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Micromax Canvas 2 A110: Mobile

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17 Dec 2012
An excillent phone with actually no cons !!!!!!!

Using this phone for almost a month now. bought it after hell lot of research.. and Voila!! its a really mind blowing phone at this price renge !!got white one from univercell, hyderabad near kuktpally.

General myths : is too big to handle !!!!- believe me, its not. you need to use it for a few days and you wont feel its can put in your pocket easily.and its not heavy.

2.No accesories available in the market/screenguard is too pricy in flipkart : i took a really good screenguard from shaikpet shop at 120/- one month back, and yes,it is of micromax a110 only. its available everywhere.even they had a jelly backcover as well.though i took a leatherlike hard pouch for 170/- from Abids (for samsung note 2, but fits perfectly.

3.SAR value is too high: permitted value in US is 150. value for MA110 is around 70.but, do we really need to know?.

4.Accessories given with the box is not good: yes, thats a concern.though my charger is working perfectly, left earphone is creating bad noise. but you can always opt for a good earphone if you need good music. no stock earphone except sony is good enough!!!!

5.battery drains fast : i use it for games (temple run 1 hour a day) and browsing (one and half hour apart from phone calls (not too many of them) .my battery lasts for two days.heavy gaming continuously for 5-6 hours will drain the battery. brightness should be controlled for better battery life !!!!

6.micromax service is not good : thats the risk worth taking. but with micromax launching led tvs and home entertainment system, the service quality should also go up. anyway,who uses a phone for more than 1.5 years now?

7 Ram and internal memory is low : you can root internal memory to install apps in ext memory (google it if you do not know what is Rooting)i m using 16 GB memory card and it works without any Lag.everybody though says RAM is low, but even with GTA 3 i never got any lag. so when you can install and use all apps then why to worry?

So lets see the pros of the mobile :

Screen :Excillent, Beautifully bright. good for movies and games. i have not seen such bright screen apart from ratina display and super AMOLED.

Touch response : buttery smooth

Design : looks better than i phone i feel, stylish,elegant...white one is awsome

performances : no lagging till now. u can install apps to kill unnecessary processes

Camera : if you have used 2 mp or less camera till now, then this is a huge improvement. if you have used 5 mp or more, you might not feel so good with this. but if you have a stady hand, low light pics are also good. 720 p video is awsome !

Cons :

Sound : phone sound is a bit low. difficult to understand in high noise area.

Earphone : as stated before, stock one is not good. you need to buy a good one.

3gp : it record only 3gp video.don't know whether any app is there for atleast MP4 output. doesnot support in my LG LED TV (but thats my prob)

Verdict : a must buy if you budget is around 10000 and you want to buy a good android phone. the value of performance worth 16000/- at least.

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08 Jan 2013
Currently the best and most demanded budget phone in Indian market

I booked the phone online on another site on the FIRST day of its release (it wasnt available in flipkart on first day of release) and at that point of time had no idea of how this purchase will turn out to be as there were no reviews either.
Since then its been more than 2 months of use. Heavy use I must say.
Its been subjected to all kinds of abuse like:
1) Dropping almost 5 times from 3-5 feet height, ofcourse not intentionally
2) Cramped almost daily in my tight jeans pockets
3) On the software part: Rooting, flashing, clockworkmod, Updgrade to Stock rom v2, playing hardware hungry HD games and apps, swapping internal and external sd card, heavy multitasking etc.

I must say I am stunningly surprised with the value/ability/usability of this phone. It is simply awesome. It exceeded all my expectations.
The phone hasnt even once hanged or restarted even during heavy multitasking. Superb memory management. HD games like MC4, GTA3,Shadowgun and others play lag-free.
Camera quality is great during daytime. Battery lasts a day with very heavy use which is one of the best positives of the phone.
The one thing that made me a Micromax fanboy was that they released an unofficial software update within a month fixing the minor glitches in the original software. (xda-developers is a good website to stay updated about this phone).

The phone feels smooth to use at all times. No lag, no hangs, no hiccups,no frustration watsoever. Each day i feel I made a great decision in buying this phone. The only annoying part is that every second person i meet starts enquiring(and 'wow'ing) about the phone as the huge screen is an eye-catcher!! I earlier had a samsung galaxy 551 and its touch conked in 1.5 yrs. too bad. I dont trust samsung anymore.

