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Nokia Lumia 720 (White, 8 GB): Mobile

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16 May 2013
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Honest Review from a Tech Firm Owner

As a Tech Firm Owner i own Galaxy tablet, iPhone for testing my client websites on tablets/mobile compatibility.

Hence i know the working on both iOS as well as Android.

But for buying a phone for myself i was looking for an upgrade from my old iPhone 3GS which is jailbroken. Remember jailbroken
phones don't carry any warranty so i didn't get any service from

Now coming to comparisons:

1. Windows vs Android vs iOS


Android has too many apps yes it is true but 50-60% of them are
meant only for US customers. Believe me this is true since i am
owner of a website design company and also develop apps most
apps target US users so 60% of those apps can't be used in

Games: All games development companies like Gameloft, Miniclip,
EA Games etc develop games for all platforms so whether you are
on Android or Windows or iOS actually doesn't matter at all.

True some popular games are paid in Windows but we surely have
better alternatives as well. Eg: Temple run says 1 GB required.

Actually Temple Run was made for only iPhone. And hence my old
iPhone 3GS with 256MB RAM could play both Temple Run 1 as well
as 2. It lags on all Android phones.

There are many similar games in Windows like 3d run etc.

You have just ample apps in Windows platform for all your needs.
Example: tasks manager, reminder, calendar, alarm, wallet,
birthday reminder, and all social networking apps as well as
business app: The OFFICE.

RAM: So ram even if its 512 MB it is good enough. Remember i
said my old iPhone plays Temple Run with 256mb RAM. So it is not
a hardware issue. 512mb ram is more than sufficient to play
games. It is that some games don't want to target Windows and
have some stupid requirement.

Ease of Use:

Windows is definitely much more easier than iOS and Android.

Let me explain. In android or iOS as soon as you add an app you
get an icon. You can just move the icon to some other place. But
the problem here is with increase in number of apps it
constantly keeps on increasing your page numbers. So keep on
swiping your pages to access and find apps.

Windows however keeps games in games area, you can pin any
important app as a tile, you can have multiple tiles with tile
resize in the home screen.

It feels much more organized and better to handle and easy.

Looks: Damn this phone is one of best looking phones currently
out in the market. You can proudly hold this and it shows how
classy you are. It doesn't give any plasticky looks like Galaxy
Grand or cheap chinese mobiles.

Screen size: If you have small or big hands this screen size is
perfect. 4:3 inch screen actually is BIG enough for good view of
pictures or videos and is small enough to FIT into pocket as

Thickness: It is so slim as well as so good in size that it
doesn't look too big to handle like GALAXY Grand or S3 or any
other 5 inch phablet.

Sensitivity: One of the first to have Glove technology. You can
easily use your phone using gloves as well. Missing in most
higher end mobiles as well. Touch is real smooth similar to

Gorilla Glass 2: Awesome scratch resistant glass which looks
good but is tough.

Camera: Well you don't have to buy a digital camera if you hold
this phone. 6.7 MegaPixels with ability to change texture,
exposure and ISO you can just click any picture like a PRO.
Panorama App from Nokia allows you to shoot Panoramic shots as well.

Secondary Camera of 1.3 MP is highest and is actually a
substiture for Laptop Webcam. So if you use Skype for video
calling you can use this phone readily.

Battery: One of the best batteries. I used GPS in car using
Nokia HERE Drive, played games, used Wifi a lot and still was
able to squeeze in 2 days from the mobile.

2000 mAH battery is ample for you.

Expandable Memory: Unlike iPhone with 32GB or 16GB here you can
add more to the already 8GB phone.

Nokia Apps: Best apps like Office for Business or GPS (Nokia
HERE Drive), Nokia Here maps, and City Lens.

Nokia Here Drive one of the first in India to have FREE GPS in
your mobile. Unlike iPhone or Android phones which ask you to
buy a GPS software like Map My India etc here you get it for
free. And it is actually very good as well in case you stay in a

I stay in Nagpur and it has come very handy with voice guided
GPS navigation.

