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Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition]

(Games, Xbox 360)
PEGI Rating: 18
Video Encoding: PAL
Platform: Xbox 360  
Rs. 1799
Inclusive of taxes
Seller: WS Retail
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Rs. 1249/-

Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition] (Games, Xbox 360) Price: Rs.1799

Rockstar Games is famous for creating open-world  role-play games where the player is free to roam about and make his or her own choices. This freedom offered, has propelled Rockstar Games to the top of list of other action adventure third person shooters. In Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition] for the Xbox-360, you play John Marston, a onetime wild western gangster who went clean and straightened out to start off a family and live a normal life.

However as fate would have it, he had to find himself in trouble again and is forced to revisit the old days as he runs into characters that remind him of his law breaking time back when he was younger.

The game makes use of a morality system where the actions you perform are judged based on their good and bad deeds. Based on your actions in the game, the mechanics react in a way that the NPCs and other playable characters react differently toward you. Your actions in the game can earn you either honor and respect, or notoriety and fear.

Some of the methods by which you can earn positive honor or respect, is by taking in outlaws alive and not harming them, saving people from being kidnapped and similar socially acceptable deeds. You can also gain notoriety by committing crimes such as bank robberies and murders.

You may attempt to delay the honor build up by resorting to disguises like bandanas to cover up your identity, placing a halt on the honor progress successfully. As the honor increase, lawmen and citizens feel safer around you, giving you respect and being more helpful toward you. However, as your bad karma increases, they shy away from making too much contact with you and lawmen even threaten to arrest or kill you the next time they see you.

The game Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year] edition is for the Xbox console, however, there is also a PS3 version. It contains the Undead Nightmare expansion and is an action adventure game with a PEGI 18 rating. The game has a main storyline and also has Multiplayer modes.


Open world: It's the biggest and most action-packed world ever made. Experience a treacherous and unpredictable open world spanning miles of rugged terrain: from townships thriving on vice and corruption, ghost towns, gang hideouts, and military outposts to the mountains, deserts, and plains where violent looters, rebels, bandits, and deadly animals prey on the weak in a never-ending battle for survival.

A fight for survival: Betrayed by the government, his family kidnapped, former outlaw John Marston is forced to pick up his guns once again to track down and eliminate his former comrades-in-arms. Fight to survive the lawless frontier as you storm gang hideouts, search for treasure, rob or protect trains, and track criminals for bounty. Hunt animals for skins and duel enemies for money and fame, then risk your reputation and your winnings drinking, shooting, and gambling from town to town.

Gun battles: Take up arms in brutal battles, from intense personal duels to full-scale war using shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, explosives, and the very first automatic weapons. Use a sharpshooter's Dead Eye skill to take down enemies with deadly accuracy in dramatic Western-style gunfights.

Honor or Infamy: Choose Honor or Infamy as you decide who to rescue and who to kill, opening up new opportunities with each decision you make.

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Specifications of Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition] (Games, Xbox 360)

Title Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition]
Category Games
Platform Xbox 360
Edition Game Of The Year Edition
Publisher Rockstar Games
Video Encoding PAL
Mode Multi-Player, Single-Player
Genre Action-Adventure
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Reviews of Game: Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition]

Average Rating
Based on 225 ratings
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Most Helpful Reviews (5 of 67)

17 January 12

One of the best games of all time and The best DLC of all time in one bundle! You can't go wrong with this. The game is phenomenal I absolutely recommend it to anybody who even remotely likes shooting games. I was skeptical at first on how a Western could be fun but Rockstar delivered.

Obviously a few glitches, comes with all massive sandbox games like this, but they really don't break your game or anything.

This bundle is worth it just for the game but they give you all its DLC including Undead nightmare and what's better, for this measly price. In my opinion this game alone is worth more than COD. Don't doubt your decision for a single moment, just blindly pay and Enjoy!

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8 of 10 users found this review helpful.
31 October 12
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
Its Not Just Red, Its Gushing, Its Deep, Its Bloody!

