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Sai Baba

(TV Show, DVD)
Language: Hindi  Format: DVD  
Rs. 1999
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Seller: RhythmHouse
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(190 ratings)
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Sai Baba (TV Show, DVD) Price: Rs.1999

Episode No: 1

God gives darshan to the realized soul which will come down to earth as Sai Baba.Singing the praise of the Lord the soul, as ordained by the almighty, descends to take avtar as Sai Baba in the village of Shirdi.

Sai Baba appears as a Balyogi, seated under a Neem tree. The villagers see his appearance as a miracle when birds, animals and all creatures salute him. The villagers are amazed and bewildered.

Episode No: 2

The villagers get more and more attracted to the Balyogi and as their reverence grows they begin to see God in him.

Baijabai wishes to shower maternal affection on him. but there are villagers who are not ready to accept him as an extraordinary youth

Episode No: 3

A storm accompanied by heavy rain engulfs Shirdi. The entire village almost sinks in the deluge. Bageji Kodi is drowning in the deluge when Balyogi saves his life and repairs the Kode.

The entire village witnesses this miraculous rescue by Balyogi and their reverence grows for the young yogi. Seeing this, Harikanath is disturbed and he plans a strategy.

The festival of Khandoba begins in Shirdi. In the festival news of the divine identity of Balyogi is received

Episode No: 4

Baijabai believes that the Balyogi is her son and looks after him like a son. In her dream she sees Balyogi in the form of child Krishna

Suddenly the Balyogi disappears from Shirdi. The villagers become anxious. At this juncture a sidhayogi named Avlesh comes to the village and makes the villagers aware of the divinity of the Balyogi.

Episode No: 5

With the blessings of Balyogi Baija becomes a mother and she names her son Tatya. Balyogi goes away to continue his meditation and penance. Tatya grows up, too, with the passage of time. Usmanbhais daughters marriage is arranged with Chand Patils nephew. Tatya, now in his youth, goes in search of his elder brother, Balyogi. When Tatya calls out to his elder brother in the jungles, Balyogi hears his call and appears before Tatya.

Episode No: 6

The villagers are surprised when Tatya tells them that he saw Balyogi. The vaid, Kulkarni, makes fun of Tatya. Chand Patil and his family arrive from Dhoopgaon to meet Usmanbhai and the date of the marriage of Salim and Nabila is fixed.On his way back Chand Patils horse runs away when dacoits attack the family and plunder their belongings. When Chand Patil moves around the jungle in search of his horse he meets Sai Baba and he miraculously finds his horse. Sai Baba returns with Chand Patil to his village.

Episode No: 7

Chand Patils father gets a heart attack and all the efforts of hakims and vaids fail to revive him. Sai Babas intervention miraculously revives Chand Patils father who is well again. Chand Patils nephew arrives in Shirdi with his marriage party. Sai Baba expresses his desire for darshan of Khandoba but Mahalsapati stops him. Sai Baba reminds him of the Khandoba festival he had participated in twelve years ago. He reminds Mahalsapati that he himself had brought him to the temple. Mahalsapati instantly recognizes Sai Baba and prostrates at his feet Baijabai meets her son Sai Baba and both become very emotional

Episode No: 8

Baijabai is very happy after her meeting with Sai Baba. She urges him to stay in Shirdi. The news of Sai Babas return and his decision to stay in Shirdi infuriates Dwarkanath Sai Babas devotees increase in number day by day. Sainath now devotes himself to seeking alms and alleviating the sufferings of his devotees. Kulkarni vaid puts poison in Sainaths begging bowl revengefully. Sainath thinks the powder given by the vaid is medicine and he gives it to an ailing devotee. The devotee dies. The entire village is in a state of shock. Sai Baba miraculously puts life into the dead man. The villagers sing in praise of Sai Baba.

Episode No: 9

Sai Baba returns to Shirdi and begins to live there quietly, doing tapasya under the neem tree and begging for alms. Baijabai, Mahalsapati and other people in Shirdi offer their services to Baba.

Dwarkanath and Vaid Kulkarni are jealous of Babas popularity. To terminate Babas existence they set fire to the jungles adjoining Babas seat under the neem tree. Baba remains lost in his tapasya. Entire Shirdi comes forward to save him but in a moment Baba quells the fire and the jungle is green again seeing this miracle all the villagers hail Baba.

Episode No: 10

On the request of the people of Shirdi Baba comes to live in Chavdi.

Dwarikanath plots a strategy to create a rift between Hindus and Muslims in order to have Baba thrown out by the people of Shirdi.

Sai Baba has named his home in Chavdi as Dwarkamai. Baba wants to celebrate Ramnavami in Dwarkamai and to do so he seeks a little oil as alms from people nobody gives him oil and they come to Dwarkamai to insult and throw him out, Sai Baba tries to give people the wisdom of humanity and oneness of all religious.

Baba finally lights all the lamps with water on Ram Navami day. Seeing the miracle people prostrate before Baba.