Price: Rs. 18000 i would say better in price with respect to
Samsung Galaxy Grand which has hanging problems. Better than
Xperia ION, P, and J and Starry L and Micromax
Canvas HD.

So buy this if you have budget between 15-20k. This is currently
the best phone in this segment.

True review from a CERTIFIED buyer and Tech firm Owner

Please vote my review as helpful in case you find it useful.

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12 Apr 2013
first to review
Nokia Lumia 720, Best Lumia Ever! (520 vs 620 vs 720 vs 820 vs 920 brief comparison)

Lumia 920 with pure view, great phone but too costly, Lumia 820 not as great as 920 no pure view on it, still 24000 bucks!! Lumia 620 thickest phone and with lowest battery capacity 1300mAh only, no carl zeiss tessar lens, only 3.8" display, Ok VGA front cam, NFC is there but no wireless charging and no gorilla glass for protection!!! Lumia 520 4" display but no front cam, no Nokia clear black display, no flash, no carl zeiss lens and no gorilla glass for protection!!! But Lumia 720 has carl zeiss lens, has gorilla glass2, great camera with 1/3.6'' sensor size main cam with HD recording, has flash, has front cam with HD recording!, has wireless charging just like higher end lumia's and finally superb battery of 2000mAh which is equal to Lumia 920 but less that Lumia 820!! This is the best affordable thinnest Lumia at just 9mm thickness with almost all the features for Lumia's 920 & 820!!(except for RAM and Full HD 1080p Recording which is missing in Lumia 720 Almost all the other features are present for Just 18000 Bucks!!)

Also look out for a few cool features of Lumia 720:-

>>>6.7MP camera with an F/1.9 aperture, the widest on a mobile phone yet and with Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens. It's similar to that of the 820 and 920 in that it's a hybrid, handling both 4:3 and 16:9 aspects relatively well. It loses only 12% resolution when switching to widescreen mode, rather than 33% like conventional sensors.

>>>Nokia will be offering a range of snap-on covers for Lumia 720, which will enable wireless charging!!! Great!!!

>>>Nokia’s recent innovation known as High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC), allows you to record audio in noisy locations and then reproduce the audio with minimal background noise. This is Deployed in Lumia 720.The novelty behind the High Amplitude Audio Capture is a microphone with two different sensitivity levels for recording. Later, the dual channel combines to give a broad dynamic range that sounds clear even if the audio is recorded with lots of distortion.Nokia Lumia HAAC recording technology can record up top 140 decibels without any audible distortion, while most of other smartphones find it hard when noise levels go beyond 110 decibels.


>>>The only disappointment is the 512MB Ram. But still all wp8 phone like HTC 8S in this same range has same amount of RAM minus the front camera minus Nokia city lens for almost the same price. RAM doesn't matter since WP8 is very light compared to android(LAGDROID lol). Also all androids (Lagdroids) in this price range are duds. Especially those good for nothing Samsungs.


Lumia 720 is more than worth its price.

Finally, NOKIA is Back!! Its Back With A BANG!!! Its Back With What It Does The Best(Bringing the best of Technology to common people at affordable price without compromising Quality)!! NOKIA is not just a brand, Nokia is Quality, Nokia is Innovation! Love You NOKIA!!

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18 Apr 2013
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Answer to Ritam Dutta

I was also confused between 720 and 620.. But i chose to go for 720 based on the following reasons--

1. Looks: Much better compare to 620. Lumia 720 looks more premium with its 4.3 inch display compare to Lumia 3.8 inch display. Lumia 720 is the slimmest in all the Lumia Family which is sexy..

