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Micromax Aisha A52: Mobile

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23 Jul 2012
BESTBUY 5300 - Many Pros Few Cons

This is a detailed review about the Micromax Superfone Aisha A52. I have been using this phone for the past two weeks. I got this after two days of research and having viewed almost twenty reviews and comparison videos (Gadgets Portal, Fluffy rabbit, iGyaan channels in youtube )and well Im not fooled. It is simply awesome for this price.

Display : Many say that the display is very poor. Its not that bad.You cant compare SIII's amoled display with a52's display as galaxy SIII costs seven times as that of an a52. When i checked in flipkart the prices were 38k for SIII and 5.6k for a52. Irrelevant comparison.

Next the camera : What can you expect more from a 5k phone?. The camera was not as bad as my expectations were before getting it. Even the Samsung ACE has a very long camera lag. You can???t shoot when you wish (atleast 2 secs lag). But there is less than a 0.5sec delay in this phone. It has an inbuilt panaroma. No apps needed. There is no secondary camera. (Even the ACE plus - 16K phone lacks it).

Battery : Battery disappoints me. I had been using Micromax Q75 before. Those who used it know that the battery life of Q75 was 2 days no matter how much you used it. But when it comes to aisha , and it being an andriod with dual sim ,the battery gets drained very fast.

Volume : The Music is not so loud. Its just like other android phones. Usually micromax mobiles are like mini loudspeakers(esp Q75. Those who have used it know about it). You cant expect such loud music from aisha as it falls under the android category.

RAM : Dont get onfused by seeing the 150mb ram (available for running apps) in the "Manage applications" widget. As promised by Micromax this mobile has a 256 mb ram. But only 150mb of the ram can be used by the apps. The remaining 100mb is constantly used by the android os. And hence that 100mb used by the andriod os is not listed in the widget. You can see that the phone has 256 mb ram when you install apps such as task killer from google play.
You cant expect multi tasking out of this phone as in the case of galaxy SIII. But it works fine when running a single application. Have the widget to close unwanted apps in the homescreen so that it works fine.

Finally the Sensors : It doesnt have a proximity sensor. So it cant sense if you???re holding it near your ears. The lock button has to be used to wake it.

There is no need to talk about the pros as many reviews have already discussed them. I'm giving a gist of its pros

1.1Ghz Superfast processor
3.Live Wallpapers
4.Preloaded Apps
6.Dual Sim
7.Capacitive touchscreen
8.Plug in and play USB (unlike KIES in samsung)
And Many More.

And many ask me why Im interested in Micromax. My simple answer is that this company provides the best facilities at the cheapest price. So why would you want to ignore it only because it is an Indian Company?

Simply if you are looking at an android mobile with almost all facilities at a price of 5k Go for it. Aisha A52 the best at its range :)

Finally the price : Flipkart gives it for 5.7k. But TheMobileStore has the bestbuy rate of 5.3K.( But dont believe its onsite price (5.25k with 8gb card. Thats a cheat)

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21 Jun 2012
The best ANDRO you can have

The superloaded AISHA phone is a great buy. The bet thing being its high end processor which places it far beyond the other phones in the same range. Features which I found very good after using it;
Capacitive touch is a pleasure to use, smooth like butter
3g Connectivity is awesome in phone as well as when used with PC
AISHA is lovable, very good voice response and she really talks like a friend
YOU need to buy at least 8 GB card as there is a lot of stuff to use with this phone
battery is good and depends on usage and also type of network, I used it on 3G for two days with net surfing
Do not get with your mindset that only costly things are good, micromax has proved it wrong and also we must give some respect and value to our INDIAN companies, just do not let the FOREIGN companies rule our thinking and our pocket.
In my opinion go for it without even thinking for once and you will happily enjoy your phone and your decision to buy it.

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16 Jun 2012
first to review

I have bought this fone and i'm surprid=sed to use the 1ghz processor... its very very fast.....
Overall expirience in all the fields is good as compared to other budget mobiles......
supports huge variety of apps......
Gamers and netters(users of net)will be pleased to use this handset.....
the AISHA is working really nicely ..
i don't feel alone when i'm out of my house coz AISHA is with me always there,......
so frenzzzz go for this and try it out.....

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01 Jul 2012

I bought this mobile through other website. Because to sale my old mobile and buy this. I never expect it has wonderful features and fastest access with this price.

I am an mobile buyer often every 6months. in which i say
the Internet through airtel 2G service is really good.
very easy to switch 35 AND 2G with this mobile I have now 60applications. still it never get hang, it never keep my mobile in rest.

