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Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 (White, 1.22 GB): Mobile

Reviews of Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 (White, 1.22 GB)

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21 Oct 2013
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FULL review after 2 months of use

I bought it after a long research from flipkart @9199(lowest),received within 36 hours,great service by flipkart. Observe price for 3-4 days,prices fluctuates constantly.

About doodle,

1) Processor is quad core which is quit older(designed and developed in 2008) but works great with this phone.Performance is more than sufficient for a phone.

2) GPU is andreno 203 which basic GPU but you can play 'ALL' GAMES with it.(watch youtube videos of doodle)

3) My main concern was "RAM", it has only 512 mb RAM but came to know that we can increase RAM by converting SD card into RAM easily.(by using swapit expander application),but you have to root the device first.Its easy and I have 1GB RAM now.

4) Screen is very good,it is one of the best looking phone in the market.touch is buttery smooth,viewing angles are good.i love watching movies on my big 5.3 display.It give expensive look to is not IPS display but hardly matters.(IPS display sucks battery a lot)

5) Built quality is very is little heavy.back is glossy which resist dust and yellowish shade.I accidentally dropped once and nothing happened

6) Battery is 2100 mah Li-polymer which is a good battery.Li-polymer batteries have more life than Li-Ion takes more time to charge and discharge.battery life is same as that of other android phones.

7) Camera is same as Canvas HD,canvas 2 can get quality same as 5MP samsung or sony phone.(which are more costly).

8) Sound quality is very good.

9) Accessories are worst. don't use them.just go for better.(now micromax is giving good quality accessories with newly launched mobiles).

10) stylus is not space in mobile to place it.

11) if you have small hands then don't go for doodle.not suitable for ladies.

12) before root access it was lagging little and restarted itself twice.but after rooting problem solved.

13) Internet speed is good.(upto 7.2mbps).we can watch youtube videos without lag.
wi-fi and bluetooth works well.

14) Micromax has good chain of service centers.(in case)(worst service in case of Karbonn,xolo,intex,spice).
India can trust micromax now.

***Overall phone is best,just go for it and unleash power of quad core by rooting it.
best one can get at 9000.***

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19 May 2013
first to review
Good Phone

I own this device ( not from flipkart ) and I've used it for 3 days and here is my review .

Strong points : Very good build quality & looks, comparable to any high end mobile phone. The display frame is very narrow like premium devices & the plastic body is of very good quality, making it look like a pricier device. The camera is also very good. The large display size & best in class processor, free flip cover & stylus make this device one of the best phones for drawing, watching movies, playing games etc.

Weak points : The main drawback is obviously the relatively lower resolution display, you can get Canvas HD with an HD IPS display just by paying 2.5-3K more. The RAM & GPU are also not best in class but still acceptable considering the other features of this phablet. The internal memory is only 2.42 GB user available out-of-the-box. The headset comes free with this phone isn’t up to the mark.

Suitable for those people who are looking for a high performance phone with a huge display within budget. The stylus is great for drawing. This phone is also good for watching movies, photography & mid-range gaming.

Hope This review helped you .

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03 Jan 2014
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Not as good as it seems.

Micromax have killed it by putting too little RAM into it which makes to phone slow, unstable and annoying. There is no point of having a Quad Core processor if there is not enough memory to support it. Most of the RAM is used by the OS itself leaving too little for other apps.. Apps just automatically close sometimes or even restarting the phone completely.

I made a big mistake with this phone and flipkart wont even take it back even when I requested a return within a week or so.

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07 Jun 2013
nothing like anything

guys, i bought a micromax doodle and it rocks !
fully satisfied. no problems

amazing build quality, premium looks. i fooled my friends telling i bought a Samsung Note 2

is it a laptop ? or is it an ipad ? no itz a doodle ! with a 5.3" screen this is the biggest fone yet !

you dont need seperate tv, computer, mobile etc..
the doodle does everything 4 u - phone, internet, gaming, music, videos, live tv, cricket

- display clarity is very good

- the sound of this speakers is very loud, u wont get a missed call !

- the user interface and settings options are very good

- no limits for apps installation. can install on 32GB SD card

- the camera quality is very good in this phone. has lotz of settings to tweak with, has inbuilt noise reduction (so no color noise indoors!)

- 2100mah polymer battery - lasts 3 of continous video, gaming, 3g browsing, downloads with dual sim on

- free loads of accessories - flip cover, stylus, 2 scratch guards.

- has all sensors - proximity, light, gravity

- runs on latest jellybean

- gud for gamers also, can play temple run 2, oz, brave, subway surfers and other mid-graphics games well without any lag

i had bought a karbonn titanium S5 but after using it for 1 day - found lotz of problems like vry low sound output, heats up in 2 mins, weak battery backup, takes hours to charge, low screen resolution, poor user interface etc..

