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Buy Micromax 400R Data Card: Datacard
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Micromax 400R Data Card

Rs. 4999 28% Off
Rs. 3599
Inclusive of taxes
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Micromax 400R Data Card (White) Price: Rs.3599

Internet surfing will never be the same with the latest Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi) datacard which comes with brilliant style, portability and features. This datacard is clearly a class apart from your conventional data cards in terms of looks and performance. Featuring a Network Type indicator, WIFI/WPS indicator and more, this Micromax data card is the perfect device to carry around while travelling and while you are in office or college.

Style and Portability

Like any ultra-portable gadget, this data card too can be easily carried in your pockets anywhere you go. You can connect to the Internet in a jiffy with this gadget which also boasts of a trendy looking design that is sure to give you plenty of style and comfort. This gadget is extremely light and easy to carry as it weighs only 60 g, which is close to what most data cards weigh nowadays. This sleek gadget also comes with sleek dimensions of 51 mm x 14.8 mm x 95.5 mm, which add to the portability quotient of the Micromax data card.

Features and Performance

The Micromax 400R redefines performance and speed with its brilliant features set that ensures you savour a memorable surfing experience. You can enjoy fast and hassle-free browsing using this device which boasts of amazing connectivity speeds. The Class 10 GPRS is capable of a speed of 85.6 Kbps, which promotes the speed of your browsing to a great extent. You can also enjoy an HSDPA download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, and for UMTS(3G), download and upload speeds up to 384 Kbps. The class 12 EDGE technology is another vital feature and it comes with a speed of 237 Kbps.

The bandwidth range for UMTS (3G) is 2100 MHz and for GSM (EDGE/GPRS) ranges from 850 MHz to 1900 MHz. You can also access your MicroSD cards using this data card as it comes with a memory card slot. This allows you to store data and carry them with you anywhere you go. The network type of this data card includes GSM, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA. On the whole, this data card is an ideal travel companion that gives you great speed and efficiency.

Additional Features and Requirements

The data card has a micro USB external interface and an internal antenna that helps boost the reception for a better surfing experience. On body controls and indicators include a power indicator, a WIFI/WPS indicator, a Network Type indicator and a Signal Strength indicator that lets you know your signal strength. Packed with a Lithium-ion battery, the Micromax data card is highly reliable while travelling as it lets you work for as long as you want.

System requirements are very simple and include Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP(SP2 and above ) for Windows operating systems, and Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher for Apple gadgets. The 400R data card also comes packed with a WiFi device, a Quick start guide and a charger to make life simple and easy for you while travelling.

Specifications of Micromax 400R Data Card (White)

Brand Micromax
Model 400R
Color White
Please note: All products sold on Flipkart are brand new and 100% genuine

Reviews of Micromax 400R Data Card

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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 91)

This review was written for Micromax 400R Data Card
19 November 11
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certified buyer
Handy, wifi–emitting 3g sim device available to 5 people at the same time with microsd option

If u want to access the internet on the move using wifi signals on ur tablets, laptops, wifi compatible mobile phones– ur search ends here.

Put any 3g sim card into this device and an optional microsd (if needed), turn on the device wait for 30 secs for the signals to indicate ready to use state. Then ur good to go.... Search for a wifi device in ur wifi settings in the device ur planning to use the internet. The device shows as 'SpeedsterMmx'. Select this....and viola ur connected.

I successfully connected an android tablet, Macbook PRO, HP laptop all at the same time using the wifi signals emitted by the device. it works. The info on the website reveals that this device can connect upto 5 devices at the same time (i did not check this). These r the good points about the device I had.

Problems I had faced:

1.I had ordered for the product on the 8th of oct, 2011. As against the 3 business day shipping promise, I received mine only on the 4th business day.

But thats ok and I can live with it. But, it would be apt for flipkart to put it as 3 to 7 days, so that we will only be worried if it doesnt turn up on the 7th day.

2.The manual was absolutely insufficient. No diagrams describing the switches on the device what each one does. I had to figure it all out by trial and error.