2. Camera: A far more awesome camera which is being compared to iphone and lumia 920 camera.

3. Battery: 2000mAh battery in Lumia 720 is far far much better than 620 1350mAh. Even 520 offers a better battery backup than 620. Gone through a lot of reviews about Lumia 720 battery and its said it gives more battery backup than promised. And i believe a smartphone with more battery backup is awesome.

4. Gorina Glass: Lumia 720 providing Gorina Glass gives you more protection and stylish looks over 620.

Conclusion: If you can compromise the above points for few more bucks, i would say Lumia 620 is still a good choice.. But in a era of smartphones.. Lumia 720 may last a little longer than Lumia 620.

I have gone through a lot of reviews on all the lumia phones. And even i prefer 520 better than 620.

I have ordered 720 and eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Hope it helps you to decide. :)

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29 May 2013
Windows Phone 8 as OS and NOKIA Lumia 720 as a phone

Windows OS features:
1. The Lock Screen - Simple and most effective notification lock screen with all relevant icons. Several options for your background image – a standard image, the Bing image of the day, a feed from your Facebook albums.You can choose one app, for which a detailed notification status will be shown.I chose the Calendar app hence you can see my next meeting without unlocking my phone.

2. The Modern Metro UI - which is simple, pure and highly intuitive The Home Screen has this great live tiles which is fully customizable depend upon your app needs and your moods. You can pin and unpin your choice apps, resize of each app tile, change the color of the tiles etc.

3. The Main menu is simple series of apps, which is ordered alphabetically (very easy to use and search apps).

4. Integrated people profiles (its in android too) but what WP8 does a step ahead is displays an aggregated news feed in the What’s New tab, as well as gathered photo albums from the various profiles linked.

5. People - the most integrated contacts application. You can populate your contacts list by importing SIM contacts or adding your social media accounts FB,Twitter,Gmail,Outlook,Hotmail etc.

6. Microsoft Office - The preinstalled application lets you view, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Its there for Android but with a set of its own restrictions.

7. Camera Apps for WP8 - you have to use it to believe it. It does some wonder works for photography. And there are lot of those free apps.

All in all Windows Phone 8 as an OS has some great nifty features that eliminate some of the little stresses of everyday smartphone usage.

When it comes to apps, the total number is not as much as the other app stores but the selection is enough even for dedicated smart phone users. The following are some apps which I have installed and all are FREE

Windows Utilities Preinstalled:
1. Office
2. OneNote

Social Networking:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Tumblr
4. Linkedin

Chat and Messaging:
1. WhatsApp
2. Hike
3. Lync 2010
4. Nimbuzz

News :
2. IBN Live
3. CNN
4. The Hindu
5. Times of India
6. Economic Times
7. Indian Express
8. Money Control
9. BBC
10. ESPN Cric Info
11. India Today

1. Advanced English Dictionary
2. Accu Weather
3. 6.27 AM (Alarm and TODO list)
4. Amazon Kindle
5. Book My Show
6. BigFlix
7. Bangalore Buses
8. Battery
10. Indian Rail
11. Trip Advisor
12. TrueCaller
13. Wikipedia
14. Youtube
15. Zomato
16. Getit
17. Zite
18. Speaking Tree
19. Google
20. Flashlight
21. Jack of tools
22. Jet Airways
23. OLX
24. Road Trip

Camera Apps:
1. Panorama
2. Cinemagraph
3. Camera 360
4. Lomogram
5. Nokia Glam Me
6. Photo Beamer (one of the coolest way to display your images online)
7. Phototastic
8. Smart Shoot (a champion that shoots multishots for an image)

Navigation Apps - The best of all:
A series of HERE apps
1. HERE City Lens
2. HERE Drive Beta
3. HERE Maps
4. HERE Transit

1. 3D Brutal Chase
2. AE 3D Motor
3. AE Fruit Slash
4. Breakout
5. Fastest Finger First
6. One Touch Drawing
7. Parking Car
8. Penguin
9. Ragdoll Run
10. Zulu Star

