in the year 1923, after the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch, that Hitler was confined for his political crimes. This was a time when Germany was in chaos with its economic system falling apart and people losing jobs. Hitler envisioned an agenda to beat this national misfortune and make Germany the world's biggest power. And in the form of this book, he shared with his people this vision and the blueprint to achieve it. While in jail, he dictated this historically significant work to his deputy, Rudolf Hess. He named it Mein Kampf which, when literally translated, means 'My Struggle'.

Along with the angst Hitler shares about his childhood and growing up years, Mein Kampf also houses the worst of Hitler's fears and frustrations about Judaism and Communism jointly ruining the German Nationalist spirit. So he pledges to wage a war against them both and build a Germany that rules the world. He talks about how he believes expansion and war are the only ways to accomplish that goal. He shares his ideas of expanding Germany's territories by conquering Poland and Czechoslovakia even at the cost of attacking Russia. He aggressively condemns Jews as the cause of all evil and this part of the book reflects his anti-semitism. In the first volume of the book, he even backs the theory of destroying the weak to make way for the strong, which was later widely inculcated in the militaristic actions of his political party.

Though initially overlooked as an angry prisoner's ramblings, Mein Kampf gradually became famous as the Nazis took over the ruling of Germany. Today, the book that came out in two volumes, is considered an account of a historical figure's beliefs and ideas that not only reconstructed Germany, but also changed world politics forever.

About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a German political leader and a World War veteran.

Born in 1889 in Austria into a poor family, Hitler moved to Germany with his family when he was three. Although constant adversity made him lose interest in school, he wanted to become a painter. His strong German Nationalist ideas made him join the army during World War I where he was awarded for his bravery. An outright adversary of communism, he later became a part of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). With his visionary ideas and leadership, he became the leader of the party and went on to make key political decisions that contributed highly to the breaking out of World War II.

Specifications of Mein Kamf (Paperback)

Author Adolf Hitler
Book Details
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year 1988
ISBN-13 9788172241643
ISBN-10 817224164X
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 524 Pages
Width 5.67 inch
Height 1.06 inch
Weight 638 g
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Book Reviews of Mein Kamf

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 22)

04 January 12
Anyone interested about Hitler should read this.

This books gives an insight into the mind of one of the greatest villains of history. Hitler was born to a bourgeois family, but very early in life, he lost his parents, his dream of getting admitted to the Vienna Art School, and had to live the life of a proletariat for sometime.
At that young age he became an avid reader and from his practical experiences with the economically deprived class, he developed an understanding of the attrition of the government at that time.
He was a nationalist and sedulously nourished the notion of nationalism.
This book is really interesting as one gets to know how a little boy whose life was as normal as anybody else' grows up to be such a villain and the ideologies that dictated his atrocities.

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73% of 15 users found this review helpful.
09 May 12
The other Face of Hitler revealed..

All of us only know the ruthless face of Hitler, But the pain behind this ruthless face in revealed in this book.
It is a wonderful literature which has the mindset of Hitler as a child, how he wanted to take his passion for painting as a carrer and reading as a hobby.
A book worth reading.

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83% of 12 users found this review helpful.
21 July 12
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certified buyer
No use being biased

One should begin to read this book without being prejudiced in any way. The author, being an autobiography of Hitler, describes what incidents and influences from his past, led to the formation of his nationalist and later radical ideas. In this book he also talks about his ideas of a career. His comments on politics, economics and arts are interesting as well.
The important and noteworthy point is this: How circumstances and contemporary economic conditions carve out a person of a particular sort out of you.
That being said, this book is definitely a good read and, if I don't sound inspired by him, there may be found certain ideas that can motivate you in a positive way too.
The only issue was the quality of the pages and the printing quality. Can't make no bones about it though, seeing to the price.
Thank you Flipkart.

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7 of 10 users found this review helpful.
18 July 12
Have no prejudice

if you start reading this book with a prejudice that he is a mass murderer, 'why should i listen to him?' kind of attitude. Then it will be boring. just put yourself in his shoes and listen to what he has to say. There must be some kind of justification for what he was.If not, a nation would have not followed him and accepted him as their leader(if they are not convinced with his justification).
This is a good read if you like history. but don't take for fact anything which has been said this book.The translator himself says that hitler had thought about editing his book,but it would put the book in danger of not recording the history and emotion prevailed when he was in jail while he wrote the book. If you really want to know how in earth can one convince everybody around him for a genocide. you should read this book.

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1 of 2 users found this review helpful.
20 February 13

Its not a book that you can enjoy by flipping through the pages or read as a mere timepass. Some might say its boring and sometimes it may seem boring too BUT If you are an Avid reader and interested about the Nazi period then this book will give you an awesome introspect of the very mind forming the Nazi party.
Specially the outlook of YOUNG Adolf Hitler towards the society and its problems is very intriguingly explained n this book.

All this book asks for is your undivided attention.


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certified buyer
very informative

i hardly understood the book for the first time i read it....but as i understood afterwards i was surprised by root level study...

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02 April 14
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certified buyer
Devilish Masterpiece

Let's just say if I hadn't watched Schindler's List, Amen, or Valkyrie this book would've done an extraordinary brainwash of mi...

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27 February 14
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certified buyer

Got this book in 1 day.. Was impressed with the delivery time. I enjoyed reading the book. One of the hitlers best book I hav...

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30 January 14
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certified buyer
A great book.

The book tells us about the philosophy of Hitler, the world through his own eyes. Some may agree to him, some may not. To the p...

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13 December 13
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certified buyer
Good book but Hard literature

1-great knowledge provider
2-gives real nature of HITLER
3-additional information also provided

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23 November 13
    Book: Mein Kamf by Adolf Hitler
    ISBN Number: 817224164X, 9788172241643, 978-8172241643


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