From what I understand, there are 2 buttons:
A) Power on/off button – Long press for both (while its on, a short press will light up all the indicators for us to assess the indicators if we need or otherwise the indicators will turn off and go into low power mode after a min or so)
B) WPS button – For activating the wifi signals
The functioning of the 4 indicator lights are the only thing well described in the manual. They are indicators for:
A) wifi
D)Signal strength
These indicators have different colors like blue, green,red, yellow meaning different things. So this part is good.

3. I tried to connect my device to my laptop to access the security options but it didnt work. Did not have any idea why! There was so much lacking in the form of reviews and operations of this product in the internet or customer care even now.The funniest part is that the Micromax Studio in my city doesnt even know that such a product exists.

4. And for some strange reason the power on/off button gave me a lot of trouble. Either I couldnt turn it on (even after the normal long press) or sometimes after I used the device, I tried to turn it off, but couldnt, becos there was no response with the long press on the power button. Then I had to take off the battery to switch the device off, just like when our mobiles hang and nothing works and we have to remove the batteries. This I had to do several times.

My impression was that all this was almost normal. And I went ahead and recommended this product along with its problems to an acquaintance. And since this was a very attractive product based on features, he went ahead and purchased it from another online site. To my surprise, he didnt have any trouble with his device. Thats when I realized that my product might have been defective.

I immediately called up the customer care, and they understood my problem and arranged for a product replacement, but the black one was not available and so i went ahead and ordered for the white one. At this point in time I am waiting for the device to arrive. Once it arrives I will update on how it goes.

I would have given 5 stars, if it wasnt for the problem with my device. I will update my rating once my new device arrives.

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92% of 36 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Micromax 400R Data Card
02 October 11
first to review
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certified buyer
Excellent Alternative to Fixed Line Alternative

Got it yesterday- tested with an Airtel and an MTNL SIM card. It automatically installed the network settings and started immediately.

The easiest plug-and-play ever, which is a good thing, since Micromax manuals are notoriously sparse.

And the speeds we were getting were comparable to, if not better than, fixed line broad band: 4.5 Mbps D/L and 4Mbps U/L! This is the best alternative there is to a fixed line broadband.

Plus with a pre-paid connection, you can remove the hassle of bill over-dues and bill-shocks. And MTNL pre-paid has some seriously good deals- Rs. 1650 for unlimited data for a month.

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95% of 20 users found this review helpful.
16 May 12
Nice but for a few snags.

First the Pros:
1) Easy to setup, connect & share your mobile connection.
2) Can be used by 6 Users/Devices - 1 USB + 5 WIFI
3) Drivers are on the device. No extra CD/DVD or anything required.
4) Indicates activity through LED Lights.
5) Nice price to features.
6) Very fast & prompt delivery by flipkart.

Now The Cons:
1) The biggest of them is the Ad linking to their M!Apps page which is very irritating when I try to open a site after connecting. This starts to comes up sometimes randomly & sometimes repeatedly, I'm not able to say or understand yet when it happens. There is no way to disable this either.
2) An issue with the power button. It just doesn't respond.
3) LEDs are like traffic lights & can be used & useful to indicate only so much simple stuff. You cannot show everything including charging, standby, error, low battery, low signal,etc with multi colored LEDs & expect users to have the manual all the time to look it up to understand the problem. Now about individual lights or a screen with some helpful text. Real dumb move micromax.
4) No way to make calls or SMS or to send those special *123# commands to check balance, usage, bandwidth ,etc.
5) Device doesn't track Upload, Download Data over multiple sessions & over power down. Its only the current session. Since there is no way to use SMS or special commands how the hell do we know how much we've used except pop the sim out everytime to check such things. One more thing to leave out.
6) Like another user mentioned before, there seems to be some issue with the power button. It just doesn't respond sometimes & there is no way to figure out or any explaination why!
7) Customer service does not respond to the above complaints & does not know what to respond nor to take a feature request for such things.

Was this review helpful?  / 
94% of 16 users found this review helpful.
20 June 12
Excellent Product.

I have been using the product from the last 1 month. I would say this is an Excellent product in this price range. Kudos to Micromax to bring this product.

