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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens: Lens

Reviews of Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens

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14 Feb 2012
One of the mind blowing product from Nikon

I own this lens which works perfectly with my D5100. Since it is FX format lens, cropping will happen while using with DX format cameras like D3000/3100/5100/D90/D7000 etc. But good thing is that, you will get sharpest image while cropping the aberrant sides and corners of the frame.

Image quality is simply awesome. 5 stars for that...!!

I tried this tiny lens on my D5100 , setting up the aperture f11 and set up soft box flashes. The result was awesome and unbelievable image quality.. i couldnt even find a noise/spot even zoomed the pic in to maximum level. I took another pic using Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm f 2.8 lens, keeping the aperture f11,still the Nikon image was outstanding...!!

From my personal experience, i could say this is the best , sharper, faster (thanks to SWM mechanism)Nikor lens which comes for a nominal price.

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14 Oct 2011
first to review
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Awesome lens for its price.!!

I ordered this lens on sunday night and it was delivered by flipkart self-delivery on wed.. the packaging was very good and light as well :P, total weight of the parcel was only 0.7 kgs. The lens came nicely protected.

This lens is amazing. It comes with a hood and a lens bag as well.
Its a pretty sharp lens.. much better then the kit and the F1.8 aperture allows low-light shots.

And yes, This one DOES auto-focus on cameras like D5000 and D3000 which need AF-S

The autofocus is fast.

Overall awesome product for its price..

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19 Feb 2012
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Best Budget Prime

If you are just starting out with your very first lens this you gonna love after the kit lens which you might have been using. Its sharp even at f1.8. Love this one. Excellent low light and for portraits! This is better than the 50mm f1.8D in terms of the glass since it has aspherical element. Moreover it allows you to over ride automatic focus to fine tune ie with A/M mode which is not there in the D. But if you want to control aperture during video shooting on any Nikon then D is better coz it has the aperture ring. Hopefully Nikon will allow the same as Canon to change shutter speed and aperture during video recording. If you can spend a little more f1.4 is also awesome. But best bang for buck is this one. and also to note this is a FX lens so you get 75mm on a DX body like D3100, D5100, D7000 which is actually excellent for portraits!

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24 Nov 2011
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Awesome lens; matched by excellent service from Flipkart

I got this lens in Mysore at 12.35 P.M. by Flipkart courier! In exactly 40 hours delivery was effected by Flipkart. I am impressed. Not even in the U.S. did I experience such prompt service. KUDOS!!

The lens is awesome! I tried it out and clicked some excellent pics with it including stunning portraits. Along with my 18- 55 mm and 70-300 mm zoom lenses, I am armed now to face any photographic experience!!

I recommend this lens to those waiting on the threshold to buy a similar one. Of course I recommend you to buy it from FLIPKART. In India no one gives you better attention and service. And they sell you genuine products.

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Amit Patil
21 May 2014
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Excellent lens


I am using nikon d5100.
The kit lens 18-55 mm does not give big aperture openings.
I want to take my kid ( always moving ) portaits indoor (low lights) witout using flash.
So i decided to take prime lens with big aperture.

Nikor 50mm f/1.8 AFS lens is having 1.8f as max aperture ,sharpest at 2.8f.
Effective focal lengh on DX mount 75mm.
Excellent low light performance.
Fast autofocus.
Autofocus with Manual Overidde( Note - we can change focus also in autofocus mode.
focus ring is movable in auofocus too !)

Consusion between 35mm and 50mm 1.8f:
Take ur nikon camrea , set it to 35mm and see the area getting covered during snaps.
Then set it to 50mm and see the area getting covered.
If u want wide angle more then u can go for 35mm.

But plese note follwing:
1. 50mm lens is having excellent bokeh better than 35mm
2. Fast autofocus than 35mm.

Potraits means half body or face.U can cover full body by keeping cam vertical.

So dont get confuse between 35mm and 50mm, go for this if despertely dont want wide angle..

Go for this , you wont regret.