Now Talking about NOKIA Lumia 720 as the device
With all the above apps installed, most of them run in background connected to internet, the phone still runs like butter smooth. Thanks to the 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. The 512 MB RAM allows nice multitasking without any lag as compared to its android counterparts.
The making of the phone brilliant. When try holding each of 520,620,820 and even 920, you will love the thickness and back cover finish of 720. It surely gives the touch of a premium phone.
The 6.7 MP back camera powered by Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens is no normal one. It has Auto Focus, Touch Focus, Auto and Manual White Balance, Multi-scene Mode, Geo-tagging, Image Editor and the flash light takes great low light pictures apart from the incredible day light images. The video shoot quality is also pretty decent with a pixel ration of
720 x 1280. The front 1.3MP camera also takes some decent pictures. The sound quality of the speaker is good. NOKIA should provide some descent earphones though for such a price, anyways since I use Sennheiser so that produces some great sound and the equalizer options are nice for the audio settings. The 2000 mAh for a user like me gives a cool back up of one day if you are on continuous wifi or data connection is on. I don’t talk much though.

I am sure that 99% people don't prefer Windows phone just because of its weak free app store base as compared to the vast app pool of Android and iOS. And again i am sure that among those 99%, 100% wont even install .5% apps from those vast app pools because obvious their smart phones will start hanging and lagging in performance. And from the .5% installed apps they might be using only the regular day to day apps like Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp etc.

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18 Apr 2013
JST WOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all m jst gonna say BUY IT IF IT FITS UR BUDGET!!!!Thats it,at this price u can't hav ny better,the design,camera and battery can't get ny better at this range.....nyway M nt goin to divide my review into "PROS" and "CONS" instead i will go through it's features in lets start with the :-
1) Built nd Design: it is mainly a unibody phone made with colorful polycarbonate,hence getting scratch won't gonna create ny issues...the screen is more vibrant and sturdy than that of 520 bcoz of the clearblack display and gorilla glass is the slimmest member of the lumia family and also one of the best looking the unibody design comes with a drawback which is the battery is non-removable by the user....other than that it is sturdy,good looking and slips into the pocket quite easily.
2) sister got this set today and after charging it 4 abt an hour we started this device(arnd 2:25 pm) and since then we r usin it lyk a maniac bt the battery is still around 80 % full...wireless charging is also a new feature.
3)UI : the User interface as usual is smooth and lag free lyk ny other W8 device(also got the KIDS CORNER),All thanks to the W8 proper optimization!!!!The super sensitive touch is also another plus point.Best things abt it is the exclusive apps and service.The resizable Live Tiles r quite a time saver and also gives a fresh look to ur device....W8 can do multitasking,which is quite similar to the can also be controlled by voice only.
4)TELEPHONY:also quite same as the 620,the people hub is the best phone/social book out there,the loudspeaker is quite good,loud and clear in-call sound and the signal reception works jst f9...Messaging department is also excellent in Windows Phone..
5)MULTI MEDIA:when it comes to multi media it beats most of the sets within this range especially bcoz of the huge battery capacity..Video player in Windows Phone 8 has greatly improved codec support and u can u can easily upload videos from your computer via the USB mass storage mode(zune is no longer needed 4 this)....although it got no radio and the audio quality is average....
6)RAM : i hav seen many people complainin abt it's 512 mb RAM.....they r saying that nokia should hav put a 1 gb ram instead of it, bt the truth is THEY ACTUALLY DID in a prototype of 720,they put both the prototype and the original one side by side and guess wat??THE PERFORMACE WAS STRIKINGLY IDENTICAL!!!!U see the problem(although i dnt think it is a problem) is not with it's ram,actually it is with the 1 ghz dual core processor(although it is quite freakin good)....Bt then again pls dnt expect ny better processor at this price!!bt it sure is a bummer for some people out there...
7)BROWSING : The Internet explorer 10 is a major upgrade.It is fast,smooth and sociable athough looks the same as the old one...the Bing search is also vry useful..and the wifi works dnt expect ny problems in the browsing and the connectivity area.
8)OS:-many mi8 say that android is better bt i strongly disagree,it is an app centric OS and the optimization is not that drain the battery too fast,need more RAM and better processor to perform..thats not the case in W8 os..Many people mi8 say that u cant share videos via bluetooth bt thats nt the case...the GPS(free lifetime voice-guided navigation) works quite f9 evn when there is no data sure dnt hav the sheer amounts of apps lyk in android or ios bt then again it got all the important apps and is gettin better day by day....
9)MS office:it is one of the key selling points of Windows Phone.It is flawless and the best u can get in a mobile phone.
10) Camera: I save the best thing for the last,evn though the camera is 6.7 mp(not 6.1 mp) and not a pureview,bt still it's a clear winner..that carl zeiss lens, F/1.9 aperture,the smart shoot lens,low light imaging(especially),camera apps,front camera(good 4 self potrait too) and video camera is too good 4 the price.....And the result speak 4 themself,i actually did'nt expected such result frm evn beat the xperia z(m usin this device now),galaxy s3 and htc one x in low light imaging...
All in all this is an amazing phone with a grt battery,design and camera...although it hav some then again human beings can't nvr be satisfied,and we will evn find flaws in god itself if we get a chance to :P Nyway this device hit all the sweet spots without wiping out ur pocket..So if u goin for a midrange phone with all the latest features and a grt camera then this mi8 be the one to go 4..