Camera in daytime is really good than night since it has 2MP.
the value of your money is never be waste i promise give 100% guarantee for that.

the mobile back up:
talk time: 4hours continuously.
can see two full film with 100% battery.
standby battery will depend upon feature you using. so follow mobile Status once you buy.
I can see any videos through HD player application. with god clarity.
Sound is awesome and so pleasant compare with any other low cost mobiles.
Contacts and notifications about your mobile will help you like best friend anytime whereever you go.

kindly get this mobile than prefer(HTC Explorer, Samsung Galaxy Y)

Dnt think dual sim mobile will make problem. still now i never face this.

buy this have a great man within your circle with low Investment.

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19 Jun 2012
Best Phone in range of 5.8k

The new Micromax A52 has a dual-SIM slot and comes with the company's voice recognition assistant, AISHA. The device runs on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread operating system and features a 3.2-inch multi-touch screen and a 2MP camera. It has 256MB RAM. For connectivity, the A52 supports 3G, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. The device comes pre-loaded with Google Play store and various other applications. The A52 has a 1,280 mAh battery, which is rated to deliver 5 hours of talk time and 182 hours of standby time.
Sch a grt fon in range of 5.8k
this fon is,net srfng is awsm due to 1GHz processor
its looks very nice with a large screen...
lots of function r there...
Just want to say

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05 Aug 2012
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Very Good Entry Level Android Phone

All along, I have been using very basic Nokia models with rudimentary keypad. But it was taking care of my requirements of messaging, phone calls, alarms etc.

Since, I had two SIM cards, it was getting pretty difficult for me to handle 2 phones. Thats what forced me to look for a change. I scouted for a new phone with a budget of 8 - 10K. I was looking for brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC etc. Visited many showrooms. Did so much research on the internet and finally zeroed in on Micromax A52. I wasn't able to physically see the phone in any showroom in Chennai. But placed an order with Flipkart for A52 based on my reviews from Igyann and other sites. As usual, it was a super quick delivery from Flipkart.

I've been using this phone for a month now. I must accept that this phone has made my life much more easier.

Now for the Pros:
a. Great capacitive touch screen with superb response
b. Good build quality and decent screen size of 3.2"
c. The shape of the phone - Candybar suits me as I can use the phone single handedly and its also compact
d. Great WiFi reception - Better than my Amazon Kindly Fire
e. 3G enabled
f. Pretty fast processor - 1GHZ
g. Expandable memory - Upto 32GB - Lets me store my favourite songs without any second thoughts about space constraints
h. Access to Android market - Plenty of apps to suite my needs
i. Good speaker volume
j. Good battery life - Lasts 1.5 days with reasonable use of Wifi, 3G and 2G (With battery saver apps like Juice Defender Ultimate)

Now that I have told what I like the most about this phone, there are a few things which given a choice, I would like to change:
a. Internal memory - 160 MB, is way to low. Most of the apps that you download go straight into the internal memory rather than the SD card and most are not moveable to the SD card also
b. Native Apps - Micromax has some useless pre-loaded native apps on the phone such a browser, mibuddy, themes, facebook app, email client app etc. All these are on the internal memory & cannot be removed unless rooted
c. RAM - 256 MB is way too low. Though the processor speed is 1GH, the RAM makes it a bit sluggish when you do multitasking.
c. Hardware
1. Positioning of charging port on the side of the phone makes it really inconvenient for the phone has to be taken out of the cover every time it has to be charged.
2. Similarly, positioning of the 3.5mm audio jack on the side wall makes it really inconvenient for the same reason as above
d. No Phone Manager Utility from Micromax - Found it very difficult to transfer contacts from existing Nokia to the A52 till I found a way through gmail contacts.
f. Scratch guard - No scratch guard provided with this mobile as against A56 which has one provided by Micromax.
g. Bluetooth - Highly unreliable. Tested it out while transferring files between A52 and A56. Not even worked for a single transfer.
h. Bad quality charger - The charger looks cheap. For a device that looks great and feels great, the build quality of its charger looks pathetic and screams "CHINA"....
i. Bad earphones - The ear phones that come along with A52 seems to have been given just for the sake of being given. Cannot be used even for a minute unless there we have some congenital disorder! Should have something like the phones that come with the Punk A45. I am prepared to spend a few bucks more for if its provided.

But overall, a great great phone with great specifications at a superb price point. This is a must buy for those who are looking for a entry level Android. You get much more than what you have asked for as this phone's price alone is entry level.

This phone is definitely going to give its competition from Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. a good run for their money.

A sure shot winner from Micromax.......

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07 Aug 2012
BEWARE: Read before you buy it....