Episode No: 11

Vaid Kulkarni and Dwarikanath instigate Anandnath Maharaj to prove Sainath wrong. Anandnath Maharaj, under their influence, tries to prove that Sainath is an imposter but he sees Akkalkots Maharaj in Sainath. When he gets a darshan of Akkalkot Maharaj in Sainath he falls at Sainaths feet and sings his praise With the failure of this plot to humiliate Sainath, Dwarkanath hatches a new plan to have Saibaba murdered by a killer called Tatyaramosi The killer enters Shirdi and Saibabba smiles as if in anticipation of the arrival of a bhakt.

Episode No: 12

The killer Tatyagamosi enters Shirdi and begins to search for Saibaba. Mahalsapati informs the police. Running away from the police, the killer enters the jungle where Saibaba saves him. He does not recognize Saibaba Shanta while playing falls in the well and Saibaba, seated in Dwarkamai, saves her. The villagers praise Saibaba. The hired killer, Tatyaramosi, also hails Saibaba. His heart is filled with remorse and he falls at Babas feet. Baba gives him blessings and updesh.

Episode No: 13

Tatya Ramoshi gives up all his bad deeds and comes to Sai Baba for spiritual refuge. Dwarikanaths strategies fail. But he does not accept defeat.

Kashinaths daughter becomes ill all of a sudden and he brings her to Sai Baba. Sai Baba asks him for dakshina and Kashinath gives him five rupees. Kashinath is full of pride that he has given five rupees to Sai Baba. Sai does his own leela to kill the pride and arrogance in Kashinath.

Vaid Kulkarni, acting on the orders of Dwarikanath, goes to meet Ganpat Kadam. On the way, dacoits surround him.

Episode No: 14

Dwarkanath approaches Sai Baba with Rs 10,000/- saying that it his ?Dakshina to him to leave Shirdi. Sai Baba laughs at Dwarikanaths foolishness. But Dwarkanath assumes that Baba has consented to take the money and leave.Gopal and his wife Shakuntala are great bhakts of Sai Baba. Shakuntala is ill and her in-laws have no good feelings for her.Vaid Kulkarni and Ganpat Kadam are on their way back to Shirdi when the dakus (dacoits) surround them. Ganpat Kadam, however, has hidden the money and the dacoits are forced to return empty handed.

Shakuntala is tortured by her in-laws because of their grief for dowry. Inspite of all these Shakuntala composes herself & just thus whatever she has learned from Sai, but he cannot see his devotee something like these. Hence he becomes angry like Shiv

Episode No: 15

Shakuntala is very ill And she is waiting for the sacred ash From Sai BabaHer in-laws give her mud instead of udi (sacred ash) Sai Baba however, vindicates Shakuntalas faith in him And she recovers seeing this miracle every body is amazed - Ganpat Kadam has come to talk money with Sai BabaAnd has a bagful of currency notes with him He has brought to offer to Baba as bribe -But the money in the bag changes to vegetables And Ganpat Kadam is astonished -

Episode No: 16

Ganpat Kadam reaches Sai Baba for his blessings Dwarikanath is boiled with anger But, without paying any attention towards others Pleased with the devotion of Ganpat Kadam Directs him towards the path of truth -Shakuntalas in-laws openly demands more dowry Increase the atrocities on her Sai Nath is very sorrowful on the pains being suffered by Shakunatala -Even the sorrow of Sai Nath is not tolerable by the God And the whole Shirdi is surrounded by a heavy storm

Episode No: 17

The dangerous storm surrounds Shirdi Heavy destructions in Shirdi in the storm People all over in shock People go in refuge of Sai Baba Sai Baba in deep mediation People awakes Sai Baba from mediation with prayers - Sai Baba comes out and stops the storm And saves the people from its reprisal The people of Shirdi are happy and astonished to see the wonderful action of Sai Baba and sings in praise of Baba The people of Shirdi have overcome the danger of storm But the misfortune of Shakuntala has not left her Having broken a mud potThe in-laws of Shakuntala punishes her

Episode No: 18

Sainath explains the importance of devotion and patience (Shradha and Saburi) to the people of Shridi. He explains the importance of earth. In the five elements that exist in nature, earth is also there Shirdi is agog with preparations to celebrate Diwali. There is happiness everywhere.

Kotle Patil gets a bad cough while leaving and his breathing stops. There is panic and grief in the house. Sai Baba arrives at the door just then for alms. By Babas miracle Patil lives again.

People of Shirdi wish that Sai Baba will visit each house and have a meal during Diwali. Sai Baba promises to go to each house. People of Shirdi wonder how he will visit all the house and have food with all the residents.

Episode No: 20

Padwa, the Maharashtrian New Year, is celebrated with great festivity in Shirdi. The people of Shirdi are immersed in their devotion to Sai Baba. Kote Patil loses interest in life after his encounter with Yamraj, the God of Death. Sai Baba strengthens Kote Patils faith in life by telling him the reality about death. Somewhere else Shakuntala does the aarti of her husband to herald the New Year. Her in-laws insult her again and perpetrate fresh atrocities on her. Shakuntala calls out Sai Baba from her soul. Sai Baba is distressed by his devotees pain. He prays for Shakuntalas happiness.

