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Nokia Lumia 820: Mobile

Reviews of Nokia Lumia 820

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16 Jan 2013
Windows 8 .. back with a bang..

Firstly to all losers who says u need a zune to transfer files.. on ur face, data transfer from pc is just plug n play :-/
Nokia have made a lot of improvements from their previous mango thingi and windows 8 is simply cool and sexy..
Touch is too good.. smooth..
UI is good..
Appearance as a whole is bright and deep colored..
Music from speakers are loud.. clarity i give 8/10 ( although headphone of nokia is crap)
Was using an iPhone, and just switched to this mobile 4 days back. Its pretty cool one and im satisfied.

drwbacks - cant customize to the extent what you can do in an android, might find the price a bit too high.

note - pls do not under estimate windows phone, high time u start using one and get to know the feel.

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18 Jan 2013

See, first things first.. Nokia nailed it with the brand new LUMIA series..WIndows 8 hands down.. A breath of fresh air in this cluttered Android market.
People who have money issues with 920 can definitely go for 820 (personal experience).
Amazing phone.. Clear processor , afterall ist 1.5ghz..more than any other phne in the same segment.. dual core ..1GB RAM.. 8GB memory..Extend to 64GB..
total integration with need to even to open browser. all info, photos, news, updates in your contact list.
Nokia playback and downloads ..Kicking out saavn which doesnt allow downloads.. can run multiple apps at the same time..u'll even forget what "LAG" actualy means.. battery runs for 1.5 days with normal usage..(that shud b okay with present androiders)..
in short..people who want something new, special, and amazing..GO FOR IT.

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15 Jan 2013
first to review
Amazing Phone :)

Really Good features and a Value for money. In my opinion, those who find Nokia Lumia 920 too lastly can opt for this phone as this is really good as well. Nokia has once again shown its talent and established that it is here to stay :)

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07 Feb 2013
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Awesome phone in every aspect

Firstly - Thanks to Flipkart, for delivering it to me in just in 1 day after order.

Secondly - The Nokia Lumia 820

Pros -
1. Super touch.
2. Great 8MP Carl Zeiss Tessar lens
3. Superb photo modes - Cinemagraph, Panaroma, Smile Shot
4. Expandable upto - 64GB + 7GB SkyDrive + 8GB internal (around 5-6GB available)
5. Scratch resistant glass, and yes it even survived pins
6. 1.5 GHz Processor + 1GB Ram = No lag + superb performance.
7. Solid and heavy phone, even survived an accidental drop
8. Dolby Surround + Customisable equalizer
9. Maps - This phone is better than any standalone GPS device in market, and yes it does not need a data connection
10. Battery life - 3-4 hrs of gaming, around 5 hrs of calls, all time Wi-fi On, Location On; this is my usage and the battery lasts around 30-35hrs !!!

Cons -

And Yes, every time you unlock the phone, you have a smile on your face, so people might think you are Crazy...but its okay. The phone is that good.

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15 Jan 2013
great value for money fone

Amazing fone, also packed with super sensitive touch. Thus u can even operate ur fone with gloves on, and even metals like keys works great.. i.e. touch screen works well with even metals also..
I've just ordered this on, would b amazing to see this fone in action

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19 Jul 2013
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Now Its Your Turn to feel Proud..I love this thing... My awesome LUMIA

Finally I've Done PHD in LUMIA 820 in 15 Days..
Lets get to know something Different.


1. Display
You'll Love It.. Super Smooth to touch.. Very Bright.. Its clear Black Display will make you feel good every time you Use it. You'll Never Get this Quality until You have 30,000 Rs

What to say now... This device is not made to hang. I am surprised what nokia have done to the phone with only 1.5 Ghz Processor.
Don't Miss an even Single touch.Its faster then Your Fingers n you mind.
::::A RESEARCH :::
I Played NOVA3 which is of 1gb memory and the most heavy game on android, apple and Windows
Loading time
I phone 5 15 Seconds
Lumia 820 22 Seconds
Samsung Note 2- 31 Seconds
Google Nexus 35 Seconds
Samsung S3 37 Seconds
Samsung Grand 46 Seconds
I've Installed 103 Apps+games including 2-3 very heavy games. And phone memory was only 96 MB Free. You know it well. Any Android must have committed Suicide in This Condition. But... Its Windows. The Phone is running buttery smooth without any single lag. No Phone can beat it except Iphone 4s or Iphone 5.
Get one thing in your mind If phone get hangs it is the Problem of application not of the phone.

