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Nokia Asha 501: Mobile

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04 Jul 2013
NOKIA is amazing ! Sometimes you don't need high end smartphones !!

Let me tell you all something. not everybody needs a high end smartphone, it depends upon their liking and their pocket :P. Nokia cares about their customers !
now, you have to admire what nokia is doing here, they have introduced such a simple yet a trendy and well built product ( of course, nokia is meant for quality ! ).
Nokia Asha 501 is a phone meant for students who need to be in touch all the time and who also can't afford the high end smart phones like the iphone or galaxy s4 etc.
you seriously need to appreciate nokia when it comes to phones with good features and excellent quality, which is the new upcoming asha series.
it's amazing how they have used lumia's colors and designed it like a n9.
features are remarkable.
1. it has a very good responsive touch screen.
2. amazing new feature called as Fast lane, where you can swipe through apps instantly
3. it comes with dual sim (Easy Swap feature), for those who need more than one !
4. it's wifi capable
5. Nokia Xpress Browser is light on data, but it still gives you the full browsing experience.
6. Answer calls, switch between applications, reply to messages and get around your phone quickly with a simple swipe.
7. a good 3.2 mp camera !
8. different colors and interchangeable back panels
9. nokia has provided Red colored ear phones in the box.
it's only Rs.5199 ! and it was made for the Indian market.
Just don't think ! go ahead and buy it !

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21 Aug 2013
Compare before buying......Nokia Asha 501 Vs Samsung Galaxy Star S5282

Almost same price range but I have figured out the differences which must help you before buying -
N stands for Asha 501 and S for Star S5282.....So let's check out
1- Operating System
N- Asha OS
S- Android ( Jelly Bean )

2- Accessories
N- Comes with 4gb card but no data cable in the box
S- Internal 4gb memory ( So no card given ) and data cable is also there

3- Touch Screen
N- Very smooth touch like feather thanks to Capacitive screen ( 3.0 inch screen )
S- Touch is average ( 2.9 inch screen )

4- Processor
N- Very slow processing No ram
S- 1 GHz Cortex-A5 with 512mb ram

5- Multitasking
N- Not Supported
S- You can do multitasking with ease

6- Document Viewer
N- No document viewer
S- PDF document viewer

7- Camera
N- 3.2mp so far fine
S- Only 2mp average

8- Wi-Fi
N- Can't find available networks easily, No Wi-fi Hotspot
S- Great connectivity through Wi-fi and Wi-fi Hotspot

9- Multimedia
N- Can play only limited video formats , no equalizer option in music , Headset sound quality is very poor
S- Can play many formats and have equalizer as well , Headset sound quality is superb

10- GPS
N- No
S- Yes

11- Battery backup
N- You can do only limited things and it's a java phone so battery backup is good
S- You can do many things , thanks to android OS but being an android phone battery drains very quickly.

....................So, I request all the guys that if you want to purchase any of these phone then please buy it according to your need. Both phones are good on their place and are of trusted brands so quality wise good..................Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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03 Jul 2013
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Awesome Phone at Low Price

I bought this mobile for me, but after using this i was really amazed with its responsive touch and performance,every features is uniquely cool,specially easy access of everything at this price range,though the cam quality is not upto expectations but its definitely better than any other 3 mp mobiles at this range.
my point :
The good:
- Responsive touch,
- Extremely good battery run time,
- No more series 40
- New Asha Touch UI
- New Fast Lane
- Duel SIM
- Smart design,
- Camera better than equivalent htc or samsung 3 MP,
- 4 GB memory card included (not mentioned in specifications here),
- 1Ghz Processor

The bad:
so if u expect a mobile with tons of features at low price range
- low Screen Resolution 240x320 .
- No 3G network Support.
- no A-GPS. (who cares) look at the price ;)
than android or whatever i'd suggest u go for New Nokia Asha 501, i am sure u wont regret..

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06 Jul 2013
Nokia Returns

I am using this phone for 2 days. This phone is awesome. Display is clearly visible at direct sunlight even in medium brightness. Tower strength and voice quality is far far better than any other phone. Battery backup is superb. You dont have to think about charging. Phone size so calculated that it nicely fits into your hand and weight is so light that you might think sometimes are you rally holding a phone. Touch is best among all smart phone. Fastlane is nice technique to close and open a new open in very short time. Camera is superb in this price range. Video quality is also very nice but not all format is supported you have to convert videos before transferring into your phone. UI is cool and you will love it from very 1st day.

But there are some cons. No 3g. You have to choose wisely your operator which give you good 2g speed. But the xpress browser is fast. Infact in medium 2g speed pages load in 3-4 sec. Not all video format supported. And the final con is APP. If you are a android user you will find this asha little bit of boring. I hope in some days they will develop some good app. This can possible because asha is based on java language so developing apps for java is easy. But over all for middle class peoples like me in this range nokia gave a superb phone whose hardware, battery as well as look is best among under 8k phones.