Episode No: 21

Madhavrao Deshpande, the teacher of Shirdi School is fed up with the mischievousness of his pupils - As they go to play, leaving the classes As Madhavrao Deshpande punishes the children - They go to Sai Baba and complain Sai Baba trics to pacify Madhavrao Deshpande - but he becomes angry on Sai Baba Sai devotees feel bad on the behavior of Madhavrao Deshpande - But Sai Baba says that his relation with Deshpande is of many births As such, Deshpande holds the right to get angry on him. While playing with the children in Shirdi - The son of Apparao Teli suddenly falls ill and dies. The whole Shirdi is in the shadow of grief - Baija Bhai rushes to Sai Baba - And pleads for the life of Apparaos son

Episode No: 22

All of a sudden, Kishan the son of Apparao dies A worried Baijabai approaches Sai Baba And insists upon him to get the child alive Sai Baba couldnt turn down the prayer of his Mother And brings back the child alive - While Baijabai is happy Sai Baba is left in deep thought As he is already aware Of the impending danger to the life of Kote Patil Sai Nath sends Tathya back to home So that he can spend as much time as possible with his parents And serve them On reaching home Tathya finds that his father is seriously ill Physician Kulkarni treats Kote Patil Baijabai prays to Sai Baba for early recovery -

Episode No: 23

With a view to enhance the image of physician Kulkarni, Sai Nath engages him for treatment of Kote Patil - Assuming it as the divine act of Sai Baba - Baijabai express her thanks to Kulkarni - Atrocities on Shakuntala by her in-laws crosses the limit - Husband of Subhadra leaves her at her home due to her misbehavior for which Subhadra blames Shakuntalas-in-laws of Shakuntala insults and kicks her out of home. Seeing the state of Shakuntala - tears flows from the eyes of Sai Baba -

Episode No: 24

Realizing the declining image in Shirdi Dwarika Nath and physician Kulkarni extend their activities to the neighboring villages where they are warmly welcomed They reach Sugram - Where famous dancer Sundara Aurangabadkar was performing in a dance programme - Dwarikanath and Kulkarni also go to see the dance programme and designs a plot to call Sundara to Shirdi and to organize a programme and thereby reduce the reputation of Sai Baba - When Gopal comes to know that Shakuntala was kicked out of home by his family members, he also leaves the house and sets out in search of Shakuntala Sitting in Dwarika Mai, Sai Baba tells his devotees that getting into the clutches of evil thoughts, human beings commit serious mistakes. Sai devotees are drowned in the words of Baba.

Episode No: 25

Shakuntala having been insulted And expelled from the house by her in-laws Decides to go to her parents - But the divine act of Sai Baba leads her To Ratanji wadia and his wife Dasmon Wadia - The Wadia couple gives her refuge - Yet Shakuntala was depressed Because her husband Gopal was far away from her - By the grace of Sai Nath, Gopal also some how reaches Shakuntala. The Wadia couple takes Gopal and Shakuntala with them To their native place Nanded. Another devotee of Sai Baba - Nana Saheb accompanied by Baba Saheb, enroute to Shirdi for Darshan of Sai Baba confronts some decoits - The decoits sees Virat roop of Sai Baba emitting rays from it - the frightened dacoits flee - Bouly Bua an ardent devotee of Lord Vittal comes to Shirdi for darshan of Sai Baba - Bauly Bua has the darshan of Sai baba - but sees Lord Vittal in Sai Baba - Bauly Bua is left in deep emotions.

Episode No: 26

Goali Bua, an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba comes to Shirdi to see Sai Baba. There is no count of devotees coming to see Sai Baba every day - Sai Baba shows different mighty acts with his different devotees - In such an act Sai Baba summons his devotee Sugun to Shirdi from Hyderabad - Sugun decides to stay back in Shirdi - Shakuntala is living happily with her husband - but her in-laws and sister-in-law are undergoing her punishment for their evil actions - Shakuntalas elder sister-in-law (i.e. wife of her husbands elder brother) is treating thro worse than domestic servants - Shakuntalas mother-in-law and sister-in-law repent on their mistakes - Sai Baba preaches to his devotees that each and every creature has to enjoy / suffer depending upon what he / she has done.

Episode No: 27

Sai Baba tells his devotees that his association with Shama is very old. Shama himself is shocked to learn that he had a relationship of 72 births with Sai Baba. Thereafter Sai Baba gives him more importance.

Shama is bitten by a poisonous snake and everybody around is in jitters. When Shama goes to Sai Baba he turns him away instead of showing his affection for him and that surprises everybody. This was Sai Leela. Shama is rid of the poison and he sings in praise of Baba.

There is a plan afoot to plunder a neighboring village by a dacoit.

Shastriji comes to Dwarkamai and starts a debate on Sagun and Nirgun. Sai Baba listens patiently and gives Shastriji the gyan of Sagun and Nirgun. In the process Shastriji gets enlightenment Shastriji falls at Sai Babas feet, realizing who Sai Baba truly is.

Episode No: 28

Shastriji returns to Dwarikanath after gaining wisdom of realization. The vaid Kulkarni and Dwarkinath are shocked to see Shastriji now as a Sai bhakt

Vaman Shastri gives updesh to Dasganu and tells him to accept Sai Baba as guru, Vaman Shastris passing away makes him sad and the thought of accepting a new guru in the form of Sai Baba makes him jittery

Kodajis wife Parvati leaves her husbands home in arrogance as she has brought wealth from her home

One day there is pandemonium in Shirdi. Sai Baba is leaving Shirdi. All the devotees stop Sai Baba. He tells them he is going to spend time with a bhakt. The devotees move from his path. Kote Patil, however, knows that Sai Baba is about to demonstrate a miracle.

