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07 Sep 2012
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Great Phone for the price.

I was confused whether to take Moto Atrix 2 or S advance.The reason why I went with S advance is that due to lack of proper support from Moto in India(Samsung are having a good time in India and are releasing phones even before US) and 16 GB internal memory.

Build Quality:
It is Usual Samsung design,may be all plasticky but very light weight,and there is not sufficient grip and little slippery on the sides(An case would solve this and of course you would definitely buy a case to protect your near 20000 bubble).
Except the home button all physical buttons are having good tactile response and are placed well.
Notice that 3.5mm audio jack is placed at the bottom of the handset and sometimes irritates when you are listening music you need to keep the phone in bottom up position and then if some notification comes up and when you take it out your pocket and you will be confused a little.

Touch responsivenes:
As expected from Samsung,delivers the goods.

No connectivity issues with either network(didn't use 3G) or wifi.

At this price range,the best display you will get.
But the sunlight visibility can be improved(even with full brightness,the display seems to be dim,typical of AMOLED display).
Indoors zero brightness is enough.

Forget that external speaker is there,the output is very low.
The provided earphones are good,may not have bass,but clarity is nice.

Android 2.3 runs without any issues.Have downloaded many apps but didn't lag at all,till the user accessible 512 MB RAM is full.
I am not much into games,but i played Dead Trigger without any issues.It's GPU is same as the S2.I sided with S advance because the processor is latest compared to atrix 2 OMAP 4430 and Novathor architecture are very similar to Exynos.I am satisfied with the processor and the performance of the phone.
pinch to zoom and double tap are working in the browser without any issues.

11 GB is user Accessible,and it spoils you,It supports All most all codecs.Install MX player and you are good to go with even .WEBM format
I didn't convert any videos and I directly copied them directly and plays all 720P without any hiccup,If any format is not supported use MX player SW decoder(H/W decoder saves your battery life).
Watching Videos on this screen is a joy.
Definitely it exceeded my expectations.

good performance in sunlight.
Meets the expectation
There is no zoom functionality(Might be rectified with the next firmware update..Samsung how long will it take to update the phone to ICS,already Jelly Bean is out there)

Don't Expect miracles here,It can last one and half day of moderate usage.On Sync continously in 2G,it was down to 30 to 35% from morning 8:00 to evening 8:00.I used 2x battery saver and it improved battery performance a lot.

I didn't find any page in XDA for this device,and Still not popular in the modding community,Given the processor capability definitely modding will start for this phone).
If your having a wifi connection download dropbox,and instant camera upload in dropbox is awesome.
I didn't keep any memory card,it uses MTP to connect to the computer and don't rely on kies to load multimedia on to the phone,it is as usual CRAPPY.Just Drag and Drop.

I would definitely recommend this product

Update: I am using Indian Jelly Bean Update.Some core functions like Dialler, Contacts, Camera and gallery are lagging.Seems like Samsung have not optimized the update for this phone because I have seen Galaxy duos,a single core A5 run smoother than this phone's dialer and gallery. I am using alternate contacts and dialer apps like Ex-dialer, Go contacts etc to negate that. Zoom function came back. Samsung's added jingle bells are taking up more RAM compared to GB and not allowing to properly mutitask in JB.

There are many custom ROM's and root are available for this phone and Cyanogen MOD is in beta with camcorder not working. Remaining Custom ROM's are Samsung stock based, so RAM issue will be there.

Temple Run 2 lags in both JB and GB. Subway surfers lag in JB only because of less RAM.

So, if you will be content with GB or comfortable with beta custom ROMs, you can buy this device. But better devices are there in Market for almost the same price range like Xperia L.

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18 Nov 2012

Hello everyone..
first of all please please please dont look at any other review against this phone
Because,evryone tells that this phone is pricey...
U all are talking so that this is not a bang for the buck
EVERYONE... you are suggesting xperia sola ,xperia p,desire x,desire vc.....BWAHhhh..
these phones dont even fit in the price range.Moreover some of them have good displays but lack at performance.....whereas some good at performance and screen is TFT and is SMALL sized..
1.Super amoled at this price is the main tag..
2.moreover 768 MB ram,the main thing for multi-tasking
3. the A9 cortex ,DUAL CORE processor...multi-tasking as well as gaming done
4.the graphics....MALI 400... best best ever for intense gaming
5.the very main thing internal memory 16 GB.....for high end gamers,and high level downloaders.....your needs satisfied!! :) EXPANDABLE 32 GB doubt... the 5 MEGAPIXEL camera is fab..with led flash...followed by fr. cam.1.3 MP 7. ANDROID upgrade available to ANDROID 4.0.4 ICS

Rest you all know 3g,edge..bla bla bla....
so..rise up and give a hand to this one...its just awesum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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13 May 2013
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Revival of a gem : Jellybean update has made it the best device for 14k price.

