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Samsung Galaxy Y: Mobile

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17 Oct 2011
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AWESOME but with little defect

Hey Guys..

I who want to enter into andriod world for the first time in an economic way this beauty is the best thing..i have bought from flipkart recently this beauty for my sister gift ..and might be iam the first customer which ordered first this item...

and iam going to compare this item with my samsung galaxy ace which is now 13k INR..

here we go what's advantahe and disadvantage..


talking about processor speed and memory(RAM) and phone memory were both in same models..this is extraordinary @ price

size is 3 inches its quite good @price

cam quality with 2mp its quite good when compare to other phones which have 2 mp...

galaxy ace consists of 5mp and led flash too and 3.5 inches and extra 200 adreno seperate processor for gaming this are the difference between ace and this beauty other features all same in both...

even u had geo tagging too..

performance is good.. @price

listen songs MP3 in this phone quite awesome & rocking effects.. I assure even in my galaxy ace also i didnt get this if u r music lovers go with this one..Iam guarantee..but buy good earphone ..what samsung provided earphones is not at all good... :)

Desighn & grip is awesome its look like small iphone ..gauranteed..


Screen size resolution is is little bit low .samsung had failed in this issue if this has been lifted little bit more Iam sure nobody can beat this phone.......but its ok its not at all that much worst if u think about the price i already said this is an entry level androiders especially for students and youth @ pocket

while typing i found little bit difficult to type bcoz due to smaller screen letters were small my big fingers were not suited for typing comfortably.. :) dont worry u can download gingerbread keyboard from market suits well and good for big fingers like me..:)

literally if u want to feel a really android experience u need to go for more than equal to 3.5 inches screen...

Conclusion: I suggest If u r economic..dont miss this phone this is really really good ... u cant get this type of features for this price ..6 to 7k....

Human doesnt satisfies .......... :) he wants more...& more...

Suresh Kumar Kollapuri

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17 Nov 2011
Best budget android phone

I got this mobile 2 days back and was worried reading the other reviews whether I made a mistake in buying this. Others complained about the bad battery life, camera, screen resolution, etc.

Here are my observations:

I knew that others would have the default settings (wifi/GPS/3G) on and it definitely wouldn't last more than a few hours. I had the original Galaxy i7500 and knew what the newbie mistakes are.
The box came with about 50% battery and I used wifi to download lot of apps, testing the browser, GPS, tweeting, etc (over a mix of wifi and 3g).
I slept that night with 33% battery and turned off all wlan/data services/gps/BT.
The next day morning (after 7 hours of standby) I was shocked to see that the battery was still at 33%. I charged it fully and had the wifi on full day in office. Chatting/tweeting/occasional browsing/etc. Sometimes even had GPS on for 10-15 mins. In the night after about 12 hours on battery life the battery was still at >30%. Did a lot of GPS and tried to drain it as much as possible and charge it overnight.
And today it has been on wifi for entire day and has been on battery for 8 hours and it is still at 71%. I am going to try to make it last for tomorrow too.

Screen and size:
The screen is half and inch smaller than my previous Galaxy and this causes some problems with some apps. I use the SwiftkeyX keyboard and it hides most of the text box that is being typed. One can try using the Swype keyboard which also works fantastically well. The screen is bright and the resolution is usable.
The smaller form factor definitely is lighter on my jeans pockets and slides into them easily. The unlock/power key gets pressed sometimes when I pull out the phone out of the pocket. It is surprisingly lightweight, but doesn't feel too cheap.

Most people worry about the 2MP camera. My wife's Motorola Flipout has a 3.15MP camera and is the worst I have seen on a camera phone. But this phone's camera beats the motorola one easily. You definitely wont win prizes for the pictures taken on this, but it is ok for occassional snaps. It would have been better if there was an LED flash and a camera button.
The default camera app also allows one to take panoramic photos upto 8 shots, which I think is real cool. And the stitching up of all the photos is real quick.

The touch screen is quick and smooth. There are occassional sluggishness that can be felt for a second or two, but not that irritating. And Android 2.3.5 for such a low price is a sure win. And if you have a samsung account, you can make it to send an SMS to a predetermined number incase of SIM change. I haven't tried it yet, but its a nice feature and I have a friend who got back his lost mobile using this feature.

If there was one issue with the phone, its the screen size and resolution which could have been a bit better. Overall this is the best budget android phone one could get with all the basic features one needs for daily use.

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31 Oct 2011
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Good buy

About the order: Though it was worrying to wait for the phone to arrive (5 business days from the date of order), yet flipkart people were co-operative when I emailed them and followed up with their courier partners and made sure there was no further delay. The packing was good and please do not accept if the packing is tampered with.

About the phone: For this price, you will be more than happy to own it. Don't mind the resolution, you won't even notice it much. If people are comparing this to iphones and galaxy tabs...go get a life!, you can't buy a VW polo and expect it to have BMW features in it. The camera isn't too bad when compared to other phones with even 3mp. Even though you will have difficulty getting used to typing, eventually you will be comfortable. For those wondering were to slide in the microsd card, just open the back case and it's on the left side bottom (though it's marked MicroSD, it's difficult to notice). Please uncheck bluetooth, 3G features when you are not using them and decrease the brightness to conserve battery. Just one more advice, you do not have to charge 8 or 12 hours for the first charge as this is not a Ni-mh battery. You can stop charging when battery is fully charged which is about 3 hours. Remember to go through FAQ's in flipkart before you place the order.

