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Nokia X1-01

(Dark Grey)
Rs. 1865
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: WS Retail
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Specifications of Nokia X1-01 (Dark Grey)

Brand Nokia
Model ID X1-01
Handset Color Dark Grey
Please note: All products sold on Flipkart are brand new and 100% genuine

Reviews of Nokia X1-01

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Based on 360 ratings
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Most Helpful Reviews (10 of 181)

This review was written for Nokia X1-01
19 October 11
Good Phone for basic users

I ordered and received this phone with-in 24hrs. I guess thats because I live in Mumbai.
I have been using this phone for about 2 days and here is mytake on this :

Good :
1) Dual SIM, dual standby. A blessing for people in rural areas where one network doesn't give the best reception everywhere.
2) Very affordable at less that 1900 price.
3) "Nokia ka bharosa". (I believe it when they say that)
4) solid, Sturdy build quality exceeds expectation at such low price point.
7) Clean, semi intutive user interface. Anyone who has used low end nokia phones before will feel right at home.
5) Nice Looking with options for different coloured back covers. (Front is always black, I got the white back one.)
6) Supports memory expansion upto 32GB, so even the most agrressive music enthusiasts will be satisfied with number of songs that can be stored on the device.
8) Hot swap functionality for memory card allows changing songs on device without switching off the phone.
9) Torch comes in handy at times.
10) Huge 1320 mAH battery. No need to charge for extended periods even with moderately used music playback and telephony.
11) Standard 3.5 mm audio jack gives freedom to use your favourite earphones with it. (Kind of necessary as the bundled earphones are very low quality)

Bads :
1) No center selection key (A biggie for me).
2) No Fast-forward/Rewind feature on music player (not a deal breaker, can live with that).
3) Only plays mp3 files (acceptable as mp3 is the most popular format).
4) Music library organised by folders instead of Album/Artist/Songs..
5) No PC suite/USB connectivity
. Only way to transfer data is through Micro SD card.

Overall feedback :

GO for it!

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92% of 12 users found this review helpful.
03 November 11
Perhaps the best of its kind....

If you are buying this phone for music, let me tell won't be disappointed. This is not only the best music phone you can get within 2000 bucks...but also the best music player.

There's no MP3 player or video player which sounds as good and loud as this one through the speaker....and you can use it as your phone too.

When I first played this in the corridor of my hostel, some of my friends began coming out of their rooms to check out what phone I had...and all of them said that it was quite loud.

If you're going to use the earphones to listen to music, DON'T use the Nokia earphones which come with this sounds very average. When I used my Cowon earphones...there was a HUGE difference in sound was far RICHER and CLEARER.

This has dual-SIM which works can have both the SIM cards active at the same time...or just one of them.

Remember that using two SIM cards at the same time makes the wireless antenna work harder...which may increase your exposure to SAR...if you are concerned about SAR radiation. The maximum SAR value for this phone is 1.28....its safe (below the minimum 2) but most phones have SAR values below 1 (usually between 0.30 and 0.80).

Using just one SIM card instead of two will also make your phone battery last longer. Use two SIM cards only when you really have to. It's better to switch off the other SIM card (yes you can do that) when you're not using it. You can activate it whenever you want to..but if you're not using it, it's wiser to keep it inactive.

Coming to battery life, this is again where the phone shines. Battery life is exceptional. I listen to music a lot but this phone still keeps going for days.

One feature that I really miss in this phone is SMS lock. In Samsung phones (even the most basic ones), you can easily lock the SMS folder with a password so no one can see your messages. You could easily make calls or listen to music...only your SMS folder gets locked.

This phone doesn't have can only lock the keypad with a password.

And yes this phone does have a BRIGHT TORCH which is quite useful.

Hope this helps....

