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15 Jan 2013
A love affair

If any phone can trigger polar opinions, this is it. Some people would frown at the bulky build, while others at the hardware that used to wow audience in mid-2012 and still others at the lack of customizability and versatility that we are so used to from android. The other line of thinking would say Lumia 920 may well be the start of a new love affair! Why? They cite the following reasons:

1. Polycarbonate unibody with immaculate finish. The phone feels more premium than almost all other phones out there in the market. The matte versions are almost impossible to smudge. Also, with the weight uniformly distributed, some may like the weight. In case you don???t, here is some good news. As drop tests suggest, the phone is built to last. It is difficult to scratch the phone and even if you do, the thick polycarbonate ensures there is more of the same material inside. Hence you may do away with a case for the phone effectively bringing the overall weight to what a s3 would be with its case.
2. 4.5??? Clear Black Puremotion HD+ display at the front flaunts an impressive 332 ppi. With all three sub-pixels to be counted, the screen is tact sharp. Detecting pixels with naked eye would be impossible. Moreover, the screen is bright and has very accurate colors. The clear black polarizing filter makes sure outdoor visibility is very good. The other important thing is that the screen is super-sensitive letting you use the phone even with gloves on or with finger-nails, keys(??) etc.
3. 8.7MP pureview camera shoots excellent low light stills. The floating lens technology also comes in handy while shooting video. In daylight however, the camera fails to impress.
4. Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset with its 1.5 ghz dual core krait CPU and 1 gb of ram makes sure windows phone 8 is a breeze. One has to give credit to windows phone 8 where it deserves, which is being extremely fluid and stutter free at all times. A WP 8 phone will also age better than an android one.
5. While we???re at it, although Windows Phone 8 retains most of what WP 7.5 was, it does iron out a few things here and there. Native-code support would make porting apps to windows easier, which potentially means lots of apps from developers. It also brings in Bluetooth file transfers, resizable tiles etc. All of these and a few more are welcome additions to Nokia Lumia 920 over Lumia 900.
6. 32 gb inbuit storage.
7. Free software perks like Nokia Drive, Nokia Lens, Nokia Music etc.
8. A more intangible plus with Nokia Lumia 920 is the Nokia service and support which I personally value more than any other competing brand in India.
9. Wireless charging.

The other school of thought will be vehement about:
1. Built like a tank, literally and figuratively.
2. The sheer number of apps is a huge point in favor of android and iOS. There is no denying that apps to a great extent determine the user-experience on any platform.
3. Not the cleanest of audio outputs.
4. Non-user replaceable battery.
5. No Micro SD card. Yes, it isn???t a problem with 32 gb on-board storage but think about times when you have to format your phone. You have to backup and then restore all your music files, documents etc.

1. A tribute to Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the fact that even after 6 months of its arrival, it still remains the biggest player in smartphone market and a threat to every new phone being introduced. A complete smartphone whichever way you look at, looks or brute processing power should tilt your preferences towards Lumia or galaxy.
2. Apple smartphones are humble in many respects (apart from price) viz. size, processing power, resolution etc. But once you turn on the phone and play around with apps installed is where the magic begins. The software and hardware integration on an apple device sets it apart from the competition. On the same lines, the latest offering from apple, iPhone 5 delivers the most flawless performance.

While Nokia continues to suffer at the hands of Samsung and Apple, it hasn???t forgotten what it is known for: which is making quality hardware with few strokes of geniune innovation. There are very few things you can hold against Nokia Lumia 920 once you get used to the size and windows os. Unless, you???re of the kind who think a few tenths of a millimeter or a few grams of extra weight is going to kill them, Lumia 920 is worthy of a serious thought. For the right person, it might be the start of a new love affair!

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10 Feb 2013
Best Smartfone as of now

Nokia is back in game with Lumia

Many of the drawbacks/Problem have been removed in this phone. Nokia always deliver its promise & its the years of experience & R&D that made this fone successful

I really love to use Nokia's Devices, that does not means i havn't used other manufacturer's handset.


1) Awesome build & finishing, it really looks a premium phone with a class. Buttons are just awesome (Volume up/down, camera, lock)

2) Best camera which works great even in low light conditions

3) Battery is good, don't know why people saying about bad battery, one cannot remove it but can be changed by nokia care so it doesn't matters.

