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Micromax Superfone Canvas A100: Mobile

Reviews of Micromax Superfone Canvas A100

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03 Sep 2012
I bought the Divice and Loving It....But

the divice is great and it best suits over every below twelve thusd... divices in the could take my word in that....

the display is good you cant belive it is not a 720p vivid and crisp....

Music playback capacity is excelent(previously using Nokia 5235 Music edition).......but the head set is the worst one you could get....i tried both nokia and Samsung in ear headphone but both of the wont even work wih the divice....4.5/5 fro music PB...

gamming on a 5" display is so great....i tried all angry birds and some other free version.....they all run with out any problem......will give 4/5 for gamming...

Video ply back is same as in case of gaming.....good display good play back....but it supports 720p PB and sad to say its not in a satisfactory level....some times the sound stops...plays ....stops.....its that way....but no paroblem with 480p works 3.5/5....

internet experience is beyond satisfaction.....woks well on both WiFi as well as EDGE....havent tried 3G...sorry....will give 5/5....

Over all will give a 4/5......

will say go for it.....its worth ever penny you pay.....

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13 Nov 2012
Good phone. Should try.

For all those people who are giving bad ratings for this phone, this is for you. You bought this phone with a lot of doubt in your mind, wether it will last, wether it will perform. Well, if you do not want to take any risk in life about mobile phones, then there is one solution. Stop using mobile phones. They are man made machines. Smart phones are bound to have some glitches always. Dont expect some unbreakable, unfailing, no problematic, "Superfone". Its just a machine after all.

Now coming to mmx superfone, I have been using this phone for over a month now. Twice it has hanged till now, and camera has a little lag, and video call clarity is not great. Other than that, Im totally satisfied with the performance of this phone. There are only minor glitches in the phone which can be easily overlooked. NO Major problems like processor, software, hardware problem.

The touch screen is super soft and responsive. video viewing experience is great. And wi fi hotspot and tethering works super cool.

If this phone does develop a problem and breaks down say afr 6 months, Ill buy another superfone a100. Cos by now, I trust the Brand Micromax, and I've become its fan.. I have long been an apple fan. Why not micromax now which is offering great features at affordable prices? Unlike Apple for which I have to borrow a bank loan to buy a phone or a macbook!

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07 Oct 2012
------ Read this -------

Micromax A100

screen 5 inch 16m colors looks brilliant.

music on loud speaker and earphones are decent enough.

battery life is amazing, can take out a day with heavy usage.

5 mp camera does a decent job in daylight, indoor its ok.

playing games is not a problem.

hd videos does not run on regular video player (720p & above), however it does play on mx player and hd player.

i have used galaxy s3, htc one x, samsung wave, htc one v, galaxy ace. its touch is exactly same, you wont feel any difference.

when i dont show micromax logo ask ppl to use the phone and ask then dnt look the logo behind and tell me wht brand it is. and they were like s3, htc some new model or xperia new series ka mobile hai.

amazed with what micromax has done , micromax rocks !!! it feels like i am using some 25 thousand rs phone.

verdict: if u want best mobile ever go F buy galaxy note 2.

every penny is worth on this mobile, close ur eyes and buy it.

i hope my review will help people buying this great phone at a very reasonable price, coz its our hard earned money.

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13 Sep 2012
Worth every penny...Nothing More!

Im in my 4th week of usage. This handset has been a real crowd grabber ;-). I mean which other handset with this super finish...super size comes at this Super affordable price. below are my detailed observations and user experience for you ;-)

The Good:
Great Looks
Decent battery life
Good feel of the back panel
Right weight
No Lag for normal operations
Great Web browsing exp

The Bad:
3.5 mm jack seems to not accept all headphones
There is a slight cracking sound in the loudspeaker. Sometimes misses to play the entire notification tone. So...poor quality speaker used to save cost.
512 MB RAM is not sufficient & Poor gaming experience
While making outbound calls the Dual Sim notification pops up annoyingly each time. Can't be given a default choice of sim.
Cant get themes

The Ugly:
Hangs almost every alternate day (Oh yeah...thats coz i am currently doing its load test. Have downloaded great deal of apps & games;-))
Can't play games smoothly like its bro the A90. Gets a slow rendering during play
Does NOT support most of the high end games (Asphalt, FL commando, Gears & Guts etc...u got the picture ;-))

Final Verdict
Dude...what do you expect for 10K...!
Please buy it if u want a big display with ICS but its definitely not a gaming device

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16 Oct 2012
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certified buyer

Well, I am not at all a tech savvy person but went for this phone after consulting with many and going through various people who are already using this. My comments are:

1. This is surely a head turner as people are thinking it as some high end device

2. I am not facing any hitches as I could see in the reviews here

3. Battery life is very much satisfactory

4. I am not into games, sot sure about that issue

5. It has got a very bright screen that is highly responsive towards the touches

6. Internet browsing is fun

7. For the pricing, you never can ask for more. No idea why people are comparing this device with others having 30k and more..?!!

8. I recommend anyone who is not in a mood to spend more than 10k can go for this phone with their eyes shut

We Indians are too skeptical & biased...!!

