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Micromax Ninja 3 A57: Mobile

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22 Sep 2012
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I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and was waiting for2 Weeks so that i can give unbiased reviews after testing it thoroughly.

Previously i used Samsung Galaxy Y Duos for 2 months and i was not impressed by its touch so i decided to give this phone a go now lets see all features one by one.

Capacitive which is good one after you use screen guard that you get in box(better than samsung Y) Not like older Micromax phones which used resistive where you had to press really hard. Please be positive as it is not AMOLED capacitive which only comes in high end phones above 15K

Lets forget about colors etc in plain english as good as samsung ace or Htc wildfire(used them). very clear, way better than galaxy y duos

Memory:NA(transfer speed depends on class however buying a class 6 ,8 or 10 makes no sense in price range lower than 15K)
Buy a class 4 8Gb(rs270-sandisk from flipkart) or 16Gb as no inbuilt memory so cannot even click a picture from camera till you insert micro sd card.* Gb card working quite good for me.

Bluetooth: 9/10
Transferred file from computer at really good speed(i don't think i will be using it as i use pc for charging and transfer file at the same time)

Wireless:Working excellently with my TP link B/G router

Response time:8/10
very Good (works in a flash).Thanks to 1Ghz processor only phone available with 1Ghz in this range i think it works better than Samsung Galaxy Y duo to its better processor

Played angry birds and few others and worked like charm but don't go for high graphics games(size more than 20mb) as they require good graphics and high ram like 512 mb.

Apps: 8/10
all apps working good again thanks to good processor

Sim cards :9/10
working really good

GPRS: 4/10
very slow maybe as i set it up manually as Aircel did not send and settings but i am pissed as cannot download and app from google play store(installed all apps by transferring from PC) though whats app working really good.

NOTE:GPRS consumes more battery than 3G and wireless consumes the least
If GPRS,Wireless,Bluetooth enabled 4 hours with out wireless and bluetooth 8.5 hours with 80 minutes of talking over phone which i think is OKAY but NOT VERY GOOD as Nokia gives you much more than that.

Loud even my friends are impressed.Like chinese phone LOL

Receiver : 6.5/10
Not so good even when sound set to highest cannot hear someone in noisy place so thumbs down.

7/10 for sound output to good earphones.
I was really worried about this one as i am music lover.The one that you get in package is CRAP but i use my tekfusion headphones bought from Flipkart which works really good that means output from Phone is good it all depends on quality of earphones.

Killer. My friend got iphone 3G and it looks almost same(screen size is same)hehe.

In Box you get battery,charger cum usb cable,screen guard,manual,earphones,extra yellow color back cover.

Conclusion:You cannot impress everyone so guys check out the review and see what is most important for you then buy it.Like if you talk all day and work in noisy environment then give it a Pink slip.Looking for budget phone-Go for it

This is my first Micromax phone as previously i used sony,samsung,motorola and most of them NOKIA(using C5 as secondary now initially planned to use this as secondary however now changed my mind) so i was bit reluctant as Micromax is not reliable as other big brands but still this product is working good so don't regret my decision.


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04 Sep 2012
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fantabulously fantastic


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09 Sep 2012
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Gr8 phone

Got the phone 2 days ago & so far so good... was a bit sceptical at first because of the brand.. but it seems to have worked out so far;-).
Below is my relevant, unbiased overview of the product..
1. 262k color screen.. not 2.2k ..(what was that about?)
2. Good loud speaker sound
3. Fast 1GHz processor/256RAM/512ROM(for the price AMAZING!!!)
1. 130mb on phone storage a bit less but a lot of the heavyweights out there like motorola & samsung give you the same/less & charge you more.
2. No flash for the camera (don't expect good pics in bad light)
3. Could'nt fathom the bundled applications, kind of confusing using them. Makes me want to get to the ROM just to get0.. rid of them..since thats a bit risky(i bricked my motorola fire once will hold that thought for a few months ;)..

BTW.. Flipkart has great service, just took me 4 days to get the phone in Mumbai from their Bangalore office(i think..saw it on the delivery status message)

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10 Sep 2012
ausswm mobile

it is complete challenge to samsung ace duos and it has faster processor than samsung ace duos .
pros: good touchscreen
android 2.3 easily can upgradable to 4.0 ics
sound is good
all type of videos can play on it

cons: micromax name only people not trusted on micromax ,but it is good product than galaxy ace (13500rs) so it is full paisa wasool mobile

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29 Nov 2012
Should read this very importent!!!!!!!!

This is a true review to all who are thinking of buying this hadset-
Its been a mounth i hav purchased this handset and lot of problems can be seen
-The phone laggs a lot,its too much and u hav to reboot your mobile
-some times at the sliding screen it stops working.a message appers that m.lab launcher has stopped working which means u can do nutthing but reboot ONLY!!
-Its says 1Ghz Qualcomm but it processes like not even 800Mhz,HTC explorer with just
600Mhz processes fast and* we can play temple run on it*
-Lot of apps stop working in middle,i mean its 1Ghz procesor and it just stops like that
what does that mean!!!!
Now theres something i want to tell about RAM
-It says 256MB RAM,512MB ROM
What is reality-
Now i dont know more about ROM that how it helps in working of mobile exactly but still
512 MB means actully good but nothing good can be seen
-It says 256MB RAM but actully how much you get is just 165MB and thats all.that too i saw by means of' ADVANCE TASK KILLER'.it showed 165 MB is how much i can use only!!
still if u see it by task manager it shows only '121MB'[ now 256MB and 165 or 121MB of RAM truly makes a large difference]
-Call facilities are too not good the oldest handset of nokia too has got good voice in it
when u bring the phone to your ears nothing can be heard clearly
About call center-
They are the worst,truly u should experience it yourselves i cant explain
theres not a single way they help us
you should add a little cash and go for galaxy Y or duos lite rather purchasing this CRAP!!
micromax fool people . I siggest u should better think before buying any micromax handset.I hav given it 1 star only for you can listen to music that too if you are having good headphones or ist waste trust me

