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Nokia 101: Mobile

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04 Oct 2011
Why 101 when you have all tempting Droids, Badas, Blackberrys and Windows?

To all those who are looking for smart phones, don't waist your time reading this. This isn't for you.

To all those who want to optimize the functionality of phone from a productive stand point of view, this is definitely for you! And I belong here.

Having two cell phones is a common trend these days. One for personal and the other for official/business. This phone belong to the latter. Now I would want to categorize this further as phone used for typical functions of call/text and those that are used for emails. If you don't have requirement of email, this is definitely a tailor made phone for you.

If your requirement is only call/text to communicate official/business information, this is something you should buy. Features that support this:
1. Dual SIM and dual standby: For obvious reasons.
2. Terrific battery back up.
3. Very helpful reminders and basic editable spreadsheets,
4. Carrying this phone is carrying a flashlight. Now, how many times do we miss flash lights? Issue resolved.
5. Music is the quickest and easiest get away and this phone has a decent music player with decent quality of sound output. Comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack. I use this feature with my Sennheiser to isolate myself during work for hours as battery doesn't dry quickly.

For the price offered, the features given are ample. This makes a very good work phone.

And for everything personal, there are always Driods, Badas, Blackberrys and Windows!

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29 Sep 2011
Best option for texter's

I bought this phone 2days back n its the best phone in d market @ 1600 as it is Dualsim,mp3,32 days battery backup ,16 expandable microSD slot . More of all ,its NOKIA . Even samsung dual sim is price at around 2000 with mp3,microsd card slot.

[ No signal probs at all] ..

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01 Oct 2011
Thanks to android for making Nokia down to earth !

Very good Phone at this price ! At 1600 buck its worthwhile in anyway after all its from the stable "NOKIA" .....

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28 Oct 2011
awesomee phone

this is the awesome mobile at this price...i ordered it and got it ...only for 1500/- you got ...a mobile...battery...earphone...and a new slider charger...and main amazing thing is that it has dual sim...its music quality is very very good loud and clear...battery is too good....its keypad is very comfortable to use ...i say for 1500 bucks its a big deal

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29 Sep 2011
nice dual sim

nokia cheapest dual sim mobile. we are waiting to get launched in india. in ths mobile we have tourch

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12 Jan 2012
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Faults of 101 from personal experience

Hi All,

I've been using this set for the last one month and I thought it's time for me to jot down my personal experience with this one.

First I'll start with the faults of this set as I think these are the things buyers need to know before choosing this one:

1. The main problem I faced is, in a busy place where crowd and other noise is present, people complain that they can't hear my voice. They only hear distorted noise. But while on a quiet place this problem doesn't occur. I guess the microphone in the set is unable to reduce the noise and filter the user voice or something. Probably this is the reason I'll have to change the set. (I haven't used the headphone for this in a busy place so can't comment.)

2. The vibrator is very very weak. This is very much what I didn't expect.

3. While calling a number many a time the call is getting connected with Loud Speaker on. This is a bug. It's not happening all the time, but not very less frequently. Mostly happening while using dual SIM.

4. Battery life is not very impressive for me. When using dual SIM together, the battery is getting discharged way faster than expected. When using a single SIM, the battery life is not as good as with the previous Nokia low range sets.

5. When I'm on roaming, network connectivity is a major issue. Sometimes I had to go to the network settings to make the network search manual and select my service provider, and of course if you are traveling long distance the battery is getting discharged like anything because it has to search for network connectivity continuously.

6. I type quite fast in typing sms. The response I must say is a bit slow. At least slower than other Nokia set.

It has a music player but I haven't loaded a single mp3 song or listened to it although I've loaded a memory chip. So can't comment on mp3 sound quality or battery life of listening to music. Neither I've tried the FM. But the polyphonic ringtones are satisfactory loud.

Obviously you will go for this one because it has the dual SIM feature and it's unexpectedly very cheap, looks great, and pressing buttons have never been so good like this one. Light phone. Dropped it twice nothing happened. Go for this one but of course keep in mind the points I've mentioned.

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26 Nov 2011
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One of the best mobile at this price

If you want to a good basic mobile, then this is the one of the best at this price. My experience with this mobile is superb. If you don't want features like 1) Bluetooth, 2) Internet, 3) Image viewer, 4) Video viewers, 5) Camera - then, surely you should buy this mobile.

Benefits of Nokia 101:
1) From reliable manufacturer Nokia
2) SAR (radiation level) of 1.28 on higher side compared to the higher limit of 2 (this low radiation prevents related problems)
3) Good built quality
4) Dual-sim
5) Capacity of 16-GB card (I use 8 GB and its running smooth & fast)
6) Good voice clarity especially on headset
7) Good flashlight
8) Considerably high battery back-up
9) Loud and lovable music quality
10) Looks is fine and mobile is light-weight

1) The keypad is such that you may not be able to press it without slight feel in your fingers
2) No USB plug-in to memory card (you have to use card reader to shuffle your music files/MP3 songs)
3) In Inbox, you don't get total number of SMS counted. But, this is not a major issue
4) No Dual-sim Standby - if you are using 1 SIM, 2nd will not be available. This can be a major issue if you are using both SIMs as the only contact numbers of yours.
5) No Bluetooth
6) No internet
7) No Image viewer
8) No camera (its better to have no camera rather than a bad camera)

Overall, its a classic mobile at this rate. Go for it if you want a reliable & wonderful basic mobile at low rate.

