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Nokia N8: Mobile

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29 Jan 2012

I OWN THIS PHONE HAD BEEN USING IT FOR PAST 1 YEAR NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. BEST CAMERA WITH XENON FLASH and CARL-ZIESS LENS. ONLY PHONE WITH STANDARD MICRO-HDMI PORT RATHER THAN CUSTOM MANUFACTURER PORT Eg. Sony Erricson Experia Arc. Extremely robust with all aluminium body. extremely flexible usage it has dual ports for charging i.e 2mm pin and Micro-USB so even if you want to use External hard drive via usb interface it can still be charged. One Aspect That Probably most people over look that it actually is 16gb phone with 14.2 GB usable memory but my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 16 GB has ONLY 11GB Usable. And the cpu about which every is angry that it is only 680MHz is also very good and helps to save battery. My phone lasts upto 2 days usage with single charge with around 16 hrs of music and 5 hrs of calling.

Awesome phone and now at a budget that i can't imagine i am ordering for a second one in SILVER Colour.

Go ahead and enjoy NOKIA.

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20 Sep 2012
Reliable Nokia

Rather than writting usual review, I want to Highlight point which had struck he and made me happy about owing this Phone
1. Camera: Its awsome, period. even on desktop the quality is amazing and unmatched by any High-end mobiles.
2. Zenon flash: I gave a damn about this till I knew how much difference it makes in turn of vibrabcy of the Photo. Others have led flash, which washes off colour and depth from the image.
3. Battery: A small story.. We went on trek. everybody had smart phone but nobody was using it when we lost ur way because they worried like hell that the battery would run off. I, on the other hand used GPS throughtout and the battery didnt giveup on me.
4. GPS: It has lifetime free turn by turn voice navigation even in hindi, so just put on earphone and drive; it will show you the way. Plua, you can download map of any state or country and then you would not need data connection or even network and it will tell guide you to your destination, with offline search.
5. Size and Build: size is perfect for me, but is subjective opinion. build is typical of nokia, you can rely on it to last.
6. accessories: it has got with it all imaginable accesorries, including usb to go and hdmi adapter.
7. Unlimited free music download: though the quality is poor.

Now, things i was skeptic about it before buying it and their current status
1. symbian: It has usability almost equal to android, if not better with beIle refresh os. Its smooth and you wont even know that it runs on low specs. Games run smoothly. Almost no lag, but dont expect zipping fast actions.
2. Apps: It has got almost all the major apps which you may need and use. and the paid ones are cheap too.
3. screen res: its not that great but do-able.

At this price: Highly recommended

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17 Apr 2013
n8 super phone-all android lovers plz go away from this phone

n8 super phone-all android lovers plz go away from this phone. i saw in many reviews that many peoples are saying that nokia phones are shit and symbian os is shit and many many bad things. all those comments are given by only android fans. many people don't think symbian is more customisable than android. nokia did mistake when they released first symbian s60v5 phones in india, those phones were nokia 5233, 5230, 5235, 5800XM etc. that time these phones price were 8000 to 9000rs. these phones were having 434MHZ cpu, no GPU, 128MB RAM, 70 to 80 MB internal memory. due to these low specs only, these phones were very slow in use, laggy buggy os and most of people of our country bought these low end nokia models only. so many people are thinking that nokia makes waste phone, and don't tell about it's body, don't say dabba phone, it's dabba body only will save this phone from damage. most of the android phones are having slim body, and those android phones are shit bcoz these phones are very weak. if any apple or android phone falls from 1meter, then they will have too much damage than any nokia, if nokia phone falls from 1 meter then it will only have few scratches only. if nokia had released phones like 5233, 5230, 5235, 5800XM with
700 or 800MHz CPU,
256MB or more ram,
with some mid or low end gpu or atleast good 3D acclerator
1GB or 2GB internal memory,
no certificate restrict etc
if nokia had released those phones with above specifications, then they will not have any bugs, no slow response, more apps and games willl work including pirated, price may be 13000 to 14000, then people had knew the features of phone.
some problems and solution of symbian os:-
-nokia store is waste, no good games???
->you can download pirated apps from other websites, and specially symbian belle and anna hd games look like android games only.
-unable to install pirated apps or games, shows certificate error??????
->hack your phone's firmware, after doing this you will be able to install any apps or games.
-user interface is not so customisable, not so good????????/
-flash your phone's firmware to any good custom firmwares. flashing will remove phone's warranty but, it will make your phone more better than ever, you can change user interface completely, can install pirated apps or games, many features will be unlocked, most of the bugs will be fixed, cpu and gpu will be overclocked to increase performance, useless apps will be removed, phone will become more fast.

some amazing features of nokia n8 that android lacks:-
-you can use phone with hdtv to play games and watch movie, through hdmi cable connection.
-u can connect bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard to this phone, and use as pc.
-for complete pc experience-connect wireless bluetooth mouse+keyboard to n8. connect it to hdtv by hdmi connection(monitor). connect speaker system through 3.5mm jack. use internet from 2g or 3g or wifi connection. it will look really amazing.

