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Nokia Lumia 520: Mobile

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10 Apr 2013
How is Lumia 520 different than Lumia 620? Read to find out!

There is the BIG question. 620 or 520? Let's see what you get by investing 3.5k more:-
#Nokia Clear Black Screen ie, Extra Bright Screen to be readable Under sun, and with deep black, it gives better experience.
#Front Facing VGA camera for Video calling needs
#LED flash
#Magnetometer (compass) sensor to use apps like Here Maps, Here City Lens, ets which uses compass to fing your location, and its really necessary if you gonna use Maps a lot.
#Extra Loud Speaker
#Secondary HAAC mic for noise cancellation while Calling, voice&video recording, Music playback.
#Dolby Headphones Enhancements to give theater like feel while listening music on headphones.
#Equalizer with 19 presets like Rock, pop, classical, bass etc.
#Smaller screen with same resolution, that means denser ppi, and more clear and crisp screen. (If you want bigger screen, 520 is not that bad either in terms of ppi, but Lack of Clear Black is surely missed)
#Toughned Glass with protection from scratches. (520 has just scratch proof layer, not that tough glass)
#NFC, to use tap and share, tap and play, NFC tags, etc.
#Though Battery is smaller in 620, but due to smaller screen, Clear black display and NO super sensitive touch, both will give almost similar backup.
#Longer Nokia Music Unlimited Subscription.
#An option to increase 620's durability by installing a Water-proof, dust proof back cover. Its not available for 520.
That's surely worth the 3.5k bucks. If you are looking for a phone, which you gonna use for long term, then you should better buy 620, or if your pocket permits, then 720. I feel 520 is for those who changes phone every now and then, and for those who have Budget of 12k dot.
So, I have said more than enough. Hopefully, you Liked my openion. Hint me by giving it a like.
Having question regarding windows phone os/ this phone? you can ask directly to Nokia on twitter @NokiaHelps, they really give instant help. or ask me.
(This was in addition to my original review~Ayush Mathur)

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10 Apr 2013
Value for money redefined :)

I've pre ordered this phone and have been using this for last 3 days. Been using a lot of android phones till now and was bored of waiting for even call log to appear on them.

Pros : -
· Thinner than expected and feels good in hands
· Camera does a good job, a lot of innovative lenses to choose from.
· Silky smooth UI which never hangs
· Highly responsive touch, works even with gloves on
· Games never hang or lag
· Offline maps with Nokia Here works smoothly (Still Google maps are better)
· Nokia music lets you download all latest and old songs direct to the phone. Even regional language songs.
· Full MS office suit.
· Build quality is awesome with a mat finish on its back which gives a firm grip.

· Comparatively less apps that android. But almost all required apps are present.
· No High end gaming as of now due to the 512 ram limitation.

For the price, this phone is too good to resist. It has got everything to win your heart. The colours on the screen appears very sharp and real. I really cant think of any other phone which can give you these features even above 15k.

For those who are still thinking about the apps, one quick info - only Microsoft and Apple checks every apps before its put In the marketplace. Android has lots of apps, but most of them are buggy, they either drain out your battery or consume all the resources which results in poor performance. Every app in windows store is verified for its quality and you can be sure, it wont slow down your phone. In android if you install a few apps, the phone will start slowing down. But I tried around 30 apps installed in windows. No slowing down was noticed. I believe we should be looking at the quality of apps than the quantity.

Go ahead, buy this phone, you wont regret :)

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27 Apr 2013
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Moving to Nokia Lumia 520 from Samsung Galaxy….