Surely this is good first android for anyone. Its 1GHz processor seems very fast (at least on paper). This phone provide many features at such low price that's great.
1. 1GHz Processor
2. Dual sim with 3G
3. AISHA... and many more features that we see on these cheap Androids.
1. Small screen (Typing is a headache)
2. Low resolution screen. Most games were not playable instead of having 1GHz processor. Pixels were too clearly visible.
3. Only 2MP camera (that also a fixed focus)
4. Low RAM 256MB (It totally waste the enjoy of 1GHz processor)
5. No proximity sensor: It can activate many function during call. A lot of care needed during call. However it offs the screen after 30seconds but then you have to unlock the screen and then end the call. (Again a headache)
> All you can do is to choose other phone with less processor but not these problems, or if you can then wait till end of August, a lot of this type chinese rebranded phones with many features will be in market. (of course most of them with 1GHz at 4.5-5k)

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20 Jul 2012
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bettr phone

Micromax Aisha A52 Samsung Galaxy Y
1 ghz 832mhz
2mp camera 2mp camera
5hrs talktime 6 hrs talktime
182 hrs standby time 120 hrs standby time
Rs.5699 Rs.7490
dual sim (GSM + GSM) single sim
3.2 inch touchscreen 3 inch touchscreen
Hope this comparison is helpful 2 u

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21 Aug 2012
Awesome but not so awesome

Let aside those fancy reviews this phone recieved, let me open your eyes to this awesome but not so awesome product.Now i will share my views function by function.

Build and display-The phone looks good to handle with decent build, you wont even feel its a micromax till you turn the phone upside down and notice the logo. As soon as you switch it on you are greeted by a display which is poor in resolution. its a capacitive touch with superb screen response.

Music-I would say average, not much for you if you are a music enthusiast. Only plus point is 3.5mm audio jack which is a standard. Music player is not of much use, I use Winamp which has far better interface.

Camera-Nice functions for a fixed focus including face detection, panorama, white balance and crisp shooting speed.

Internet-3G connection is a must for harnessing its potential though its low end WCDMA which is fast enough to felicitate video call on skype with crisp audio quality. With Facebook, whatsapp and integrated email application coupled with app store makes it a power packed internet phone.

Multimedia- Plays a decent bit of formats, especially for videos with full screen playback. on the flipside nothing at all for business persons, not even an organiser or word pad. I found myself numb because I carry my resume on the go and need to email(i couldnt attach the file)

Battery life- not the phone to take out of home, with moderate use the battery which is fully charged in the morning dies by evening 5pm. I definitely dont want a phone that i have to recharge frequently.


DUAL SIM-huge plus, you can selected the 3G network, network for data, calls and sms and set defaults accordingly.

3G AND THETHERING- very nice internet experience. I made a video call to my uncle in dubai, i could see him and i used my camera(pity no front facing camera) with crisp quality video and sound. and you CAN use this phone as a wifi hotspot(share its data connection making phone a wifi access point) very useful feature!

Brilliant UI-the phone dashboard gives access to most features and is simple and easy to use. touch screen is brilliant and keyboard is awesome.

Decent gaming experience- 1ghz processor is fast and nice gaming experience though it naturally drains battery faster!

GPS works like a charm- accurate to 20metres when i checked at work, showed my direction and distance accurately when travelling.

LOW RES Screen- i had to zoom to be able to read text correctly.You can actually make out its not at all classy.

ROM is useless-apps downloaded are loaded to internal memory first and then can be transferred, when transfer completes still some data is left in internal memory which clogs. and worse you can do nothing about it because you cant clear it. Made my phone handicap cos memory is full and cant install anything though all SYSTEM apps are occupying memory.

PATHETIC BATTERY LIFE-its a big shame, I am going to north india for holiday next month and i wont carry this cell. who likes a phone that needs charging every 3-4hrs?

AISA needs accuracy- still not 100 %

VERDICT-though i kind of feel bad for buying this phone despite of low expectations and cost, still makes a decent phone if you forget the battery life. had to call micromax care to address internal memory problem the STD call proved fruitless. For the features I Wanted i would have rather waited for better phone or brought samsung ace duos costing more than double the price.

Those 2 stars less are for battery and ROM problem and guys this is the 1st mobile i brought from my own salary, Gotta love it.

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19 Oct 2012
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certified buyer
Shocked !!

4.7K for such an awesome ando ?? OMG ! Almost competing with my xperia sola. Must say, sound is better than the latter and servicing of micromax far better than sony! Aisha rocks !
Gud camera,
Nice and smooth OS,
Blazing 3G,
Upeer avg. battery life,
Surely a best buy at 5k range.

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