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Samsung Galaxy Core I8262: Mobile

Reviews of Samsung Galaxy Core I8262

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16 Nov 2013
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Looks good on paper, but not at all good in real scenario..Not recommended

First of all I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much happy with the service of Flipkart.....You people should manufacture your own product!!!

About Phone.................
I am using this phone for last 15 days...The phone has 1.2 GHz dual core processor coupled with Adreno 203 graphics unit & 1GB RAM which looks good on paper, but not at all good in real scenario . I am very much disappointed when I see my friend is playing Subway Surfers/ Temple Runner flawlessly with his I-ball..Could u imagine ..its I-ball with 512 MB of RAM and my Core is struggling so much with 1 GB of RAM to play the same game flawlessly.

Another problem I am facing is gets heated up very quickly even after watching video for a short time (5-10 minutes)

Only Camera and display are pretty sorry not recomanded

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09 Jul 2013
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Shocked by low reviews

It is a very good phone, almost all expert reviews says it. I dont understand why people compare it to other while writing reviews.
Focus on the phone's performance.
1. 1.2 GHz Dual core gives good performance, even in high quality games.
2. 1GB RAM is a good deal when it comes to gaming and running applications.
3. Screen Size is good, lower than Grand, but high than S Duos.
4. Good GPU and screen resolution. Even plays Temple Run 2 without lag.
5. 5MP cam is also good, people who say its very low, excuse please, if you want to take professional quality photos, have a CAM. Still Photo quality is very nice.
6. Interface is good.
7. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is amazing.
8. Have accelerometer and Compass.
9. Phone turns off screen when user is not viewing it, thus saves battery.
10. 1800 mah battery is better than nokia lumia's 1300 mah even.
11. Front cam also there.

I have found the phone good. But if you want more, spend some more bucks and buy and samsung galaxy S4, and compare that with all other phones.

Price is a issue, it shud have been placed around 13000, in 15000 or more, samsung shud give Super Amolded display.

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02 Aug 2013
My Reviews about Samsung Galaxy Core

I have purchased this phone last Wednesday i.e. 31.07.2013. The first day of purchase was gone exploring the various features of the phone. Though I am not a tech geek in the real sense of the term, yet I say that this phone is surely overpriced, given the varieties available today. I should have been ideally priced between Rs. 13,000/= to Rs. 14,000/= given the configuration standards of today, or even a little less. Its display is good, and the screen respond to touches well. Internet surfing is decent. I am not an avid gamer, but most of the games can be played well. Accepts all kinds of messages and can be opened without any glitches. However, one major negative aspect is what I am constrained to point out is that for a mobile of this configuration, one 1800 mAh battery? It should have been ideally at least 2100mAH one. I fail to appreciate why such miserly treatment in case of battery configuration. Most smartphones, on account of a larger screen space consumes more battery within a short time. Hence, it should have been systemically programmed to consume less energy and, moreover, the higher configuration battery should have been ideally inserted, this should have solved many issues with this model. All the prospective purchasers, I would suggest to be careful about battery issues of this mobile. The other aspects might be okay. But battery is woefully weak, since it sucks energy just like parched lands take to water. No amount of battery doctoring have helped. So be careful about this battery issues. Otherwise, it has a decent display, a decent interface, good workability, decent gaming capabilities, editing documents, and miscellaneous office work is truly a breeze. But being left in the lurch, with mobile switched off during peak hours in the evening (since after whole night of charging you have gone out for work at 9 am in the morning and is not slated to return before 9 pm at least, and the mobile has gone off at around 6 pm and you are not amongst those who carries a power bank with you) is surely a turn off factor. It claims to have a battery life of around 9 hours, but for heavy users like me, the first day itself, after charging the battery fully, I got not more than 3 hours. Folks, I must say that the energy consumption is an issue. Lastly, the looks department disappoints. My early mobile was E-63, so being used to using a mobile phone with such a solid build quality, this type of looks surely sucks, poor bland cheap plastic, with a little glossy look. One aspect, Samsung should consider giving the flip cover for free for all models above Rs. 14,000/= and shall make available flip covers for all smartphone models costing less, with such flip cover be sold at a nominal price. Such flip covers are essential for protecting the phone, since the surface of display requires it to be protected with care (much more care is needed than you take for your beautiful, rather sizzlingly beautiful wife), since none of these models comes with Gorilla Glass, and, hence, scratches (notwithstanding scratch guard) will be imminent, sans a screen guard and a flip cover. So folks since the same is not being supplied gratis, make sure you buy, even if the same is of a cheaper variety, it is required to keep the display life of the phone intact. 1GB RAM is decent for a phone of this configuration. In my opinion, those who look for frills (though I did not exactly looked for it, for my choice of Lumia 720, but I made the mistake of going for the slight price difference and opted for this model, I personally did not like Lumia 62, and, hence this choice), in addition to utility, this is the right phone, notwithstanding the woeful battery deficiency, but those who looks for quality - build quality, superior sound, and stable performance even after years of usage (even though users today buy mobile phones at the drop of a hat), these series of phones should not be considered. But those who are frequent buyers, try this one, this will at least not disappoint you and shall keep you sucked with the novelty elements at least till six months after purchase, unless you are exasperated with the woeful battery. Please don't try to play online games and never games with 3D interface, since this will slow down the phone and the battery will be discharged within no time, may be within an hour. So folks be careful. Also the display glass is not of superior built, so please take care of it. I am writing this review with limited knowledge of technology, on the contrary, this review should be considered as more of an user's reaction to such device. I have merely expressed my opinion based on what I have faced using this mobile.

