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25 Nov 2012
More than good for this price range

Good for the price
Bought almost one week back (outside of flipkart) and these are my verdicts on the unit I have with me. Hope this would be helpful for first time tab buyers like me.
The points below (especially the cons) may be specific to my unit only.

1. Extremely good speakers.
2. Battery backup is very good and what i really looked for...
It easily holds on for 5-6 hours for high end usage including gaming and wifi. I could watch 3 movies (2 hindi + 1 Walt Disney animation) in a single charge and it still had more :). The full charging (from drained state) takes 3.5 to 4 hrs. The backup during inactivity is wonderful, will stay alive for days if there is no usage. The drain was around 3% for a whole night!
4. Gaming is great!! I have tried Temple run and Riptide 2 HD and both works great. I am soo addicted to Riptide and there are no lags at all. Instead of the pre-installed (low graphics) NFS, MMX could have given Riptide to showcase the gaming capability.
5. Touch is super smooth! I have a new Galaxy y and I don't feel any difference. Earlier I had a doubt if 7" tab is enough or I should have a 10", now I just love this display size, its more than enough for me - for watching movies,browsing and reading.
6. I use only wifi and it works great. This thing has mode "n" also besides b/g as it connects at 150 Mbps to the router. The browsing speed is almost similar as that i get on my PC. Detects signals comfortably, even 2-3 rooms away from the router.
7. Lots n lots of educational content (saw mathematics tips n tricks helpful for entrance tests) .
8. Has Adobe flash player pre-installed.
9. The total memory is also more than I expected. It has almost 8 gb of storage. The partition goes like this -
4GB Internal - 1.5 GB for system storage (may be for android??) + 512 MB tablet internal memory (not RAM) (some apps get installed here but can be moved to int. SD) + 2gb internal SD
4GB External SD card (can be removed) - Has 2 movies (Rowdy rathore and Tees mar Khan around 3 gb)
10.Can transfer files using Wifi to my pc in the same network by configuring the tab as ftp server using ES File Manager. There may be several methods but this worked fine for me :).
11. Two things that surprised me was the pre-installed Super HD 2160P video player which works perfectly for the movies I tried so far (including flv's). Also sound is more than I expected. Thought I would need MX player and equalizer for these two functions but no need so far!!
12. There is no serious heating issues even during gaming for a long time - just expected temp. rise only. Pretty comfortable for watching movies while holding in hand. Don't know if the dual core tabs coming out in this price range will be like this... :)
13. Has both OTG and mini usb cable in the box.
14. And overall, I just love android 4.0.4!!!!

Cons(Don't know if the defects are unit specific) -
1. The file transfer is slow from my PC using both USB and Wifi (dont know if this is common for all android devices). Using Wifi, its almost 1-2 mbps max while transferring through a 100 mbps network.
2. A big flaw is the camera, almost of no use, I would rate its quality as 1 star only (including rear one- clarity of 2 mp looks like a VGA cam in the phone I had 4 years back). But i do not use it anyway, so not an issue :P
3. This is a defect in my unit - One pixel in the screen around the lower left corner is not correct, very hard to see but you can detect it when the background is completely black.
4. No HDMI port.. really a shocker as most tabs in this range has one :(.
5. I put the display inactivity timer for 30 sec. Rarely during heavy usage (wifi downloads/paused movie), when I tried to wakeup the tab, the display wouldn't come up. Had to long press the power button to shutdown(could hear sound) and restart. This might be a stock software issue??
6. While in low battery, once the battery indication went down pretty fast from 15% to 0%(shutdown) in 20 mins without even running ANY application (killed all apps) except browsing the MMX settings panel . Don't know if this is a stock software issue (??) but I haven't seen this again. Anyway if I take the actual usage for that day, I did have it running for around 6-7 hours - moderate usage including movies and wifi browsing... :P
7. Definitely anyone would love to have more RAM... I would prefer having 1GB RAM instead of the rear cam if its based on cost cutting issues!!
8. Need to find a good case/cover..
9.Couldn't find any pdf reader when getting out of the box but several pdf's (study materials) are given!!! Anyway Adobe reader is there free in the G market.

Finally I would rate something around 3.7 for the unit with me which is more than I expected for this price, also dont expect a Sammy or Apple tab... Thank you for reading this long story :).

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27 Oct 2012
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certified buyer

hi friends

If u r going to buy a tab in 10000 range, this is the BEST!!!

there r many things inside which micromax hasn't mentioned.

U can use ethernet(modem), GPS and many more.

Things i wul like to mention that r gud:-
1.Super sensitive 5 point touch
7.We can use keyboard and mouse as usual in a computer via usb.

