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Philips HP6512 Epilator For Women: Shaver

Reviews of Philips HP6512 Epilator For Women

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21 Dec 2011
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As smooth as silk

Well am not marketing Thai airways, rather saying about the healthier, silky glowing skin.

Though there were lot of market leaders like Braun, Panasonic, MR selling epilators, Philips distinct from these by their simple design and ease of use. That's why i decided Philips would be the best bet.

Before starting to write a review on this product, let me say that i have bought this one for my girlfriend as she had a hard time finding out a parlor to cater her needs.

Firstly, the UnBoxing..As usual, standard flipkart carton package with teh Philips box and an invoice. Excellent packaging with zero defect and product box was in immaculate condition.

Secondly, when unboxed the Philips package, you can find a. Epilator, b. Trimmer attachment, c. Trimmer head, d. Epilator attachment, e. Epilator head, f. Trimmer head protector, g. Cleaning brush, h. Glove to exfoliate, i. Soothing gel ice pack, h.Power cord (110-230V 50-60Hz), i. Warranty card and standard paper works

Though Philips user manual lacked proper explanation, understanding this product was not at all a rocket science. I helped in assembling parts and when connected the power cord's one end on the epilator and other end on power source and turned on, there came the buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. was working...

Coming to the actual review on epilation..this little devil does wonder. Though it tickles a bit, it is highly recommended for first time users. It creates goose bumps, and when you get one, stop epilating and put on your ice pack over for a quick relief. Glove to exfliate hairs is a real good one to have, since it makes it easier to work along.

Yet to try on the trimmer, so couldn't comment about that.

The only disadvantage i felt is the lack of battery inside the epilator. If had would be a better one. Guess Satinelle Perfect(available in US market) has battery backup.

I couldn't think of any other disadvantage..I and my girlfriend would highly recommend this for all teens and women.

As by law,
Epilate on the opposite direction of hair growth.
Do not apply pressure while epilating.
Epilate over a mat so that you don,t mess your wash room with tiny hairs all around.
Moisturize once you are done.

Have a great day!! :)

--The End--

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07 Dec 2011
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Saves my parlor visits for waxing

This is great - specially when I can not schedule a parlor visit for waxing, and I want to wear a certain dress which requires waxing - it's such a bad feeling. And this epilator totally saves me from that. Just today I got this delivered to me, and used it by night. Fantastic performance. Silky smooth skin.

Yes, it's sound is little annoying, and the body get's slightly hot after constant use for 15 minutes. But I believe when multiple blades are moving at a great speed this is normal science, and should be accepted.

It has multiple attachments, but the best one is the gloves which is helpful to raise the tips of the hairs, for easy epilation. And the ice bag is so handy, very good to sooth the skin continuously, as you epilate.

First touch of epilator to my skin was like an electric shock, but then I got easy with it... No doubt, I thank Flipkart, for it's on time, great delivery.

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21 Oct 2011
first to review
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Excellent Product

Excellent Product with lot of Features.No pain will be there when using this epilator.And an extra shaving and trimming attachment is very very useful also.
Very stylish desighn and compact one.But it has no battery mode.Thats the only drawback of this item.But I'm giving 5 Stars

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08 Apr 2012
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Satisfaction Guarantee(90%)

First of all, Thanks to the team of Flipkart for their efforts to deliver in time ^_^

Packaging and handling :)
Contents as promised :)

The product is just as I hoped it would be. Hair removal is gentle enough,(depending on sensitivity and thickness). Just don't run it more 2wice in the same area (esp: under arms and bikini line.)
The comb comes in trimming when the hair is pretty long, which makes epilating really painful.

Cleaning and maintenance:
Cleaning the epilator head is simple and easy. Wash and dry before keeping it away. (shake it properly)
Though I cant understand how to do so for the shaver head.
I use the blade trimmer edge(either side)only, so it would be easy to clean with the brush.

Exfoliating Glove isn't of any use. Loofa or pumic stone work better.
But the ice pack makes up by cooling any heated to sore areas, after epilating.

It is a good buy, considering if you'd want these extra accessories in this package.

Or you can do well with philips's basic epilator+ rezor+ pumic/loofa+ local cooling pad, which are just as cost affective as you could ask for. ^-^

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18 Jun 2012
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Lucky I am! I didn't expect this much from 6512!

