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Samsung Galaxy S II: Mobile

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09 Jun 2012
For all those who have the Samsung Galaxy S2

Guys and Gals... First off, there are two variants - Galaxy S2 I9100 and I9100G...

Those who have I9100G - Well I have nothing to say, but you just ended up in the wrong side of the table. I don't want to say anything about this model.

Those who own Galaxy S2 I9100 - This is the best DualCore smartphone that you can look out for. The only problem is the battery backup. But again, there are many ways to improve it. I customized in such a way, that I get 1 entire day battery backup with normal usage. Look up on the internet on the way to do it.

ICS 4.0.3 still have issues. Its not entirely bug free. I am waiting for its next update to resolve few known issues.

Also, when I did the upgrade from GB to ICS, I initially regretted as battery lasted only for 5 hours. ICS is powerful and it functions differently than the GB editions. that's why it consumes more power. It takes time to calibrate the battery as well (well wish Samsung included a 2000mAH battery). So have patience and learn about its features and functions to get the best use of it...

By the way - All Super AMOLED screens have limited life span. So don't expect the life expectancy of a NOKIA 3310.
Don't use bright and colorful screen. Go for a grey scale or less blue colored screens. Else you will end up burning some pixels in a year time.

Once again, Smartphones are for Smart People. Don't expect 100% satisfaction just out of the box. You need to learn about it and customize it.

Flipkart rocks! Keep it up!.
Thanks !! Adios!

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14 May 2012
Great phone!

Perhaps the first phone I purchased solely on reading reviews; I usually take the time to check out working models of any phone I purchase and here's my feedback on this device after using it for 6 months:

Out of the box, the phone runs on Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread), upgradable via kies to 2.3.5 or 2.3.6; an ICS (android 4.0) update is round the corner.
The device is ultra-thin and ultra-light too. For comparison, my secondary device, the Nokia x1-01 is heavier than it.
The display is a SuperAMOLED PLUS display (protected by gorilla glass) , 800x480 res, with nice contrast levels and vibrant color.You have an option of tweaking the display mode to suit your preference.

The 1.2Ghz dual core Exynos processor enables you to perform almost any task with zero lag.
You also have the mali-400 GPU which is able to handle any game thrown at it with utmost ease.I've tried Asphalt 6, Shadow gun , Modern combat 3 and many more.No lags whatsoever.
The SGS2 comes with 16gb memory of which its split into 1.97 gb for software and 11.6gb for storage. The remaining space is occupied by the OS and Samsung bloatware.
It comes with one GB ram of which again 834 mb is available for use.
The Touchwiz interface, though not as attractive as HTC's sense, is much faster and snappier, with no instance of lag.
Also in the package is an 8MP camera(with 1080p recording support) which until recently , was considered as one of the best cameras in the android league. A 2mp front cam is present for those into video calling.

Call quality is quite good, voices are clear. The speaker ,though not loud, is clear with no distortion at full volume.
Certain cases for this phone interfere with the call clarity as reported by some persons I called while using them...The same may be fixed by using a bluetooth headset, or not using a case at all.
Battery life ,as is expected for a phone with such high specs, is on the lower side.Those planning a 2 day trip are advised to pack their charger along.
Various scenarios of usage vs battery life :
2-3 hours Wi-fi(active use)/1 hr - 1.5 hr 3g + 1.5 hr voice calls + 40 mins gaming + general use (display at 40% brightness)= 20 - 24 hrs battery life
2-3 hrs 3g(active use) +2 hr voice + 1 hr gaming = 10 - 15hr battery life
Just voice calls + sms , no net, no gaming = 40-48 hours battery life. (or more)
A few tips to conserve battery life : Keep screen brightness low unless required. Stick to 2g networks unless u require to make video calls or browse the net, close open apps using the task manager, disable auto-sync , auto rotate and visual eye-candy.

To sum it up, this is a really awesome device, highly recommend you to get one!

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24 May 2012
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certified buyer
Galaxy S2 I9100 with ICS

Just got my S2 today,3 days after ordering it on Flipkart.Packaging great as usual.Got out of the box ICS(4.0.3) and model I9100(not I9100G).As a previous Android user,managing battery(tweaking) is fine and get a battery life of 1 day with medium to high usage(sync,GPS ,mobile data off while not in use)

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02 Sep 2012
Please read before you buy!

This is the best phone YOUR money can ever buy.

First of all to all the users who are crying about the phones performance and battery, it is always advisable to get a little research done before you put in your money. We no longer in 80's and 90's when there were no tools available. Use the WORLD WIDE WEB a little rather and spending time behind comparing prices on other retailers.

