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Microsoft Xbox 360 320 GB with Mass 3 Effect


1 Year India Warranty Microsoft India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
This product is Permanently discontinued.

Microsoft Xbox 360 320 GB with Mass 3 Effect Price: Rs. 33,854

Get into the role of Commander Shepard and save the earth from the evil Reapers with the Microsoft Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 gaming console. The Mass Effect 3 inspired console is built for hard-core and passionate gamers who love the million dollar grossing game, and are ready to play the final instalment in the series.

You can spend hours playing all your favourite games with your family and friends on the Xbox 360. With an inbuilt space capacity of 4 GB, you can install games for faster retrieval on the Xbox 360 console. The bundle comes with an additional 320 GB media drive where you can store games, music, movies and more.

The Xbox 360 console has a DVD loading media bay through which you can play any media burnt onto a DVD. This console acts as a complete home entertainment solution as you can stream HD movies (1080p), play music and play hundreds of games.

Design and Power

The console has an exclusive Mass Effect 3 Armor vault, and is only compatible with Xbox 360 Slim. The front panel of the vault is inspired by the armor design of Commander Shepard, letting you feel that you are directly connected to the game every time you see it. The design adds in a N7 Logo that is illuminated with a two mode LED Light. There are different lighting effects that are sync with the game elements, and are battery powered.

The console unit comes with 3 USB ports on the back panel and 2 on the front panel. These 5 USB ports help you in easily connecting a variety of devices and accessories, improving the functionality of the Xbox 360 gaming console. The armour available for this console is even compatible with Calibur11 vault accessories, exclusive to the Mass Effect 3 game. The 360 gaming console has a standard Ethernet port, optical audio out port and a HDMI port. The front panel has touch-sensitive power button.

Performance and Connectivity

You can connect to the Internet easily with this gaming console as it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi (802.11n). The console is equipped with 5.1 surround sound feature, letting you enjoy all the music and game sounds in high-quality.

The Microsoft gaming console has an excellent online service, the Xbox Live. You can log onto the Xbox Live to download game add-ons like songs, maps, characters etc. Bundled with a Mass Effect game CD, this particular console also offers a Mass Effect 3 code for downloading bonus multiplayer items.

The Xbox Live is the perfect platform for everyone who loves multiplayer gaming. With it, you can experience an entire new level of gaming with multiplayer games. Just log into and dive into a world of online multiplayer games to play with friends or strangers from across the globe. You can interact with other players during playing games using the headset included in the console.

Controllers and Joysticks

This Xbox 360 Slim ships with one wireless controller that has a range of up to 30 feet. You can use the controller continuously for 30 hours using only two AA size batteries.

The controller is ergonomically designed to give you a strain-free gaming experience. The right side of the wireless controller houses 4 face buttons (X, Y, A and B), while the left side is home to the D-pad. You can also use the analog sticks placed on the right and left side of the body for preciously controlling the game elements. In the center there are the Start, Back and Guide buttons. On the back side, you will find the right and left shoulders as well as triggers which complete the intuitive interface of this gadget.

The Kinect Sensor

The Microsoft X-Box 360 Kinect Sensor is a gaming device that lets you experience motion-sense gaming without the use of any controllers. The Kinect sensor is small and thin device that looks like an over-extended webcam that can be setup on the top or bottom of your TV.

The sensor can be easily setup with the X-Box 360 by connecting it to a USB port on the console. The Kinect Sensor uses 3-D depth sensors to measure your body movements. So while playing the games with a Kinect Sensor, you are the controller.

The front of the sensor has an RGB camera and a multi-array microphone. The camera is used to recognize a user while playing the game. You can also use the camera to take photos and record videos at 30 fps with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The resolution of the depth sensors is also measured at 640 x 480 pixels. You can automatically adjust the sensor for an appropriate viewing angle by using the motorized tilt. The microphones come in handy for providing voice input when needed.

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Specifications of Microsoft Xbox 360 320 GB with Mass 3 Effect

Brand Microsoft
Model Xbox 360
Console Type Console
In The Box Microsoft X-Box 360 4 GB Kinect Bundle (Black), Microsoft 320GB Media Hard Drive, Mass Effect 3 Vault (XBox-360), Mass Effect game CD
Exclusive Mass Effect 3 Armor Design, Two Mode LED Light Up N7 Logo, Commander Shepard Textured Chest Piece, Mass Effect 3 Code for Bonus Multiplayer Items, Including ME3 CE Authenticity Certificate, Battery Powered Lighting Effects, Compatible with all Calibur11 Vault Accessories
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Reviews of Microsoft Xbox 360 320 GB with Mass 3 Effect

Recent top reviews

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Binu KR

Jan 29, 2016

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Excellent Package

At this price, Xbox360 4Gb standalone is good to have but it doesn't come with the Kinect motion sensor. You can enjoy all the controller games.

Suseela Hariharan

Jan 9, 2016

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Excellent Console at a great price

I'm writing my review after 10-15 days of gaming in this console

Pros : 1) though 4GB, you can simply use a Pen Drive or HD , connect it to the back , install all the games in it and play without worrying about the internal storage space
2) Can play all the apps like youtube, Netflix ( …
(View complete review)


Feb 5, 2015

About xbox 360

it is written that it is xbox e model but picture of that is xbox 360 s model...what is in box e or s model????????


Feb 4, 2015

Best Gaming Console

Xbox 360 Is the best gaming Console ever .
Best graphics , Affordable.
But spacepad website is providing the game at more cheaper rate with 1 year warranty.
so i recommend customers to buy this xbox from spacepad


K V Ketan

Feb 3, 2015

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Amazing Value for money

Great product, although sometimes I wish I was able to play PS exclusives but the XBox is so much more fun with friends.