Pros -
1. Quick to install (5 minutes).
2. Quick to connect to the internet (about 20 seconds).
3. Can be charged directly from USB or power plug.
4. Good battery life.
5. Different option for wifi security.
Also include all other pros specified by other users. I didn't find any one to be wrong.

Cons -
1. No detail User manual in the Box. I have read other posts where people were complaining about lack of Manual. I say, there is a very detailed manual present in soft copy. But in order to get it, you need to get it setup and connect to it admin webpage via In this page they have a pdf link for a detail user manual. Silly.
2. No option to make calls or sms. Cannot see the current balance in the SIM. Always have to open it up and plug the sim to another mobile to view the balance. That's something I can adjust with.
3. Confusing LEDs. Micromax has tried hard to show all types of information using 4 LEDs. Green to 2g, Blue to 3g etc... Its a big confusing at the beginning. I had to keep the leaflet handy initially, but now I am accustomed with the lights.

Tips to Install: -
1. Initally Switch off your PC Wi-Fi. Insert the sim, Battery in the Mi-Fi. Swith the device On. Press and hold the power button for some seconds.
2. Plug in the USB cable to the PC.
3. System will automatically install all required drivers. This takes some time.
4. After installation is complete, go to Windows Explorer and you will see an extra CD Drive of Micromax speedster. Copy all files in this drive to some other folder. At this time, the Mi-Fi is simply connected to your PC for charging. Not for internet via USB.
5. The copied files has a speedster.exe file. Run this file. After a some seconds, you will notice the Extra CD rom drive has gone and now you have a Removable drive in Explorer. This is you MicroSD. Now the Mi-Fi is connected to your PC via USB.
6. open IE and open This is the admin panel. In the top right side you will get a detail user manual pdf. Read it to get info on how to setup Wi-Fi etc...

After doing all the setup, you can now connect to the Mi-Fi using its WiFi or USB mode. You can also use its WiFi and connect it via USB for charging only. For this, donot run the speedster.exe.

Was this review helpful?  / 
91% of 11 users found this review helpful.
11 June 12

Yes this is what I have to say. This review has been written by using the very product for which the review is being written. I am connected to the web using Micromax MMX 400R, Wifi router. The things that I like about the modem is
1. This is sim based, therefore if you are not satisfied with the service of any MSP(Mobile Service Provider), you can easily chuck the sim off. Its inexpensive to do so. Chucking the internet dongle is expensive.
2. The settings are automatically detected. I tried three different sims viz. Idea, MTNL and Voda. All were detected and the settings taken up automatically.
3. The user interface is simple.
4. The antenna is good and detects signals in corners where my expensive brand mobile phones failed to detect signals.
5. Technologically and aesthetically I have not found it in any way inferior to Huawei modems, by Tata Photon.
6. The modem is small enough to fit easily in the shirt pocket. It is slim and small. I was amazed.
Now I would only like to inform the potential buyers that product comes with an operation manual that is just a leaflet. I got the detailed manual via email requesting Micromax.
And yes you cannot read the SD card in the modem, using web address, It is only accessible through USB.
I will give a five star rating as the modem delivers fully for the price you pay. No cutting corners in tech, or appeal.

Was this review helpful?  / 
6 of 6 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

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A Big NO NO product.....


1. Poor Battery Life, buying another battery will be a big problem as is not easily available

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19 January 14
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certified buyer
8 out of 10

Nice product, you can use single sim over multiple devices. Good battery life. Nice signal. Could have been better had there be...

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15 December 13
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certified buyer

I have brought this product on jan 2013 from the day one battery performance is used to get over heat if I use for on...

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14 December 13
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Product was not upto the mark

Due to several complaints, I returned the product to Flipkart and they refunded the money..
Flipkart did a good job.. :)

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13 December 13
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certified buyer
battery died within six months..

I have been using this product for last six months. The problem with this thing is its battery. Now there is nor battery backup...

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26 November 13
     Micromax 400R Data Card (White) Price in India: Rs. 3599


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