3. Camera
a.1080p Full HD Recording.
b.Smart Shoot Awesome feature (Google it)
c.Supports Lenses which means modifications for camera Like. Panorama, Sophie Lens . so many filters are there free.Colors are very vibrant and sharper in pictures n videos comparatively 720 n Grand.

Day Light- The camera is very good at day light better then Galaxy Grand and Lumia 720
Low Light- Everybody is saying lumia 720 has better low light camera... But Its very easy to get very high quality pictures just as 720, just select autofix and its done. You will not feel any Difference.

Its True that Applications are less then android but they are 1,45,000
Can you even think of use them all :D :D Its Funny.
Every popular app and Game is now available on WP8 Store. And what games and apps are there are very usefull and addictive. Go to WP8 app store and search You'll get everything there.

4. Operating System
Its very stable and Lovely you cant Hang it. There is a fashion to say..
what can we do in the phone... Just slide and resize the tile n scroll the menu that's it.
If you want to modify each n every bit of its interface why don't you become an interface developer ????
Its Transition's and animation's Speed and Interface is that awesome that you will not think of any change.. You will be lost in it I know. When I got new Galaxy Grand I used it only two days thats it there was nothing to understand more after that it looks like same as every android phone. But 820 gives us the feeling of a new phone that we need to give it time to understand.. jaisa hum bachpan me new phones dekh kar usme kuchh naya search karte thay.. I love this Feeling.
Developers are working very hard to improve their Operating system. N you can update them instantly on your phone.
Remember.. Its Microsoft--- The King Of PCs. Give them a chance they will definitely make you happy. N you will get updated With Windows 8.1 :)

4. Games
Every Popular Game is there But Paid. :(
But there are very very addictive games which will remind your childhood for sure :)
N yes iska matlab ye nahi hai k vo bacchon waale games hain :/
Shuru me android me bhi toh sirf paid games hi chala sakte thay na !!
Isi tarah windows me bhi aisa koi tarika jaroor mil jayega.

5. I can write a book but I m trying to make short so....
a. awesome Keyboard for chatting
b. Facebook Integration
c.Loud Speakers n Super clear Mic
d. People Hub


1. Battery
If you are a heavy gamer then battery will definitely ask for a recharge second time in a day. If you Play Asphalt 7 continuously. Then it will eat up your battery in only 4 hours. :(
Solution- Take a spare battery or a nokia dc-16 portable charger. Because you have no option till now which can give a very Fast performance as Lumia Phones.
Normal Users can take it to 12-13 Hours which almost smartphones give same

2. Front Camera- It is the thing, I'm not satisfied with.but its not bad at all for video calling n very few people make video calls Cuz 3G is very costly in INDIA. N I think low res video is good for streaming ;) :D

3. Take time to identify apps in SD card which are to be installed.
Get it right.. I am not talking about the installed apps.
I m talking about the Apps you downloaded to your PC from WP8 store and Transferred to your card to install.

4.Music is not loud in earphones... but having great quality

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22 Jan 2013
Wasting money...

You're simply wasting money if you are evening thinking to buy an android or an iPhone.
Go to your nearest Croma store and just touch this device. My first swipe on it made me feel that butter is not the smoothest thing... Fell in love with the device.
27K and what you want? 8GB internal memory - making it super fast and smooth. Gaming is like xBox. Camera - Nokia cameras are always awesome. I never required to use my digi cam after buying a lumia 710. And this one is loaded with 8Mp with dual flash. What else are you looking for?

Plus, windows phone, I hardly require to even go to the apps menu. All my important info is on main screen. Unlock, and you're smiling.

More than worth the deal.

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03 May 2013
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for professionals

i just bought this product last week..initially i m interested in galaxy grand..after comparing lumia 820 without second thought i bought is very special to me..bcoz i can store my word documents in my hand set n edit my word documents n send mails easily..its back camera is superb..front camera is very average..but its ok..all mobile shops offered the price of Rs.23,500/-, but i got this mobile with Rs.800 cash back offer at flipkart..i m already using Galaxy Ace, now i love this surfing experience is very i grant 5 star

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11 Apr 2013
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Caution : SMARTPHONES are addictive.. especially the windowsphones..