4) u'll just love windows phone, its just awesome

5) clear black technology again makes it different from others & it really looks a classy phone

6) some body said about speaker of phone, man u cannot expect loudspeaker type of sound better purchase some cheap Chinese handsets, Music lovers can seem music wirelessly to JBL speakers :)

7) Download Unlimited free music from Nokia Music for 1 year (Depends upon subscription)

8) Regarding High Speed Internet, i am getting 4.5 MBPS at airtel 3G Network, some body also said about LTE issues, comon man which handset is giving u 4G in INDIA ???
As per current 4G technology only some handset of Huawei is compatible (I m not sure but read some where, that nokia has promised for 4G Compatibility).
But seriously think, isn't 4.5 MBPS enough ???

9) Most Important, when u use ur phone under day light or sun, u will feel blessed :)

10) Instead of running all apps in background like android, microsoft runs push notifications & resumes the application when u open it, it really saves ur battery.

11) Fastest growing APPS Market

12) Now Microsoft tell me understands Indian Accent :)

13) Smart Photo shoot mode

14) Live tiles - Example i can read sender, Subject & 1-2 lines of email (Its just great)

15) Bluetooth Share

16) No need to synchronise only thru zune, accesible thru direct connecting with system

17) If u think, LUMIA will hang like N SERIES, the u r wrong..

18) Nokia Care

19) Contacts are saved to windows live, google etc & docs can be saved in skydrive, rest of the data (Music, pictures) are synchronised in PC/Lappy to get instant backup after reset


21) No compromise with data security.

1) No temple run (but soon lots of gr8 apps r in way)

2) only 32 GB, but its more than enough as its mobile not External HDD

3) Number of apps is less as compered to android & IOS

4) People are less confident in buying windows phone

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13 Apr 2013
Answers to queries

1. No 3G Video Calling -> What is Skype for? There isn't any alternative for Windows Phone's Skype integration. Then there are loads of other video call apps too.

2. No File Browser. (Microsoft's Smart Answer is : It's a Closed Source ) This answer doesn't fulfill the user's requirement -> Microsoft never gave that answer because it does not make sense. Windows Desktop has file browser, so is it open source? Please understand what open source is, it is the ability to modify SOURCE CODE and is completely unrelated to file browser.

Why is file browser not present in WP? Because WP does not impose STONE AGE features on it's user. Why bother to create folders? Why move things? Why do everything manually when your phone does it for you? The first sign of a modern smartphone os is the ABSENCE of file manager. That is why you won't find one on iOS. Only some insecure, buggy os has file manager.

3. No Low Battery Indication - It Just Say Good Bye and Shuts Down -> Completely false. It shows a popup saying battery is low and battery saver mode is turned on. This feature is present in every Windows Phone.

4. No Support for HID Bluetooth profile -> Seriously I do not see any need of this in today's world. Everybody is going compact instead of using physical keyboards or mice.

5.Can You Seek Forward or Backward in Windows Media Player While Playing MP3, Can You Imagine That if you cannot control the song -> Tight press on left arrows to seek back and right arrows to seek forward.

As I have given my answers KINDLY use the phone, or you can ask questions in forums. But things like seek and battery notification should be known to all, wonder they were not answered!

By the way the phone performs smoothly and does not need quad core processor unlike HTC One X :)

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30 Jan 2013
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Fed Up With Nokia Care

I was enjoying using this product until one night I put it for charging and woke up to see a single small crack on the upper right corner of the glass, where the Nokia logo is, develop from the inside,. I went to Nokia Care and they told me Glass is not covered under warranty and asked me to pay 13k for repairs. I called up Nokia and the support executive said that it counts as physical damage. When I explained that I had done nothing out of the ordinary to damage the device, the customer care executive said "You must be pressing the screen too hard !" And this is a Gorilla Glass 2 display we are talking about. I don't want it take a beating, but I certainly expect it to NOT BREAK during regular use. I even volunteered to send the device to Nokia so that they can see that the device has not been damaged by me. They simply refused.
Don't be fooled by drop test videos and such over the internet. Do your research before buying the product. Many people have complained of an extremely weak glass that gets easily cracked and Nokia Care simply refuses to help saying physical damage.
Mind you, it is a good phone but if you are unlucky like me, be ready to pay big buck in repair for choosing Nokia.

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20 Jan 2013
A very Well made smartphone

Long Post Alert!!

No doubt the NL 920 is a gem. I have used it for a couple of hours and WP8 is a fantastic OS. The Nokia hardware is fantastic and just feels at home with the fluid and fantastic OS. The camera is awesome and since the Portico Updates (as someone already pointed out) it has got even better. Nowhere you will get any app comparable to Nokia Exclusives (Nokia Drive+ etc) which are perfectly designed to fill the gaps of the core OS. The notification center update is coming out and I bet it would be quite different to the iOS and Android ones which are virtually copy of one another.