If you do a factory reset just before and after installing the JB or any other major update, everything'll be fine.
Make sure you have backed up all your data before doing so.

This phone is awesome at 14000 price band.
No other company is giving away a Dual Core A9 at this price and other features.
Only Lumia 620 matches the hardware and specs with its dual core krait.
Other competitors :

Xperia U : Less RAM, No expandable memory,less internal memory VGA front cam, battery issues, mediocre cam.
Xperia Go : Less RAM, low-res screen, battery, no front cam

LG Optimus L9 II: High price (17k), but better camera and more RAM

Lumia 620 : Buyer's choice.. I consider WP a limited OS. So that is a con for me. Fast processor, less RAM(but enough for WP)

Technical explanation:

A9: 2.5 DMIPS/MHZ, whereas A5: 1.6 DMIPS/MHZ
DMIPS = Dhrystone Million instructions per second.

Therefore,a dual core A9 is 160% faster than a dual core A5 at same clock speed(that's what all other handset at this price offer).

Putting it simpler, 1GHz A9 core = 1.5GHz A5 core
And 1GHz A9 core = 768 MHz Krait core (Krait is faster)
And 1GHz A9 core = 1.2GHz Scorpion core.
make this comparison before matching products with different CPU archs.

The verdict:

So guys this is the best Android deal at 14k.
Super AMOLED, MALI 400 GPU, HD recording @30FPS, DLNA, 16 GiGs of Onboard storage (11.31GB + 2GB(Apps) = 13.31GB usable out of 15GB, when u clear cache after update through boot menu, therefore OS and Preinstalled stuff/tutorials takes 1.7 GB space).

And after Jellybean Update, the camera will get a 4x optical zoom too :) , u'll get the fullest experience of Touchwiz, thanks to project butter, and also the wonderful Google Now.

May 9th 2013:
Received within 24 hrs of ordering (8 May'13) via COD.
It is a Made in Vietnam piece, manufactured in March'13, and imported by Samsung India in March, MRP is 16300.

May 10th 2013:
No defects found so far! Sound is awesome!, Gaming too. Too snappy of a device of this price. I'll run Gingerbread for a couple of days before updating to JB.
Hope its not a defective one. or else i wont get a replacement as it will be out of stock soon. Already out of stock in local market in Pune. :(

May 11th 2013:
Couldn't resist tasting Jellybean on this device, so updated it via Kies today. As mentioned , I wiped the cache and user data before and after the update.

May 13th 2013:
Awesome is the word for the performance after JB update. All high-graphics games run so smooth on the device. But there are some lags in Google Now.
Samsung's Touchwiz Nature UX is beautiful, feature packed, yet simple. Far better than the Senseless HTC Sense or the Sony's timescape.
Keep in mind that exiting an app with back button still keeps it running so make use of task manager to kill the useless apps. Restarting the device in the mid-day would be a great boost for performance.
After installing 50+ apps with apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Now, GMail, Nimbuzz etc etc running in background, it shows 465MB of RAM used at startup out of 625 MB Available. Which is pretty decent. I have never seen used RAM go beyond 600 MB even after running 10+ apps including a Game.

Music output is mind-blowing. Specially the Virtual 7.1 preset. (Gingerbread had only 5.1 ch. virtualization). Loudspeaker performance is just average(low volume).

Camera is good for general photography. Don't expect great landscapes or extreme low light photos to look great. Flash is average if not great. ISO ranges from 50(in Firework and Sports preset) to 400, but manually you can select between 100, 200 and 400. For best results in low light use High ISO and standard exposure. It will produce noisy pictures, but post processing software can remove the noise easily with negligible loss of detail.
Video recording has decent frame rate but lil bit noise creeps in in low light. But hey thats Ok as all other A5 handsets only give 480p recording.
No lags in keyboard ever noticed.

You also get some Galaxy SIII's motion features like Direct Call, Pan Zoom and scroll, Motion Unlock etc, and also the old and good turn over to mute and shake to update, Which are decent addons.

GPS takes lock in a minute or so. and is pretty accurate, with less than 2 seconds delay in turn by turn navigation.

Undoubtedly you get the best displays at 14K with this phone. It brings all other displays to shame, whether is IPS of LG or ClearBlack of Lumia 620 or Sony Bravia, none can beat Samsung's Super AMOLED in this price range. The phone has great Sunlight legibility, thanks to the simplicity of the Nature UX too.