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22 Mar 2013
Not Fully Satisfied

I am a person who is using a low end device as my secondary mobile phone.The secondary phones I used until now where Motorola C168 , Nokia 1661 ,Nokia C1-01 and
finally Nokia 101(on which i am talking about).

Motorola,1661 and c101 satisfied me about 90%, due to my rough and tough use these secondary phones were frequently being updated to a new one and reached to Nokia 101.

First of all, with my experience on using a low end device especially from nokia, certain qualities were maintained by them in case of its software and hardware and its parts.Due to that belief I bought a new Nokia 101 , first defect starts from its body and design.It has a worst design and a non hard cheap body.But i thought that its software will tally that problem.But that too changed my beliefs.Its home screen itself made my impressions went on air.I put a memory card and tried to play music,then shows another defect,the skin seems to be too awe(worst) and its functioning were all head turned. I have to say a satisfactory thing that it has a excellent sound and sound quality.Then going by its path, i found i cant have an access to memory card and only songs can be played from it,no external themes ,no external wallpapers,no U S B connectivity with computer etc.
I thought of buying this phone seeing the reviews and 4.3 star rating from Flipkart and other websites,i never have thought of this type of a mess.

I will briefly summarise my review with its merits and demerits,
*Light weight
*Good Sound Quality
*Good Battery Backup
*Quality Charger and Headphone (packed with phone)
*Rubber type good quality buttons

*Low Built Quality
*Cheap software
*Cheap design
*Little delayed processing
*No options for sd card exploring
*Low phonebook memory (500 contacts)
*Worst User Interface
*No Bluetooth
*No U S B port
*No external wallpaper,themes,games etc.
*No call recording

I know many readers may blame me saying that if i want all the functions go for a high\middle end device,right. For those who blame me, what i want to say is to compare this phone with Nokia C1-01 which is my old phone on a market price of 1800, which has all the functions which i mentioned on Nokia 101 as defects.I haven't bought C1 01 because of that i have already one with me which is worn and torn by my rough and tough use,what i needed is a change and took this and not fully satisfactory is my result.

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10 Aug 2012
nothing special in this mobile

this phone is only suitable for people who want dual sim and brand name of nokia in this budget or for elder people who wants an easy to operate mobile. But for people who are not very rigid about brand name, better options are available in market.

1. the worst thing in this mobile is , there is only one speaker (ie the back speaker) in the whole mobile, there is no speaker in earpiece.Earpiece is just there for show, so while talking other people who are near to you, can listen you very easily. I was not expecting such kind of design from nokia.

2. No bluetooth, other brands offer bluetooth in this price range.

3. no call recording or theft tracker (I dont understand why nokia dont provide theft tracker in any mobile,and provide call recording only in few models)

4. this mobile has microsd card slot, but doesnt have any file explorer, there is only mp3 player, in which you can play the mp3 files stored on microsd card, but you cant browse any other file on microsd card. there is no option even for checking how much memory is used and how much is left in microsd.

the pros of this mobile are

1. Torch light (very rare in nokia mobile)
2. comfortable keypad
3. 3.5mm jack
4. good battery backup

If you are considering buying this mobile, I strongly suggest you to have a look at Salora mobiles at flipkart.

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29 Mar 2012
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Total paisa vasool phone !!

Awesome phone for 1445. Here's what you get in just 1445:
1. Dual sim

2. External memory expandable up to 16Gb (micro sd)

3. Nokia 101 has hot swap, means your micro sd card slot is at the side of the phone & you dont have to turn off your phone & remove the battery every time you need to take out your memory card.

4. Great battery life. Once fully charged, my phone lasts for 3.5 to 4 days. All this when I indulge in sms chatting, making normal calls & listening to music.

5. This phone has a 3.5 mm jack- I connect my altec lansing VS2621 & blast away. Altec lansing VS2621- best 2.1 speakers for laptop.

6. Torchlight- comes in handy many times.

7. Has FM radio but no recording feature :-(

8. Supports MP3 ringtones & has vibration mode too.

9. Games- Sudoku & the 'lame' tone generator. Sudoku is good.

10. Also has Panchagram- this tells you which hindu month is running & the paksh whether Shukl paksh or Krishn paksh. I'm sure some people will appreciate this feature.

Now here's what I didnt like about this phone-

1. The calendar doesn't support more than 10 reminders & it doesn't repeat them every year automatically. I'm sure everyone has more than 10 people whose b'days you need to remember. So this feature gets a DISLIKE !!

2. I wish this phone had USB connectivity then I wouldn't have to take out the memory card every time I needed to update my songs :-(

Verdict- Overall, a great buy at 1445 (this price only at flipkart). Its a great value for money !!

Flipkart service- Excellent. Got the phone in 3 days. Packaging was very good. Good customer support too.

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