Another issue that often comes up is the weight issue when some people think that 185g is a tad too heavy for them. Ever heard of a Smartphone called Dell Venue Pro? It weighed 192g and I know several owners who are just fans of the device and never bitched about the weight. If you think 185g is too heavy start hitting the gym.

I agree there are a few limitations of the OS and the app store is still scanty compared to iOS or Android but what you get with WP is a tightly integrated and Fluid OS that never lags providing a seamless experience as a single unit. The OS is designed to JUST get your work done with minimum fuss and delay. Sure it does lack the customization of Android but I know a lot of people who have become fans of this OS within minutes of using them.

Give Credit where its due. I love Android's openness, hardware compatibility and the widespread availability but WP may be just like the breath of fresh air you are waiting for.

A few points which I would like to clarify about the long standing debate between smartphone OS.
1. The Dual Core and Quad Core tussle: People are quick to point out that Nokia (WP) are still at Dual Core while the competition (Read GS3, HOX) have already gone quadcore. Ever heard of the word Optimization?? It means how well the software has been designed to work smoothly on a given hardware. Android was never a ground up design. It was just cooked fast to compete in the OS space by google. How many of you know that the core Android kernel was not even designed with a touch interface in mind? While Android is designed to run on everything from Phones, PCs, Cameras, TV and what not? It can run on virtually any chipset starting from ARM to x86 processors. And there's where you pay the price for customization and openness. It isn't optimized enough and even the flagships lag (yes, even with JB) and the Custom Launchers don't make it any different. WP8 on the other hand is desigen and optimized with only Snapdragon S4 in mind. So the optimizations are immense and the phone is literally a rocket on even two cores. Don't believe? Head off to GSM Arena for the NL620 preview where it beats the hell out of a GS3 in sunspider benchmark. There you have it. A 1Ghz dual core outclassing a 1.4Ghz Quadcore. How magical is that?

Let me end with one more example. Ever heard of the PS2? Yes, the gaming console. Do you know what is the configuration of a PS2? Read carefully. 300Mhz Processor, 32MB RAM and 4MB video RAM. Yes there is no typo. And during its heydays it used to smoke the shit out of a 2Ghz P4 with 512+ MB RAM when it came to playing games. Focussed and optimized was it.

The Apps Issue: Lets face it. The apps are just not there compared to iOS or Android. But whats heartening is that several things can be done in WP (Lockscreen Notifications, Kids Corner etc) which would require an App in Android or iOS. But Several Bis names like Flipboard, Temple Run and other franchisees are still missing. WP8 shares its Kernel with W8 and its very easy to port application either ways. The SDK just came out in October and you should give it some time for Devs to actually port the PC games to WP8. Once its underway you will find a deluge of games hitting WP8.

And Lastly don't let the absence of a few Apps deter you from buying a very very well made smartphone. Buy the Phone (or WP basically) and developers will be forced to make apps for it.

You will enjoy the NL 920. NO doubt about it.

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21 Jan 2013
find it quite funny here... :)

It funny to note that NONE of the 44 REVIEWS of this phone, till date, have been made by a "Certified Buyer" from flipkart xD

But, nevertheless this phone has my 5-stars already!

P.S. for the iPhone and non-S3 lovers try Windows Phone for a change and that too on a Nokia Hardware. You'll know the difference.
Not enough?.......okay, Lets drop the Lumia 920 and your iPhone 5 and see who cries first :D


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28 Jan 2013
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A refreshing change from androids

Initially i was confused whether to go for iphone 5 or lumia 920, but i tried my hands on with lumia 920 and it completely blew my mind.!! butter smooth UI and super responsive touch with great polycarbonate body.. made it ideal for my daily use. Before buying, i compared the andrioid store, IOs store and the windows store, so as to get a better idea on the app population, my only conclusion was that, microsoft and nokia have come of the age, the apps are surprising good and most of the mature (real useful) apps are already there on windows!... i watched ton's of youtube videos before finalising on this and my god! i am thoroughly impressed.. it just kicks the iphone and S3 hard!

The Camera on this phone is a monster and you can really click some fabulous shots with it.
all in all.. go for this product.. if you are really bored with UI of android and IOs.. which are same on every phone.. also, the build quality is just too good, (i am using my keys as stylus without any worry for scratches.. )
and don't worry about the apps, they are ample and sufficient.. try and it and you will absolutely love it..

kudos to nokia and microsoft!!.. cheers!

