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Micromax Ninja A89: Mobile

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10 Feb 2013
Best budget phone...

This is one of the best products that mmx has released better than any of its other sets for this price range...the previous best was mmx aisha a52...
It is loaded with all premium features of a smartphone in the range of 15-20k..
I purchased this on 4th february for Rs 5900 from a local store,3 days after it was released...
Though i was a bit confused b/w mmx a89,xolo a500 and lava irisn400..but finally made a call on this set... and till now i have no regrets at all after a week's usage..

Here is my complete review:

1. Dual core processor (very fast n no lags at all) & android ICS
2. 512 (472) MB RAM out of which around 230 is used by processes and around 240 remains free out of the box
3. 3.9" very smooth capacitive touch screen with great resolution (800*480) .looks like an IPS display
4. Great Loudspeaker with very good clarity
5. 2.1 GB internal storage memory and 503 MB for apps
6. Ambient light sensor,g-sensor,proximity sensor all work fine but magnetic field sensors does't work
7. Plays 720p videos even plays MKV formats (get MX player for better experience)
8. Quadrant (2879) ,neenamark 2 (27.4 fps) and antutu (7214) benchmarks scores are also v.good (my set)
9. Built quality is also v.good,looks premium
10. All general games and some HD games run smoothly like temple run 2,need for speed most wanted,dead trigger,six guns etc..
11. Comes with a screen guard.
12. Call quality,signal strength all are good.
13. Other general feature like 3G,wifi hotspot,gps all work fine
14. Lastly the price...Just excellent pricing by mmx...

1. Worst headphones as always by bass..better get sony or philips headsets..since my samsung headphones were not compatible with this handset..
2. Could have been better if it had provided a secondary camera though 3MP FF camera works ok..and video rec. is also ok.
3. Battery back up in normal usage lasts for around 12hrs but under heavy usage like gaming,net,videos and music discharges in 6-8hrs.It also heats up under heavy usage but it is very comman in smartphones..not much of a concern..
4. Preloaded with a junk of mmx apps which eats up some space and ram
5. Basic 2-point multitouch unlike mmx aisha a52 which had 5-point multitouch

Well,it is beyond doubt the best budget phone in the market at present.
just one word "AWESOME"

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14 Mar 2013
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Now a days i teas my friends who have Samsung's , lg's and Sony's.

Price - Very Very Very less
Processor - Excellent
Ram - Good enough
Memory _ Good Enough
Display and Touch - Excellent
Sound - good enough
Software - Excellent Ics 4.0.4
Gaming Performance - V smooth at such low price...
Sensors - Good
Multitasking - very good
Battery - not that cool....but its not bad at all...( U can use samsung 1600 mah battery in it for 5- hrs of continous gaming).

*the three buttons below do not glow( no problem u will easily get used to it...moreover it saves battery ..LOL :) )

Generally I dont write review of any product...but this thing forced me to do so... V satisfied.
Now a days i teas my friends who have Samsung's , lg's and Sony's.

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26 Mar 2013
Worth each and every penny of it

Before buying this phone, i was too a bit hesitant to buy this. Spent nearly 1 month on checking and reviewing specs and reviews of the phone. And with out any further delays went ahead and bought this phone on march 25th 2013 from Univercell since in flippy it was completely out of stock for more than 3 days.

I'm gonna be completely honest on my review now. I'm also gonna split the reviews as well into different parts. So please bear with me for this long review. And do remember im a very choosy buyer of phones and i dont miss a single thing when it comes to buying.

BUILD : The build quality of the phone is pretty sturdy and well built. The back panel is
plastic and it dosent feel cheap at all.

Battery : Now i have read in many reviews that the battery is its biggest weak point. Frankly it dosent perform all that bad at all. I have used Wildfire S.. that had the most worst battery back up in my opinion and this is a smart phone and not a feature phone to provide u huge chunks of backup so considering the price range and the usage its pretty good. SO STOP COMPLAINING.

Heating : Heating is something pretty common in all the smartphone when the cores are stressed out. Now before buying this phone i have read plenty of reviews on this problem.
The main problem for heating is that the phone somehow is not using the second core ... so when all the stress is handled by one core, heating is more. Now there is a way to enable the second core. I used an app called "MTK6577_governor_switcher_v11". Now to check if this works i first played Real Racing 3 and i found the phone heating a bit. But it wasn't that hot. So i downloaded this app and switched the mode from Hybrid to OnDemand that way both the cores work. Now i tried playing Real Racing 3, heating significantly reduced a lot, but i would say it dosent heat up, only that its a lot better than the previous state.

Touch and screen quality : TFT screen and a capacitive touch works how it should. It is really smooth and responsive. Though the only problem is it is a bit hard to touch really small icons. Apart from that its really neat.