One negative I can think of is this might not be suitable for women or even men with small hands as its huge in size. But for my average sized hands its perfectly alright. But two-hand use is more comfortable.
Micromax 10/10 .
P.S: my dad bought a Micromax A90 3months back and it is equally good if not better.

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19 Dec 2012
best buy under 20K [Comes in just around 10K]

Writing this review after using phone for a month
1. Screen ???
i. 16 m color - clear & crispy images & videos
ii. 5" (854 x 480 Pixels) - largest screen size for mobile, pixel density is also nice, hardly any pixel noticeable, best for watching movies, web surfing in desktop mod etc???
iii. Touch Sensitive Controls
iv. IPS Vivid Display
v. AGC Sodaline Screen Protection
2. PowerVR SGX 531GPU -
i. Can play most of the advance games, Some of the very high graphics runs with small noticeable lag, other than that all games will smoothly run,
ii. Best movie playback, no lags, supports HD movies(no lag), even Full HD movies runs(with some lag)
3. Dual core processor - all apps, browser etc... Runs very smooth.
4. ICS ??? One of the best & optimized OS
5. Battery ??? 2000 mAh, last easily for whole day with moderate use(+2 hr of heavy use)
6. Dual Sim
7. Secondary cam
8. Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
9. Touch Screen ???5 Point Multi-touch

Cons (u can simply ignore this cause, it comes in just 10K)
1. Call functionality ???
i. little less to hear sound at both side, but ok(u can???t get blackberry quality in 10 k) , (use Bluetooth head set)
ii. Since the speaker is at back side, the ring tone is not loud, need to stay within 5 meter range.
iii. Searching mobile number could be pain, cause it searches in phone, Gmail & any other configured accounts contacts (maybe I don???t know right method). I usually scroll the list and find the number
2. Back Camera 8 MP ??? not up to the mark, could say OK(if you have digital camera, so u don???t have to bother about this), video capturing is poor, when flash is on photo thick blue-whitish shade. Best to keep flash off while using camera(one can use external flash)
3. Front Camera VGA ??? poor, (not tested for video calling)
4. Default headset ??? OK, need to be nice for the super phones,(not compatible with Nokia, LG) buy sony its compatible and sounds good.
5. Back speaker ??? no front loud speaker, only at back so causes number of issue-
i. Ring tone is not loud(Micromax, plz put side or speaker)
ii. Without head set, will lose clarity while listening music & movies
6. RAM-
It just 513 mb, I need to always check the whether any unwanted service is consuming memory or not, however at other hand it???s just 10K, if you check other 10K mobile they hardly provide 256 MB memory.
7. Digital compass is not present, however it???s just 10K mobile, how much do u expect.

Conclusion ??? best buy under 20K

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15 Dec 2012
At 10K, I couldn't ask for more.

Its been 1.5 months with this phone, no problem whatsoever. Issues:

RAM: Decent
512 MB is ok, S3 has 1GB but user available is only 200-300MB at max, here I have 150-200 MB free memory, thanks to less bloatware compared to Samsung. With little awareness you can manage the RAM very well. There is no concept like a dual core processor will not be of any use, unless the phone as 1 gig ram, Truely baseless Hypothesis. App I use : Smart RAM booster.

You can root & remove Hookup because beyond that there is no always ON bloatware app, but on a cautious note, no one has confirmed successful unrooting of this phone, so I haven't rooted yet.

Internal/External SD Card:
Currently u cant install apps/games on your external SD card i.e. Memory card but only on internal SD cad which is a 2GB second partition of the internal memory(first partition being 500 MBs only so total 2.5 GB internal memory). Its a significant issue, but if rooted, you can easily change the mount points using tutorials widely available now & claim you Memory card as real internal SD card, so that you can install heavy games.

Multitasking: Very Good
Its Flawless with dual core Cortex-A9 processors and good cache memory. Mediatek has really done a good job. So no problems there.

Camera: Average
But, Hey its a 10K phone, right?

Battery: Decent
Again, you have to be a little cautious not to leave GPS, WiFi, Live wallpapers on unnecessarily ON, these are main battery hoggers.