G. Mohan

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20 Aug 2012
first to review
Just Fine....

Very nice product from Micromax... thanks to them. Now days they are releasing one "Superfone" every week.
1. 5" Screen: It makes the phone superb. Watching videos and typing is very pleasing on this large screen.
2. Android 4.0: Most of phones in 10k range don't have 4.0, so another pros for A100.
3. 4GB Memory (1.5GB available to user): More memory means you don't have to worry about no. of apps installed or no need to move apps from phone to SD card.
4. Dual Sim: Not much to mention most of Chinese rebranded phones have this feature.
5. 1GHz Processor: Makes the things fast!

1. No Gorilla Glass protection for large screen, you drop it once by mistake and see your 9999 going into dustbin as large screen is more prone to easy breaking.
2. Single core processor similar to Spice Mi-425 and Karbonn A9.
3. No secondary camera for video calling. This is the most disappointing point.
4. Large size of phone makes it inconvenient to carry around in pocket.

1. Spice Mi-425: It is android 4.0 upgradable, thus only differs in screen size and internal memory. It has secondary camera also.
2. Karbonn A9: Similar to mi-425, but no words on 4.0 upgradation.
3. Spice Mi-500: Exactly similar to A100, but with dual core processor. It will be in market in early September.

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14 Sep 2012
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certified buyer
Really a superfone!!! Awsome must buy!!

Just gifted this phone to my bro and he is stunned with all its features. Thanks to Flipkart because buying this phone around this time was like winning a lottery and Flipkart delivered it well on time.

Now this phone, its just amazing!!! mind blowing I would say. If i rate this phone without looking at price I would suggest 4.5 and when I look at its price I would give it 6(yes! 6 out of 5).

If you haven't held this phone in hand then mind it, It looks way better than in pics. All the features are awesome, specially the touch. People have said that its screen is very scratch friendly but when you get a closer look you would know that it has a screen guard already installed(thanks to Micromax).

Now the performance of the phone is good. You won't be able to play all the HD games(were you even expecting on a 10k phone!). But everything else runs just so smooth and fast. Sometimes you might experience some slow performance for that I will suggest you to restart it once or twice everyday because that solves it.

Overall I would say go for it. Just explore some apps which will help you in getting most out of this phone.

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10 Oct 2012
Awesome phone at an unbelievable price!

I got this phone at Poorvika Mobile after 3 weeks reservation. First impression its a great phone. Its screen resolution is great. Touch screen is no different from S2 if you put a scratch guard. The rubberised plastic on the back gives a good grip to hold and use. It handles the normal phone functions and browsing well. It gets really slow when trying to update apps. So dont do anything while apps are downloaded or being installed. I was able to browse the internet and talk through bluetooth at the same time without any issue. Games run ok while Temple Run has a drag though...I saw the same issue even in no complaints there.

For the cons, the gyroscope takes time to rotate the screen. You need to be patient. Sometimes, the phone doesnt turn On from sleep instantly when power button is pressed. Need to close background apps periodically to speed up the unit (guess this is due to 512MB RAM). Its a shame that they dont have enough stock of this when there is huge demand. Poor demand/supply planning from Micromax end. Launching a great product without supply shows operational inability of the company to handle demand surge.

Overall a great phone to buy and a worthy competitor to S3 or HTC One X provided you can find one in the market!

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31 Aug 2012
clearing all confusions

3 words....go buy it...
and here's why....
at this price(10k) i ll tell u the options u have...
a) a100 b) karbonn a18 c) spice mi-425 d) htc explorer e) huawei x5 and x5pro at 11k f) sony eric xperia mini g) samsung ace for 11k h) long awaited spice mi-500 for 12-13k i) motorola fire xt and defy mini for 11k....

karbonn a18
- 5'>4.3'...16m>256k....2000mah>1500mah...qualcomm > mediatek
spice mi425
-fake ics update promise, display is poor, u ll love stock android than spice customization,
htc expolorer
-3.2' is for kids, no flash, 5mp>3.2mp, ics>gingerbread, 1ghz>600mhz, small battery
huawei x5 and x5pro
-awesome phone with better display and better performing processor only lags for being gingerbread and fact that nobody knows huawei(even though its bigger better company than mmx,spice, karbonn)
sony eric xperia mini
samsung galaxy ace
-launched 2 years ago..r u sure u wanna go for it with 165ppi, 158mb internal storage, gingerbread
spice mi-500
rip spice...i thought they ll take over mmx and karbonn after annoucing steller and horizon but they r nowhere in the race...also i doubt they ll provide dual core, 16m, stock android(my personal choice) etc
motorola fire xt and defy mini
- fire xt has shittest display of all and no good processor
- buy defy if u r in army(respect) or hiker.. for rest of us its no use.

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17 Sep 2012
Plz dont give wrong information

1 Chinese yuan = 8.5494 Indian rupees
1600 Chinese Yuan =13664 Indian rupees
Micromax giving us this much cheaper than this.
It is a god product in its price range.
But ics is a very heavy os why google developed jelly bean , its called project butter. 512 mb of ram and 1 GHz processor is not sufficient for ics. if this model has android 2.3 gb instead of ics it should be a better product.

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