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SAMSUNG Galaxy Note (Blue, 16 GB): Mobile

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29 Nov 2011
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"Phab-some" :-)

I got mine the day it launched (kudos to Flipkart) and trust me guys - this is the best phone till date! Not too big to embarrass you, but big enough to give you a "Phantabulous" experience.

In case you're still deciding whether to buy or not, read this:

First impression that people get is it would be way too big to hold in hands. Believe me - it's bigger than SII and any other phone in market BUT not at all bulky! Easily goes in pocket and is easy to use. BTW, it's size is what bowled me over! ;-)

New Features:
SPen/SMemo - these are what takes this phone to the top! No stylus is not a backward step at all-- infact Samsung did a pretty amazing job with it and it's super-smooth to draw/write.

Barometer, Glonass - iPhone 4s doesn't have it yet! These are primarily used in the phone to enhance the phone's GPS locks thereby being more accurate, fast & consuming less battery by quickly acquiring locks. Barometer can also be used for other things (measuring altitude etc.) once apps are developed for it.

1.4GHz Dual Core Processor - Awesomely fast!

Loads of others - look at the website for more.

By the way, I was waiting for iPhone 4s to be launched in India but I guess "Apple" got rotten with the price they set in India. Then I got to know about Note - I was impressed by the looking at the phone and it's features on it's website and ordered without even trying the phone in person!

I love it already!! :-)

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08 Feb 2012
Absolutely Awesome

I was using iPhone since 3 years ago and I absolutely LOVED it. Then it broke around 1 year ago, so I replaced it with some cheap phone which I used until now. Then I bought Samsung Note 3 days ago and using it since then.

Today at office, I took an iPhone from my friend and while using it I thought that what a tiny and puny phone is that. I couldn't believe that this is the same phone that I loved so much.

Moral of the story: If you have Samsung NOTE, iPhone feels like a cheap, last decade phone.

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30 Dec 2011
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A phone for the Geek!

First things first, the Samsung Galaxy Note is not for everybody. It new, its different and its geeky.

This "phablet" is for people who are not satisfied with regular top end smartphones. It's for people who can tell the difference between 780p and 480p by looking at a piece of video. It's for people who believe that "Talking" is slow and inefficient. It's for people who text, tweet, post, IM and email because that is "communicating". It's for people who aren't satisfied with the limited dimensions of iOS and its restrictive policies. It's for people who need dual core processors to multi-task a dozen apps running simultaneously. It's for people who know the difference between aGPS, GPS and Glonass and want direct satellite data! It's for people who would rather "read" ebooks or edit Excel files when they have free time! People who NEED their devices to have the ability to seamlessly connect to a VPN and launch internal WebEx on their phone!

In short it's for geeks who are proud of their geekyness!

The Samsung Galaxy Note is so far beyond what the average "iphone" or "S2" or HTC user is going to use that it's ridiculous that the Note and the S2 share the same "Galaxy" Prefix because the Note is definitely from a "different" Galaxy!

The greatest complaint from the "normals" is that this phone is too big! To the intended users of this phone, there is no such thing as "too big"!

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30 Nov 2011
Money well Invested

Just when i bought the handset from the retail market, Flipkart drops the price! :)

I got this baby 3 days back, and still havent explored all the features. Not as big as it is being made out to be in negative light...fits well in jeans and trousers, unless you are still stuck in the 70s with jeans that were wrapped around your legs and then stiched. :D

Excellent screen, quick and responsive applications, intuitive interface, and loads of applications from the android market to take advantage of.

The S-Pen takes some getting used to, and once you do, it is quite addictive. The camera is nice, and does its job without a hitch. If you want more from a camera, invest in a DSLR.

I have already downloaded Angry Bird, C&H, Kindle for Android, Corporate Address book, Social media clients, and they all work very well! the native email client is good enough as well. the music player is good, and the output, though not mindblowing is loud and clear. The handsfree is surprisingly of extremely good quality, with the in ear types of ear pieces...comes in a pristine white color..

Messaging is easy thanks to the Mother of all screens sizes!

There are some applications that are preloaded (bloatware) that may not be i couldnt get the voice assistant to work with me... for some reason it doesnt dela well with sarcasm :D... seriously...i wish i could delete those, without rooting the phone, which would void the warranty.

The initial batch comes with the flip cover, which is quite dandy...

And talking without the handsfree or bluetooth is not quite as detrimental to your image at people would have you think... I use it without the handsfree all the time...

The only people who have a problem with this device is the iFanboys, who cannot come to terms with reality. :)

Go buy it!

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11 Dec 2011
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Galaxy Life

Its been two days now since I've received my Galaxy Note and goodness, am I glad! The Note has utterly redefined the way I look at smartphones, no longer can I look at anything less than a four incher without cringing...the Note's supreme five point three inch super amoled display has set the visual bar so high I'm afraid no phone will ever surpass the glory that has been revealed unto me. Pardon the emotion.