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20 Feb 2013
For people who could think beyond current market

Rating 4.5/5

Redefining call to action. Switched from buttons to text. NO BUTTONS only text. beautiful fluid colorful text . Very Very Simple.

Why I bought it?
Since the first day, I saw it's advertisement it was very clear to me, that I can be rational enough not go with old monotonic UI of iOS or Android and could actually go with the underdog in the market which was Windows OS. As far as Apps are concerned, in the end of this review you could find a list of apps that I use and then nobody has to say that Windows platform doesn't have apps. Yes there are plenty of new and innovative apps along with old iOS and Android apps. Agreed that that it would take time for developers to choose Windows as first choice for releasing their app.

How long since I am using it?
It's been around 15 days as of today since I have bought it and all my experience is based on my interaction within these 15 days.

What is Really Really good, 5 star types?
Screen | Camera | Interaction | ALL NOKIA APPS ( maps, drive, trailers, MUSIC*) | battery backup | responsiveness | screenshots(very usefull) | Games | MEMORY(32 GB)
Nokia Music is the awesomest of all of 'em.
Never worry about space.

Some not so good things
Weight (Could have been a little lighter)

Brace yourself, Apps are coming....

First some Nokia apps - City lens, Drive, Maps, MUSIC, trailers, transport. All are excellent.
Others Walkee Textee*, Skyscanner, Shazam, Evernote, Rubberneck*, Photofunia, Moquu,Instant Heart Rate*, Hike, didler, Day Counter, Cifra Club Tuner*, Zomato, Cleartrip, Whatsapp, Twitter, facebook, Tubebox(Youtube app),, Skinery, Kindle e-book reader

*marked are some new innovative apps

Brace your self Games are coming....

Ragdoll Run, Rollover, Snowball Assault, Think Invisible, Plane in storm, Unite, Achtung, BlackJack, Texas Holdem Poker, Fruit ninja, 3D brutal chase, AE 3d Motor, AE, doodle Dash, Chalk master, Hangman, Labyrinth, Line Birds etc...

To get these apps you could use, AppDeals or browse using, AppFlow.

In all, It is a very good phone to buy if you could justify the money you re spending :)

EDIT: 1 month and still loving it !

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01 Apr 2013
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certified buyer
What a beautiful product!!!

I am truely in love with my Lumia 920 Yellow, Ferrari Yellow to be precise. The product is beautiful, and when u place it along side your friend's smartphone you can see what stands out. It a head turner, whenever I am in public and talking over my phone, people do notice the device in your hand.

As far a the product is concerned, its definitely one of the best smartphones in the market. The size and weight of product just feels right in your and and give you a feel that it's a solid product and won't break if it happen to fall unlike some of the other high-end smartphone. The camera is best on the block and low light pictures will surprise you.

Also massively impressed by flipkart speed of delivery. I got the device in less than 24 hrs, that's amazing. I love you folks, keep up the good work.

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06 Feb 2013
This is the most innovative smartphone out there in the market today. Haters gonna hate!

I get frustrated when people constantly haggle on the "number of apps" in the apps store. I put up a question to everyone here. How many apps do you use in a span of 1 week. Its ok to have a billion apps in the apps store but from my experience meeting with so many people, it seems there are just 15 odd apps that people generally use. The rest remain there on their phone/tablet unused. The W8 market place has all the necessary apps that are needed. Plus there are many to play around with just for fun.

Also, people talking about quadcore processor. Do you even know why a quadcore would be needed. Android needs quadcore but windows doesn't since it runs apps like native code.

Here is my take on the other aspects:

1) Great looking, sturdy phone. No cheap plastics.
2) The best screen in the market. Full HD, LCD panel Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Very good scratch resistance.
3) UI is very different and a very good departure from the standard icons you see in most smartphones.
4) Excellent camera. 8.7 MP carl zeiss lens
5) Cool apps like navigation, camera apps and nokia city lens pre packaged with the phone. Also has free music app with lakhs of songs.
6) Wonderful MS Office integration
7) 32 GB storage! If you want to compare compare price with 32 GB iphone which retails for Rs. 52,000
8) Wireless charging, NFC and LTE support
9) Nokia service and support. How many Apple and Samsung service centers does your city have v/s the nokia service centers?

1) Slight heavy. I must re emphasize "Slightly"
2) Battery could have been more stronger.
3) Dialer functionality should have favorites, speed dial etc for easy access.

1) Apple score a lot of points for the excellent hardware software integration.
2) Android scores a lot of points for its openness and customization ability.

92% of 13 users found this review helpful.
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