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Micromax Ninja 3.5 A54 (Champagne Grey, 130 MB): Mobile

Reviews of Micromax Ninja 3.5 A54 (Champagne Grey, 130 MB)

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26 Feb 2013
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A tank with no ammunition

Som Answers at last of review
Cons :
1. Does not come bundled with a memory card. Most of the phone apps do not work without memory card (music,bluetooth,camera,etc) because U cannot save anything in phone memory as it is reserved for applications. So its half a phone without memory card.
So Buy a memory card for around Rs 200.

2. The specs show 256 MB RAM, but in reality it is only 168 MB RAM, out of which only 30 MB is available because the inbuilt apps like hookup, gmaps, etc take up most of the memory.
These apps cannot be killed/uninstalled and start on their own.

3. The battery drains up fast because apps are always running in the background.

4. The meory card is not hot swappable. you have to switch the phone off and remove battery to put memory card.

5. Heavy Games do not run on the phone and simply exit when run(TEMPLE RUN, SUBWAY SURFERS,etc).

6. The accelerometer is only 3 way, so sensor games like PAPER PLANE do not work.

7. EDGE/GPRS speed is lower as compared to other phones (No Idea why ?)

8. The headset provided are the cheapest and worst Headset I've ever seen. Bought a new pair of headset (from flipkart) for around Rs 350. Sound is loud in loudspeaker but quality of sound is average in headset(as compared to a nokia or Sony phones )

9. The charger is a USB charger which needs the USB data cable for charging.(micromax saved money here :P)

1. Touchscreen is much muchbetter than Nokia or Samsung in this price range(do not compare with Iphone :P)

2. The phone does not lag or hang due to the 1 Ghz processor

3. The screen is Big,rich and colourful(looks like an I Phone :P).

4. Small size games(less than 10 MB) like FRUIT NINJA, HILL CLIMB RACING work like charm

5. 3G is Really very fast on phone and performs as it should.

6. Many websites wrote that it does not have wifi hotspot. WRONG !!
It has both wifi hotspot as well as tethering feature inbuilt.

7. The Camera is decent, clicks good photos and can be said to be a 3 MP camera (however is fixed focus)

8. 640x480 videos play smoothly but not 720p videos.

9. A Screen Guard is included in the box :D

So the phone costs more than 5000 in total. Hence it is a tank in which you have to put extra ammuntion to start it.

Answers to some comments.
There is an app called kingsoft office to open/edit word,pdf,excel and ppt files of microsot.
Yes Wifi hotspot/Tether is there in the phone.
Google talk, whats app are working.
For installing the phone software Goto settings-->applications-->development-->click CDROM mode.
Now connect you phone to PC and U will get the Setup of micromax drivers as a removable drive. Install it from there.
U can use any dialer app(also in nokia pc suite by selecting android modem manually) on PC to create a dialup connection
To run Heavy games go into airplane mode and Then try. Surely works

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29 Jan 2013
Good Product at this Price range. :)

I think this product is more efficient than the Ninja 2 or the superfone ninja a50 because the a54 has 1 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion Processor but the a56 has only 800 MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor and size of the screen is also larger compared to a50
The Graphics of this device : Adreno , Battery type : Li-Ion, 1300 mAh - Stand by time of 170 hrs (2G)
So overall it's a budget phone loaded with features

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25 Feb 2013
Best Option available in range of 4.5k with 3g.

For all my dear friends who thinks it is not a good phone i should remind you that it has got 3g as well with 3.5inch screen with android 2.3 (not newest version but fits according to ram for good performance).
I will not say its best phone but its a good phone according to the specifications mentioned including 3g. however if you don't need 3g with budget android phone, you have a lot of other options available for you like karbon A1+ , ninja 3 A57, ninja A27 and some other phones under 5k.

But if you are more of a gamer and app lover buddy better go for slightly higher range of about 6-6.5k yo can get ninja A89 in that range with 512mb ram 2gb internal memory android 4.0 and you can also opt for xolo A500 or some more good phones according to your need.

So dont blame a good phone just because you need too much from a phone in4.5k.
if there might be no 3g in this phone this could well be priced at 3.5 to 3.8k.
So firstly look for what you need and then decide the best that suits you.

Some quick overview:

-3g with android and 3.5 inch screen in 4.5k is quite a good deal.
-wifi hotspot , 3mp cam, dual sim.

-ram 256 mb and internal memory a little low, but can be expanded.( heavy gamers and latest applications lovers should look for another option because 256mb ram doesnt suit their needs.)
-1gh processor helps in less lags.

-for those who have a bit of battery problem with this phone try to reduce brightness of phone this will result in little more time for you, and also check for the unwanted heavy apps running in background that drains the battery. When not needed turn off wifi and bluetooth. It will help for sure.

hope my every dear friend understood what i wanted to say through my review.

Support Indian brands that will surely help our growth.
Thank you with regards.