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8 of 8 users found this review helpful.
20 August 11
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certified buyer
Awesome phone

I have just bought this phone and being a regular buyer, thanks again to Flipkart for amazing packaging and delivery. In short, the phone is good enough if you are looking for a basic phone. It looks good, specially the back battery cover. The phone is a little bigger than other basic phones. Makes it easy to hold it and not for the girls.
Battery is awesome, much bigger than other batteries. 1320 mAh for a basic phone is more than enough. On a whole, at first look, it gave me the feeling of the Nokia phones of old times, good battery, solid body, and reliable.
Both the sim cards work at the same time. The problem is when one sim is busy, the other does not get any network. But hey, "Busy in other call" is more or less same as "Out of range". If the caller has something important, he/she'll call you again in 5 minutes in any of the cases.
Coming the mp3 player, to be frank, this is better than I expected. Get a good earphone and it can surprise you too! The card reading is good. I have inserted upto 8GB cards till now, and it works very fine, arranging the music files in a few seconds. And the good battery will let you play music for a long time. The speakers are loud enough and it is smooth, doesn't hurt the ear, not the phone. Sound is clear and the speaker doesn't give up at all at full volume.
But, this could be better if it had come with a file manager and a picture viewer. Don't know why Nokia did not include these features. However you can surf track list and even music folder list from the music player itself.
It does not have a data cable connectivity port. The reason is, I think, the low price. The cost of a card reader is compensated here.

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7 of 8 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
07 July 11

Does this phone have a torch. because in the pics it look likes that it has a torch, when seen from upwards, but the torch is not given in the specifications of the phone

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This review was written for Nokia X1-01
14 September 12
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certified buyer

The nokia X1-01 comes under the absolute "value for money" category of mobile phones. It has 5 main features that anyone looks for in a phone. 1)It comes in vivid and vibrant colours that gives it a stylish and an energetic look. 2) It has the most long lasting battery back up as it comes with a powerful battery that can keep this phone going on for atleast a "week" without charging. 3)The loud speaker gives it a dominating voice over other phones, however the sound quality may not be high end .4)It comes with a built in mp3 player and an expandable memory of upto 16Gb, however a data transfer cord is not part of the package and songs need to be transfered directly onto the card throug a card reader. 5) Last of all it is an affordable phone for those of us who are not willing to spend too much money on high end smart phones with multi media options but at the same time are interested in music and fm radio. In addition to all of this it has a built in torch that gives you enough light in times of darkness. :-)

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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
27 January 12
Never buy this

I am a very big fan of nokia. I like the user friendlyness of nokia handsets. but this happens sometime which makes you feel strange.......

I am using this phone from last 2 months(infact only 1 month, after that i decided it should not be used).

There is a very big problem regarding signal. Many times(99.99) the person who is talking with you can't hear you properly, that person can hear the sound but can't understand what you are speaking. Very bad phone if you are using it as a mobile.

it is very good if you are using it as a mp3 player. Sounds loud while playing songs. bettery is amazing.

I loose the faith on nokia, and that's why samsung is getting more coverage on mobile market.

seriously dont buy this phone, if u still want to buy it i will give this phone to you with very nominal price.

the lowest rating i can give here is 1. If giving 0 as rating would posibble, it would give 0,probable -1, -2, -3 also can be given but not posibble to give that rating.

please dont buy this mobile.

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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
04 December 11
Do not go for it

I am a genuine user of dual sim since 2007 (was using spice 4580- still a beautiful phone). I thought of giving Nokia a try but seems like Nokia is far behind in dual sim technology. The phone has 2 basic flaws:
a) Network gets hung when you have 2 sim cards in (seems like a problem with the multiplexer component inside).
b) THe phone restarts on its own.

I strongly suggest go for spice mobile (from my experience) if you want to try dual sim. Or best case go for dual sim active (available in Samsung) (all these phones nowadays are dual sim standby- which means that they use one microprocessor switching to cater to both sim networks thats why one network fades when you start calling/smsing from the other network).
A phone is for talking and if you cannot do that you just have earned yourselves some elephant tusks which are of no use to you!
I hope Nokia company sees my review and fixes the problem in X01 soon (its otherwise a neat phone except for the basic network / restart problem).

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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.
18 November 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Review after 1 year of usage

I was surfing through flipkart and just thought of writing my review about the phone.
I bought my first phone above Rs.3000 just a week back, so for the last 7 years I've been using low end phones.
This is by far, THE BEST phone I've used. I'll try to write everything point-wise for clarity.
1> I bought this phone from flipkart about an year ago. The price was almost the same then. Thank You flipkart.