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19 Aug 2013
Best Camera in a stylish mobile

This superb mobile is no more available in flip kart, but surprisingly one week back I found this mobile- brand new, sealed packed, in a small market of a remote town of West Bengal. I bought the mobile immediately, with 19000/-, as I was in search for a mobile with super camera (high resolution- for taking instant very good quality photos in my work place). the camera can never get better than this one in a mobile- as I am getting 6- 8 MB images with crystal clarity, and I am very happy. now taking best quality photos in my work place- (mainly of documents- like old manuscripts- that can not be scanned)- has become a handy, pleasurable work for me. it is giving super and splendid results of high quality images. again the camera with its all shiny metal sleek body gives it a posh and extremely stylish looks, all of my colleagues just admire the looks of this phone. they just keep on looking at me when I take out this mobile. but one thing to admit- the interface of this phone is not that good- much back dated to the current touch screen phones. but I got what I needed most- the super and handy phone camera.

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19 Aug 2012
superb smart phone from nokia

I am a big fan of nokia products. My best phone is N73 and after that N8.
The N8 is extremely super (its not simply super).
The impressive features of N8 are:

1. Its video camera. HD recording. I never seen this kind of excellent performance by a cell phone of its price range.(iPhone 4S got the same capability but you can compare the price)

2. 'on the go' usb feature. It have the female USB connectivity.
I am in teaching profession. I used to check my students PPTs with my N8 from their flash drives.

3. Screen size.. a very good color contrast. daily i used to download movies to my desktop and transfer to my N8. I have to travel one and a half hour to my working place. My N8 gives the extreme pleasure on my journey.

4. I have an ACER 3D HD projector. I enjoy watching HD content on the projector from my N8. N8's HDMI connector is super.

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15 Feb 2013
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Highly useful phone

It is a very good phone. It serves the primary objective of calling ( audio and direct native video calling in 3g services) very well. The voice is so clear that there is no need to stress yourself even in crowded places.Browsing is very good and easy to use. It has a fantastic camera. I recommend this phone to people who are heavy on calling & camera use ,browsing for work and not living by it. Remember there are so many phones out there which have front camera but do not support native video calling and one has to install some other app for the same and the recipient of the call also needs to have the same app!!!

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13 Sep 2012
My New Best Friend !!

I got my new nokia n8 today , heard a lot of stuff against this mobile as it it equipped with the outdated symbian facing the huge competition from Ios and android .!! but frankly , Nokia did its best to prove itself ..2 yrs i s what it had been from the release of the n8 and is still a hot topic in the society ..great work !!
I dont need to mention all stuff regarding the hardware which all of you might have known by now .. but this mobile stands out in every aspect I see
Conclusion : The best mobile for entertainment and multimedia purpose ..totally in love with it

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29 Dec 2012
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Awesome Camera and unlimited free original songs, less apps

An awesome phone for its features. This phone is not for app lovers and gamers.


1. Excellent camera and flash.
2. Nice and responsive touch.
3. Unlimited songs download.
4. Nice music player and music quality.
5. Ovi maps for driving.
6. Microsoft apps (Quick Office).

1. Not many apps.
2. Web browser is okay.
3. Slightly thicker.
4. Screen size.

Overall an excellent smartphone with all the essential features.

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16 Jul 2012
Excellent phone from Nokia

I ve been using n8 for nearly 2 years .still am enjoying the features and functions . only cons is outer body is little fragile . other than that my say would be fantastic . updated belle os is much far better than old symbian and can compete with android . OVI store gives you hell lot of apps for free . it is a mini tablet which has all the features.other cons i felt is headset , which is not at all compatible for this mobile .main wonder i ve seen is , u can watch movies with subtitles . what else do u want . first choice should be N8 . till it deplete from market.

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20 Feb 2013
Nokia n8

I have had this phone since the week it was launched in oct 2010 n still in love with it .....
Amazing camera for clicking photos which i have clicked more then 5000 till date and wat video quality!
Have always loved nokia for sturdiness n dis one has lasted so many falls dat no other cud n still goin strong!
Battery time better den other smart phone
Good display n touch
U can watch videos or youtube streaming courtsey hdmi cable on big screens...

No cons fr me still not ready to part wit it...

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