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05 Dec 2013
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Yes!! and no

Bought this smartphone from flipkart and I'm satisfied with it.
Lumia 720 is a mid range windows smartphone in both specs and features so keep in mind that while you will get a host of wow factors there will always be something you will not be satisfied with. Most of them are bearable some, which I found particularly unpleasant, I have noted later.

Windows phone 8
Clear, classic, smooth interface. Nothing gets simpler and more fluid. Upside means better performance, longer backup and minimal annoying background processes. (I have used note2 and my primary concern was shutting down background apps to save battery)

The downside means 'no pull-down bar', limited customization for home screen. You get live tiles which can provide some range of customization.

Number pad
The dialler is simple, but has 'no cursor; only backspace'. So no adding/deleting digits from in-between. As of yet I cannot figure out why they kept the alphanumeric number pad in the dialler, there is no way to type a,b or c from the number pad.

Smooth and easy. But the cursor problem. You have to hold the screen a bit to make the cursor appear and then move it around while still holding the screen. Uncomfortable compared to android. Regardless, I have been using MS office for a while and have typed enough pages without difficulty.

Amazing!! with great free apps to complement it. This is the feature I have experimented with the most and I love it. In the 15-18k range I would say Lumia 720 gets you the best camera you can.
Video recording is HD (not fullHD) but I don't care.

4.29 inches. Ideal size for me. Any more than 4.5" is too large and not for my phone usage. This phone fits smugly into your hands and very easy for single-handed usage.

480 x 800p resolution. The picture quality is good. Note that HD videos can be streamed but will be seen the same as 480p videos.

Battery backup
Brilliant. If I use wi-fi I charge about once in 1-2 days. If I don't use wi-fi I charge once in 2-3 days. This after 1-2 hours of calling, and 2-6 hours of using apps.

The app market
With all due respect, the windows market is still expanding so do not expect the google play scenario here. There is a limited selection of great apps and a rising diversity but not comparable to android.

This is not a phone for heavy gaming. If you wanna play, simple games like unblock, temple run and jetpack are your best bet. Windows store has good 2D and 3D games, many of them free. You have great games if you're willing to pay Rs.55 - 220 for them (Xbox Halo, iStunt). But amny games crash and close on long usage (>15-30 min), the phone gets heated and battery drains.