MY Verdict: Any day better than buying a 20K+ phone. Totally worth every penny.

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15 Mar 2013

I bought it this week from a shop in Bangalore. I must say that I am satisfied. But, I would still point out some cons to you so that you decide over these points before buying. I scratched my head out and then could find only these minor issues. Otherwise, DIFFICULT TO FIND A PROBLEM IN THIS PHONE.
1) You install any player, but still very high quality videos wont play (only audio, no visual).
2) Camera quality is not 8MP. More like:better than 5MP but less than 8 MP. The LED flash is not so great.
3) Difficult to fit inside pockets, so not so easy to carry.
4) Not a high quality MUSIC phone. Music quality is good but not great. Loud speaker is very good. But, you need better hands free earphones.

EVERYTHING ELSE! processor, internal memory, touch screen (amazing for e book reading), battery, and so on......

If you are in dilemma whether to buy this phone or something else [(XOLO A700/X900), Windows phones in this range like LUMIA 510 or 610 (lots of problems with OS 7.5 or 7.8), Galaxy series in this range,etc]...You can blindly go for this, you won't regret (provided that those cons are not a matter for you) !

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05 Nov 2012
Whatsapp issue in installing, but overall great :)

Well I bought the phone today, but not from flipkart. Although the price was same. The phone has been very decent. I'm used to operate on iOS, so the touch was a bit below the par for me. But given iPhone comes at 45k, so in comparison to that this is the best you can get at 10k. Other than that, the browsing, the UI everything has been excellent. I'm using Android for the first time, but the UI has been brilliant! Loved it! The display is awesome too. I felt the internal memory is a little less, but it can be expanded upto 32gb externally, so it's not an issue. Camera has also been quite decent. Liked it :)

The main problem I've been experiencing is of installing Whatsapp. I'm an extensive user of Whatsapp. While installing the application, after the device has been verified by SMS, it gets stuck on Initialization for a long long time before giving a Failure to Initialize error and hence I cannot install it. Has anybody been experiencing same kind of problem? Please provide solution if any, in the future reviews. Thanks :)

Overall the phone is brilliant. Will give it a 4/5. It is the best one can buy in the price range of 10k :)

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03 Nov 2012
A review after using it for a couple of days

Hi, I am a first time smartphone user (duh!) and after researching almost for a month, I decided to go with the A110. My previous phone was a Nokia 2626 which I used for almost 7 years and had to give it up after a lot of people complained about it's state !

I decided on the A110 purely based on the features it come with. The quality of the product was something that always had me worried until I had it delivered to me.

Of course, I wouldn't need to say anything about Flipkart's delivery. Simply the best. And this I'm saying after having ordered several items from it...

So after a few stumbling hours with the phone and after people around me having experienced it, I'm going ahead with this write up to help someone who might be as apprehensive about the buying decision as I was.

One of the primary reasons why I decided on the phone was the dual SIM feature. And it scores very high on that. The SIM managment module makes it very easy to configure it. And the phone is on dual standby with NO NETWORK PROBLEMS till now !!!

The phone is a pleasure to work with. I have not experienced any hangups, even with multiple applications running. Of course, it's safe to say that if you want to sit down with games like The Amazing Spiderman, maybe you will feel the pinch of the 512 MB RAM, but for everyday use and light gaming, the A110 has absolutely no problems.

The back case looks a little delicate to me; it's "plasticy" and will most probably break if the phone falls.

The camera might not be a full 8MP as advertised. I found the resolution a little too low to be 8MP. Both the front and back work like a charm. Daylight photos are good. However the flash LEDs are a little too dim to be of any great use in low light.

Apart from these shortcomings, with which I can perfectly live without complaining ( :) ), there are hardly any reasons for me to crib. And given the price, what more would an Indian buyer want... Truely a Diwali Gift, at least for me ! :)

Bottom line is that I'm happy and satisfied. I hope all of you buyers have the same experience !

PS: I can't seem to find a case for the phone at the moment. If anyone of you has any idea, please lemme know !!!

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13 Jan 2013
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certified buyer
This is GOD Device

man man ohh man... purchase it for once... dont think abt the brand... be swadeshi for sometime atleast...
I dont know how these guys can provide such an awsum phone at this price... im sure they did with no clear intention of profit... but just to break the market..