Yet to check battery life on cell radio, but on continuous surfing/downloading over wifi, it lasts for 10+ hours, with occasional gaming and music, which is pretty great for a 1500mAh running a dual core A9.

May 14th 2013:
OMG Prices slashed. Im in a loss :p. had I waited for a week I would have saved Rs 800 :(

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23 May 2013
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True Unbiased Hands on Review

I purchased this smartphone a week back from flipkart for 13K (500 Cashback Offer) ...
As usual, Flipkart rocked with its package and delivery excellence...
Immediately updated to Jellybean via Kies ...
After using it for a week and comparing it with S Duos which is priced at 12K,
1) The Super AMOLED Screen is the greatest advantage of this smartphone (remember 13K)... Pictures, Videos and Games are very crisp and clear that Canvas HD should rename itself to Canvas Poor SD... It easily beats Sony and HTC Displays... AMOLED also helps in saving Battery.... (S Duos just has a TFT Screen)
2) 16 GB Internal Storage + 32 GB External Storage provides hell a lot space to store music, photos, movies and documents (remember 13K).... (S Duos just has 4 GB Internal Storage)
3) Jellybean Update provides you with Camera ZOOM, Motion Sensor, Google Now, Butter Smooth Touch Screen Performance and much more... Also other reviews forgot to mention about Panorama mode (remember 13K) .... (Jellybean update not yet available for S Duos)
4) 1 GHz Dual Core Processor provides Great Multitasking Performance (remember 13K) ... Quad Core drains battery (S Duos just has a Single Core Processor)
5) Mali 400 GPU provides the best gaming experience in smartphones ... (S Duos just has a Adreno 200 GPU)
6) 5 MP Camera with LED Flash is better than what you expect ... Pics are more similiar with S3 ... 1.3 MP Front Camera is decent for Skype Calls... (S Duos just has a VGA Front Camera)
7) 768 MB RAM is decent yet 1 GB could have been better ...
8) 4 inch Screen ( Great Movie Experience)
9) Build Quality is nice if not the best and certainly not poor...
10) Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth Connectivity is very smooth...
11)Finally for all those Brand Conscious Freaks - SAMSUNG ...

1) Phone slightly lags after Jellybean Update... Its not an issue with this phone... Its the issue with Jellybean 4.1.2 ... Even S3 lags after Jellybean Update... Yet hardware reset solved most of my lag issue...
2) Loud Speaker Volume is somewhat low but SpeakerBoost app solves your problem...
3) Doesn't Support USB OTG (Not a big problem already 16+32 GBs of memory)
4) Battery Backup Could have been better yet Juice Defender or 2x Battery Saver app solves the issue...
5) Headphones are of cheap quality... Who cares ?? Buy Philips SHE1360/97 Headphone... Great for this phone with Awesome Bass ...
6) Not a Dual SIM Phone (Only advantage of S Duos)

Blindly go for it ... Its money worth than 25k phones ... Clearly beats HTC One V , Xperia Sola and Canvas HD in all fields ... Don't take a wrong decision by buying other brand phones and wasting time in search of Service Stations ...

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01 Apr 2013
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This phone shines after Jelly Bean update

The BEST Android phone that you can currently get under Rs. 15,000!

I was in a big confusion to choose the right one among Xolo X1000, Galaxy Grand Duos and Galaxy S Advance. I removed Xolo X1000 from the list because my experience with the previous Xolo phone (A700) was very bad.

I had almost finalized the order for Galaxy Grand Duos but decided to go with this phone at the very last minute because of its 4" screen compared to Grand's giant 5" screen with the same resolution. The Grand also has a simple LCD screen compared to Super AMOLED screen of Galaxy S Advance. I find Galaxy S Advance MUCH better than Galaxy Grand in every way, except the camera, design and probably a slightly better processor.

When I got Galaxy S Advance in my hands, I really hated the look of it with Android 2.3.6. As soon as I upgraded it to 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean, SER version), the whole look of the phone changed. Now when the device is ON, the phone looks AMAZING from the front. One sad fact: from the back, it still appears to be a very cheap, crappy, Chinese phone.

The picture quality of the camera has improved after upgrading to 4.1.2, although I still find the camera way crappier than the camera of my first 5 MP Android phone from Samsung (Galaxy Fit GT-S5670). If you're going to buy it for photography, don't. You'll be VERY disappointed.

