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Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Test for Admission into IIMs (English) 7th Edition: Book

Book Reviews of Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Test for Admission into IIMs (English) 7th Edition

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19 Oct 2011
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Fantastic Book

As I was randomly searching the site for a book of Quant. i came through this n was a bit confused in the beginning in deciding which one to go with out of arun sharma n quantum cat. then after going through some of the reviews i decided to go wid Quantum CAT n must accept dat its d best book for CAT available in the market.. one good feature of it, is dat at the beginning of every chapter n at some other points as well, brief explanation n the need to why to study that particular concept relating it to CAT's context is provided. then comes the conceptual part which has been explained very well n that too concisely supported by an ample no. of solved examples to get hold on the concept n then comes the exercise part wherein a huge no. of problems have been provided divided in 3-4 sections n all of them supported with their explanations at the end of the chapter... so friends don't worry about the contents n quality of d contents as far as quantum CAT is considered..

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16 May 2012
My experience with this book

This book is THE book to refer to, for CAT, MAT and all other competitive exams. I referred solely to this book for my preparation and this book helped me score an 87 percentile in CAT 2011 and a 98.56 percentile in the December 2011 MAT. My lesser percentile in the CAT is because I am poor in Maths, and this book managed to help me score a 93 percentile in the Quant/DI section.

This book is all that you need because not only does it offer tips and tricks (which are the creation of the author), but it also contains solutions to almost all the questions it contains. It is my opinion that the innovative short cuts, the detailed explanations and the methodology used in this were the sole reason for me being able to dispel all my fears regarding the monster that is the CAT.

This book helped boost my confidence when I was seriously lacking it, and I will remain eternally grateful to the author for this amazing work.

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26 Aug 2011
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was randomly looking for CAT books on Flipkart, read a few comments about it and as almost all of them had positive review I decided to buy it instead of Arun Sharma which is the most commonly used book for Quant CAT.

Now after doing a few chapters from this book, I strongly recommend it for every CAT aspirant,

a) Brief Explanation about the things you will encounter in the chapter at the start.
b) Sufficient number of solved examples to get your basics right.
c) Then Practice problem Divided in Three Levels and later giving solutions for the same.

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29 Jul 2013
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A lengthy saga

I bought this book two weeks ago from and I have to admit that this book serves a dual purpose - one of providing the reader with a plethora of problems covering the length and breadth of the entire CAT syllabus, and the other of providing enough grammatical mistakes in the questions as well as explanatory parts, only for the student to correct them, and eventually be of great help in boosting their score in the Verbal Ability part of the CAT. Indeed, it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I say that this book gives enough comprehensive practice for checking-the-grammar-of-a-sentence type questions that appear on the CAT. This is particularly worrying because, there were a lot of instances where I wasn't able to understand what the question was or what the author intended to convey.
Now, let me explain the structure of the book. It starts with a detailed - yet grammatically incorrect - analysis of the CAT, a few strategies for preparation, and the criteria which had been specified by the IIM's for CAT'12. Solved papers of XAT'13, SNAP'12, IIFT'12 are also included. The book contains 21 chapters, each of which is very important for the CAT and the chapter 'Number Systems' has been included under the name 'Fundamentals'. Each chapter has a few introductory exercises, level-1 problems, level-2 problems and a 'final round', each of which are of increasing levels of difficulty. Extensive coverage has been given to all kinds of problems and detailed solutions have been provided to almost every problem at the end of the corresponding chapter.
Additionally, in the final pages of the book, previous year papers of the CAT examination (from 2003-2008) have been included. It would be wise to assume that a person who has solved the problems in this book atleast twice may score somewhere around 90%-95% in the original exam. However, this is a real challenge. Given the number of problems and solved examples, it becomes extremely difficult to solve the entire book in a short span of time. The book is too lengthy and it is tough to solve it twice or thrice within the limited time.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that despite its shortcomings, this is a good book for beginners; repeaters might feel frustrated while solving the basics but revising them will only strengthen their fundamentals. Also, the authors should edit the book wisely and crop out all the grammatical errors and should try to make the book 'error-free'. I am giving 3 stars out of 5 for this gargantuan compilation of problems

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12 Jul 2013
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Great Book, you need not look any further.

Firstly, thank you to Flipkart for a quick delivery of the product. The good points were :-
1. Stayed in touch throughout via mail or phone.
2. The delivery man had change, so no issue regarding cash payment.
3. Book well packed, no sign of damage.