So i exchanged it for doodle (at local store)

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27 Dec 2013
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Worst Phone Ever!!!!

I brought this Phone and sold it to buy Samsung within a week!!! Hate this phone hangs very often and the OS is so slow!!!!!

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06 Mar 2014
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Everything for a "Smartphone" except for being a "Phone"

I received the products two days ago; within the first 12 hours itself it started showing problems regarding connectivity. Whenever I dial a number and wish to end the call, the phone gets hung up. I cannot call any other number further.
Another issue was about sending sms. Sometimes it takes too much time to get the message in the air, leaving me staring blankly at the screen, hoping that it will be sent soon. Its really frustrating.
Lastly, the issue with internet connectivity. Even though I hit the data conn. button, sometimes the browsers say that there is no connectivity at all.
Finally on the day after I received the product, I dashed to the nearby service center. They, upon hearing about the issues, told me that these were minor OS problems which will be dealt within the next couple of hours. I got back my phone in sometime. It was working perfectly well then. But on the following day, that happens to be today, the same old issues are coming up again. The phone is sleek and runs all applications, but what is its use if it doesn't fulfill the basic necessities of a phone..
I launched a complaint about to to Flipkart a while ago, told me they will get back to me about it in the next 24 hours; let's see what happens.

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29 Jul 2013
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Huge value for money with Quality in its class

I recently bought this from flipkart, and they delivered in 2 days. I have always been hearing very good on flipkart delivery - this time experienced it closely. Good job flipkart team.

I would rate this product definitely 5 star in its class

Great points:
1. Quality of display is very good. Scroll is very smooth.

2. I bought this for my mother, who is not very good at smart phones. 5.3 inches display, helped a lot in key-in text. Initially I thought 5.3 inch mobile may look odd, but later found that, its better than my other 5 inch high end mobile.

3. It came with screen guard, and an additonal screen guard for spare use. Here I would rate Micromax very high. I don't know how many other manufacturers do this. But this hleps a lot. Flipkart - you need to mention this in 'package contents' if you have not already done so.

4. It came with flip cover along with back cover (one of these can be used at a time). its very easy for us this way too.

5. Over all quality it has been pretty good.

6. Though 512 MB RAM is something I thought may trouble me, so far it has been pretty good no issues. It worked better than one of the high end mobile I have with 1 GB RAM. I know it costs more to have more RAM, hence I am not cribbing.

Overall, definitely very satisfied, both with this product, and flipkart service.


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14 Aug 2013
Great phone!! Buy

Bought this phone last week for my wife. It was not bought through Flipcart.

The phone is simply awesome value for money. I own a Samsung phone, but after using this phone, I don't feel like using my Samsung phone. The touchscreen, camera, wifi downloads, google applications work very well. I have used the phone for over 1.5 hours video chat on skype on bsnl wifi using the front camera. The call and picture quality was superb. All the programs work very very fast. Downloads on wifi are also very fast and the dual SIM also works well. Battery backup is reasonable. Best part about the phone is that the charger output is USB. You can easily open the charger and connect the USB to your laptop for charging. Charging is also very fast and the can be quickly charged from the car charger also. Any files can be copied from computer to phone and back. Unlike Samsung, you don't need to download any large file like Samsung Kies to exchange files from your computer or laptop. In this phone, the driver is automatically updated to the computer or laptop and the USB file transfer menu needs to be activated only.

What more can one say for a phone at this price. Micromax has delivered at this price a phone which has all the features of a Rs 30K phone. This should teach a lesson to the other big players that customers also look for value for money deals. A pricier phone does not always mean better value. This phone is sure to erode the markets of many large players and bring them to their knees. Don't mess around with the Indian consumer.

I would definitely recommend this phone. Always use a 16GB SD card with the phone and download all applications to the SD card because phone memory is not that large. If you have accidentally downloaded it to the phone, there is a menu option to move to SD card.

I have no information of the service backup of Micromax, so I cannot comment on it.

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07 Jul 2013
Micromax just rocks! And most people are unaware of that..unfortunately though

First of all I'll say I don't have that phone, but my friend has since 3 weeks. I've another micromax phone- A65 smarty 4.3. I've already written my review there for A65. Now writing this one as use this phone too everyday along with mine(as we are close friends).
Micromax just Rockss!

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15 Jul 2013
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Micromax A111 rocks!!!!

The phone is much more better than i expected.
I bought this phone from flipkart and WS Retails is always " THE BEST"....

One thing to clarify here is that all websites even gsmarena posted the chipset as MSM8225q but it is MSM8625q on board which i saw on quadrant standard app

And if you feel that more RAM is being used by the phone the reason is not that the phone has low ram but the google applications that come pre-installed DONT update them if you update then the ram usage will be high.

Multitasking is good....No lags!!!

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