Precursor :

Flipkart rocks with their service.. when they say 30 day replacement guarantee.. they mean it.. I have got a replacement for a defective product... Hats off to the service and commitment.. hope it continues the same in the future and do not lead to monopoly..

To those who are considering to buy Lumia 820 or any smartphone, hope this helps

First of all do you really think you need a smartphone.. if so list them down..

If these are one of your reasons then I think its not worth putting your penny
1) I travel a lot ( but is`nt book supposed to be a good companion)
2) I am an internet geek and FB obsessed ( go figure )
3) I simply want a smartphone to boast my social image period.

I was eyeing this phone since Oct 2012 and was watching for the reviews and performance reviews..
Here is my opinion.. although there are some cons to this phone.. nothings perfect in this world.. and needs improvisation..


thats because your apps would use memory ( installation and while execution )and that sometimes exceeds 2-3 GB and the windows OS takes about 1.75-2GB of space and 1GB of RAM so thats about 6 GB on the tops thats been used by the phone.. so that leaves roughly 2GB of space for your photos and videos...
so its advicable to buy a windows phone which supports external/ secondary memory..

Ofcourse microsoft is working on optimising the system usage space for apps and way to delete it.. perhaps in the next update to windows 8.

As usual first lets talk about the Cons
1) Tap and open the nokia shell.. nahh.. does nt work .. ( for battery / SIM/ Micro SD changes )

2) Battery doesnt have enough juice to hold for 2 days...Max time of 18 hrs on full wi-fi/ 3G / calls / Videos / Songs... so I am guessing on a long run you might want to keep an auxilary battery handy..

3) screen resolution is tab bit on zoom...

4) Camera is a big let down... the colors are not intense although it packs carl Zeiss...but hey I use mostly my Nikon D5100 so I dont care much about the cam.. this is Ok..

5) Its HEAVY < 140gms approx >

6) after you shutdown the phone for charge( rarely happens) , the moment its plugged the phone automatically starts.

7) No file explorer

8) Headphones are a letdown.. for 25K I think Nokia should give a worthy piece of headphone..

9) Less number of apps ( but hey are you going to use and install all of those 1 million available apps on yous smartphone ? )

10) windowsphone find option in the windowsphone site does not work.. and no DATASENSE tracker available with indian mobile operators..

1) Live TILES somthing thats different from the ordinary

2) Flipping from one task to another is piece of cake.. of course once you jump to another task, the current one pauses..

3) The software responses are good.. performance is on par with a laptop...

4) HD Video recording ( I use this mostly to videotape my boy)

5) Internet browsing is swift both on wifi and its butterly smooth on a 3G.

6) You have the option to choose the data connection on the phone.. i.e switch between 2G and 3G.

7) Skype video calling is too cool

8) Nokia apps like Here transit is the best App you could have while commuting in an unknown city

9) Its sleek and the material is a strong plastic.. appears to be like a metal...

10) windows themes -- uber cool

11) wireless charging ( although I find this useless )

12) Nokia camera apps to better your images and creativity..

13) Nokia Music free subscription.. This is awesome.

14) All your FB/gmail/hotmail/ Linked in contacts integrated / linked.. so once you save the phone numbers of your contacts.. no matter if the phone is reset, you still be able to get the contacts after you login..

15) Microsoft Office ( Word / Excel / Powerpoint / One Note )

16) IE 10 - you can actually book tickets on the go.. and its secured..

17) No need of antivirus software

18) Touch screen is too good.. you can wear your gloves and still be able to use

19) Dolby component for better listening experience ( but you cannot differentiate with the normal headsets .. but when you try with senheiser or monster headset.. you will notice the difference )

20) Fast charging( less than 2 hrs) ..unlike droids that take 3-4 hrs sometimes for a full charge

21) Above all its easy to operate and a good alternative to droids...

Conclusion :
If you want to waste time or if your an introvert or if you want for your social status.. then please do not even think about smartphones it would even make the situation worse..

But if you want an alternative to droids and if your keen on using the smartphone for your bookings, GPS, etc.. that would help you in times of need then go for a smartphone..

Caution : SMARTPHONES are addictive.. especially the windowsphones..

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20 Jan 2013
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certified buyer
Amazing Lumia

Just used the phone for 2 days and m in love with it...:P the yellow one makes you standout among others...:) the screen is clear with quick response and fluidic performance with no lag!... just awsome... for those who say 480x800 not good... it doesnt effect much on this phone... :) Nokia is the best!!!!

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