System storage of this device is close to 2 GB. Plenty of space for app junkies. You also get roughly 11 GB to store your files (music, photos, videos, etc.). At that, the phone has 32GB of expandable memory. RAM is almost the same as in Grand (even though the spec says it has got 1 GB RAM, several reviewers of Galaxy Grand have found the RAM is close to 800 MB). In Galaxy S Advance, even after the upgrade to 4.1.2, I find roughly half of 625 MB RAM available all the time.

I was afraid of upgrading the device to Jelly Bean thinking I may face performance issues but to my surprise, the responsiveness of the device has actually increased. I just followed the step by step upgrade instruction on and everything is working perfectly, including Wi-Fi, network, etc.

In short, if you want an awesome Jelly Bean phone under Rs. 15,000, just go for it before the stock ends.

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12 Jul 2012
Strategic release

Did anyone realise why samsung released this phone at about 24k at this time? There were whole lot of rumours about drop in prices of galaxy s2 upon the release of s3 and which was quiet logical and justified. Had this phone not been launched, s2 would have come in the same price bracket as this one. But samsung knows there is a lot of name and fame in the kitty of samsung for s2 and they want to churn out last penny out of the market with s2 widout dropping it's prices. So they launched s advance so that mid to high range buyers will be given this phone as an option instead of still pricey s2. S2 will continue to proove as a golden goose for samsung due to this move.

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28 Mar 2013
Detailed Re-review for Advanced Users

The screen is highly responsive as like any flagship phone.
The phone looks premium in hand but if you remove the back cover, you'll find it very cheap.
The Speaker of phone is loud enough to hear but vibrator motor isn't much strong.
The stock video player is simple but it supports all free formats including the Matroska i.e. .MKV format which is the latest among all open standard free formats.
The biggest plus point of phone is its display. I had compared it with Micromax canvas HD(720p HD resolution), the S advance's colors are crisp and clear unlike canvas HD's whitish screen.
The battery backup of phone is good. Using the phone moderately (About 32min of calls, 2Hrs. of music, 30min of 2G internet, 10min of Game) the battery lasted for an about 28-30Hrs. But on the contrary side the phone takes about 2-2.5 Hrs. to full charge.
Despite 1GHz dual-core processor and 768MB of RAM, the phone is sluggish to exit applications and return to the home screen when commanded.
The specs claim that the phone has 768 MB of RAM but I have found it only 555 MB.
Other notable features/Apps include Calculator, Alarm, Google Maps. All are integrated nicely on the device.

If you are camera fanatic then please don't buy this phone because
1. The phone doesn't have Zoom mode.
2. There’s no setting to change default name of the images taken by camera.
3. After clicking snaps you’ll notice that the images are quite clear, but believe me images look clear because of super AMOLED display not because of camera. Hence if you want to check its image quality then copy your photos to your PC you will get to know the colors aren’t rich and deep. Also the photos look grainy. But one thing which goes in favor of camera is its LED flash; yes it’s powerful and very bright.

Additional Information & Special features:
The phone has 10 point multi touch display.
SoC: NovaThor U8500 (same for Galaxy Ace 2, S3 mini, Xperia Go, Sola, P, U)
CPU: ARM cortex A9 Dual Core (same for Galaxy Ace 2, S3 mini, Xperia Go, Sola, P, U)
GPU: ARM Mali 400 MP Single Core (same for Galaxy S2, Xperia U)
Semiconductor Technology: 45nm
SAR Value (Specific Absorption Rate max should be 1.6W/Kg. by FCC): 0.543 W/Kg.
(Better than all other non-Samsung phones)
System Storage Memory (for installing Apps): 1.97 GB
USB Storage Memory (for storing Data): 11.31 GB
Everyone wants HD recording & so does the camera capture video very well but the problem here is somewhat different. For 10 Sec. video (.MP4, 720p HD) it consumed 14.5 MB of memory.

Benchmark Scores:
In Browser Mark & Sun spider it manages to beat Galaxy S2 but in other bench marks also it performs above the average than its competitors such as Xperia P and Desire X.

Turn Over To Mute:
If someone is calling you and you don’t wish that the phone should ring then just turn over your device, ringer bell of your phone will be automatically muted.

Tilt To Enlarge Picture:
While browsing images. If you want to zoom in without using double tap & pinch to zoom action then just touch tap & hold at any two points of image and then tilt the device back and forth to enlarge or reduce image size.

Screenshot Capture (One of the feature of ICS):
Press and hold the Home button and press the Power button. Do not press and hold Home button for long time or else you will get task manager option.

Pop-Up Play (One of feature of Galaxy S3/S4):
Use Mobo-player to play video and press Home button and there you go for Pop-Up play.

