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Nokia 808 PureView: Mobile

Reviews of Nokia 808 PureView

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14 Jun 2012
Best. Camera-phone. Ever.

I'd like to set the record straight about this phone as there are some ignorant reviews (like those from Nishant Sharma, Susheel Karkada and Subhanu Bhattacharya)

Yes, we know that "Megapixel alone doesn't make great pictures". Seriously guys, we know better than this.
So, why would Nokia put a 41MP camera in one and call it an innovation?
Because it IS an innovation:
PureView uses a method called "oversampling" to gather information from as many as 8 pixels and combine them into 1 pixel for a resulting 5MP or 8MP picture.
This produces an image that has almost zero noise, exceptional detail and almost as good as a DSLR. Seriously, the level of detail in the images is incredible (check out some samples on GSMArena or Nokia site)
Also, PureView allows upto 3x lossless zoom on 1080p video - never before possible on a phone!

So is the best-camera phone better than a DSLR you can get for roughly the same price?
Yes and No.

No, because of course a DSLR will be infinitely more flexible and offer more features.
But on the other hand, Yes, because you don't carry your DSLR everywhere you go - and lots of exciting moments happen when you least expect them.

To be fair, it is not perfect, and these are the cons from my point of view:
1. Nokia belle is a great OS, but there is no denying that it is dated; and apps are limited.
2. Display resolution is not great and is only 190ppi (by comparison iPhone's Retina display has over 300ppi)
3. It could have been a bit slimmer.
4. 33k is far too much

Because of these, I knock off one star.

Bottom line:
This is a phone for people who just want a phone with a great camera.
If you need dual-core or unlimited apps, go get an Android phone. If you want MS office, get Windows Phone.
But if you want the greatest camera available on a phone, and have the money, then this is your pick!

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14 Jun 2012
Best of the beast.

First of all I do agree that samsung galaxy s3 is far better than samsung galaxy s2. However, samsung galaxy s2 and nokia n8 are both best of their time. Same is with samsung galaxy s3 and 808 pureview. Both have high end features and more options. 1 is for power gaming and applications, the other is for power usage.

Divyanshu Negi I don't want a DSLR cam. Tell me a DSLR Camera which I can use it with wifi, receive calls, messages, emails, music, gps, games, applications etc. Well now tell me the cell phone with best camera and all the features? :D

Samsung galaxy s3 has andriod os, and andriod requires quad core cpu etc. Belle doesn't requires that high end cpu and more ram. It runs on minimum ram. I am happy with belle. It does its job for me. It is fast enough for me and I amhappy with it. I have galaxy s2 and n8 cell phone as well. I still prefer my n8 over s2. A lot of things in belle is also better then andriod. I agree with price is 32 is too much, but s3 is also 38, which is to much. For quaq core performance and better gaming. I love my computer and ps3, if I want to play portable gaming, Ill go for PS Vita. I need a cell phone with all features and the best. I am again abig fan of nokia for making this product and am proud owner of it.

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13 Jun 2012
Great product!!

This is the best Cameraphone you can get. Hats off to Nokia. Considering specifications:
1) 41 MP Multi-Aspect Oversampling Sensor, best camera quality.
2) The beautiful Nokia Belle FP 1 with Dolby Surround.
3) 16 GB inbuilt Memory.
4) Nokia Belle is very well optimized for single core processors and less RAM. It doesn't need quad-core chips.
1) 184 ppi screen is not good. Symbian should support at least FWVGA resolution.
2) Design is a but bulky, might uncomfortable to some.
3) Desktop Adobe Flash support is nowhere to be seen.
4) Broadcom BCM7263 GPU is not powerful enough.
Overall, a highly recommended product for photographers, but in case you want power, consider HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III.

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14 Jun 2012
About PureView Technology

Many have taken by mistake that, 41MP camera!!! what am I going to do with that? Of course it can take images with 34(16:9) or 38(4:3) Megapixels but the real game-changer is the pureview technology which combines 8pixels into one pixel to give stunning 5MP image at 1MB of memory. It can even be set to take 8MP or 2MP images with never before seen quality on a compact camera.