Talking business...
I will try and talk as much as possible in a COMMON MAN's language.

I have been using this phone for last 6 months and have not encountered a single problem with it whatsoever.

It gets a little tricky!
There are two variants of Galaxy S2 available in the Market.
1) Galaxy S2 9100 (Older version - now phased out)
2) Galaxy S2 9100G (Newer version - too many stories about why it was launched)

I have used both the versions and there is a hell lot of difference in terms of performance. So please check that version you are using. Is it G or Non-G.

Now there is no difference in looks, price or specifications of the phone.

But when we deep dive in the the REAL TECHNICAL ASPECT, there two phone have different PROCESSORS and GPU.

Galaxy S2 9100:
This is the phone every hardcore android enthusiast would love to use at least one.
> The processor for this phone runs at the full allotted capacity 1200 MHz.
> Has a better 3D performance.
> Better performance and no lags on multitasking.
> Heats up a little on a heavy usage.
> Poor battery life compared to the other counterpart (9100G)

Galaxy S2 9100G:
Now this is the Greatest Smartphone for an ORDINARY MAN.
Yes, it would suit you if you have a fairly low usage and not a HD Game Freak!

> Compared to its counterpart, this phone seems to be CLOCKED/LOCKED at 1000 MHz, hardly runs at its full capacity
> Inferior 3D performance
> At times tends to lag and freeze
> A slightly better battery life
> Doesnt heat up

For people who crib or cry about battery life, there are some applications available which will help you get a better battery life.

The best one so for with over 10000000 downloads through Android Market, JUICE DEFENDER is best thing to save your battery. Help the developers and once you are comfortable BUY the paid version.

Be it a software or a hardware (phone), spend some time to learn it before you cry about it.
Remember guys these smart phones are just like mini computers, so surf the www and learn the tweaks.

Overall I would rate this phone a 5 for its sheer performance and value for money!

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13 Oct 2011
Samsung Galaxy S2

Samung Galaxy S2 Review


1) Super Fast Processor

2) 1GB RAM one more plus

3) Excellent Display (Adjusts display brightness according to conditions).

4) Excellent User Interface for phone calls and Android apps.

5) Camera is Good.

6) Music System Rocks (SRS Effect)

7) 16gb Phone storage is good

8) Touch wiz 4.0 is really good; I feel it’s equal to Apple. (It’s Butter’ly smooth)

9) Battery Backup is good.

1) Best in smart phone category (Considering the display Size of this phone)

2) Battery Backup Depends on Signal Strength, WIFI usage, 3G/2G Connectivity

10) Most Android apps are free unlike apple apps.

11) 180 degree viewing angle

12) Browser is Damm fast

13) Multi-tasking is one of the greatest features. (Unlike apple)

14) HD movies are Dammm Good.

15) Video Recording is also good. (Video Quality)

16) we can carry additional battery (unlike one battery in apple which is fixed)

17) Excellent wizard to switch on of switch of GPS Navigation/WIFI.

18) Identifies your location in Google map with super fast processor.


1) Don’t expect HD photos using this camera.

2) Email client is complicated.

3) It takes some time to understand user interface. (Not as easy as apple).

4) Would have been good if the class is scratch proof.

5) Charging of battery taking a bit of time.


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01 Nov 2011
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certified buyer
the phone is amazing and comes with excellent flipkart service`

the phone is the best in the market
ts amazingly fast
and the phone battery is just amazing
auto brightness -on
wifi -on
auto rotation-on

when i first received the phone i didnt charge it only
i just started using it out of the box
battery last excatly 10hrs 5 min

amazing and really after charge hope it will stay more

i dnt play games although in my device
hope u guys can take home something with that review

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15 May 2012
A futureproof phone. And money well spent.

I wanted to buy a phone which will last me for atleast 2 years in this ever changing world of mobile te4chnology and this handset caught my eye.

This phone is a wonder. I bought one this may and I am using it continuously throughout. The battery backup is powerful for a phone that packs that much hardware.

User who complain about the heating problem should know that a phone which has such powerful hardware and no heat outlet will heat.

The display on this phone is wonderful, watching a movie esp if the movie is in HD is a treat to watch. The android OS is wonderful and its fun to play games on this powerful device.

I am new in android world but so far its wonderful. The phone is good looking and battery life is also wonderful, though I dont use much of internet on it.

