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Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro: Mobile

Reviews of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

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01 Jun 2013
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Excellent phone

I am using this phone for some days and I found the phone to be completely lag free and this phone features great sound quality and decent camera quality. What I believe is that the should have included light sensor. The only con I found is that it's flash light always overpowering images of nearby objects taken in partial or complete darkness. I gave it 5 star only because of it's low price and it's performance is almost at par with galaxy s3. The sound quality is brilliant. The display is very crisp. Overall great phone. I recommend this phone over any other phone at this price tag. This phone deserved to be brought by thousands. And please don't go by It's spec. It's very smooth. Great deal from flipkart and always very prompt service. I received the phone just a day after I ordered.

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29 May 2013
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certified buyer
Value for Money

People!!! Before reading my review, Ask yourself this Question :
"What are the features & specifications that you are looking in a Smart Phone that costs Rs 16.5K?"
Now, Note down all those as points with check boxes in the order of their priority.

And now, read my review :-
I got this for my younger brother for his birthday. It got delivered to us 11 days back and to be honest, the smile on his face(he is 23), when he flaunts and shows this new gadget to his friends, tells me he is truly happy and more than satisfied.
And why won't he be, he is getting the awesome specifications and features of the "High-end" devices for half the price (that too, he didn't have to pay).
For a "mid-range" price of Rs 16.5K, this phone offers (reviews form my brother) :-
> A 4.7 inches (Big) screen
> 480x800 pix WVGA TFT display (which is quite awesome and crystal clear)
> A 1.2 GHz "QUAD Core" processor (better than most phones in its range)
> A 1 GB RAM (again better than most phones in its range)
> An 8 GB internal memory ((again better than most phones in its range)
> With a 16 GB Free Micro SD card (Offer on Flipkart)
> A 5 MPxl cam and 0.3 Mpxl front cam (he says is enough for him)
> It records Videos in HD (720x1280) at 15 fps
> A 2000 mAh Battery that easily lasts more than a day.
(One day as of now cos of heavy "Exploring" usage :P)
> Its a Dual Sim phone!!!
(now he has less to worry about his multiple Gi..*ahmm* Contacts)
> The stock earphones are great. (he is a music buff)
> Great Build Quality
> Comes with the Brand "SAMSUNG" (this DOES matter)
> Is considered a smaller version of Galaxy Grand but to be honest,
"It looks and feels Better, Sleeker & Trendier than Grand"
> Runs Android Jelly Bean. Haven't experienced any kind of lag.
The Only turn-off I could find about this phone till date is that it lacks accessory support.
There are no Cases or Covers for this phone available (anywhere) "Till Now".
But that's something which pretty soon will start showing up in the market and on the web. (somebody has got to be working on it) Given that this is a very fresh model.

Now, that you have read it all, put a tick mark on those features you wrote down in the beginning, that this device is offering and see for yourself if you should be ordering this or not. (^_^)

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15 May 2013
Stop Misleading People with poor reviewws

Fist of all , i dont understand,,Why many people who dont own the phone or havent used it are writing poor reviews.And as far as cortex a9 and a5 is concerned , just google samsung quattro benchmarks test and u will see, that its performance is certaainly better than phones with a9 cortex, And stop comparing samsung with micromax,karbonn etc, Samsung is bigger brand name with with good sevrice and ofcourse quality prouctss, And those who want to buy micromax or karboon or some brands , buy it urself, dont post crap reveiws and make negative reviews about other products.Also those concerned with adreno 203 gpu,yes i agree its not that great , but it performs adequately ,and regarding tft displays, many phones priced higher than this phones dont have that display. It is a quality phone with good cost to performance ratio.

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02 Jun 2013
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certified buyer
Amazing phone...

I brought the phone 3 weeks before. I got an amazing experience in this. Its Ram makes us more easy to use multiple tasks. Not so bigger in size and weight. its 4.7" screen makes the view precious. totally its amazing.... It is not a fake review. If you trust me, You will get a good phone...

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21 May 2013
To all the Haters who speak crap about this phone before using it!