Seeing Dwarikamai, the abode of Sai Baba deserted; the wicked Dwarikanath and vaid Kulkarni arrive to occupy it. As they do so, the voice of Sai Baba resounds in the air.

Episode No: 29

Rahatagaons Khushal Chand welcomes Sai Baba whole heartedly. A huge log of wood falls on Khushal Chands daughter but Sai Babas grace prevents her from being killed

Sai Baba returns to Shirdi. Dwarkanath and Vaid Kulkarni plan another strategy. They intoxicate a bull with liquor and send it out to attack Sai Baba. When he is walking on the streets as the raging bull approaches Sai Baba it turns docile. The spectators are amazed by the incident.

A disciple of Sai Baba brings his sick daughter to Baba who restores her to good health with the sacred ash, udi. The disciple, Nana, comes to Baba with his family to express his gratitude

Kodaji realizes that his life of poverty is the result of his bad karma. He is being punished, he feels Sai Baba gives his bhakts the lesson that all mortals have to pay for their evil actions and enjoy the rewards for their good deeds on this earthitself.

Episode No: 30

Sai Baba keeps a track of the happiness and sorrows of the people of Shirdi Mandhavraos brothers wife become ill suddenly. Madhavrao suggests that his brother should take her to Sai Baba. When they go to Sai Baba, Madhavraos brother is asked to go home.

Madhavrao prepares to go with his brother but Baba stops him. But Madhavrao becomes emotional and does not heed Babas advice. On the way, a creature confronts them and tries to harm Madhavrao. Madhavrao gets scared and calls out to Baba. By Babas miracle Madhavrao is saved and Madhavrao pleads with Baba to forgive him. Madhavraos brothers wife also becomes well.

Chandorkars daughters marriage is celebrated with pomp. Baba attends the wedding disguised as a fakir and blesses the bride. Dasganu understands Sais miracles and he is now ready to surrender himself as a Sai bhakt.

Episode No: 31

People of Shirdi become victims of various illnesses. Many people die in epidemics. The entire population of Shirdi now calls out to Sai Baba. Even Sai Baba is immersed in grief. People feel that Sai Baba is in no mood to help them.

One day Sai Baba spits blood while coughing. Seeing his condition the people of Shirdi realize that Sai Baba has taken the illness and epidemics into himself so that the men and women and children of Shirdi get well and escape death.

Kondaji, Dugi and Subhda reach the factory of Ratanji, concealing their identities and start working.

Dasganu is lost in the worship of god and he spends his time in the temple singing bhajans and kirtans. One sad lady comes there and prays for the well-being of her son. Dasganu advises her to go to Shirdi and meet Sai Baba. She decides to take her ailing son to Shirdi and palce him in Sais care.

Episode No: 32

Dwarikamai becomes the pilgrimage spot for all Sai bhakts. All their sorrows are removed by Sai when they go to him at Dwarikamai. Buntus mother also goes to Dwarikamai with the hope that her sons illness would be cured. Sai Baba cures Buntu. Sai takes the illness upon himself. The news of Sais illness spreads in Shirdi like a fire in the jungle. Vaid Kulkarni is called to treat Sai Baba. All Sai bhakts are worried. One of Sais prime devotees, Shakuntala is joyous with the news that she is in the family way. Tired of all the sorrows he sees everyday, Sai talks about taking leave of his body in Samadhi. Mahalsapati becomes emotional. Sai gives him hope by imparting the essence of knowledge to him about Samadhi that he should take care of his body for three days. After saying this, Sai Baba goes into Samadhi.

Episode No: 33

On hearing the news of Sai Babas Samadhi the entire town of Shirdi is in grief. Dwarikanath and vaid Kulkarni seize the opportunity to impress upon the people that Sai Baba is pretending to have left his body. But Sai bhakts are not ready to accept this falsehood. There is tension and the possibility of confrontation between Sai bhakts and vaid Kulkarni. Shakuntala and her husband are unaware of the turn of events. They name their son Sai Prasad. Dwarikanath tells the people that the last rites have to be performed. Mahalsapati tells the bhakts that Sai Baba will return from the Samadhi after three days. All Sai bhakts sing bhajans and chant the name of Sai.

Episode No: 34

The people of Shirdi become distressed by the Samadhi of Sai Baba. Dwarikanath and his companions try to set fire to Dwarikamai. The sacred Dwarkamai is engulfed in flames. The people of Shirdi extinguish the fire and save the body of Sai Baba. Sai Babas atma seeks mukti in cosmic space, grieving oven the sorrows of the people of the earth. The almighty, the Paramatma sends the soul back to earth. Sai Baba returns to Shirdi and enters the body. Seeing the body alive, people of Shirdi dance with joy, knowing that Baba is back with them The messenger of death reminds Kote Patil that his time to depart from the world has come. Death will visit him soon to take him away. Before relinquishing his life Kote Patil has one desire: He wants to have a meal (Prasad) made by Sai Baba. Sai Baba fulfills Kote Patils wish. He makes arrangements in Dwarkamai to serve him Prasad. People of Shirdi are happy to partake of the Prasad in Dwarkamai. All the people of Shirdi get to taste food made by Sai Baba. Kote Patil relishes the food emotionally while Sai watches him lovingly.