I don't have any word to share this with you. I don't like to boast about products. This is the best thing I have chosen in my entire life. At first I have got the product delivered in just two days of time. I was very eager to use this product as I was not there at home to receive the product. After a day,, since morning I don't like to be without this product. At first, I was very much afraid of how much pain I'm going to incur during the session. It doesn't hurt like waxing. Believe me, I have very thick hair and I just used it in Speed I without knowing the Speed II is used for thick hairs. I just pricked me like a thorn pricking us very lightly. So thanks to the one who designed it :)

Usage is damn easy. I have been using it so roughly without care. It didn't hurt a bit. It plucks the underarm hair like a wind blowing the rose petals. I can see that it worked plucking the thick hairs from my underarm from the roots. It works like a charm.

Use the product closer to your skin if the hair length is too short. It works for all length hair. But longer thick hair pains. So just trim the thicker ones and use 6512 in Speed II. I'm only afraid of using Epilator in Bikini line ;( because the area is very sensitive. I'm thinking to use it there too. Wastage of money in giving to parlours for waxing. All these years, wasted my money in it. I used it almost on my entire body. OMG! I don't have words. I was thinking from that time to write the review. Now helping someone in getting the product.

Keep in mind! You will never regret after purchasing this product :)Remember to work in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can turn the machine in between if your hair doesn't get plucked and make it work like a charm :) It just plucks the hair from the root. I kept smiling without pain. A very little pain, which, especially girls can bear easily. Just lesser than the pain you get from eyebrow threading ;) I love this product. Since morning, I'm playing with it.

The icepack is very nice, I use it for my face too before getting ready :) :) I'm in love with this product. I am a very normal girl. This is the first time I spent this much money on a worthful product. You 'll love this product for sure :)Take a chance.

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26 Jan 2012
Amazing product!!

A must buy if you hate visiting parlors for gettin yourself waxing. Itz so easy to use non messy.takes lesser time. The colour's too pretty. attractive, handy , and the accessories are unbelievable. sound level is bearable. The results are just flawless. skin stays smooth for about 2-3 weeks.I dun e1 luk at those wacky waxing kits or other hair removal products that literally stinkx!! just the right deal!! :)

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17 Mar 2012
go for it

really nice product..n much much less pain than any kind of waxing,in my case i dint face any kind of pain..i can say must buy for women..its whole body hair remover..u know takes only 2mins n ur underarm is!!! pack attached wid it is really wonderful..shaver,messager all r very gud..lookwise its really cute epilator..going 2 order one for my sister..i really wonder y i dint buy it before..hmmm because the thing epilator was totally unknown to me..otherwise i m nt a wax gal..yuk..that chip-chip n totally waste of money..thank god..ab muje sham ki surprise party se pahle sochna nahi padega..god my hand is nt waxed..c my legs..wt sud i wear..hehe..i can make is soft n beautiful..yaah..anytime..;):)
now come 2 flipkart..m a regular always rocks!!fast it within 2days.

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07 Feb 2012
amazing product

First of all thanks to flipkart for their amazing online shopping website as i got my order within two working days with my order nicely packed along with warranty card and all attachments.
Now come to the utility of this product, this small gadget is really wonderful .now i don't have to take out a lot of time to visit to a parlor for waxing,now i can do it at my home at any time.Moreover no chip chip of waxing and very less pain as compared to waxing.Very easy removal of hair whether they are thick or thin.Believe me this is one time investment and you can have velvety smooth skin for weeks and further.the size of the product is very handy and small as i can keep it in my handbag and use it wherever i want.
Anyways thanks to flipkart for giving me this small wonderful magical gadget.

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29 Oct 2012
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Must have for all the ladies out there :D

I first stepped into the hair removal world via Hair removal creams. That turned out to be a disaster in its own way. Then I shifted to waxing which worked out just fine except the fact that it was not that easy for me to drop by the parlour incase of emergencies where you absolutely have to wear a sleeveless top! That is why, after a lot of deliberation, I finally decided to go for an Epilator. My verdict : The best hair removal investment! Thankyou Flipkart! :D

The pros:
>It does a really good job of pulling out even really small hair. I have quite thin hair on my arms but this epilator does a brilliant job!
>It doesn't really sting that bad. The first time was a little painful but from then it was a walk in the park- even for underarms.
>I absolutely love the trimmer extension to this epilator- perfect for quick last minute fixes.

The cons:
>Really can't think of any! :)

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29 Mar 2012
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Philips HP6512 Epilator review

Purchased this product after endless research three months ago and was still unsure as the market is flooded with products. The looks, brand,after sales service and the all encompassing (epillating, trimming, shaving) of problem areas (under arms, legs, hands and bikini lines) was what attracted me to this product and I dont regret my buying decision. The product was delivered at supersonic speed and was packaged beautifully! I have already recovered my investment by saving on my parlour bills!! Go for it!

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