There's a good reason why I beleive the Galaxy Note is the best phone on the planet as of now. Period. You see I've been using the HTC Desire HD for the past couple of months and although it was a great phone, it did have some very serious issues. The most annoying of which was the earth-shatteringly poor battery life. The Desire HD lasted a day at best, no matter how much I coaxed the bugger it would just blink off and die at the end of the day and that was annoying. To make matters worse, there were no reliable extended battery packs, the handful that were there were extremely limited thanks to HTC's unibody design...a power nightmare.

So you could imagine the look on my face when Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note would be packing a stellar twenty-five-hundred mah battery, I think my Desire HD's twelve-hundred and thirty mah battery curled up and called it quits. So indeed my expectations for the Note were high. I was not disappointed. The beast gave me two hours of 3G surfing, three hours of video, an hour and half of calling and an hour of playing the end of which, it still had a good thirty percent juice left! And this with the battery literally new- gobsmackingly brilliant!

Almost everything is a comfort, from typing to using the s-pen. Although I must admit I do miss HTC's predictive keyboard- which in my opinion is the best darn keyboard. Now a couple of words about the s-pen. First its the best thing since sliced bread, no seriously its that good, it makes me wonder why no other major manufacturer thiugh about it. No the s-pen does not work with the Galaxy SII or other capacitive phones and yes I've tried using it so. Secondly, and the only grouch, there is a noticeable lag if you swipe quickly while say making a sketch. This is most likely a software issue and I do hope Samsung will fix it in their IceCreamSandwich update. Fingers crossed!

In every other area the Galaxy Note does not disappoint. The speed at which the phone goes about its regular "chores" is staggeringly fast and the browser opens more than seven web pages without breaking a sweat. YouTube 1080p playback is smooth and glitch free while watching videos and playing games is second to none. Again there is no other phone that has a display as mesmerizing as the Note's. The front and primary cameras are stellar. Video recording is second only to the iPhone's, its worth mentioning that video recording is the only area the iPhone surpasses the Note. Office documents and pdf files open utter ease and the finesse with which the Note accomplishes its tasks is admirable.

I don't think I'd ever want another phone. Sigh.

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06 Dec 2011
Got for S2 if you need just a powerful smartphone... Grab a GNote if you are looking for something beyond a smartphone

I have been using Galaxy Note for a week now. It is simply awesome and gives a 'new class' of smartphone(&beyond) experience.
Browsing is a pleasure on this device... the good side of this phone has been discussed to death.

So let me add some quick personal experience...

1. It is possible to carry it around in trouser pocket (I had planned a visit to my tailor to get the pockets extended for carrying this phone :P)

2. You cannot use this phone with just one hand... If you do, you got to be extra careful. I am 5'10" and have a reasonably large palm & lengthy fingers but still...

3. No complaints about the battery life. The display at least brightness setting is more than enough for indoor use. But in direct sunlight, I could hardly see the screen. With couple of hours browsing on Wifi & using BT with handsfree for 6-8 calls, a dozen messages... I get upto 30hours.

4. Lack of notification LED is annoying, but NoLED app came to my rescue

5. I am not giving up my old phone (Blackberry pearl) that was compact yet powerful for my purpose, as I don't think I can casually carry around this super-size phone to trekking, road trips or parties.

6. Impressed with S-Planner & S-Memo though I haven't found a practical use for it yet, it is quite interesting and will give it a try...

7. The flipcase offered free with Note adds few mm extra thickness but worth it. Helps to safeguard the phone and gives a neat look. (Got a screen protector too within couple of days)

Happy to clarify queries... Did a lot of research before going from BB to Android. I can understand the anxiety of Smartphone shopping spoilt with choice :)

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11 Jan 2012
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I've always been an ardent Apple user. I'm using an Ipad, Iphone 4 and a MacBook Pro everyday. Therefore I was more than hesitant on making the shift to an Android device. I was a tad disappointed with the Iphone 4S launch as I did not see a quantum leap from the 4 to the 4S. Therefore I decided to take the plunge with the Samsung Galaxy note, and boy oh boy, I am happy! The phone has got the most beautiful screen on any mobile device ever built. You will just fall in love with the looks. It fits perfectly well in both my trouser and shirt pockets. Performance, speed, display, features, S Pen, Browser, Battery life etc etc. I've found the phone to outperform on all parameters. You have to look real hard to find a flaw with this device, however the only thing that could have been better is the In-call volume. Also it tool me a while (3-4 days) to get used to the Android OS moving from the iOS. But its a breeze now and I love it.
Go ahead and buy this phone, its truly Noteworthy!!!

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17 Jun 2012
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Its not a Phone !

I got this delivered today. Thanks to Flipkart for its prompt delivery!

After the initial excitement subdued, there were few observations I noted that might help reduce unwanted surprises.