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11 Aug 2013
Excellent Product From Samsung

I am using it phone from the past 5 days. And I am very much satisfied with it. According to me this is the best phone that is available in the market at this price. Here are some pros and cons -

Pros -
1.2 Ghz Dual Core(Fast Processing)
1 GB RAM(Fast Speed, Doesn't Hang)
Display is Awesome. Colors are very good.
Dual Sim
Perfect Size(Handy) I don't like 5'' display.
Good Build Quality
Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Very Reasonable Price - I purchased it for 12200/-

Cons -

External Sound is average not too good.
Video Recording is 720/480 (Not HD)
No Vacume Earphones. (But I like simple earphones)

Overall it is a very good phone and must buy at this price range.

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27 Aug 2013
A mobile with inherent problems

If you want to spend around 13000 rupees to buy a mobile that restarts unpredictably then this is the right mobile for you!!!

Within 24 hours of buying this mobile, I found that this mobile is having problem, it restarts on its own and it was unpredictable. I went to service centre to get a replacement, as I was told that within 7 days after buying if there is any problem, we will replace the mobile. What I found at the service center was that there few more costumers with galaxy core, who bought the phone in last 2-3 days, they all had the same problem. This means that the problem was not only with my cell phone, it was a large scale error made by samsung. I suspect that this might be the reason why core was not available in my city for some days.

So, service centre will not give you replacement on the spot, even if you go there after one hour of buying. It is complete waste of money and time.

Note: I gave it 1 rating because, there is no negative rating option available, and I have to compulsorily rate the product to post my feedback.

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17 Apr 2014
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certified buyer

I bought this phone in november 2013.
After using a a blackberry, nokia, LG and iphone 3(last used). I thought that i shud give samsung a try, wanting to not over splurge i decided to go for this model based on the budget and the many reviews i had read.
On the very first day of use i kind of figured out what i was in for..and after 5 months of use all my fears are true..
1. Its damn that i have over 500 pics..everytime i open the gallery its gets hung up..i have to close the application to get it to work again.
2. the phone sometime switches off without warning of low battery(shocking), and then when you start it says battery drained.
3. gets heated up while charging.
4. camera is ok but takes a long time to process a pic.
5. gps is so slow that u mite cross a place n then it will show u the location.
6. memory space is too low..a few apps and videos n songs n u r othr option but to get an additional sd card..but hw does that help anyways..cuz it again slows done the device many folds..pheww..
7. even receivng the call is delayed sometimes.

All in all..i am so gonna sell this off very soon..its too lazy a device.
I am not saying that it is terrible for the price you pay..but only buy if you are ready to put up wit a slow and retarded device.

- Disappointed Samsung Customer

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13 Sep 2013
Awesome Phone for the price point

I have been using this phone for about 2 weeks now. This phone is too good for the price.

Call Quality: After all you buy a phone for this main point and yes this phone does not disappoint. Reception is good and calls are very clear and even the other person can hear us clearly.

Display: Very vivid. Good viewing angles too. 35% brightness is more than enough for indoors. Colors are very natural. But outdoor viewing is bad, I would not say worst but bad. You need to increase the brightness manually to full as there is no sensor in this phone.

Battery: It lasts for one full day with normal to moderate usage which includes, 1.5hr of call, 45 min of gaming, 80% in wifi and remaining in 3G (basically 24hours connected to internet), email, messaging. Well if you cut the gaming part it will lasts for 2 days. The device idle time is too good. When left overnight only 4% is reduced in the morning when you wake up. This usage again is with Single SIM. I did use dual SIM but only for 3 days or so. Even in that case it would easily with stand one full day.