Privacy issues- the app permissions are fewer compared to android. Most will only ask for owner identity, phone identity, data services, location services. This means that they only get an anonymous id for your phone/yourself and your location (if GPS is on)
But there are apps which ask for permission to use photo/music/video libraries and some even ask for contacts list. If you're apprehensive just don't install them.
Privacy is better compared to android- no access to your browser history/usage or your fb/gmail/yahoo accounts or the data stored on phone/sd card outside of that specified.

Memory and RAM
User phone memory is about 5.2 GB. Apps can only be installed in this memory. But believe me, this is not a problem at all. I have installed about 40 different apps and still have 2 GB left. Why? Because many windows apps are smaller and more efficient. The largest 3D game I have is just 226 MB and it is good.
I recommend adding an SD card for keeping music and videos.

RAM is sufficient to run anything you have on the market (except some games)

The WOW factors--
Great design, fits in hand.
Great camera
Free Nokia Music downloads for about 6 months
HERE apps- Maps (need 1 time download and GPS), drive, transit, city lens
MS office
Tansfer my data app- transfer contacts+messages+calender from any phone with bluetooth.
*Glance screen

The BAD and UGLY-
There is just ONE volume control. That same volume governs your ringtone, music, alarm, message, reminder, every-thing-on-your-phone volume. This is really, really annoying.

The bing-search soft key, being utterly useless. I need search customization or some other (say open menu key) rather than a stupid key to display bing search results in IE.

There is no way to back up contacts/messages offline. Nokia suite often does not work with WP8 (worked only once for me). The only way to back up contacts/messages is online skydrive account. You can only back up video/music offline.

*Some apps keep hogging storage with each use and no way to clean cache except uninstall and reinstall
The IE/other browsers not that good. Can't save pages, downloading is poor and more than 4-6 tabs leads to crashes

It's still a good phone in this price range. You may want to check Lumia 625 too.

Sorry about the long review, appreciate your vote.

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22 Apr 2013
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One word , Brilliant !!

I wanted to do this review only after 3 days of usage and i have to say this phone is the best Nokia has released for the Price.

1. Absolutely Stunning looks, curved screen and the Cyan colour, draws everyone attention
2. Battery charge lasted for 3 Days, yes 3 days, for a smart phone of this size, what a great relief
3. Display is brilliant, best part is that the display can be viewed in all angles and the sunlight readability is superb, no more covering the screen when you are outside
4. Wide angle camera takes some of the best shots, especially in low light, good colour reproduction.
5. Windows OS in smooth and fast, the best User experience
6. Surprisingly light weighted
7. Nokia's amazing build quality and premium finish
8. Very good and loud speakers
9. Nokia's brilliant touch screen.
10. Free Nokia Music subscription, they have a great service
11. Here maps with offline navigation, what a win, especially when you are on long drive where battery charge is precious and Signal reception is low.
12. Take my word on this , No other phone have such brilliant social network intergration Facebook and Skype are in the veins of this OS.

1. Slightly slippery in hand even with matte finish
2. Although phone is not large as Samsungs still i am getting used to holding it after going from 3.7 inch screen to 4.3 inch
3. Some big Games missing for windows phone and some games does not show up in store since the phone is having only 512 ram.

I am not complaining a about lack of apps, i don't need the tons of apps that i hardly use, all necessary apps required for a smartphone are there
Lumia 720 completed my requirements for a smart phone, which are
1. easy and slick to use, no lag , no crash , apps does not bog down performance of windows phone
2. No need to charge the phone every day :-)
3. Decent camera, actually the camera on this phone is very good
4. Large but not very large screen
5. Good design
6. Light weight
7. Durability and reliability, nokia is best in this

my advice , need a good phone under 20K , just go for the Nokia Lumia 720
and as always Flipkart has the best service, best offer, best packaging and fast delivery.