Last 2 years I have used 2 models of Samsung Galaxy and from 14th April 2013 I am using Nokia Lumia 520 Win 8 Phone:
1) Price – In 10-10.5 K Range
2) Screen size – 4 Inch. Can be readable in sunlight.
3) Camera – Panorama, Smile Shoot etc.
4) HD Video Capture
5) Battery Life – 2 Days with WIFI enabled. Due to unavailability of Airtel 3G service in Kolkata unable to try with 3G.
6) Looks – Nice look & square shape
7) Internal Storage – 8 GB Internal (SD card up to 64 GB). My last Galaxy ACE provided only few MBs and I was facing insufficient storage issue. Also, mounts SD cards very fast.
8) Hardware & Build – Excellent with nice mat finished back cover.
9) E-mail – Tried only Outlook & Gmail and found excellent usability compared to available Android apps. Although it supports almost all types of mails.
10) App store – All most all daily used apps are available in free.
11) Bluetooth – Perfectly works with other devices. I have transferred all my existing contracts from my old Galaxy phone through Bluetooth &preinstalled ‘Transfer My Data’ app.
12) Nice Security – Prevent mishandling like deleting system file.
1) No font camera – I don’t use this feature too much.
2) No file manager in phone – But you can connect the phone to any Win7/Win8 machine and use your explorer to manage files.
3) No FM Radio
Tips for new user:
1) Transfer Contacts which are stored in your old phone: Use Bluetooth & pre installed ‘Transfer My Data’ app.
2) Edit Phone Contacts: Save the contacts in Microsoft Account and log in to your Microsoft account to edit & manage them.
3) Arrange & Manage MP3/Music files: Manage the MP3 using external desktop app like MediaMonkey and copy to phone using windows explorer.

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02 May 2013
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please read it

Dear friends I am using this mobile from 4 days.this is one of the best thing in my life which I have purchased.I got this mobile one of the best mobile seller Flipkart. If you want to buy any mobile than don't think any other can be better than lumia 520 in 10k to 14k.go and take a great satisfaction in your Life.every cons is just a humor.
camera qualities are best videos are in great qualities.
internet speed is speed is superb.
I was Android user since last 3yrs but now I can say there is no any comparison between these two 8 is the better than android in qualities.welcome Windows 8 bye bye Android.. :)

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13 Apr 2013
A Review from an Android User:

Dear Friends,
I have read almost all the reviews on Flipkart about Nokia Lumia series and i have found that some folks have put hate reviews out of their hatred for Microsoft or WP. However, there are 99% positive reviews regarding Nokia Lumia WP8 devices. I would like to congratulate all those people who have shown thier love and trust in Nokia devices.
I am a android user currently (HTC 2.3 GingerBread model) and recently gifted my wife Nokia Lumia 520(Red color) device as she loved the design and lively colors of Lumia as well as WP8 Interface.After spending the past 5-6 days on NL 520, I am in love with WP8 and Lumia series, so moved with the total experience,plan to buy NL 920. I liked Android but here's the difference:
1) The design and body language of Lumia and WP says "WoW, Joy, Happiness etc whereas the design and body language of android devices says "BORING".
2) Android feels like Linux of yester-years which is too geeky and WP feels like Windows Xp or 7 or 8 or in simple terms fun in doing things/ enjoyable.
3) WP store has quality apps which you would actually use in day to day life whereas Android is full of crappy, ad-based apps which not only irritate but u would simply uninstall after single use.
4) Nokia means Durability, Service, Trust etc whereas Samsung(and other android manufacturers) means Big Plastic Phones, Non-Durable, Million dollar ads induced popularity, Ugly After-Sales service etc.
5) The Lumia series (520-6120-720-820-920) is something to standout of a crowd of all sort of 5-inch android devices (Whammy , Note, Canvas, Xolo, Desire, Optimus, Karbonn Smart etc)
6) The basic things like call quality, photography, Net surfing (including social networking), Gaming and neat apps are gorgeous in WP and Lumia so plz dont be confused and inspired by sheer number of apps or feeatures which you cant use.
I would recommend, NL920 to anyone without a budget constraint, NL820 for budget >20K but 15K but 11K but

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10 Apr 2013
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As of April 2013 you cannot get a better phone in this Price range.

I am in serious dilemma about the profit margin Nokia has kept to put themselves back on track in Cell Phone Business.

Due to the totally fragmented market of cell phones (as far as India is concerned) customers like us are somehow getting benefited.

I personally use a HTC One X and had ordered Lumia 520 for one of my family member. Have to admit, if this product would have been sold by HTC or Samsung, it would've cost atleast 2 to 3K more. Hope Lumia 520 sets the trend of providing value for money products without compromising the robustness of quality.

Cell phones from other Local brands with very good specs are also available but trust me, being working in a technical organisation, i will anyday not recommend to buy a local brand product as the thought-process and validation tests under which these products go through are not even closer to those of a brand like Nokia, HTC or even Samsung.