Episode No: 35

It is like a mela in Dwarkamai - All the Sai devotees relish the meals provided and made by Sai. They consider it their good fortune to have a meal prepared by Sais blessed hands. Kote Patil breathes his last in the belief that he is a Sai devotee He breathes Sais name and passes away - Baijabai and Tatya are grief stricken Sai tries to give them solace. Shakuntala feels suspicious about her servants She tries repeatedly to identify them. Kondaji, Subhada and Durga run away Shakuntalas doubt are now confirmed She realizes that her family members have been working in the guise of servants She prays to Sai to take her family in his shelter.

Giving solace and comfort to Kote Patils grieving, bereaved family Sai Baba becomes sad and emotional.

Episode No: 36

Shakuntala is Sai Babas prime devotee. Sai Baba hears her prayers instantly. Today, too, Shakuntalas prayer is heard and her separated family comes together. Sai is a divine entity for everybody but Tatya considers him his brother. So he asks Sai Baba why he did not prevent his father from dying. Why did Baba allow death to snatch his father? and leave him an orphan? Sai Baba teaches Tatya the secret of the life and death cycle in mans life. Shirdi is in the midst of the Govinda festival. In far away Bombay there is a devotee of Sai Baba. He is Ram Lal Punjabi who has a connection with Baba in a previous birth. Ram Lal has a friend Shyam Sunder who is very poor. Shyam Sunder is like a member of Ram Lals family. Sai Baba appears in Ram Lal Punjabis dream and warns him of a dacoit that he will have to face from a friend.

Episode No: 37

Ramlal Punjabi looks out for a bride for his friend Shyam Sundar. He fixes his friends marriage. The girls mother is, however, eyeing Ramlal Punjabis wealth. She tells her daughter Nirmala about her aim.

Dasganu has been wanting to have dip in the Ganges since a long time. Sai Baba satisfies his desire by making Ganga flow from his feet. Dasganu has his wish fulfilled. He bathes in the Ganga water and feels purified and blessed. Seeing this miracle all the devotees sing praises of Baba.

Dwarkanath and Vaid Kulkarni cant believe their eyes and ears when they come to know about the miracle. They plan another strategy to mislead Sais devotees.

Episode No: 38

Sai Baba understands the strategies of Dwarikanath. He waits for Sundarabai who does not realize the greatness of Sai Baba she speaks arrogantly and insults her friend Ranjana, who is a Sai Bhakt - Shakuntala, another bhakt, is in labour pains She calls out to Sai Baba for relief in the pain But Sai Baba does not respond Because he wants her and the world to know that labour pains have to be borne by the woman in order to attain the privileged and sacred status of motherhood - Ramlal Punjabi celebrate his friend Shyam Sunder?s marriage with pomp and splendour. Nirmala comes to Shyam Sunders house as his bride Sai Baba comes to Ramlal as a fakir Ramlal is perplexed - His wife Manisha makes him understand the truth - Sai Baba praises Ramlal as a simple and pure bhakt Sitting in his abode in Shirdi, Dwarkamai - Episode No: 39

After coming to Shirdi Sundarabai becomes even more arrogant and she seeks revenge. Her target is Ranjana. On the pretext of teaching her to dance, Sundarabai humiliates her repeatedly. Sai Baba changes his appearance and tries to contact his devotee Ramlal. But Ramlal is unable to understand Sai Babas ways. Under her mothers influence Nirmala steals a paper with her husbands land writing on it. But her mother is not satisfied. She advises Nirmala to usurp her husbands properties. Sai Babas devotee Shakuntala is blessed with a child. Baijabai insists that Sai Baba uses his powers to give her a darshan of her husband Kote Patil who is no more. Sai Baba explains to her that he cannot misuse his powers as it would mean flouting the rules of the Almighty. Baija goes home disheartened. Sai Baba feels sad seeing his mother so unhappy.

Episode No: 40

In his updesh Sai Baba tells his devotees that bhakt (devotion) is never an easy way to reach the Almighty.

The bhakt (devotee) has to repeatedly face tests of his tolerance and devotion.

Thats why, he says, Ranjana is being tested. Though all he humiliations she is subjected to Sundarabai, Ranjana is undergoing her test of patience and devotion as if she is being processed through hot water. Still Ranjana continues to be dedicated to dance and has immense devotion towards Sai Baba.

Among the many devotees coming to Baba from neighboring villages there is a child. While feeding the child Sai Baba refers to the childs previous birth. Hearing this, Noor Usman, Lakshmis mother, Mahalsapati is surprised. They ask Sai Baba to reveal the mystery about the childs previous birth and Sai tells them in a riddle that the child was Kote Patil in his previous birth.

Hearing the news Baija comes to Sai Baba. She becomes emotional on hearing from Baba that Kote Patil has, indeed, come back to Shirdi as the child devotee.