95% of 19 users found this review helpful.
10 Jul 2013
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Please don't buy it from 36store

The replacement policy sucks! The second day I bought my phone,the loudspeaker dint work. When spoke with flipcart, they say the seller is to blame. I was forced to take the phone to a Nokia service and there it least 7 or 8 people there with 720 bought from flipcart there for service. The beauty is all of them had a brand new phone..which was less than a week old! Careful!
At real important times flipcart may open their hands!

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19 May 2013
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certified buyer
Fantastic Mobile - Nokia Lumia 720

I am writing this review after using the Nokia Lumia 720 for 1 week. (Previously owned a Samsung Galaxy Note, currently having iPod Touch 4)

Why did I go for a Windows phone?
1. Android and iOS are too cluttered and I did not like the UI one bit. Windows OS is simpler with it's two screen - home screen for live tiles and app screen.
2. Live Tiles: gets updated in Real-time (hence no need for a separate notification bar as in Android/iOS)
3. Tighter integration of Social media into the OS.
4. Windows marketplace has all the necessary apps which I use. (As if I am going to download 1 million+ apps which are there on the Google Play or App Store). Also, I have an iPod which I use to download all useless free apps from App Store.
5. Doesnt consumes unnecessary internet usage for background apps. (this was a major challenge when I was using Galaxy Note)

Why a Nokia Lumia 720?
1. Build and Design:
a. Stylish all-in-one uni-body
b. Slim and Sleek (i mean it)
c. Color: Yellow (matte). White is Glossy, Black is polycarbonate, while Yellow, Cyan and Red are Matte finish.
d. Most important: fits perfectly in one hand.

2. Display And Specs
a. Screen is Gorilla Glass 2 hence no need of screen guard.
b. Great sunlight legibility
c. Screen size 4.3 inches, hence perfect for web viewing, watching videos, etc.
d. 1 GHz dual-core CPU, 512 MB RAM, sufficient to run almost all games (I still need to test Asphalt 7 though)
e. 8GB internal memory of which around 4.5GB available as free.

3. Battery
I am the biggest fan of Lumia 720's battery. With Wifi, Mobile Internet on for most of the time, plus listening to music and playing games, the battery lasted for almost one and a half day. Now thats impressive. (never heard in any smartphone by Samsung, LG or HTC till now)

4. UI And Apps
a. Live Tiles: gets updated in Real-time
b. Lock screen: pull updates email, social networks, etc
c. Nokia Apps: Here Maps and a few important apps by Nokia makes life easy. I found Here Maps to be more detailed and accurate than Google Maps. Also, Maps are offline so you dont need internet connection for navigation (internet is a must for accurate navigation in android). Other key apps which I love are Photobeamer, City Lens and Cinemagram.
d. People Hub: for those who uses Social Media a lot.

5. Camera
a. Best for low-light imaging
b. a 6.7MP camera puts other pricier android phones (with higher MP camera) to shame.

6. Voice calls and Messaging
Voice clarity - loud and clear. No drop calls experienced (if Signal strength is high)
Screen keyboard is extremely responsive so good experience.

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05 May 2013
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certified buyer
Nokia aced it....

I have been using android for a long time and i felt bored. Lags occur frequently and battery backup was awful.Then i tried lumia 720 and it was a fresh breath. When i went to purchase at the outlet,they said it is not yet arrived here and a lot of people are constantly inquiring about this specific set.

Samsung galaxy grand is a set in the similar budget range and its plasticky body is nothing short of a disaster. Lumia has got an IPS display with corning gorilla glass 2 which means it is resistant to scratches. 512 mb ram is the issue raised by android fans. Not many users are hardcore gamers. If you are, then you should probably have a Xbox or play station. Windows OS is not a resource hog as android. It is very smooth.

Camera is superb. Low light pictures are clear. It beats flagship androids. Battery is 2000 mah which will go on and on and on after a single charge. This is the phone to buy. Never miss it guys.

100% of 11 users found this review helpful.
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