Lumia 520 has a small hitch of small battery life (but itne paise mein itna hi milega). The BL-4J battery is good enough for the day in normal use.. but with 3G and Wi-Fi continuously running it drains out quite easily.
Nevertheless Nokia has a range of bigger capacity batteries with same foot-prints so you can chose your pick.

Lumia 620 will be seriously canibalised by Lumia 520 and for sure the Nokia team by now must have chalked out the plan to phase it out.

I am not going into the deatils of spec as it can be easliy checked with the beautiful tool of "Compare" Flipkart has carved out.

Surely will recommend this Phone to everyone who are hovering around this price range. It is a must buy as the fact remains "itne paise mein isse zyada nahi milega".

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11 May 2013
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Because Android is too Maintstream

I was a bit hesitant to go for Nokia again but after buying this product I am completely satisfied. It is totally a different interface which was my primary need because I was fed up of seeing Android in everyone's hand. The Windows Phone 8 Operating System is Simple and, good looking and fast making it worth of it's price.
Although I never use IE in laptop these days but in Lumia 520 it's performance is great. You will never need any other browser.
Microsoft Office comes preinstalled with it and for pdf you will need to download an easily available app (it will automatically suggest while you try opening pdf for the first time). The battery backup is good, same as it would have been in it's android counterpart. The screen is highly touch sensitive, the phone is sleek, and the sound system is also good. If you are one of those who load their phone with lots of (unnecessary) applications then this is not the phone for you. Windows applications are there but they are limited but those which are available are good and worth installing. All social networking apps are there.
Also you can configure any mail account in your mail and the way it manages those account is really good.
The only thing I miss in this phone is the Camera Flash.
But The Phone is a must buy for those who are fed up of Android and believe in keeping there phone SIMPLE YET AWESOME.

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04 Jun 2013
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UPDATED: Learn How to Write a Review!!...UPDATE...After 1.5 YEARS Usage!

Fellow Flipkarters..!!

I'm not here to write all the pros and cons of this phone. That's already been done by many before. What I wanna say is that, I observed most of the reviews are not actually "reviews". Don't know why people write everything that comes to their mind. Art of reviewing or being a critic needs some skills to look into things profoundly. I here by wanna list some lines that fellow reviewers wrote in their reviews which were actually funny in a way.

# "There is no secondary camera in this phone"
- C'mon guys.. It's like you went to a bollywood movie and saying that Brad Pitt is missing in this movie. This is bottom version of windows8.

# "Pictures taken at low light are not crisp"
- It's clearly stated that there is no LED flash for camera. Still I donno which moron tries to take pics in dull light with this budget phone.

# "Temple Run doesn't work smooth"
- You are on city roads and you want to hit your top speed?? Get onto an highway bro.. Keep in mind that u paid only 10 grand for this phone.

Criticism is not a Kids play. Better concentrate on defects in what you got rather than complaining what is missing. Or if you think that there is a better option than this phone within the price range, then name it and compare it.

................................... "UPDATE AFTER 1.5 YEARS USAGE" ..........................................

Bottom Line - Windows is Upgrading Day by Day

I have installed 8.1 (Developer's preview) and now I'm quite happy when I compare it with other android devices out there!

> Notification bar and many other settings have been added and they are of great use.
> Phone till date never faced any lag while performing usual activities.
> There is not much of a heating problem. But I felt bit of a temperature while gaming with wifi ON. , but not at the level of complaining.
> Battery life is decent. With mobile data pack ON the whole time, It easily lasts for 10-12 hrs on moderate usage.

On Cons side:
> The Facebook app on windows phone is dead slow while compared to android phone (I prefer FBing in Internet Explorer)
> Facing problems with proximity sensor
> Call gets stuck sometimes when I try to pick it(need to off the screen and ON it again)
> Voice reception is not great but OkOk
> In a long run, Windows feels boring.. It has just Apps.. No widgets/wide range themes and graphics. (It depends on personal preferences though)

PS: Before placing an order check its price. I've observed wide price fluctuations on flipkart ranging from 5999 to 8999 on same product.

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14 Aug 2013
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Best Phone

I was thinking to purchase an Android phone. However, This phone came to market and I saw its review and I changed my mind to get windows phone. This is the best windows 8 phone in the price segment of 10k. I don't see 10lakhs apps that we see for android. But, who uses 10 lakh apps. I find some useful stuff such as email-client, ms-office, skype, games like angree-bird etc. This phone is trendy as well as useful for day-to-day work. Its user-interface is really nice. you dont need to be computer geek to operate this phone.