It doesn't stop there, have you ever wanted to zoom into your subject using any phone, of course not because the image will get grainy. But with Nokia808 you can do digital zoom without any loss to some extent, which varies depending on 5MP 0r 8MP or 2MP images. This applies to the video capture also which gives 4X lossless zoom for 1920X1080p, 8X for 1280X720 and amazing 12X lossless zoom for 640X360. You can even do slow-motion video capture at 640X360 res.

With all this image capturing capabilities the phone also comes with CD-quality audio capture in videos with true stereo effect.

The 1.3GHz processor is enough for smooth operation of the phone, for gaming and video capturing the phone has separate powerful processing units.

The operating system of this phone must not be considered as a barrier for buying it because there more than enough games and few important apps available, everyone who is looking for a real camera phone should buy this without hesitation.

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13 Jun 2012
It's a great product by Nokia

If you are looking for a smartphone with a very good camera then this is the best choice for you. It is not only great in capturing images but also in recording CD quality sound which no other smartphone currently available can capture.

If you are worried about it having Symbian OS, then please be aware that Nokia will support Symbian “at least up to“ 2016. Also remember that it has Nokia Belle which is the best Symbian OS. I have been using Nokia Belle and it's really great.

You will never regret for buying this phone. The cost is bit high but it might come down soon.

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31 Jul 2012 are just like Roger Federer.. No matter how many people criticize you, you will prove your metal...

I bought this phone 3 weeks ago and the word that goes for this phone is " THE BOND"... Although Nokia market is going through some jittery phase mostly because of the fandroids, this phone has come as a savior.

The most important point is that people are criticizing Nokia without knowing the features. When I told my friends (who also are fandroids)that I am gonnna buy Nokia 808 pureview, they simply rejected it. When i told them that it has 41 MP camera sensor, dolby surround sound, 1.3 GHz processor, FM Transmitter, HDMI port, Full HD video with lossless zoom, they changed their mind. :-)

So, my review for this phone goes like this----> As everyone knows, this is the best camera phone I have ever used. I clicked the photograph of ANT and amazingly, i can see every minute detail of the tiny creature. The colours are amazing and 38MP full resolution pics are simply best when zoomed (You can take the pic of an object kept approx 1 KM away...thats right, 1 KM away!!!)...
The video quality is again the best. The SGS3 has the worst video recording quality (even poorer to N8)...

About the Symbian Belle FP1 OS, this is awesome. It is quiet fast, the interface is good, and the best part... you can use almost 6-7 apps at a time without any sluggish behavior.

Nokia has built its own Operating System and is not going through any criticism of copyright breach just like Samsung is facing.

Symbian is altogether a different Operating than Android or Blackberry OS. No one do comparison between Android OS and Blackberry OS and also no one criticizes the latter, even though the Blackberry is having far less apps than Nokia OVI store.

It is very unfair if you are trying to defame a company who is known to give the best user friendly phones for decades and it is still giving the best technological gadgets to the market.

Nokia 808 Pureview is simply amazing. I will highly recommend it for all the smart phone buyers who are actually in a mood to buy Android phones. Give a second thought to Nokia.

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19 Jun 2012
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Just one word. Awesome.

Ok, so I got this phone today. I've been playing around with it for a while.

It's exactly what I expected. Just awesome.

People who have no idea of belle and pureview can keep trolling about Android or ios, but this is in a different league. Yes, the browser is still weak, but that's just one shortcoming. I have an Htc One X as my second phone and IMO, it's a piece of crap compared to this. I have a long history with Android (Xperia X10, Desire, Desire HD, Nexus S, Incredible S, One X), so I'm not just a blind nokia fan trolling here.

People who think that Symbian is rubbish without ever having given anna/ belle a try will never understand this phone. For the rest of you, enjoy it. It'll probably be a phone as revered as the N900.

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20 Jun 2012
Excellent image quality!

GsmArena has a blind test between the

Nokia 808 PureView
iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy S III
Nokia N8
Olympus E-PL2 interchangable lens, large sensor camera

and the nokia 808 won...
Also the quality in daylight came incredibly close to the Canon 5D Mark III...Amazing achievement by Nokia at imaging! This mobile will definitely replace most point and shoot cameras and i wish i had the budget to get this phone! but i never will and can only dream...i hope it drops to a reasonable price so i can get it! Please don't rate the phone without using and idiotic fandroids aren't welcome get it! get lost! u know nothing about technology!