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26 Nov 2011
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Best Bang for the Buck

This phone is the best value for money in the under 10k category (as of at the time of writing the review) because of the following

1)Awesome Software: Android 2.3.5 which is one of the best mobile operating system at the moment (Ice Cream Sandwich or 4.0 isn't available in India yet)

2)Good Hardware: 832 Mhz processor, which is great enough to help you run the software on this phone, almost seamlessly

3)Almost all other features that you want in a smartphone

4) Most of its competitors lack in one or the other of the above

People who may not like this phone are those who

1)Buy a phone so that they can take beautiful pictures and take HD videos
2)Make Video calls via mobile phone
3)Watch HD Movies on a mobile phones (Why? I don't know)
4)Play Games on mobile phones
5)Just find it cheap and embarrassing to buy a phone that comes for less than 10k

I am a happy owner of this phone. I love Samsung Galaxy S2 and the new Droid Razr and Ice Cream Sandwich, but I don't need to spend 30-40k on a phone which I will be using 99% of the time just for making calls, setting alarm, browsing internet occasionally, checking emails, using some social networking sites and Skype. Galaxy Y does all that for me.

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08 Nov 2011

Hi everyone,

I got the Samsung Galaxy Y a few days ago and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by its performance and specifications. The screen is what most people are complaining about but I'd say that on the whole, with the usual usage, one rarely notices it.Of course, its not going to be a good phone if you are planning to do a lot of screen-size intensive activities like watch movies or read books. Its a great phone and functions well. Touch sensitivity is superb and the processor is more than adequate for running the usual apps and a 480p video. Sound is excellent and so is video playback. Camera is fine and its just the right resolution for sharing online. GPS is great and satellite fixes are pretty ok. I use OpenGPS tracker and it works well with that though there is a lot of battery drain.

Bottom line is, if you want to experiment with the android os, with a limited budget, this is bang for the buck. It's got all the functionality of the gingerbread 2.3.5 os and a processor that can handle it. IF screen size and resolution is important to you, then don't buy this definitely.

K, thank you for your time. Hope this helps.

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09 Oct 2011
awesome phone from samsung

at this price point you can get both trust from SAMSUNG and ANDROID.
It is 100 time better then local indian brands with android old version but this phone has ginger bread 2.3.which is great.
But disappointment is just 2MP atleast 3.2 MP is to be given. If camera does not matter demand then go for this phone it may be hotseller in few days in flipkart..

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09 Oct 2011
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Good smart phone wit best value for money!! CoOl ;)

another good phone by samsung..!!
great value for money... great features with just cheap price.. n selling wit awsome price.!!.
the phone works fine with 832 Mhz processor n 256 ram..!!
so guyz if u searching for good android phone for cheap price here's it..make a choice b4 its OUT OF STOCK!! :D
yeahh!! u wont regrt buyin dis one..!!
except a 2MP camera and QVGA res dts lil disappointing..but other things r grt..!!
cOol pHone!! :)

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11 Nov 2011
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Nice Phone, Value for Money, Happy with it.

Hi All

I am using this phone from last week. I red so many reviews from Flipkart reviews for vrious phone and finalized with this model.


1. Less cost
2. Getting latest version of OS and high speed of processor.
3. Good Camera. 2MP camera does this job very well. (I am not interested in High MP since I have another digical camera with me).
3. All the features of Samsung Ace exists in this model except 5MP camera, flash LED, 3.5 screen size and high resolution).
4. Resolution in this model is very good and could not see scattered image. I could not feel any difference between high resolution models and this model.
5. Data cable is available with box.
6. You can download any application from Android Market.
7. Games are working with Gool Resolution with good graphics.
8. Highly able to Enjoy touch touch screen experience.

1. Pouch is not given along with box.
2. typing was bit difficult since this screen size is 3". However, Quicktype by SWIPE option helps a lot and it works Excellent!.

Final Aspects:
1. Worth Buying.
2. Battery Stands for 2 days with normal use.

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15 Nov 2011
Incoming call issue resolved....

I have updated android firmware from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 using "Kies" provided by samsung. And tested the mob for last two days, it is able to receive all incoming calls even when it is locked.(my product was not from flipkart).

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13 Dec 2011
I am Using this phone from last two months. Just want to share some unknown info.

First of All want to share about the Ram details with this Android Machine.I am sure u didn't find the ram details anywhere else. This Machine has 290 MB of Ram. I call this phone as Machine coz i feel that this is a pocket Android powered Machine.
The Performance of this phone is very good.
1. Speed : very nice . I am unable to hang this phone yet.
2. Display : Clear and attractive .
3. Camera : Clicked photos are very clear better than other 2 mp cameras.
4. SD Card : I am using 8 GB card with this machine without any problems.
5. Touch : Amazing
6. OS : android 2.3 is amazing.
Now some Demerits :
1. Battery Life : 1 Day
2. Sound : Less . Good in headphone.
3. HeadPhone : I dont like them. Once u wear headphone then u r not able to listen any other sound.

Overall This phone is technically very good. It is powered with high processor as well.

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