Episode No: 41

Sundarabai comes to Shirdi with her usual arrogance and tries to test Sai Baba. Dwarikanath welcomes her and starts instigating her against Sai.

From his abode, Dwarkamai, Sai sees Sundarabais foolishness and smiles.

Dasganu reaches Nanded and sings Sai bhajans with true devotion. In the crowd he sees Ratanji and he understands his grief and tells him to go to Sai Baba for relief and shelter.

Dr. Joshi accompanies Nana Saheb to Shirdi. Dr. Joshi continues to think Sai Baba is an imposter and refuses to see Baba. He goes to the temple for a darshan of his God, Shri Ram. In the temple all the devotees get a darshan of the idol of Shri Ram but Dr. Joshi cannot see the idol anywhere in the temple, he is amazed Nana Saheb Understands that it is a miracle of Sai Baba and he smiles knowingly.

Episode No: 42

Better late than never, Dr. Joshi understands Sai Babas divinity and he prostrates at Babas feet. Dr. Joshi becomes a great devotee of Sai Baba. There is yet another man who has not understood Baba. Ratanji has been looted by dacoits and he hesitates to go to Shirdi and have faith in Baba. But Dasganu and Shakuntala try to make him realize his mistake, Shakuntalas child begins to cry for milk and everybody is trying to get milk for the child in the wilderness. The child is getting weaker and in her helplessness Shakuntala calls out to Sai Baba. In the disguise of a fakir Sai comes to her aid and the child stops crying.

Sundarabai is still unconvinced. She schedules her dance programme in such a way that people dont go for the aarti and get drawn to her dance recital. But her plan is completely upset and her arrogance is demolished when she sees that the dance hall is empty and the crowd is the same at Dwarkamai at the time of the aarti.

Episode No: 43

Sai Baba shows the right path to his devotees by appearing before them in various forms. But not all of them understand him and his ways. Ramlal is one such devotee. His friend Shyam Sunder, under his wifes misguiding influence, spreads hatred in the family. Nirmalas mother comes up with a strategy to usurp all of Ramlals wealth by instigating her daughter to do so.

Sundarabais plan fails on the first day itself when no one turns up for the dance progamme. She goes to Dwarkamai to meet Sai Baba. Sundarabai, with arrogance in her heart, and Ranjana, with devotion in her heart, reaches Dwarkamai. But Sundara cannot see the door of Dwarkamai. Ranjana enters Dwarkamai and has a darshan of Baba.

Sundarabai returns humiliated. Dwarikanath is also humiliated when Kandaji refuses to acknowledge him as God. Sai tells his bhakts that he opens the doors of Mukti only to those who come to him with faith and transparency.

Episode No: 44

Sai Baba showers benevolence on his devotees as an avtaar of Krishna. This devotees dont tire of singing his praise Shakuntala goes to Sai Baba with her child to seek his blessings.

Ratanji and Yasmin place their desires at the feet of Baba. Sai showers his blessings and affection on them. Yasmin is happy that she will be blessed with motherhood.

Ramlal is gradually losing his peace and happiness. Nirmala, under the influence of her mother, keeps on creating differences between Ramlal and Shyamsunder.

There is misery all over. Saibaba is also unhappy seeing his devotees so miserable and he takes the misery upon himself.

Sundarabai now tries to trap Madhavrao and she requests him to witness her dance performance Madhavrao feels helpless and he goes to Sai for advice

Sundarabai goes once more to see Baba in order to fulfill her evil mission. She has to return immediately hurt and humiliated. Vaid Kulkarni alerts Sundarabai SaiBaba indicates to Nanavali and Harikanth what is in store for them in the future.

Episode No: 45

Sai Baba is showing his divine powers in different ways to his devotees and helping them as well. Sundarabai was unsuccessful earlier in demonstrating her dancing skill. But today she has a crowed waiting to see her performance and she is unable to dance because she has sprained her foots Ranjana, is therefore compelled to perform in her place and Sai Baba helps her to dances well and win the appreciation of the spectator Sundarabai is shocked by the miracle

Another Sai devotee, Ratanji, is shattered when he finds out that his wife is suffering from abdominal dancer. Doctors have given up on her but Ratanji hopeful because of his belief in Sai Baba.

Ramlal is continuously trapped in the intrigues of his wife Nirmala and her mother. In the end he is falsely accused of stealing a gold chain. Ramlal is distressed by the shame and humiliation of the charge. Sai Baba appears before him and tells him about other lots being hatched by his enemies to put him in grave trouble.

Episode No: 46

Ranjana expresses her gratitude to Sai for his help. Yasmin feels disillusioned because of her illness. She tells Ratanji to marry a second time. But Ratanji believes in Sais powers and so refuses. He decides to stand by Yasmin.

Shamlal, humiliated by charges of theft by Nirmala, wife of his friend Ramlal, attempts suicide. His wife Manisha stops him. She makes him realize that he is making a mistake.

Dwarikanath and Vaid Kulkarni mix a powder in a sweet to cause allergic itching and feedsit to Nanavati. Nanavati rushes to Dwarkamai in desperation as his body is swollen with itches. Sai Baba gives instant relief to him. Dwarikanath and Vaid Kulkarni get the itches on their body now. Sais devotees praise Sai for his miracle.