2> The biggest advantage of this phone is the battery. Just charge and forget. In terms of battery, this phone has never cheated me, not once.

3>The next best thing is the music. The speakers are loud enough to match a china set. And I bought decent philips headphones which just make the music experience mesmerizing.

4>The call quality is good. I've used it for an year and personally I've never had a problem with call quality or sound.

5>Dual Sim works good. One SIM shuts down while the other is in use, but that has never been a big issue, atleast not for me.

1> These are the only major usable features in the phone. I mean, at the same price you can get a china phone with a lot more features. So, better know what you want.

2> Doesn't have bluetooth or a usb cable. The only way to transfer data is to take out the memory card, put it in a card reader and transfer. However, you don't have to remove the battery to do so.

Thats pretty much my experience with the phone. Overall in 1 word, THIS PHONE IS RELIABLE. You can count on it when it matters.

Hope this review helped.

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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
14 May 12
Decent phone for the price

I've been using this phone for around 11 months and I've thought about writing a review on this product.
Points in favour of the product:
1.Great battery life : I've made many 2-3 day trips and never have I carried the charger along, I'd still have a bar or two of battery life left when I get back.
2.Responsive keypad : Though at first I thought the keys would be hard to press, I was pleasantly surprised.
3.Music quality is quite decent for the device ; the speaker is loud and clear even at top volume.
4.Design is quite neat for an entry level phone.
5.LED torch is a pretty nice add-on.
6.Build quality, though entirely plastic, feels solid.
7.Hot swappable Micro SD card.
8.Display, though low-res, is pretty bright to read even in the sunlight.
PS note that its a dual sim standby phone. Those seeking a dual sim active phone, pls look elsewhere.
A few negatives:
1.A few instances where the phone restarted on its own. (Fixed by interchanging the sim cards)
2.Sudden drop in network. I'd be having all my network bars full, and they'd suddenly vanish , like magic!
3.Noted a few instances where the only way to access contacts starting with letter "S" was to scroll manually from Z to S or from A to S. Typing "S" would draw a blank.
4.Perhaps the music player could have included the option of fast-forwarding within a track; just a minor -ve, I can manage without it too.

All in all, a decent entry level handset from nokia, albeit with a few niggles.

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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
11 January 13
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certified buyer
very poor phone

I have been using this phone for over 7 months now. Here are some pros and cons:

1. Good features in this price range - radio, music player, dual sim, torch.
2. Good design.
3. Loud Sound.
4. Good battery life.

1. Poor connection, you have to restart several times to get the connection. Effectively, you do not have a dual sim phone with this.
2. The display sometimes goes dim and gradually turns black. Then you have no option but to restart the phone.
3. Now recently it has even begun to restart by itself.
4. Basic features are missing. You do not have notes for example.
5. The navigation key is only four way and you cannot set the shortcuts. They are predefined and you have to live with them.
5. Poor language support. It does have some languages including Hindi, but there are some limitations with what you can do.
6. You cannot make play-lists, rename a music file, move up or down (although for this range, this features cannot be expected).

In summary, do not but this if you are looking for a durable product.
very bad phone@@@@@

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Sturdy( even after many falls it works fine), efficient double SIM function,Long lasting battery with two S...

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27 March 14
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
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Terrific battery back up

This phone is killer in terms of Battery back up. 5-6 days, 4-5 hours per day, weak signal and this phone will survive. Thats g...

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31 January 14
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
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Good phone

I baught for my mom nd she is using it for last 1 year.. and its still as same as new...

so i would definetly pref...

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14 November 13
This review was written for Nokia X1-01
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certified buyer
Its a great Phone

Hi, I bought this phone for my dad who is around 60 years old and loves to listen music and radio. This phone have a great user...

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06 November 13
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Got it and it Works!

Worth the time spent. Delivered very fast, in good condition,As good as the original, at a very low price. In a regular retai...

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04 November 13
     Nokia X1-01 (Dark Grey) Price in India: Rs. 1865


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