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07 Mar 2013
Good Phone At This Price

I bought this phone 1 week ago and was waiting for 1 Weeks so that i can give unbiased reviews after testing it thoroughly.

Capacitive which is good one

Lets forget about colors etc in plain english as good as samsung ace or Htc wildfire(used them). very clear, way better than galaxy y duos

Bluetooth: 9/10
Transferred file from computer at really good speed
Response time:8/10
very Good (works in a flash).Thanks to 1Ghz processor

Played angry birds and few others and worked like charm but don't go for high graphics games(size more than 20mb) And if looking for temple run, go for PYRAMID RUN instead

Apps: 8/10
all apps working good again thanks to good processor

Sim cards :9/10
working really good

Major problem in the phone is that the battery heats after 2-2.5hrs of continious usage.

Loud even my friends are impressed.Like chinese phone LOL

7/10 for sound output to good earphones.
I was really worried about this one as i am music lover.The one that you get in package is CRAP but i use my tekfusion headphones bought from Flipkart which works really good that means output from Phone is good it all depends on quality of earphones.

Killer :D

Though it has 1GHz processor but found that it hanged once in last 24 hour. Watching video on Youtube got some problem in the first use... but it worked well afterwards (Thank God)

Finally would say that it is a value for money phone. You can't get better than this below 5k in today's date.

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14 Mar 2013
Please don't waste your money..All specifications are a BIG LIE

I did not buy this phone from flipkart. I have used flipkart twice and their service was great..Now coming to the phone..
The only Pro is the looks.

>RAM is not 256 MB- App manager shows it is 128 MB... Microsoft store can't tell why..
>ROM is not 512 MB .. it is around 180 MB..

>With such pathetic configuration, android is a joke.
>I don't play video games. Phone crashes and you can't play games, play videos, listen to music, can't use GPS and even camera crashes.
> None of the vedios plays for more than a minute.
> You cannot use even a single app as the memory available is always a few kb or mostly 0.00 mb.
> Pathetic customer service. BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK OF BUYING THIS PHONE TRY CALLING THEIR HELPLINE ON 18605008286..No one picks up the phone..

In their race to be no 12, micromax is only focused on sales. Leave alone quality or customer service, they have forgotten about ethics as well. They are selling phones by lying about the specifications. Rather buy a Samsung or LG with lower specifications because that is what you will eventually get with Micromax.
In last three weeks they have not replied to my 5 mails and messages left on helpline. They just don't care abot customers after the sale is made.


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19 Feb 2013
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good phone working fi9

using it frm last 10 days it works very fi9 u can belive Micromax
the only cons is low ram n internal storage hence nt good for gaming n net works fi9 if ur a game lover its nt fr u.
battery backup also some how low bt ok according to budget giving 3-4 hr backup as specified suggestions if only u need an android phone n data connection in mobile its the best nt fr game lovers .
camera is excellent n processor speed is high n all other things r great.

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26 Jan 2013
first to review
MY REVIEW-AK on micromax a54

well i say its a decent phone on this price rangee....and one would definetely buy dis phonee...i lik4e dis phone very much.......good
speciallly if you have 3mp camera
android 2.3.5 it would have been better if micromax would have euipeed with 2.3.6
and 3.5 inch screen is just good forr dis price range

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11 Feb 2013
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nice product as according to spec sheet

I have ordered this product today and look forward to recieve it within next 3 days. before buying i had tried to research on the phone a lot. as the product is new less info is available about this but all the available reviews show it a good product so i have finally ordered as no other phone in this price range match it.
UPDATE as after 27days of personal use--
I received this product very quick, though i must say bluedart made me more happy by delivering it to me before 24hrs of shipping while flipkart took more than 27 hours to ship it.
coming on product, the phone looks impressive specially the champagne gold back panel gives a premium look to the phone. the phone has not been loaded with impressive apps by micromax nor do they supply any of good parts with it like extra back panel. the supplied earphones are also of poor quality.
well, the overall functioning of phone is good. i can say that this phone can be a good alternative to 6000-8000 range phones from samsung and nokia. the ram of 256mb prevents the phone to be a gaming station but for people looking for a normal smartphone with good screen they can definitely have it. some of the apps like equalizer es task manager, opera make this phone good to use.

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Pratik Mishra
04 Oct 2014

buying this phone is the lifes biggest mistake......:(
I am totally unhappy with dis phone...........:(:(:(:(

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06 Aug 2014
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Do NOT buy this product. It will ruin your life and peace like it did with mine. Really disappointed with Micromax. I have had this for over a year now and I have changed the battery twice til now. On top of it, it can't take much load. Games like temple run don't work on it and background apps are always on so battery finishes up rather quickly.Plus the internal memory is very low. I seriously feel like throwing it in the dumpster. Don't let the positive aspects of it fool you because the negative aspects are giants compared to them. If you are looking for a phone on a budget like this one's cost then go for a samsung one. The ones available at this cost might have a smaller screen or might seem to have less features but it'll be a gazillion times better than this one.

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