Episode No: 47

Yasmin, on hearing about her illness gets ready to face death when her husband is sleeping she leaves the house and attempts suicide Sai uses his powers to save her He also gives an indication to Ratanji That his wife is trying to end her life Ratanji goes in search of is wife At the same time Ramlal gets a notice from his friends Shyam Sunder which gives him great sorrow Sunder has asked for his share from their joint enterprises

Sundarabai, with the help of Dwarikanath plans to give trouble to Sai Bhakt Vishwanath Sundarabai plans to use Mahaslpati to get close to Sai Baba In his updesh Sai tells his devotees That he is always close to them

Episode No: 48

Accompanied by Mhalsapati, Sundarabai takes spiritual refuge at Sai Babas feet. She tries to impress Baba with her beauty. But Sai reveals his divya roop (divine form) to her and she is humbled instantly. She recognizes Sais true identity and his divinity and she turns to Baba remorsefully for forgiveness and asks him for the boon of devotion (Bhakti).

Dwarikanath is shocked by the sudden turn of events. He is unhappy that he has failed again before Sai. It is time now for him to hatch a new plan against Sai.

Sais devotee Manjulas engagement with Dinanath is fixed in Shirdi. Manjula is very happy that she is getting married to an ideal man. But Sai is unhappy because he knows that Dinanath is suffering from T.B.

Ramlal is so disturbed by his friend Shyamsundars deceitful behavior that he begins to consume alcohol. Sai Baba appears in Ramlals dream and gives him an affectionate slap and makes him understand that alcohol is not an answer to his problems. He should observe ?Shradha (devotion) and ?Saburi (Patience) in his life.

Episode No: 49

Sai Baba always shows the right path to his devotees but sometimes his devotees are unable to see the direction he shows them. Ramlal is one such devotee. Shyam Sunder takes to alcohol to drown his sorrows. He finds himself in one trouble after another because he does not recognize the signs Sai gives him.

Dwarikanath goes to Dhuliyagaon after leaving Shirdi where he is humiliated. He has failed in every attempt to outwit Sai Baba

Manjula hears about her husbands illness and becomes depressed. Her aunt tells her to break the engagement but Manjula goes to Sai Baba for help to cure her husband

Devika and Nirmala profess affection for Ramlal and try to get his sign on documents Baba tries to alert Ramlal but there is no impact on Ramlal. Unaware of the evil designs of Nirmala he signs on the papers Sai feels very sorry for Ramlal

Episode No: 50

Sai Baba gives blessings along with udi (Sacred ash) and there is hope that Dinanath will recover.

But Dinanaths aunt throws away the ash.

This ash is picked up by an ailing fakir and he gets cured.

Ratanjis wife is diagnosed with cancer.

He is disturbed. But his wife Yasmin calls out to Sai Baba.

Sai comes to her help.

Yasmins abdominal cancer is cured.

Doctors treating her are amazed Ratanjis faith in Baba is doubled when he learns that Yasmin is expecting a baby.

Dwarikanath plans another strategy against Baba. He sends a man to Shirdi to meet Baba.

Episode No: 51

All bhakts of Sai Baba receive blessings and affection from him. Ratanji and Yasmin are well and happy again. They sing praises of Sai.

Ramlal becomes a victim of Shyamsundars wifes evil manipulations. Even so he tries to get back to business by reopening his cycle business Sai feels sorry for him and helps him by appearing incognito before him.

Manjula keeps praying to Sai Baba to cure her fianc? of his T.B. Nirmala gets the good news that she is going to be another Sai Baba keeps performing miracles to improve the life of his devotees. Inspector reaches Shirdi in search of Baba. Dwarikanath, Vaid Kulkarni and other opponents of Baba feel happy that the inspector has arrived in Shirdi. Little do they know that some more surprises are in store for them

Episode No: 52

Manjlas family and parents advise her to break her relationship with Dinanath but she cannot even think of such an act. She goes without telling her parents to meet her in-laws. Nirmala is happy that her husband has become the owner of Rajendra cycle co.

But Shyam Sundars atma makes her realize that injustice was done to Ramlal.

The police inspector prepares for the arrest of Sai Baba but the police in Shirdi object to it and the inspector is stopped from entering Dwarkamai.

By Sai Babas miracle a huge storm sweeps Shirdi and the wicked Dwarikanath, Vaid Kulkarni and others are thrown helter skelter along with the inspector. Sai Baba alone remains unaffected. The people of Shirdi hail Sai Baba and get ready for the celebration of Deepavali. Sai Baba does the aarti of Devi Lakshmi and tells his devotees to begin the celebrations.

Episode No: 53

Sai Baba wanted to enlighten his devotees through his miracles. But some of them did not understand his motive. The police inspector was shocked and disturbed by the storm that swept Shirdi. He began to set another plan to catch Sai Baba.

Manjula reaches her in-laws home. All of them make fun of her and torture her. But Manjula remains rooted to her stand of being a loyal wife. She continues to serve her husband and his parents undeterred. Sai Baba is pleased with her patience and tolerance.