I must appreciate the service from flipkart.. They have delivered the phone in less than 24 hours.. great work guys!!!

5 starts to product and 1 extra star for flipkart's service

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30 Apr 2013
Best buy @ this Price

Hi Friends!!..Am using this phone for over two weeks now. I'll not go in the specification details.. rather, would share my views to help out friends who are considering to buy this product.

1. The screen is good in color reproduction and viewing angle is also decent. However, I find it very reflective. The sunlight readability is so so... You can turn on the "touch sensitivity" to "high" if you wanna operate with it with gloves. The touch response is also good in "normal" mode.

2. The home screen is refreshing with live tiles...It can help you to come out of the monotonous iPhone(I am also an iPhone user)/Android interface. You can add/delete/re size(only 3 predefined sizes are allowed)the home screen tiles. Facebook chat is integrated in messages.

3. You can customize lock screen for notifications and select an app (calender, Google mail,messaging,outlook,phone) to show details status in locked screen. You can also set password to unlock screen.

4. You can access a lot of apps/games from the store(less compared to iOS/Android) using your Nokia account. Since this model has a 512 MB RAM, so only apps/games supporting 512 MB would show up for you to download and use. If you are planning to take advantage of the whole set of applications, better go for a 1GB RAM version (Lumia 820/920). Most of the good games and applications are paid :(

5. The "find my phone" feature works well where you can ring,lock,erase data in your phone remotely through internet if it is misplaced. The locate functionality (where you can track your phone on map) DOES NOT work in India now....Its unfortunate but true. You access your phone by logging into with your ID.

6. From the total 8GB internal storage, 7.1 GB is showing up to me in which 1.9 GB is used by the system. So, you have around 5 GB of free space at your disposal. You can extend another 64 GB by adding micro SD card. I have added a SanDisk 32 GB Ultra micro SDHC class 10 card and it supported it without any problem. You have the option to store photos, videos and music in the SD card. Other things are defaulted to be stored in phone memory.

7. The connectivity features WiFi, 3G, EDGE works great. I was also able to connect to my laptop via Bluetooth without any problem. You can connect the phone via the USB (supplied cable is very idea how much Nokia profited by keeping cable length so short :)) to PC. I use a windows 7 PC and there was no problem. The phone would show up like any other USB device. However you dont have the entire access to your phone by this. You can also download the 'WindowsPhone" suite to transfer files between PC and phone. This can be configured to sync music/photo from itunes also.

8. The 1430 mAh battery may sound weak (considering other Android smartphones)but it easily lasts for a day with average use. No need to worry about battery...the ~2000 mAh battery Android phones also needs everyday charging.

9. The performance is very good. The phone didnt show any lag whatsoever until now. The Windows 8 OS in phone is optimized and 512 MB RAM is more than enough for normal use. For Guys who wants a little more gaming, 1GB RAM version is there. However, if you are serious smartphone gamer, go for higher end Android smartphones. Many games are not available in Windows store.

10. The sound quality during call is clear. The speaker is decent enough but is located at back. So the sound might not be loud if you keep it on bed, sofa etc. (However, this is the case for most of the phones...)

11. The camera quality is average. It has no flash. Like most smartphones in this price range, it captures good pic if the lighting condition is excellent. You can add features like BLINK, smart shoot, panorama etc under what is called as "lenses". The low light photo is extremely grainy (no flash). However, expecting good low light performance in this price range is a little too much :)

Just when I was beginning to believe that this is almost a flawless phone, I found that there is no way to turn off the orientation sensor in settings in Windows 8. Some 3rd party apps ( I am not aware of) may help but wondering why this basic feature of orientation lock is missing...(May be they deliberately want to keep some flaws to fix in next release!!) Trust me guys, its very annoying to find that screen rotates automatically when you lie on bed and type a message, or do something...and you have no way to stop it other than rotating your phone again to counter it.

Friends, I have tried to put my observations so far based on my actual usage of the phone. To conclude, I can say that this phone is one of the best buy in this price range for middle level smartphone users who look for reliability and for guys who wanna try the windows 8 flavor out. Smartphone gamers are advised to stay away....

Hope this review is helpful in making your final decision. Thanks for reading!!

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