Amit Patil
Navi Mumbai

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22 Mar 2014
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Start Clicking & Enjoy

35mm & 50mm are two superb prime lens you must have.Start working with one of this to get sharp, crisp & quality pictures. I will never say other lenses are bad but these 2 will meet all ur requirements.My cam is D5100. I replaced my 18-55mm kit lens with 18-105 for zooming & I bought 50mm & 35mm prime lens for everything else.

Pictures taken with both these lens are sharp, crisp & colourful.The brokeh effectof 35mm is good but not as good as 50mm. I give 5**** for both this lens for giving quality pictures in both High & low light.Its does a good job while shooting indoors. Both prime lens works great in all situations. It collects more light and allows you to shoot at higher shutter speeds to get crystal clear picture.

Don't think too much. Just go for it. My advice is buy both 35mm & 50mm prime lens. Now flipkart is giving it for half of its orginal price. I received my new 50mm prime lens 4 days back for 7678. When you are gonna get a lens for half of its present market price pls dont think too much about warranty issues. That is one useless point. A lens will start behaving bad only if u mishandle it. Always remember you will not get Warranty for mishandled products. so play safe with every lens & simply give them the best care.
They will never disappoint you.

Next point is pls dont compare 35mm vs 50mm prime lens too much. 50mm will zoom more when compared to 35mm. Thats the only differece. 35mm plays an important role When i do indoor group photography bcoz its wide enough to capture every one, some times with 50mm you may not get too much space to step back to accomadate every one in to one single frame correctly. I find 35mm is perfect for taking wide photographs. 35mm acts as 50mm and 50mm act as 75 mm in my cam(D5100), Just get a18-105 mm lens to know how much difference it makes with 50mm and 75mm zoom. My advice is get both.

Now the question is if you have a camera with an inbuilt auto-focus motor should i buy one of this. I would say buy 35 mm or 50 mmG lens only. Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8D lensis available for Rs.5670. This model doesnt have am auto-focus motor but now flipkar is giving both lens below 8000 bucks so definitely its a good buy go for it boys. You are gonna find all other lens not crunchy, not sharp enough, too hefty and too expensive for their image quality .

I received my 50mm lens 4 days back. Seller: WS Retail.
5***** for len, 5***** for WS Retail & 5***** for flipkarts superb service & packing
So friends what are you waiting for? Order one of this lens todays
itself for half of its current market price ...
Start Clicking & Enjoy
~~~~~~ J ~~~~~~
john.john at

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28 Feb 2012
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Fantastic must have lens for NikonD3100 or Nikond5100

A 50mm lens is a must have for a DSLR enthusiast. If you can find and afford the AF-S 50MM 1.4G it would be terrific. But, with nearly similar specs and build the AF-S 50MM 1.8G is very good and it does not hurt the pocket.

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06 Feb 2012
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People now call me a Pro!

That's true! The images that this lens has produced has impressed the people so much that they think I am a pro! I picked up a DSLR around 2 years back. But got this lens in October 2011. Shot 3 weddings with it n ONLY THIS LENS. The end result was awesome! will totally recommend this to all the people.

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17 Oct 2011
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Best prime lens at this price

Thanx to flipkart for a swift 2 days delivery, i got this today for my nikon D3100 dslr.
I bought this lens for its creamy out of focus blur or what professionals call bokeh.And i must say this lens does an amazing job at bokeh for my portrait and low light photography.

Razor sharp fast auto focus, bright pictures even at low light.
Anyone using their stock lens on a DSLR is missing out the amazing potential of this thing. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a budget lens with amazing portrait and low light shots.

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19 Jan 2014
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certified buyer

its one od the most beautiful lenses that iv used till now. apart from the product, the delivery and the order procedure from flipkart was very comfortable. i got my lens within 2 days of my order. verry happy with it

P.S those who r worried tht flipkart doesnt give warrenty on nikon products, dont worry as iv done my homework before buying it and there is nothing of that sort. to be sure, itook my lens to the nikon service center and things went as i expected it to go...

so go ahead and place the order.... you are going to have amazing experiences with this lens

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