This is a great phone with decent features for it's price. The quad core processor is of Cortex A5 architecture, the original Grand's Cortex A9 processor is only a little better, but hey this phone is 3k cheaper!!!! And all those who say that this phone has a weak GPU i.e (Adreno 203) go n watch benchmarking reviews for the phone! It whoops the Xperia L which is priced higher by the way! You have to maintain a certain balance in your hardware, you cant have a powerful gpu and a weak processor or vice versa or something called as 'bottleneck' happens (Don't know what it is?? Google it!) and this phone hits the sweet spot when it comes to balance! It even beats the LG Optimus L9 in the benchmarks! And yes the video recording is not at 15 fps, it is at 30 fps, quoted wrong by flipkart, don't believe me? Watch the reviews yourself! And OMG, people are crazy enough to compare this to Micromaxx!! Micromaxx does not match Samsung in terms of quality and service! And rightly pointed out by Mr Saurabh Bhatt, all negative comments from non certified users! ( I know i'm not one too, but i'm not crazy like the rest of them!) All in all great overall experience! A must buy if you are looking for a decent Mid-range phone backed up by brilliant Samsung service! :D

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23 May 2013
People with micromax budget should not write about samsung

Micromax has poor customer support once u buy nxt tym it does not wrk its nt even wrth going in the dustbin.

Samsung has a brand name and giving good competition to micromax cheap phones..

Samsung quattro is best with the budget whereas micromaxx canvas 3 has poor resolution wasted money phone

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30 May 2013
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certified buyer
Great Buy !! Wonderful features and Performance..

Please dont listen to the other non-certified reviews..

It is a wonderful piece and even easy to handle as compared to the grand duos. Please dont go for micromax as it would just work good for few months but later on ders too much problems on these so called china ka maal.

I was confused between grand quattro and htc desire x... but finally decide to go with galaxy grand quattro...apart from htc sense touch, htc lacks in many features which samsung provides...

Finally a very right decision to go with galaxy grand quattro...

- Quad core processor at 15k.. just wonderful !!
- 1 GB ram and 8 GB internal memory(5 GB available)
- even few reviews said that resolution is less... but actualy the display is great at 199 ppi
- 4.7 inch screen easy to handle and very slim.
- great camera with many features and effects.
- just go for it.

- front camera VGA.
- apps cant be moved to sd card but 8 GB internal is more than enough for all your apps.

VERDICT- best phone at 15k..
It costs 16,500 every where even in local shops.
flipkart provided 5 % off as well as a 16 GB memory card saved extra 1500..
and hats off to flipkart delivery just in 2 days.

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01 Jun 2013
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certified buyer
I'm loving this phone...

Hi Guys, I am from Pune and Flipcart delivered this phone in 22 hrs :-) Thanks!

I have used iPhone in past and currently using Xperia U. I bought this one for my wife but I too use it frequently.. This is my suggestion that anybody with a budget near 15-16k can go for this phone. It is always connected to my home wifi and so far, there is no hanging\heating or any other problem while internet surfing or subway surfing ;-)

It looks like exact replica of S3 and you will hardly find any difference in normal usage. Screen resolution really looks good.. You can actually compare both phones in any phone shop. I don't want to comment anything on specifications as what matters to me is actual look n feel and performance. Another big reason for buying this phone is the perfect screen size, I personally feel that Grand\CanvasHD\TitaniumS5 are NOT handy to use and keep in pocket.

Camera is fine for taking random pics (we are anyway not going to do professional photography using a mobile phone) Specification freaks can spend 10k more for S3\Nexus4 and 24k more for S4. :P

All d best!

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19 Nov 2013
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certified buyer

As far as my knowledge is concerned the software upgradations should support the speed and options for future. But, to my experience with samsung quattros duos, as i was already aware of this issue, consciously avoiding updates. but, unfortunately, a day when i was busy held up with a hospital issue, unknowingly i gave "update now" option. Now, i m facing the fate. Nothing works just on touch, it takes minimum 15 - 20 seconds even upto 1 minute after a touch. Why is this so? Please advise if i m wrong in its usage.

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03 May 2013
Cheap HardWare

This phone looks Good but the the Hardware and the screen quality is really outdated and the Video recording at 15 fps seriously? This phone is just made to give a challenge with the micromax canvas series..!
my advice do not buy it it litreally has way outdated Screen and hardware..!

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