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08 Jul 2012
A Smartphone in a Camera. The best. Though every rose has it's thorn

I traded my Galaxy S3 for this one. And I'm loving it.

The pros first:
1. Excellent build quality. Feels like a Tank, built like a Tank and looks like a Submarine.
2. Gorgeous screen. Though it's got a low resolution, but it never feels like that. In fact, this is the best screen in any smartphone. Excellent in sunlight. The colors don't fade even in direct sunlight.
3. Fast. Yes! It's FAST!. Ya Ya I know, single core? so what? it's so damn fast. I just love going through the menu just because it feels fast!
4. BEST CAMERA IN SUCH A PORTABLE DEVICE EVER. Comparable to DSLRs. It took shots comparable to my Canon 550D. And the video recording is actually better because the sound is out of this world.
5. Best audio output in a device. Dolby surround sound. Actually. And I'm not using my iPod anymore. Nuff said.
6.Battery backup is pretty amazing considering the size of the screen. It lasts for almost 2 days on average usage. i.e. around 2-3 hours of calls, Web browsing for hours. Hours of music and a lot of picture.
Though make a not that if you use the Xenon Flash a lot, the battery life would be considerably shorter.
7. The touch screen response it marvelous.

1. Screen resolution. It's low. Could have been higher.
2. A little bulky. The camera hump on this beast is even bigger than that of the Nokia N8's.
3. Lacks of apps. Though I myself don't use many apps but for some this may be an issue.
4. That's it.

Should you buy it?
Well, I'd say yes, absolutely go for it. But then again, some people just want to install all sorts of apps on their devices. Most of them useless, so those people won't like this phone.
But if you are looking for a Smartphone and a Camera par excellence, then you should not miss this one. Because you won't regret it.

Final verdict: Go For it. But remember, Every rose has it's thorn.

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02 Jul 2012
This is such a pain...........

Reading the reviews by fandroids my insides were literally boiling so compelled to write this review.
First things first:
The phone is a total masterpiece with the newly INNOVATED ingenious Pureview technology by Nokia (SGS3 fans please quote such innovation by SAMSUNG if you can).Im not needed to tell the quality that it provides.

Considering the thickness and weight of the phone remember guys this is a 41 mp sensor and a powerpacked lens its due to occupy some space and mass.Only Nokia could have done this marvel to fit it in best.

Screen size and resolution do matter but for a phone 4-4.3 incher does a good job. Go and buy a Tab if you want more. Resolution and ppi are the areas nokia should look upon.

About processor; Nokia does a very good job by giving a 1-1.3Ghz processor. A phone seldom made to run more than 4 to 5 different Apps Windows whatever one may call. And the above mentioned processors suffice for the job. No one plays an HD game along with an open Store and a facebook account logged in while listening to music.So rest assured.

Now coming to the OS section(I have been long waiting for this;) ) Bells UI is not only good but much superior to Androids(Touchwiz,Sense etc etc) One can make folders and arrange installations into their respective categories like Apps Games Internet and so on.So one can say that symbian is an OS for people who like discipline and neat arrangement not for the Rowdy Rathores..
When one changes a theme on a symbian phone most of icons change and make a complete makeover of phone
About Apps on Google play I would like to advice fandroids to take a sneek peak to see who are the developers of millions of Apps...are all those Professionals or just Amateurs ? I dont need to tell that Apps by Amateurs will havemany bugs.
For Apps on Nokia Store they are less no doubt but all are highly productive ones namely Joikusoft(here goes WiFi tethering of all Androids),Carpenters Friend,Astroller,Stellerium,Phonenetinfo and so on
Besides Nokia dosent Publicize its features and apps like FM transmitter,Its super Navigation supporting Maps,the office update which was recently released with FP1,Nokia World Gaze, Nokia City Lens ,Nokia Pulse, Nokia Here and Now etc
Oh sorry I was almost to forget about Nokia Music Store(Does Android Have one?) and its Mail client which in terms of UI and Performance outmatches any other
Sorry to stretch it so far but i can still continue if i want to....Moral of the story: first truly experience nokia before criticizing it and of course GO AND BUY NOKIA PUREVIEW.

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