S3 might be more powerful in hardware as it turned out in its launch. But today`s android apps are not even made keeping dual core phones, they are made still to run one single core phones. Now the developers are making apps to run on dual core but they are far and few.

This phone is future proof, you wont regret buying this despite s3 coming out.

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18 Nov 2011
awesome phone ....but do u really want it

hey... finally got my S2...though not from flipkart...( got a muchh better price from another website for 25k)...

great phone..great clarity...takes time to learn all the features

but u know what... only after i go hold of this... i asked myself a question.. did i really need all these features ? actually NO !!!

a humble request to all... first think if u really want these features..

but otherwise.. this is awesome

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29 Oct 2012
The Review that you must read!

One of the best Smart Phones ever produced! Get your facts straight!

There are no cons! If you want to create some con it is possible but it is the best in every way! Before buying it I did a lot of research and never did I regret it after buying.

Specifications in short

4.3 inch AMOLED PLUS 800*480( People the pixels are fine.. You won't notice much difference between the newer HD screens and it is true black. In AMOLED black saves battery.

1.2 Ghz dual core "Exynos" System-on-chip with 1 GB Ram.. although it may show 791 mb etc.. The rest is restricted for the system.

The GPU is 400MP Mali "Quad Core" It runs at 267 Mhz because for now(as of Oct 2012) 400Mhz is not necessary for any game. If you put a custom kernel you can tweak the GPU frequency to 400Mhz.

The most customizable phone ever! In xda-developers you can find a plethora of mods. In no other phone you can find such custom mods other than Galaxy S3. But since this is more than one year old, it has got more options.
Camera is amazing! The fancy feature of taking picture while recording video or burst shot is purely a software function. Actually people are not much bothered about it, hence it has not been implemented.

Officially it supports ICS 4.03
Unofficially thanks to the CyanogenMod and other great developers it supports Jelly Bean.
I am running Jelly bean myself! Has never been this stable!
With jelly bean you get amazing animations and an OS made exceptionally wonderful. In fact Jelly bean brings out the true Galaxy S2.

I recommend don't go for the official Samsung stock! It has got bloatware that decreases battery plus it is highly customized.
The unofficial Jelly bean or ICS gives you Vanilla Android experience just like the Nexus phones.

People who complain about the battery it is because you don't know anything about it! Do understand the fact if you actually use any phone it will obviously consume battery. With 3G connection you cannot expect 2 days of battery. Maximum 8 to 9 hours. Be it any phone. If you want more you have options of extended battery! You can get 2000 MaH Samsung original or 3500 MaH which is a third party manufacturer.

The maximum screen on time you can get is around 4 to 5 hours Max! So do know something before lamenting about battery. If you want more battery life change your kernel or flash some other Rom other than the official.

The internal is 16 GB Divided accordingly so you get 11 GB. And that is how every phone works.

There is no NFC in this version. You may miss it with the ongoing current hype but it is not a big deal. You can live without it.

If you use the phone for games etc it will heat up. Don't complain, for the hardware you are getting it is prone to heat up. It is impossible to give exceptional performance without heat in any device.

It supports a 64 GB Micro SD. I am using a 32 GB Micro SD Myself.

For the price now! This is a steal! It looks great and I recommend you invest in a nice hard case! It would be better if you buy it locally so that you can have a feel of it! Don't put loose cases as it may give rise to more scratches.

In India when you are buying make sure you see I9100 in the box. IF you see a G please don't buy it! It is a capped down version with inferior chip and graphics. Not worth it.

The Galaxy S2 I am using runs CM10 Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
My battery lasts more than a day with moderate use and with heavy use it last for around 16 to 18 hours. The internet connection is always on. If you use WiFi you can save more battery. WiFi consumes less battery than data connection.

In the kernel I am using I can overclock to 1.5 GHz which will obviously reduce the battery life. All HD Games are playable provided you get the proper installation files.

USB OTG works great including external Hard Drives, Mouse etc.
Buy a good quality screen guard so that it doesn't affect the touch.

That's all about it. If you know how to use it buy the beast. If you are a person who is not much into technology, customization etc I don't know.

This phone is a lovely masterpiece if you know how to use it. There are no limits!

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14 May 2012
Again india getting Non G galaxy S2

I recently purchased samsung galaxy s2. It is gt9100 and not 9100G. It has 2.3.6 gingerbread in it. In new versions battery life is great. With full charge with Edge remains on and with average use, it gives about 12 hrs or more backup. I have not tested on 3G yet. It will still be no.1 phone in 2012. However the leather cover comes with box leaves colour. It looks very bad on white colour galaxy s2.

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