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04 Jul 2013
Best phone in this price range

I bought this phone yesterday from local mobile store shop. There price was low than flipkart's price. I paid 5150 rupees for this product & there was an offer to extend warranty period for an year by paying extra 100 rupees.
1. The phone contains 50 preloaded apps & 40 free EA Sports games.
2. A 4gb microsd memory card is included with the phone.
3. Good battery backup.
4. Good camera quality.
5. Responsive touch
6. Great design, & the handset is not very big in size like other smart phones.
7. There is an only back button. There is no necessity to use it frequently. You can do everything by swapping.
8. Wifi & bluethooth transfer speed is very good.
9. The phone support Nokia Maps, the maps application is not given. But you can download it from OVI store & it works nicely.
10. Different colors and interchangeable back panels.
11. Nokia Express browser is quite good & it saves upto 90% of your browsing data.
12. YouTube works nicely.
13. You need not require any configuration setting from your operator. Just put your sims & switch on the phone & start browsing.
1. Both sims are micro sims.
2. It only supports videos upto 240p.
3. Red colour headset & quality of sound coming through it good but not the best.
4. Whatsapp is not available, but it will be available in next 1 month in its upgradation.
5. No 3g network.
6. No A-GPS.
7. Processing speed is little bit slow as compared to the other phones having 1 GHZ processor.

In overall, Nokia is giving lots of facilities in 5k Range. So this phone will be a decent purchase

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13 Aug 2013
Please consider below things below things before u gonna purchase it!

I have purchased this Nokia Asha 501 15 days ago. These are my experienced defects with it!

1. No pdf. reader in it.
2. No copy/cut paste feature in it.
3. No FM recording option.
4. No Call recording option.
5. No multiple files sharing of music.(i.e., u cannot send Audio files more than one song at a time via bluetooth or any medium . even u cannot share any album at once.) One more thing u cannot share any things other than audio and video files through this phone.
6. Coming to alarm. I don't know why they gave this feature. as we dont have any option to change the volume of alarm. By default Alarm sound was fixed and it is very light so that u cannot even know that ur phone is sounding alarm while u are in sleep!
7. No full Java / nokia store apps support!
8. We can't enable Java script in its Browser!
9. It do not have even a basic Units converter also!
10. Coming to its proximity sensor. its not so good! while u are attending your call through ear phones. screen will be turned off. so that u cannot even disconnect your call by pressing any key soon.
11. One more Important thing to say that Nokia had not provided this worst ear phones ever in the earlier, as it don't have any call buttons or any thing. By seeing them we can't believe that they are of Nokia Brand!
12. we can't find the date at any place on the screen except in the calender. it don't have the feature to display the date. I will get irritated when I don't see the date when i need it Immediately.
13. And the Last defect is as Nokia said it is dual standby but not Dual active. while u are browsing internet though one sim the other sim automatically gets switched off. so U cannot use Internet for long time so that u cannot receive the calls/sms on other sim while u are browsing on one sim.

The remaining features are awesome than ever.
Hope Nokia will update atleast some of the above features through its Phone update feature...

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Madly Arnab
28 Aug 2013
Please don't do a mistake like me

Well! this Review post is for all those whom i want to care about. You may be my friend or may be unknown to me right there reading my post.
I want to tell you a story or rather my experience regarding this particular mobile set.

Me & my sister bought the same set (one yellow & the another one - white) just on the very day it was launched. Till 1 month -n- 4 days there was no problem. & after that ???

1. In my one : Whenever i switch-on the wi-fi, the phone hangs up & never restart again. Even after 2 times of software reinstall the same problem is persisting. The N.Care sent it to the Chennai head office also, but even after their research there, the same thing is repeats. So, they gonna replace the set atlast & God knows what other problem I may need to face then in the new one

2. In my Sister's one: Nokia Asha 501 comes with Swipe Up n Down for attending calls. She is facing the problem that her swipe is not working all the time whenever she need to pic up a call.

So, according to the above mentioned experiences I would like to insist you all for not going for this set as the NOKIA -walas are having so many software faults even motherboard problems too in this series

Thank you,

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10 Jul 2013
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Good Design but need lot of improvement

Pros- Very handy ,good for ladies .Decent Battery life already using 3 rd day on same charge with moderate call,browser.

Cons- This model has volume problem for incoming calls; the incoming voice volume is really low. You will have to press it hard to ear to listen clearly; it is frustrating.

Screen gets easily scratches .Email gets distorted.

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05 Jul 2013
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Cute and does what it needs to !

Awesome phone does most of the jobs, with Whatsapp it will be perfect!

Here maps and Nearby apps are very useful.
Yo can copy (import) contacts from your android or any smartphone with the inbuilt function which uses bluetooth.
Has apps to open docx and pptx files :)
True caller app :)
Awesome battery life!

I can't i knew what i was expecting... What more can you ask for such price?

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30 Jul 2014
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Budget phone with nifty features.

I bought this phone for my mom for bare minimum usage with casual calling and text. I didn't expected much from the phone but ended up being surprised in many ways.

The phone is responsive and comes laden with loads of bloat (which is subjective and the process of removing is cumbersome at best). The phone lacks basic editing features such as copy, paste, cut and merge. This gets really antsy specially with large contact list.

On the bright side, the phone comes laden with 4gb microsd card along with a pre-applied screen protector and after update you can use a stripped down version of whatsapp (which basically gets the job done). Multimedia apps are good as they get the job done. Audio quality is acceptable and fairly decent though headphones, both FM and music player worked like a charm.

Overall the phone feels zippy and a breath of fresh air. The dual sim comes in handy if you are on the go with multiple contacts and the compact composure feels good in hand and pocket. I'd recommend this phone over a hoard of sub par cheap device based on android, that not only hangs but hard to workaround. The build quality of Nokia 501 is spot on and its a nice little phone to carry around.

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