Games : All games run pretty smooth in this device. No lags or tear in screen just perfect. The only game that was too heavy was Real Racing 3, had to turn of the volume since it was lagging from the visuals and it was a bit choppy. But the gameplay was good no lags while racing. Overall it can run a lot of games that the other phones under 10k range and 15 k range cant.

Apps : So far all the apps that i have downloaded works flawlessly. So no problem in that as well

Light and sensors : Now the phone has a couple of good sensors that all really work good. The only problem is that the bottom three touch keys dont illuminate. So at dark it would be a bit difficult to find the home, back and options buttons. Other than that everything works fine.

Wifi and browsing : One word AWESOME. Now i have a 16MBps connection and the speeds are awesome though the only drawback is, say ur wifi is in one room and u just move to the next room which is close as well the signal reception drops down to 2 points :( but apart from the the data transfer is pretty fast. Browsing is also fast and no hiccups.
Overall if you have a fst connection then it shouldnt bother u at all .

Camera : Nothing to say since its a FFC and the quality is pretty bad. But it is compensated by the other features it can offer :)

Overall for Rs.6,490 this phone offers an awesome spec and features that the rest of the smartphones fail to offer in the 10 to 15k i would say even the 20k range phones. So if u want to buy an budget android phone dont hesitate to buy this :)

Hope this helps you guys :)

EDIT : So its been 5-6 days now ... and im gonna leave the feedback of the phone.

So still no problem ... Though noticed heating in phone near the camera, which is cause the charging port is near the camera and also while surfing the net or playing games try not to cover the back panel. That is one reason why heating is more ... and dont install unnecessary apps like themes and shit ... it just makes it worse. For battery backup use only JUICE DEFENDER and task killer if you want one use Advanced App killer it works good. And also if ur not using wifi switch it off to get maximum battery life. And while playing high end games like Real racing 3 and etc pls switch off wifi ...

Noted : Played Real Racing 3 for half n hour straight ... battery was in 69% after playing it came to 60% with no wifi .. so hence proved data transfer sucks battery too much ...

Thanks Rahul Chakravorty :) for appreciating my review :)

How to use the MTK governor switch :) just install and select the profile

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15 Feb 2013
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best budget phone within 6k

ordered a89 on 11feb nd got delivered it by 15th feb as promised by flipkart.......
best gaming device within 6k

1. mediatek dual core processor 1ghz...realy fast..with PowerVR SXG 531 GPU
2. ram 512 mb(around 230mb user available)
3. 2gb of internal storage
4. vivid wvga resolution....crisp display quality
5. plays 720p videos smoothly (i used mx player)
6. most of the hd games run butter smooth
tempel run2 ,frontline comando ,nfs hot persuit, blood and glory ,nfs most wanted,dead trigger, asphalt 7 ( these are the games i tried out and they run butter smooth)
7. sound quality through the LOUD SPEAKER is clear nd quite loud
8. build quality nd looks really good

1. headphone quality worst....(i use nokia wh-205 headset they give awesome sound with the handset)
2. battery back up is not up to the mark, if u are a heavy gamer or use internet for long time...then the battery lasts for only 3 hours. or else it lasts for 1nd a half day.
3. camera is not good in low light
4. the phone heats up a bit while playing games(normal in few phones

awesome phone within 6k....

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06 Feb 2013
Worth all the money spent

Release Delayed MMX canvas HD made me compare A89 with A110 and i voted A89 for its value for money.

Review after a day's usage goes like this

. Amazingly Fast
. Can play all decent games without any lag
. No issues with display/sound/brightness/connectivity/video playback/touch sensitivity
. Light sensor
. 4" display at this price with ICS
. comes with screen guard
. Price
. latest release from MMX
. Build and Form factor
. More handy than its superior 5" A110

. Less battery backup with carrier data usage
. Heats up while playing and charging.
. No magnetometer sensor
. loaded with couple of unused bundled Micromax apps
. No pre-loaded basic apps like Facebook etc.

. Low quality ear phones (who cares)
. Radio (never checked)
. Camera is good at its 3 Mega Pixels

Final Say:
. Worth all the spent. It is a hit.

Alas! I couldnt buy this from Flipkart only bcoz its out of stock. Ended up paying more. Hope Flipkart gets back the stock soon.

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24 Feb 2013
Clarification regarding battery life.

Well,this review is in continuation to my previous post of 10th February.
I have seen a lot of comments with concern of battery life of this set.
To be honest,having used this set for about 3 weeks till now i have no issues with its battery life.I am pretty much satisfied with its longevity.I have used this set very heavily playing games,videos,music,internet and loading apps till date.So my review is based on that.

All tested:-
1. It lasts for around 5-6 hrs with continuous video playback watching 480p videos.
2. With continuous music lasts around 7hrs (started at midnight,slept and kept it on,it played till 7am)
3. With continuous data usage(2G) lasts around 4-5 hrs and with 3G it lasts around 3 hrs.
4. I had 5hrs of continuous gaming (shared time with friends) with games such as dead trigger,nfs most wanted,subway surfers,temple run 2,blood and glory and six guns.
5. Only using it for calls,messaging and general purpose lasts around 1 and half days.
6. In standby mode lasts 2 and half days.