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07 Sep 2012
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Excellent phone in budget

I got this phone 2 days before through Flipkart. Flipkart mentioned 6-8 days and delivered in 4 days... good packaging and easy tracking of shipment.

Now about phone: This is my second Micromax phone after Micromax Q1. Congrats to Micromax from a former Nokia lover.

Look is excellent, front screen is simple and sober.. Though Micromax logo is missing on the front.(anyway nobody cares about that)
2.2k color issue is something wrong with the specs print...The wallpaper colors are fully satisfying.

Sound quality is okay.. headphone given is fragile and too lengthy.

3MP camera pictures do not please me, if I look back at 2MP camera pics from other phones. Though video is good. I wish flash would have been a better addition than 4x zoom.

Though it has 1GHz processor but found that it hanged once in last 24 hour. Watching video on Youtube got some problem in the first use... but it worked well afterwards (Thank God)

Battery back up is good.

Extra back cover is of yellow color, didn't like at all. Girls might like that one. :p

Finally would say that it is a value for money phone. You can't get better than this below 5k in today's date.

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31 Dec 2012
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I bought this phone for my brother. By seeing this phone my friend also bought, even though he was not interested in local Brands, but the features made him to loose his heart to it.

"It is simply superb user experience for an middle class family person."

U get Awesome features with this phone at a Very low price.

"Features which are not mentioned here are ->

1. 1 GHz Qualcomm ARMv7 processor is Powered by Adreno 200 GPU. (I confirmed it with some application) Hence the screen quality is looking good to every one.

2. Antutu Benchmark score was 1578 marks. It scored more than a Branded phone. (i.e. Galaxy Y, HTC Explorer, LG optimus series and Xperia Tipo etc.)

3. Runs big games (More than 25MB apks) smoothly without Swapper also.

4. Reviewed as "Best product of year in feature phone" by various Sites (sorry can't name them).

5. Battery backup is very decent for normal use. I get one day backup.

6. Rest features are mentioned above.

Guys don't think too about Specifications.
Its gives more than what you expect at such Price.

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27 Nov 2012
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Cheap , Pathetic, Do NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

I will not mention pros of that phone here because except a big display and a 1ghz processor, i didn't found anything to mention.


1. No backlight on touch buttons i.e. Back, Home, Menu &

earpiece sound is very low, very difficult to hear in some noisy environments(My ears are all well).

2. CAMERA is just VGA, shame to say it is of 3.2mp whether it is day or night.

Video quality is too poor than camera @ 8 FPS in the world of android and on the other hand old model like 5233 provides video recording at 30 fps.

3. Poor Battery Backup

4. Many popular games can't be played well because of less ram available, most of ram is used by useless apps provided by Micromax and Android OS itself.

5. Don't expect update to ICS or good service from service center as i have checked them in my area.

I haven't checked internet speed with 3g but it is quite good with 2g.

It automatically sends messages to Micro-max and which will cost you without your knowledge.

So my advice is not to purchase that phone. Otherwise if you still want to purchase a Micromax handset, give a try to A52. A52 is much better than A57.

It deserve only 1 star from me.

Thumbs down to micromax testing team.

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12 Mar 2013
Dont Buy..... Not value for money

I am using this phone from last 3 months.
1. I have found RAM is very low. (Not 256 as the configuration shows)
2. Battery life is worst when data connectivity enable.
3. Phone hangs several times in a day. screen can not unlock.
4. Very limited apps are sopported due to RAM is low.

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14 Feb 2013

"Iam using this phone for past 2 months....this is my 1st
android phone...i could swear this is a better phone than
samsung mobiles which comes under 10000.. my rating of this
phone 1)touch-awesome touching 9/10 2)processor 1ghz its
better for gaming even samsung ace didn't got this much
9/10 3)camera-not bad we can use some replacing apps such as
camera360-6/10 4)music player-good without using
earphone-micromax earphone is poor 6/10 5)internet- great
even in 2g (got upto 53kbps dwnld speed) 8/10
in 3g(got upto 526kbps)
guys iam recommending you to buy this the initial
first week you think u wasted ur money...but later when
comparing with other android phones u will realize how
better is a57 i rooted my phone and installed custom
rom..(DDgb Rom) now my phone is looking great,iam playing
temple run 1 &2,dead trigger,real football 2012(412mb
size!!),etc my friends who having samsung phones were
looking jeolus at me because they cant play these games bcoz
itz not supported..we need atleast samsung S which costs 16K
for it.. iam suggesting this group in facebook for all ninja users u
will love this am
sure ninja3Rockz"

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