The creators of the fine GTA games have come up with a new idea to give gamers better Bang for their cash. Apart from giving the GTA's world a wonderful wild-west kinda touch, the story and the action makes one wonder whether they've bought 20 action movies featuring cowboys in the cost of one. Thats right fellas, make way for the badass, heart pumping new GTA with a western twist, as a GOTY Edition!
John Marston (protagonist), is forc... Blah Blah Blah, You've have read the story, right?!! So let me cut down to the review. The game with 160 Game Of The Year awards features four DLCs (which u have read in product description), along with a new twisted RDR universe featuring a zombie outbreak nightmare called UnDead Redemption. The game also features cheatcodes, just like in GTA games. While plying, you can also enable the Golden Guns ability without affecting the trophy system. Its the story of an outlaw who trailblazes across the west, making new allies, both with the government as well as the citizens (with the occasional grave defilers, thieves, mercenaries, prostitutes to name a few) while removing the country true enemies- his own outlaw partners whom he once called friends.
Also, advice for pea heads, never compare a game's GOTY Edition with its Standard Edition. Like in the case of Red Dead Redemption, the GOTY costs just Rs. 100 more than the standard version, all the while featuring goodies worth Rs. 1700 for FREE. If you have followed my reviews for a while, you must have taken note that I always rate 5/5 in my reviews. If you look carefully, you'll find out that I ALWAYS buy top rated games ONLY with their GOTY Edition. I must mention the fact that like you, I also look forward to Better Bang for Better Cash.

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3 of 4 users found this review helpful.
15 September 12
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certified buyer
Addictive Awesome Mindblowing Hairstanding


I got this game in 1 day. Thanks to Flipkart team for this awesome work.

I have been cheated everywhere while buying games. Like I got GTA IV for 2500 in a shop, came home, checked flipkart, it is 1500 :( I went to bathroom, opened TAP, cried intensively.

I spent like 2 days in all over the internet to find this game cheaper than this. But could not find. This is the better place.

This game shows you the complete west cowboy culture. It's a open world non linear cowboy period game.

The plus es are
1. RAG Doll physique
2. Graphics
3. Shooting is very handy with Xbox joystick
4. Hats flying while shooting
5. Smokes in gun
6. Raining with lightning and thunderstorms, climate changes, Hot will be like cowboy period hot
7. Horse riding
8. Shooting while riding
9. Taking over other horses
10. Duel challenge
11. Awesome STORY

When it comes to sound, get a very good speaker with woofer. because horse ridding sounds will be amazing. And while shepherding like around 30 BIG BULLS, room will be shaking.

And while going group missions, you can go in synchronous speed with the group. That will be so dramatic. Languages and dialogues used all so natural. Takes to that age Hey Mister, Howdy ! etc

And this pack also provides one more episode of this game, undead nightmare.

Was this review helpful?  / 
4 of 7 users found this review helpful.
22 May 13
The 'certified buyer' badge indicates that this user has purchased this product on
certified buyer
It's not a game but an experience

What I loved about the game was the quirkyness and humor. Even during dark moments and unsavory choices the humor is ever present. It reminded me very much of the dark humor prevalent in most westerns.

The game is vast. It will take you a long time to get through everything. This includes the main story missions, the side quests, various gambling games, hunting, bounty hunting, exploring, etc. This is not even counting the Multiplayer aspect.

It's a very good deal for the price. The Undead Nightmare mode included with this version of the game makes it even better.

I wouldn't recommend this game for any kids below 16. It's definately not a kids game. It has adult humor, violence, and can be very crude at times. That's part of it's charm, but it's not for kids.

The music, gameplay, graphics, all are very, very good.

I would highly recommend this game as part of any gamer's collection.

Was this review helpful?  / 
0 of 0 users found this review helpful.
28 May 12
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certified buyer
Blown Away!!!!

If you love open world gaming just like me then you don't have to read this whole review of mine. Just scroll above and place the order. As always flipkart's delivery was fantastic. They are forcing me to buy everything from here with their great service. Now about the game: This game is the best creation of Rockstar Games, even better than GTA series. Some people say that this game is GTA with horses but it is definitely not. Its a whole new experience. Beautiful countryside setting, good cover and shooting mechanics, horses are great, every mission is enjoyale and unique. I never felt bore and the game never felt repetitive. You get to hunt different animals, skin them out and sell away for money. John Marston, the outlaw, the protagonist of this game is now one of my favourite videogame chatacters. In love with this game..............

Was this review helpful?  / 
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.

Most Recent Reviews

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certified buyer

i bought this product 9 april 2014 midnight i got this product today at 15 april, it's one day late from standard delivery time...

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15 April 14
Vikram Singh
Best of PS3

Here my verdict on this game:
1.Open world game with an engaging story line.
2.Stellar voice acting. Read More

11 April 14
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certified buyer
Absolutely Splendid

This game is really awesome. Anyone who hasn't tried it yet should buy it as soon as possible. Flipkart as usual delivered the...

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09 April 14
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certified buyer
Best deal.

Works perfectly and delivered within the allotted time. Read Dead Redemption GOTY Edition is just amazing.

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07 April 14
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certified buyer
Great Game

All ps3 owners with Action RPG interest must have this game. You can enjoy lot of hours of game.

Delivery is fast....

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07 April 14
    Game: Red Dead Redemption [Game Of The Year Edition]


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