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09 Oct 2012
Worth Buying

It's neither too good nor too bad. Worth buying for the price which is to be paid. There are some pros over the original funbook and cons also.
Really good battery backup than original funbook. I've played graphic intense games for about 1 hour, browsing for 1 hour and other apps for another 3 hours. Battery left was 10%. The battery backup is really acceptable.
2.Speakers-Good front dual speakers. Give a good audio while watching movies.
3.Browsing-Using a default browser is recommended.Chrome is really Bad. Dolphin Browser is charming!!
4.Reading- Ebooks are decent to read.
5.Gaming-Awesome Fun to play games in this tablet.
6.Touch-Touch is also decent.
7.Back 2 mp Camera
It takes around 1-2 hours to charge 100%.

1.No HDMI cable.
2.It is using a MINI USB Cable. It really makes it down!!
3.No USB ports, but using a usb to mini usb cable,you can access even Hard Disks. I've used my 500gb Seagate Hard Disk.
4.Lags sometime.
5.No Physical Volume Buttons.It's available on the touchscreen itself.It might be uncomfortable to some.
6-Camera is worse in dull light. You need a lot of light to take pictures

Overall a decent buy if you are looking for a budget tablet!!

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09 Oct 2012
More then acceptation..

It is the best tab launch by micrmax.
plus -
1. good battery backup.
2. speaker are realy good.
3. Support reliance 3g as well.
4. Home button to close all app and back to home.
5. Speed is good with 1.2 GHZ and 512 ram.


1. Touch is not So good as capicative are suppose to be.

Value for maony.

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23 Aug 2013
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Love u Flipkart!!!

Flipkart :- 5 stars
Tablet :- 4 stars

This was my first purchase from Flipkart and they simply won my loyalty!!! Awesome service I must say. Starting from the packing to Customer Service and stuff, everything was impressive. The tab that I first received was a damaged one so I went to the Micromax Service Centre to get a certificate. The service centre refused to give inspite of that Flipkart arranged for a replacement. The second tab which came had a memory card missing. I informed Flipkart and they sent me a new memory card without asking a single question!!! Flipkart really knows how to maintain customer relationships. Very much impressed. There can't be any second online store which can match up to Flipkart's standards....Keep up the great work!!!!
And to all those people who try to malign Flipkart, here's my middle finger salute to them!!! ..|..

Coming to the tablet, I have been using it for the past 2 months and here's the experience:-

Quite a basic tab, ideal for students who want to read e-books, videos and browsing. Don't expect heavy gaming and running too many applications at one go, The processor is a a bit low and starts lagging. The touchscreen is also quite responsive and the diplay quality is great, viewing HD pics and videos is a joyous experience. The cameras are not that important, u'll use it only during video calls on skype. Also, many people say that ony Tata Photon dongle is supported, Its not true. It will support any dongle only if u manually change the APN settings. In short :-


1. Excellent touchscreen and display quality. Plays HD movies at ease.
2. Internet browsing is decent. Download UC Browser. It is most suited for this tab. Chrome, Dolphin, Opera doesn't suit.
3. Ideal for reading E-books and for educational works. This is a widescreen tablet, not that normal 7-inch tab, so watching videos is a better experience.
4. Awesome sound quality. The dual speakers will make u forget your external speakers.
5. Accelerometer is quite gud and gud for playing motion based games.
6. The biggest advantage is that it runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and there's no limit to the applications that u might get.
7. Excellent battery backup. I do continuous browsing on it for about 5-6 hours and without wifi it may last even over a day.
8. I connected a Seagate 1TB external hard disk to it and the tab read it. It did lag a bit but it did job. So you can imagine the power of its battery.


1. Processor very slow. Its 1.0 GHz n not 1.2 GHz. Also the RAM is not 512MB, effectively its actually only around 316MB.
2. Lags quite a lot when too many applications run together. The tab freezes at times n the screen wont start up. Just long press the power button n restart ur tab.
3. It is a Micromax make and not a Samsung or Apple, hence, it is very delicate. The build quality is not strong. There have been many cases reported where the display broke due to most minute mishandling. So you have to use it with great care and not cause any damage to it.
4. Samsung headphones are not compatible with this, use Nokia headphones, u'll get great sound.
5. NO bluetooth, comes as a big drawback.
Apart from these, there's no other cons.

Reccommended downloads:-

1. Advanced Task Killer.
2. All-in-oneToolbox.
3. Quickpic.
4. PicsArt
5. Nova Launcher.
6. UC Browser for Tab.
7. QuickCleaner.
8. Wifi File Sharing.