Compared to my Samsung Galaxy 551 , this phone is HUGE. Period. The phone comes with Gingerberd , i havent yet upgraded to ICS though i got update notification as soon as i connected to Wifi.

1 . While the browsing on 5.3 inch is fabulous, one can observe esp white backgroud webpages changing color to pinkish or greenish tinge upon touch zoom. It does not happen if the display is a static non zoomable image. This has been already reported and seems to be software bug than hardware issue as the observation cannot be noted while testing with plane white pictures. Try *#0*# on mobile and look for white noise. I am planning to research further and look to take it to Samsung Service centre if the issue worsens. One has to be really observant to even note this issue even if it persists.

2. The phone has problems getting detected on my Windows 7 64 OS. Though it can be a specific issue with my laptop, I never had issue with my previous phone. There are multiple threads on the net already pointing to this. MTP initialization error / media scanning running in loop are few of them. I use FTP server and do not depend on Kies or my lap detecting my phone.

3. The 5.3 inch screen is not a Gorilla Glass. It is not scratch proof but only scratch resistant. I found it the hardway on day one. Screen guard is a must.

4. The big 2500 mAh battery charging on my phone is almost stagnant if done through USB port. I am forced to charge through provided wall socket adapter. Once charged ( 3 hours ) i found it to last good 10 hours of heavy usage ( HD VIDEO playback with wifi , sync + browsing - read test phase ) . May be it requires few charging cycles for optimum performance. This can easily come the entire day or even more under normal usage.

5. The provided case is not potent in protecting the Note. Good leather case or open Capdase case suit it much better.

6. The phone does heat up considerabley under heavy usage. But nothing unusual here. Infact it heats far less than my friend's Galaxy Nexus under similar usage.

To cap it all, Note still eats the competition out there. Its more of a multimedia device than a phone. In fact the Note makes other phones look like toys. ( my poor old phone )

Although the issues stated above in no major way hinder the Note usage , i hope upgrading to ICS in coming week and see if it solves mentioned points of concern.

Cheers and Congrats to fellow Note Owners!

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08 Jun 2012
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A complete phone/tablet.

It has been over 5 months since I bought this phone from flip-kart and thought putting a review once i have tested it for a longer span of time. My initial thought when I bought NOTE was with the understanding that Large sized phones was not going to be a hassle for me. For I have been using Linux run NOKIA N900 (popular among hackers and I.T Geeks) so well accustomed with using big and bulky phones. The interface of Note is smooth with super clear display, the resolution is simply stunning. Watching videos on the large 5.3 inch screen is a treat. Internet browsing has been the best experience on note and thanks to large screen and strong processor the pages load fast and scrolling is smooth affair. In span of 5 months the O.S crashed only once, apart there were no lags, or application hanging or dieing on you. In that way the hardware does the job and no complain on that matter. As for the the feature S-Pen I still have not been able to get myself accustom to its use. There is a visible flaw in the design of the slot given for s-pen. For it takes some efforts to pull S-Pen out of its slot and that can be irritating. Typing on Note can be a challenge to begin with as typing with both hand is cumbersome while holding the NOTE. I prefer to type on landscape mode instead. How much I miss here the super convenience of full querty slider keyboard of NOKIA N900 here :(

Also the battery backup is amazing (last 2 days on average use of internet via WIFI, however ensure to keep a check on which applications are running in the background, they tend to eat up your battery unnecessarily. GPS application for starters is the main culprit, I prefer to keep them disabled as a thumb rule. Samsung has ensured an upgrade to ICECREAM Sand-witch 4 version so it makes sense in investing in NOTE rather than on S3 which is ridiculously overpriced.

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14 Feb 2012
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I am in love :P


Weight: 178 g Take out the battery and it is light as a feather
Display: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen; 5.3 inches. Everyone looks at it. Beautiful screen.
Sound: Pretty awesome sound. No "ksssssshhhhhh" noise.
Memory: Says 16GB. You get System Storage: 1.97 GB; Your Storage: 11.07 GB. Its a power performer so stop cribbing.
Camera: 8MP, Video recording at 1080p. Very pretty pictures. Very clear videos
Android OS: Great Apps. For all you open source developers, its a game.
CPU: Dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9; My old PC is feeling really old now.
GPU: Mali-400MP, Awesome graphics! Throw any game at it, and it will play it real smooth.
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer. We love big scientific words :P
GPS: A-GPS support and GLONASS (You dont have to rely on your GPRS or 3G pack to know the directions on maps.
Battery: Well, you'll be playing a lot, watching a lot of videos, taking a lot of videos, taking a lot of pictures, creating a lot of pictures, surfing the web a lot, sending email and sms. Ofcourse the battery will drain. But at Li-Ion 2500 mAh it is as awesome as you want it to be.

I am in love with it. I protect it. I play with it. Its mine and I will not hand it to you :P

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