I wont list down... pros and cons... because i can't see any cons... for my self... at this price..
??? This got an awsum touch... put up a decent screen cover and feel galaxy s3
??? Sound is decent enough for music...
??? super light weight...
??? very advisable device for tall ppl... who genuinely have big palms.. :-)
??? its design.. is far awsum than any phone samsung.. provides... its touch + fear touch buttons... unlike samsung... touch + feather touch buttons+ a big weirdo actual button... which kills the smoothy experience...
??? Everyone complains abt the 512MB ram limit... did any one say abt the GPU this device gives you.... for utilizing the dual core processor ... play GTA 3, Need for speed most wanted, modern warfare 3, car/flight simulators..all these apps count to GB's in size....
??? please dont do a drop test.... it will not break... but a scratch will you more even....
drop an IPhone and then complain... how much of it is left.... ahahahah

thats it....

buy it guys... buy it... even if gets stolen... which it is highly susceptible to .... you wont feel much pain... its only 10K....

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kumar swamy
01 Sep 2013
DO NOT BUY MICROMAX, Their service sucks to the core.

This piece is alright for a Chinese made mobile, but invariably you would have to get it serviced for one or other thing after 5-6 months because of its cheap quality . Then the actual problem starts. You have just two service centers for big city like Bangalore, and only one for high end phones. They will take your phone, and say it takes 2 to 3 days for servicing and customer would get a sms once it is repaired. After a week when you haven't got a callback, you would call them only to know about it taking 20 days as it has been sent to Delhi ( I dont know why every phone has to be sent to delhi for service when micromax claims one of the highest seller of phones in india ) . you will not hear anything from them after 20 days, you call them only to find it will take another 10 days. I have given my phone for 30 days, yet to find it is not serviced and no one knows the status of phone. At the best, it will take 40 days for your phone to get it serviced.
I met with few angry customers shouting at service centre reps because of these kind of bad services. One of them has spent one and half month for his phone to get it serviced, and when he took it back , he found that his phone shuts down every half an hour!! He was shouting how he has missed his work so many times to come to service centre only to find his phone is not serviced after one and half month.
It is better to pay 4-5K extra to buy known brands like samsung, sony , even thier phones could be defective, but their services are way better than micromax.

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Sundeep Singh
02 Dec 2012
Honest Review from a CERTIFIED BUYER from FLIPKART

The phone is awesome BANG OF THE BUCK.

Superb LCD IPS display very bright and crystal clear display from viewing angles too :D

Looks exactly like S3, buil quality = 10/10

Installed a lotzzzzz of apps no lag at all 10/10

I installed and playing the following games on this device and face no lag issues at all
- Raging Thunder 2
- Temple Run
- Front Line Commando
- Ski Safari
- Granny Smith
- Subway Surfers
- My Paper Plane 2

all the above mentioned games work at there full glory on this device

like SIRI there is a free android app available on google play store SKYVI, I downloaded it and its working great, it recognize speech perfectly, can send SMS by just saying,weather updates and a lots of fun. Now when a message comes skyvi automatically detects it and reads the entire message :D. Having an amazing experience with skyvi.

399 MB Free on PHONE + 2 GB internal SD card storage, I was able to transfer entire app to SD card and all of them work perfectly, so on an average you get 2.5 GB FREE space for your apps and of course it does supports a micro SD upto 32 GB.

It has decent sound quality, not the best.. but still its very clear and nice.. :- 8/10.

Battery on this device is a bit disappointing FULLY CHARGED battery on NON STOP usage in which wifi was on all the time.. a lotzzzz of downloading and non stop gaming, I just received the phone and used it non stop at full brightness, MAXIMUM USAGE .. it survived for about 6-7 HRS. But for normal usage having some browsing, gaming etc it can easilly survive 12-15 Hrs : 7.5/10

At this price range this phone is the best MUCH MUCH MUCH ...BETTER THAN TIPO,EXPLORER,GALAXY S DUOS. at this price its BANG OF THE BUCK a must buy. You can go for other brands for the same price range but after using you wont be satisfied with the experience you got, on the other hand this device is the one which actually fills the thrust of a smart phone.. BEST BUY, MUST BUY.

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