One amazing thing about this phone is that it supports almost all games and apps i have loaded.That is really awesome.
Really thumbs up to micromax.I am completely satisfied with this product.

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28 Feb 2013
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Technical review for Micromax Ninja A89

Overall Rating: 5/5

Video Playback: 5/5
In-built player plays mp4, webm formats. MX player plays flv and other formats.
Able to play below resolution videos:
High Quality Flash video (854x480) - Yes
Medium quality WEBM (854x480) - Yes
High quality WEBM (1024x720) - Yes
High Definition (720p) MP4 (1280x720) - Yes
Not able to play:
Full HD (1080p) - No

Camera: 3/5
The camera is average. Image gets blurred if hands shakes. The image becomes dull in low light. Samsung Galaxy Y takes better photo. No Front facing camera! No Flash!

Processor: 5/5
The processor is great. Played Temple Run (1 & 2), Angry Birds (all) and Cut the Rope without any lagging. The benchmark on AnTuTu tool is 7000 which indicates it is better than many expensive devices.

Audio: 5/5
The sound is OK for me. I haven't faced any problem with the earphone either.

Battery: 4/5
Yes, there is a battery backup problem. But it is true for most of the android devices. I have used Samsung Galaxy Y for one year and faced the same problem there also.

Applications: 5/5
There are some preloaded junk applications. However it is very easy to remove using android SDK. The device runs on Android 4.0.4 which has many new features.

Memory (RAM): 5/5
The RAM is enough (512MB) to play HD games.

Memory (ROM): 5/5
There is 512MB memory for storing apps and 2 GB for user storage. Thus you may not need an additional SD card.

Screen: 5/5
The screen is bright and vivid. The touch screen is very sensitive. The device can be used in one hand and that is a great plus for me.

GPS: 4/5
Sometimes takes more than 10 seconds to locate. It has A-GPS and GPS EPO features.

Bluetooth: 5/5
No issues found.

Wi-Fi 5/5
No issues found.

2g & 3G: 5/5
No issues found.

Gravity Sensor: 5/5
No issues found.

Proximity sensor: 5/5
No issues found.

Ambient Light Sensor: 5/5
No issues found.

Not available:
1. Front facing camera
2. Flash LED
3. Near Field Communication (NFC)
4. Compass

You can compare this mobile to any reputed brand mobile having double price. I bet it will outperform them all. Check the benchmark result.

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05 Feb 2013
Best phone less money could buy

As this phone comes for just 6k. so my reviews are based on the price u r paying.

I wanted to buy a good decent phone with 4 inch screen . After filtering i had two options.

Karbonn a15 or Micromax a89. Karbonn a15 was a good phone but didnt have dual core processor comapred to a89

Here are my pro & cons for a89

Pro :
1) Blazing fast. Takes less than 5 seconds to boot after installing 15+ apps
2) Screen is responsive . Touch is good
3) No lags. As the hardware is same as Canvas a110
4) Body Finishing is best. No plastic feel like micromax a87
5) RAM : 512. Gets the job done nicely
6) 500+ MB internal memory which is good. u wont run out of space anytime space
7) 2 GB internal storage
8) Comes with most stable ICS version : 4.0.4
9) Battery is slightly better than a87
10) Comes with a Screen Guard. No running around for finding a compatible screen guard

Con :
None . So far

Note : Since i bought this handset i wont be able to comment on the Battery backup now.

My advice : if you tight on budget go for this cell. No second thoughts. If u need front facing camera and flash, than u can consider "Spice Stellar Nhance Mi-435" which comes at 7k

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28 Apr 2013
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certified buyer
To hell with samsung budget smartphones!!!!

After 2 weeks of use i would like to say that my friend with an htc wildfire n another with a nokia lumia 620 is jealous of my phone...
I hope u can guess wat this phone is capable of...
There is nothing you'll be dissapointed with except d camera.
Though its okay..basic 3 mp cam. Not bad.
The phones does heat up a bit when ul play hd games bt dat cn be ignored...
And those complaining bout d battery- oh bitch please...enough for a day...i used it for games while travelling, music for 2-3 hours, den watched a muvi(madagascar 3) still had 17% of battery at d end of d day at 11pm...
So basically its an awesome phone...i still ddnt get why people hate mmx so much!!!

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03 May 2013
Proximity Sensor Issues.

I have this phone since 2 months and now finding issues with proximity sensor. When on call, once i get the phone near my ears then it screen goes black (normal) but again when i want to press any keys, the phone does not again show the screen, I cant even cut the call, lost 45/- because of this. It gets solved when i remove the battery. Faced it 7 times till now.

Poor quality

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