After reading the reviews for this tab I was also in double minds, but after buying it I am quite satisfied. If your budget is low and u expects to do light work and not high end gaming and multi applications procedures, then go for it. This tab won't disappoint you. And if you buy, do buy it from Flipkart, you can rest assured that you won't be cheated. Flipkart gives a 30 day replacement/exchange policy.

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05 Mar 2013
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Good Value for money Tab (minus calling) packing punches too!

This is not an IPAD.... Niether did I pay for one, but it is a efficient no nonsense device that runs the ICS like a dream, runs heavier games too, but maybe not the heaviest ones. Have used it for 2 months now. As far as functionality is concerned, it has a good clear screen, runs HD vids with ease, Sensors work nicely, and bombastic battery life makes it very easy to live with.... It Charges pretty fast with the charger provided, but not as fast with usb.
For Cons- Actually there is non per-se but I wish it would have calling, but those are 2500/- more, and though the battery is long lasting- 4000mAH makes it bit heavy. Am satisfied, cuz costs less than a Ebook reader, and does tons of things! Thumbs up to Micromax for a solid product, and to flipkart who has never faltered in the 2 yrs I have been accessing its benefits!

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29 Dec 2012
Cheap price better performance

Tis tab is priced 6.5k in other websites its better to buy from flipkart,tis tab vil disappoint heavy users best suitable for e-book reading and internet ,has a gud video clarity and gud speakers finally best tab at tis price tag.

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24 Oct 2012
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OK product. Value for money(?)

Bought this for my kids mainly so that they don't play with my Google Nexus. Decent product. May be a tad slow. Glass panel is not that great. Didn't see options a case or cover for this when I purchased this on flip kart- this is bit of a let down. So far so good. Don't know how far the touch will last

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15 Jun 2013
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certified buyer
The best tablet you could find in this price range.

I've purchased this Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 tablet from Flipkart, for approx Rs. 4500 and have been using it heavily (almost 24x7 turned on) for 15 days now. Here I share the pros and cons:

CONS: 1. Insufficient RAM for flash and graphics-heavy webpages. Lags while viewing full web-pages, during tabbed browsing.

2. Touchscreen calibration is a bit offset at the edges, but manageable.

3. Accelerometer is not good. Not recommended for accelerometer-based games.

PROS: The pros severely outweighs the negligible cons to a large extent.

1. Battery backup: Unbelievable battery backup! Drains only 2-3% overnight, with the Wi-Fi turned and synchronization turned on.

2. Touchscreen: The capacitive touchscreen is very sensitive, at par with bigger players like HTC, Sony and the like.

3. Speakers: A big turn on. Wonderful high depth stereophonic sound with negligible distortion at full volumes.

4. The last but the biggest credit goes to the Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1 GHz (NOT 1.2 GHz as the specs claim!) and the Mali-400 GPU. The combo smoothly handles most popular games you throw at them.

Also, the hardware is very coordinated. Never froze or locked up in these days.

1080p VIDEOS? SMOOTH AS BUTTER, making it stand out of the rest at this price range.

Final verdict: This is the best tablet 4500 rupees can buy. The cons drift into insignificance with the great features this tablet has to offer. An absolute must buy for students and users on a budget. An undoubted Gold-Medal winner from me!

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07 Apr 2013
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Really a FUN book

Its probably the best tab in this price range.I ordered it 15 days back, still exploring it...
the best thing about it is the screen, very responsive which in this price range is not expected.Now i won't go into much detail about it, lots of comments about it's pros and cons are already there,but ill just
say what i felt about using this tab...

Gaming-Temple run,Subway surfer,Agent dash,Gun n strike,Fruit ninja,Angry birds rio,Cricket fever,Jetpack joyride all working smoothly

Connectivity-wifi is very fast, although it is said that it only supports tata docomo, but is also supports aircel,airtel,idea 3g dongles..just have to set it up manually

Multimedia-watching movies and videos are good, hd videos play smoothly without any lags, sound is very loud from the two speakers

Camera-Front camera decent for video calling and portrait clicks, back camera decent, has face recognition also but lots of light is required to get good images, good if ur out on a sunny day and click pics outside..

Battery-4000 mah battery awesome backup, dosn't take long to full charge

Others-it also has gps maps,local,navigation. supports pendrives,harddisks, 4gb card comes free,pinch zoom works great
and besides that u can also make voice calls from it...
just install Tango from play store, free sms,videocalls,voicecalls
works fine..

if ur planning 2 buy a tab and have 5k in ur hand just go for it, u won't be disapointed....

Note-this review is only for interested buyers as u can see i have not discussed about the cons,although i have not seen any major cons till now

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