Performance: Butter smooth but with NOVA LAUNCHER and not with TouchWiz as it lags. People who complaint about the lag on this phone is mainly due to Touchwiz. Please install Nova Launcher on this phone the moment you buy it. Battery life gave an increase once I changed the launcher.

Games: Temple Run, Candy Crush games run smooth but games like Sub way surfer lags but not that much that you cant play. One good thing is that phone does not get heated up extremely when games played for 30 min. it gets warm.

Camera: Good in day light and bad in night and indoors. Flash is good. Cannot record videos at 720p.

Sound & Speaker: Well this one is a definite negative. Speaker is not that loud and even the audio output via the 3.5mm jack is not good.

@Rameshkumar Gopalakrishnan: This is one among the few phones which has Dual SIM Active mode. This does support 2 SIM at the same time. Ex: If you are on call with SIM1 and then someone tries to call you in SIM2, the call is forwarded to SIM1. Trust me I have tried this and it works perfectly. Only point is that the person would be hearing that the "Call is getting forwarded. Please wait". You need to enable that in the SIM Card manager settings.

@aanal shah: This phone has Wifi hot spot and I have connected my laptop with the phone's 3G connection and it works without any issues.

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10 Jan 2014

Hi iam writing this my first review with my own experience to help buyers out there to make their this review iam not going to compare it with any other phone but only highlight what you can expect from this mobile.i bought from a local store about 3 months ago for 13000.As the title suggests review will be detailed and complete,so don't skip on parts.

nothing new here same design as all the galaxy out there.i really think sammy boys should improve on this(special mention sony).my phone was mistaken for samsung galaxy s duos at first glance.even though its all plastic build quality is good ,i accidentally dropped my phone facing screen gladly nothing i may assure you that it can handle some of that accidental drops but from a fair distance.

now comes the most important part of review the display.i have seen lot of samsung phones whether low end or high end their display is truly class leading. This has a tft lcd display and a pixel density 217ppi.the display looks great indoors with equally good contrast and brightness levels. viewing angles that we can expect from this phone is good (cannot be compared with amoled however). now the samsung has skipped on auto brightness sensor so you will have to manually adjust the brightness which becomes problematic outdoors, gladly the brightness control in notification panel comes to rescue

Now comes another important aspect.It comes with android jellybean.4.1.2(may get a kitkat upgrade).It has snapdragon s4 play 1.2ghz dual core arm cortex a5 processor with adreno 203 graphics(about 1.5-2 times powerful than adreno 200) 1gb of ram,8gb(4.75 gb for apps installation) of internal storage now looking at specs one thing that many even i thought of letdown surely will be the "cortex a5",yes its an old architecturebut the performance is not that bad at general usage phone performs fairly smoothly.People who are into gaming can also expect acceptable frame rates even in some of high end games like asphalt 7,nfs,nova etc with medium graphics (please see geekyranjit youtube review) games like subway surfers,temple run oz runs with minor note that power saving mode is disabled before gaming.yes phone get little bit warm(not extreme) if you game continuously for more than 30-40 minutes.overall its a nice performer for the price..

It has a 5mp autofocus camera with a decently bright led performance is decent,i have seen much better 5mp shooter from mobile phones(special mention nokia n82).i will suggest you to read gsmarena review for some details about camera recording maxes out at d1(720 x 480),thats what the chipset is capable of.the details are average,sound recorded is mono and lacks autofocus and video zoom too

The audio quality as expected from a smartphone is good.The only con here is the loudspeaker,though the quality of sound is good the volume levels are average and in outdoors are barely hearable .The music through headphones are good too.
Now coming to video playback it maxes out at 480p,though some low bitrate (less than 2mbps) 720p videos like movies are playable in sw decoder mode in mx player.

I must have to say that signal reception with both sim on is above average(my nokia can do better than this),though i have not felt any major signal drops.The voice quality is very good (even without noice cancellation).even in noisy environments you can hear what people at other end are saying.
it offers good speeds in 2g and 3g also.also do not that it has 3g 7.2mbps downlink speed.its good for browsing however if you want to do heavy downloading you will have to spend some time(special mention:some phones are capable of 21mbps downlink in its price range).
another thing worth mentioning is that during wifi tethering the phone becomes insanely hot ( at its peak over 50c) after 20-30mins,however i have seen worse in many androids.