Now, moving on to the product.
Pros :-
1. Lots of preface which gives the reader a complete understanding of the requirements for CAT and all other major Indian exams.
2. Lots of examples, solved in multiple ways to get you thinking.
3. Answers are provided is a systematic way.
4. Question papres are provided.

Cons :-
1. This book is the 2011 edition, so you will not get precise dates for the 2013 papers.
2. Rather lengthy, thought CAT is all about practice so its not necessarily a con.
3. As the book is over 800 pages, to keep it as thin as possible, the paper quality is very thin.

I hope my review has helps people. This book is a must buy and hopefully will lead to success for many students like me who do NOT want to join coaching classes.

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13 Nov 2012
Quantum leap for CAT

Well first of all i was a bit confused between TMH's evergreen book for Quant 'Arun Sharma' and Arihant's Quantum CAT by 'S.K. Verma' (Sharmaji Vs Vermaji, Rhyming!).
Arun Sharma is a very famous book for quant, believe me every second person who wants to bell the CAT, even the toppers are hardcore followers of Sharmaji. No doubt Sharmaji's book is great in its own place and has its own loyal customers. However Quantum CAT...OMG!! It is nothing but an assault weapon, remember M.L. Khanna IIT-Mathematics, yes! thats what Quantum CAT is to MBA. It is like a flow chart and you just have to let yourself flow with it. Mind you its highly addictive, once you start you feel like never stopping. Just go for it if you are confused between Verma & Sharma, you wont regret it.

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Ayaan Pathan
13 Oct 2013
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This is THE book for quant!

Look no further, Sarvesh Verma does an immaculate job of compiling/creating one of the most fundamental, challenging, mind bending and brain teasing Quant questions. Every topic is handled in a nice manner, starting from scratch, and building the level upto CAT. There are several exercises in between the theory, which is good because it tests your grasping power and also gives you the momentum to try tougher problems. After every topic has been completed there are exercises based on the level of difficulty starting from level I upto level III. Level 1 ensures your concepts are clear. Level II and III are where matters start getting intense, Level II is certainly CAT level, But level III is not for the faint hearted, so if you need some mind bending, hair ripping problems, you have no dearth of them at all.
So overall there is no limit to the number of questions that are compiled. There are Vedic Maths tuts, smart shortcuts, logical questions to impossible questions. Tips to handle CAT, solved papers of XAT,IIFT, SNAP. CAT papers 2003-2008
You can't expect anything else from a quant book...
Whats more is that Sarvesh Verma also shows the detailed selection process of all IIMs.
I can't get enough of this book(BIBLE).

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15 Jan 2014
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CONCISE,CLEAR ,No Errors-This book is best for QUANT

This is your 1 stop solution for quant preparation for any exam.I have personally gone through both Arun Sharma and Nishit Sinha's Quant books and this book is way better than both of them
1.Suitable for all MBA entrance exams( CAT ,XAT, IIFT..)
2.number of typos and errors is very less.
3.All concept explained well.
4.Multiple way to solve the questns and thus reduce time.
5.Segregation of problems is appropriate
5.very few formula(Im not the kind of guy who can remember 5-10 formula for each chap!!)

1.chapters like Number systems ,Combinatorics could have been explained better
2.Need atleast 3-4 months(2 hrs a day) dedicated work to complete this book.Thus only go ahead with this book if uve got loads of time to prepare

If ur a person with engineering background or moderate fundamentals in quants this book will surely be helpful but if u are the kind who wants formulas then sorry my friend this book will not feed u with formula.

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23 Feb 2012
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While looking for various books of quant; coincidently I came across this book & I bought it & I must say that this is a really nice book of quant.
A very good & lucid explanation of the concepts; the illustrated examples & the exercise. The level of questions is also sufficeintly tough enough in the LEVEL 2 part alonwith a lot of questions.
If you're preparing for the State Level Entrance, M.A.T or Bank PO; just go upto LEVEL 1 only; if you're preparing for national level exams like CAT & all, continue with the LEVEL 2.
A person may exhaust while doing exercises but this book will never.
In short, a really good book to purchase.

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28 Apr 2013
Great book for Cat

This book contains a lot of solved questions which helps a lot while preparing for cat.

1. Excellent Presentation
2. Good quality questions
3. Ample examples
4. Shortcut tricks
5. Better than Arun sharma's book[ I had first purchased this book] which contains a lot of errors.

1. Too lengthy
2. Hefty
3. Little errors

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