Ramlal goes through all kinds of turmoil but he refuses to acknowledge any fault in Shyam Sundar. For him his friend Shyam Sunder is innocent. But Ramlal;s wife points out to him that he should stop thinking about Shyam Sundar. He should focus attention on his son as he is their future.

The police inspector stands outside Dwarkamai with a camera to photograph Sai Baba. Looking at him Sai Baba smiles at his foolishness.

Episode No: 54

Sai Baba does not get angry with his detractors. Instead he showers kindness and love on them and takes them on the path of goodness. He performs the same miracle with the inspector. When the inspector tries to photograph Sai Baba he gets everybody on the film but not Baba.

He prepares summons for Baba but the paper on which the court summons is printed gets burned. He is baffled and so is the magistrate.

Manjula wishes to take care of her would be husband in his house. People of the village object to it and want her to leave the house and the village. But her would-be husbands family understands her feelings.

Shyam Sunder comes to know about the trap set by his wife and he feels guilty about the way Ramlal was betrayed.

Inspector reaches Shirdi with an arrest warrant for Baba. The warrant gets burned in the inspectors pocket.

Manjula sees a bad dream in which the sindoor on her forehead is rubbed out. She wakes up with a start and remembers Sai Baba. She prays for her future husband

Episode No: 55

Manjula takes vows to take care of her sick husbands health and long life. Sai Baba is worried about her vows because he knows the future.

The magistrate foils to recognize Sai Babas divinity but his wife has immense faith in Baba. Sai Baba meets the magistrate incognito and warns him about the danger to his familys life and he protects them.

Manjula goes to her husbands bedside in the sanatorium after taking her parents blessings. Dinanath, her husband, appreciates her feelings but he deals with her roughly on purpose because he wants her to stay away from him and not become a victim of T.B.

But Manjula remains steadfast on her decision to stay in the sanatorium despite all odds.

Sai Baba is very pleased with Manjulas determination.

Episode No: 56

Sai Baba is concerned about the plight of his bhakts. But he does not interfere with the consequences they have to suffer on account of their actions. Thus Manjula suffers insult when she pleads for aid from devika and Nirmala for her husbands treatment.

Manjula remains firm in her belief. Even though her husband Dinanath refuses to let her be by his side, she changes her look and identity and starts looking after him. Sai Baba is very pleased with Manjulas firm faith and determination.

The magistrate and his wife prepare to leave for Shirdi. The wife is leaving for Shirdi with devotion and humility and the magistrate leaves with arrogance in his heart.

Sai Baba waits for them with a knowing smile.

Episode No: 57

Manjula keeps doing whatever she can to help for husband recover. In her heart there is a doubt as to why her husband is taking to long to recover. She prays to Sai Baba and he gives her comfort

Rajendra goes to Shyam Sundar to find out about the insult to his mother but he gets insulted. Manisha reprimands her son.

Magistrate orders the inspector to keep a watch on Sai Baba. He is all set to arrest Baba. Hearing this the magistrates wife gets worried as she is a bhakt of Sai Baba. She goes to Dwarkamai and does the ?Aarti of Sai Baba. All the villagers come there to do ?Aarti.

Episode No: 58

Manjula serves her husband in the sanatorium under a different identity in disguise. A peon in the sanatorium makes amorous advances towards her and she slaps him. The peon feels insulted and swears revenge.

Shyam Sunder leaves his house in search of Ramlal. Nirmala does not support him. When Shyam Sunder finally meets Ramlal sends him to a hospital unaware of his identity. Sai Baba sees all this but he does not interfere as his devotees have to pay for their actions by the law of dharma and karma ordained by God for all mankind.

The magistrate reaches Shirdi in pursuit of Baba. To raise funds for her husbands treatment Manjula does a dance performance and she sends a letter of Dinanath through a nurse.

People of Shirdi get agitated when they learn that the magistrate has come to Shirdi to arrest Baba. But the all knowing Sai Baba only smiles.

Episode No: 59

Sai Babas darshan changes the feelings of the people. They begin to feel devotion and reverence for him. The magistrate also undergoes a change of heart. He becomes a Sai devotee and gets Sais blessings.

Manjula reads out her letter to her husband. He feels happy but does not demonstrate his feelings.

The magistrate has now understood the schemes of Dwarikanath. He gives orders to arrest Dwarikanath. Both vaid Kulkarni and Dwarikanath cant believe that the tables have turned against them.

Nirmala and Devika are repentant. Nirmala has a miscarriage in the midst of all her miseries. Sai Baba watches her condition with compassion.

Manisha pledges her jewelry including her MangalSutra for the treatment of her husbands eye condition. Her husband Ramlal feels bad and tells her that the eye operation can be postponed.

Episode No: 60

Nirmala understands what Sai leela is all about. She regrets that she had become a victim of her mothers wicked maneuverings. Devika also repents.

Manjula is successful and happy in everything she does because she is close to her husband to be.

Dwarikanath is in jail, paying for his sins. Vaid Kulkarni tries to get him out of jail. Nanavati insults him.

Shyam Sunder comes out of hospital completely recovered. Ramlal arrives in the hospital for his eye surgery. He has taken Sai Babas blessings. Doctors operate on him. But he does not get his vision. Disappointed Manjula starts talking like an atheist Sai Baba watches them all and becomes emotionally upset.

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