Scroll All Home screens In One Swipe:
The numbered dots (each belonging to 7 home screens) serve as a scroll bar too. Press and hold on the dots lets you scroll sideways in one go rather than swiping multiple times to go to the required home screen.

Folder on Home Screen (One of the feature of ICS):
You can create folders on home screen and add shortcut to Apps in an organized manner.

Finally if you're willing to buy this phone:
Make it as early as possible since the device is discontinued from Samsung India, hence the phone is available till the stock ends and therefore I think the price has been slashed to finish the stock.
Uniqueness of the phone is its display. It’s curved and made of Corning’s Reinforced Gorilla glass except only Galaxy Nexus, S advance has curved display. Even the galaxy Nexus’ is not Gorilla glass.
Do not use flip cover for your phone since the display is curved, due to which the cover will start bending day by day. Instead use Silicon cover.
Screen Guard: Use rough screen guard instead of smooth one. Smooth will feel little sticky to fingers & its finger print friendly.

Please do not upgrade to Jellybean OS, since it's not officially released for India yet. Even if you're going to upgrade it'll void your warranty.

Except Camera & Gingerbread OS, I liked my phone in every way.
Buy your phone carefully because it's a device which you'll keep 24X7 with you.

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29 Mar 2013
The best in its range..

As like others I was also in so much dilemma to go with which phone, as my shortlisted phones were:
1: Desire X
2: Xperi Sola
3: S Advance
Finally after so much research and comparisons I bought S Advance, and I must say this is an amazing device.
Some key features are like it has very smooth UI and very crisp display, It has more than 300 MB RAM free all the time and have 2GB memory for installing apps and have 11.31 GB storage for data.
So when I compared the three (S Advance, Xperia Sola, Desire X) the S Advance appeared as the clear winner coz when compared with Xperia Sola though the GPU and Chipset were same but Xperia Sola was lacking the Front cam, had smaller screen, low Ram, low internal memory, low battery as compared to the S Advance so I dropped Sola.
Then I compared it with Desire X though they had some similarities like Same Ram size, same screen size but the chipset and GPU and even CPU (two core A5) was inferior as compared to S Advance, and also Desire x was lacking the front camera and had poor video recording resolution 480p as compared to 720p of S Advance, and had low internal memory, Thanks to the huge 16 GB internal memory of S Advance.
The only thing where Desire X was winning was on OS Front coz it was running the latest jellybean while S Advance was still stuck on gingerbread but it was not an issue as JellyBean update for S Advance is also on the cards and hopefully it will be updated. So the wise choice was to go with S Advance rather than to go with the similarly priced but inferior devices..
I hope my this review will help the prospective buyers

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31 May 2013
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First Android @ Stealing price

After a long wait, I have found a good and exceptionally great phone with most features on board for reasonable price. Just buy it and forget it :) I promise its a Steal.
*:CAUTION:* Android addiction guaranteed

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06 Aug 2013
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Worst phone ever used - Major network problem

I bought this phone about 3 months back. It was updated to Jelly Bean recently via the India update via samsung kies.

These are my observations.

Major problem : The phone will suddenly drop calls even in areas with good network coverage.
A few days back, the phone suddenly stopped connecting to my airtel network. I tried inserting a vodafone sim, also but still it refused to connect to the mobile network.

Someone at the samsung call center asked me to switch to GSM mode only. After a lot of tries, it connected once and I was able to make and receive calls, BUT , the joy was shortlived. I was not able to connect to 3G network for browsing etc.
The guys as samsung call center did everything to get it sorted out without any progress. Finally, they told me to take it to a Samsung service center.

I did some research on the internet and it seems this phone has a perennial network problem. There are a lot of people who got a new handset from Samsung, but still with the same problems cropping up again.

The phone was a joy to use until this problem cropped up. Now I cannot make calls as well as browse on 3G. What good is a smartphone, if it can only be used as a paper weight. This is one hell of an expensive paper weight though :-(.

Apart from this , nothing is visible on the screen in direct sunlight. If you get a call when you are out in the sun, you have no option of knowing whos calling as you cant see a thing. Using GPS out in the sun is also ruled out because of this.

Overall, its the worst investment I have ever made. I consider my self tech savvy , but still landed up buying the worst phone on the market.Oh, before I forget, I ended up ordering one more Galaxy S Advance for a friend of mine. I am wondering when he will turn up at my doorstep complaining about my recommendation. Such is life.....

The price for this phone is dropping drastically, it dropped 2K since I bought it, but you are better off investing your money somewhere else.

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