Top reviews

View all top reviews(52)

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himanshu gopal

Jan 27, 2012

Xbox 360

here is a quick short review,
Xbox 360 S 4GB is cheapest proper gaming console. it lacks hard disk, multiplayer gaming service xlive service is not free, but still i think its a better 'gaming console' than PS3.

compared to PS3,

1. cheaper than PS3 160GB by Rs.2000/-

2. controllers can be used with PC

3. supports VGA HD cable to play on old monitors

4. Xlive is fun :D

5. dedicated kinect port and more USB slots [compared to 2 in ps3 slim]

6. overall build quality is impressive, its lighter, smaller, has touch senstive buttons, looks good, as compared to PS3 slim

1. Lacks g

Aman Pahwa

Dec 1, 2014

Amazing Console!!!! Benefits Over PS4 and Xbox!!

Though I have not purchased this gaming console through flipkart but i want to give this a thumps up. Hey guys! please go for this as it is good to buy Xbox 360 instead of new gen consoles (PS4 or Xbox 1), as they are costly in India. Their price will go down after 2-3 years drastically, so for time being go for it as you will enjoy same games as provided for New Generation Consoles.

1. Cheaper than Xbox 1 and PS4.
2. Lot of games.
3. You can play new launched games also.
4. Great Controllers (Always buy an original one if you are going for 2nd controller) and good controllers as compar


Jul 6, 2013

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer


Excellent condition. And worth it. Instead of buying the 250 GB go in for th 4 GB and pick up a 320 GB HD Xbox 360 Harddisk seperately it saves alot of cash.

Shyam Sundar

Jul 11, 2012

The Best Gaming Console!

I bought the Xbox 360 S 4GB console on 28/5/12.I bought it for Rs.14990 from a nearby store.
Its a excellent piece of machine! I bought the one for 4GB since i wanted the console only and the salesperson told me that it wont make a lot of difference if i got the 250GB version; since it was costing 7k more i thought i'd go with this.

It plays games very smoothly.Haven't noticed any noise coming from it every time i put the disc in, even in a quite room.I plugged to my CRT TV and works good.Theres 5 USB ports in it so its pretty awesome. I can connect any flash drive, external hard disk or came

Ourba Ganguly

Feb 3, 2012

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

Xbox - To me, a real treat!

An LCD and Xbox Kinect to Play
don't wanna go to work, Wanna Play it all day!

I am not a kiddie I am 29
I want the adrenaline run down my spine

Play it with your friends, as life is a game
If not bought, What a big shame!

Well, i recently bought this console through flipkart, my 8th purchase from the store!

I reserched well before buying this 4gb model.

Xbox and PS3 cannot are both good in their own domain

Compare it with the number of titles, Human Interface (kinect or Move) or GPUs,Blue Ray, Wi-fi enablement each console has their own pros and cons

In case you are an avid gamer, woul

Vaibhav Sharma

Mar 23, 2012

The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer

DVD drive died in just 6 months!!!!

I have re reviewed this product. A known problem with this generation of Xbox is dvd drive gets stuck. Well mine too did and after a while just stopped reading games. It would open and all but wont read the game. And dvd drive replacement is expensive. It can cost anywhere between 2.5 to 4k that too in delhi's popular markets. And the games are also very expensive so after playing a while I had to crack it. I never wanted to but my mom wouldnt give me rs 2200 for every popular game. Just buy a pc. Cheap games and more powerful absolutely better than this. An hd 7770 will absolutely kick the as


Mar 30, 2013


I have the xbox ....few days back I bought it it is so so so good don't listen to anbody just go for it graphics are really good ......................... EVEN theradbrad plays on XBOX so so so so so so so so so so happy :)

aley khan

Apr 19, 2012

awesome console

first of all the xbox 369 s does not suffer from rrod that is the red ring of death
well the color is great kinect is 10 times better than the ps move if you have seen the console wars you would know that every game on xbox360 is better than the ps3 including the graphics the controller is 20 times better than the contrroler of the ps3 the only downside is the 4 gb memory but you can a 320 gb hardisk or a 250 gb console well it is a little expensive but you can get pirated games i love my 360 more than my ps3 as i have both and i have a 5 year expereins of these both consoles i have them sin

Aryaman Yadav

Apr 12, 2012

Thumbs UP and Thumbs Down

Well it is a great buy and the colour is also goodwell i should say pretty cool....! But kinect is not as smooth as ps3 MOVE
and the main problem is RROD (Red Ring of Deah) disk drive failure
as it does'nt read the disks at all...!!! Although the games in X-Box are cheaper than games in PS3 but they are not in HD. The cost
is also too much than PS3 Move and it is just giving 4GB...!!!!
While PS3 is giving 320 GB and a starter disk free for Rs 19,990!
SO i must say that PS3 move is a better buy...!!!!!!!!!!!

Karan Dhalla

Dec 24, 2012

xbox vs ps3

As compared to the ps3 Xbox 360 is actually much better.. some people argue that the ps3 has better graphics...that is not true
Both the Xbox and the ps3 belong to the same generation of console..I.e the 7 but the Xbox has a better processor with a marginally better frame rate than the ps3 therefore the games have better lighting and slightly more detailed.
Microsoft also has provided a better connectivity with one being able to connect it to ones pc. The Kinect is simply awesome miles better than the ps move..the move feels like a poor man's Wii...
Xbox live may be pricey but it provides a
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