Its the most argued part when it comes to smartphones.This phone has a descent 1800mah battery.Now the two power hungry tasks are gaming(graphically intensive) and internet(heavy downloading).now if you do any one of the above tasks continuously then battery will come from 100 to 10% in 3-3.5 hrs surely.During idle standby with both sim on it consumes only 1% in 1 hour,that means you can expect around one whole day with medium to heavy usage (worth mention:some lenevo phones in this price range).
Also do note that phone will become hot if heavily used during charging.

Now what i have done is only show you what this phone is capable of what's my experience with it.Iam not saying oh this is the best phone out there go buy it,you have many options out there in the price range thanks to the increasing competitions even by indian a phone that suits your demand and expectations.
Thanks for reading

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03 Oct 2013
deciding between samsung core and sony xperia m??

well here is your solution..after reading this u can answer your mental deliberations about these phones..!!coz m using both now..!!
it all depends on your usage n what u like?u cant have all the features on one phone..both have different distinguished features..! sony u can play heavy games but u dont have space to install anything on it(1.6gb).e.g nfs,real racing,fifa 14.(m not talking about rooting your phones here) samsung u cant play very heavy games but light or medium games like subway,temple run etc.more heavier the game is the faster it gets heated..! samsung(awsome) >sony. recording sony(awsome)>samsung(okok).. player:sony(good)>samsung(not more than 600*800)
6.screen size: samsung 4.3(perfect)>sony(have to compromise,very small (3.8)
7.performance wise both are almost equal..
8.display also almost equal..
9.looks:samsung-old conventional style n sony is like my A.C remote
but overally i would suggest u samsung..coz i play heavy games in my lappy and pc
not in phone i just play some games to pass some time to situations.need not be very heavy.atleast i can install some apps for general use happily.

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09 Sep 2013
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certified buyer
If you want a phone around 13 to 15k , All you have to decide what color you want with the core, white or Metallic Grey . Its such a good phone

Samsung has stopped selling Hardware and it is now
selling Software ....
Did you all see the S4 release, Samsung presented all
the cool features of the phone, It is so feature rich
and at the end of the presentation they showed a
slide with the phones processor and stuff ....

At the end of the day Software uses the Hardware
and we use the software and the way Samsung adopted
android and with their touch wiz UI is simply amazing

Reasons why you should buy Samsung over Micromax...
1. Samsung has more reliable parts
2. Better service than Micromax
3. The hardware is more battery efficient so longer battery life (I had a doodle and it lasted half a day so returned it for the Core)
4. Touch wiz UI is pretty Cool with useful features
for eg : (1) Smart Stay, It works despite me wearing glasses
so the screen stays on as long as i look at it
eg : (2) Calling and Texting , you swipe on the contact
from left to rite to call and rite to left to text
and in text you can actually select what you want to use
whether its a normal text message or watsapp or viber or
any other messaging service installed on your device
eg (3) Samsung gives features on top of android which
you can actually use, MMX canvas 4 and Doodle 2 for example
has blow to unlock.... Seriously who will blow on
their phone in a public place and how can it be more
convenient than pressing an unlock button... You guys decide ...
eg (4) Camera has cool features like filters and
continuous shot yes, it takes upto 8 continuous shots, Pretty cool

The above listed features are all available in Galaxy core...

Coming to the phone ...Things I like
1. It feels pretty solid on the hand its plastic but its great
2. Camera is pretty decent for the price
3. Screen pixel density is enough so that you dont see any pixels at normal viewing distance and the screen is vibrant and blacks are really deep and high in contrast
4. Battery life is pretty good, I had GPS and 3G
always on and it gave me one full day which is pretty decent
considering i used the phone a lot. With GPS and 3G on it used
7 percent of battery while left to sleep overnight.
5. I dont play games, but when i read people complaining that
even subway surfer lags i wanted to try it and guess what
it never lagged it was fluid and lag free for the half hour or so
i played and its not like i never had any applications running on the
background, I never killed any task and it ran subway surfers pretty good
6.I had a Samsung Galaxy chat and it came with ICS 4.0 and now
Samsung has updated it to Jelly bean 4.1.2,....
so this mobile will surely get up to JB 4.3 in 5 to 6 months.
7. Screen size is perfect not too big and not too small...
8. Swipe key pad is excellent (Unless you use it you will never know how good it is)
9. No onscreen buttons like the Sony experia M, its a pain to tap once to activate the onscreen button and then press again and it does not take the screen space with a black bar

Some Cons
1. No NFC
2. Phone will start to slow down a bit after few months
(With Jelly Bean 4.3 it will never slow down over time
as it has a system to clean up all the links and garbage that builds up over use
so looking forward for the update from Samsung and it will happen though at a later stage)

Overall a great value for money mobile... Just go for it ....

4 of 4 users found this review helpful.
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