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Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Wired Headphones: Headphone

Reviews of Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Wired Headphones

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01 Jan 2013
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Music par excellence!!

At the very outset, let me state that I have tried a lot of variety of earphones, from over the ear to intra canal to circumaural...being a hobbyist music connoisseur as well as a composer. Sennheiser is a name to be reckoned with, and if that brand name is not enough, the performance of these earphones leave nothing to doubt.
Here are a few salient points about these earphones, and on comparison with other similiar priced earphones (especially a fanboyism like KLIPSCH, DRE, SKULLCANDY,Monster beats and Soundmagic)

1. Absolutely spot on sound stage: I disagree if anyone says the sound staging is lacking. You can virtually pick up each and every instrument playing. For e.g I have tried listening to string quartets tribute to can pick up each and every instrument, right from the overwhelming strings to the diminutive clarinet and harp supplementing the strong chords.
2. ABSOLUTELY NEUTRAL SOUND QUALITY with AWESOME response : If you are looking for bass check...looking for mids check, treble..check!! I havent heard a more neutral sounding earphone yet one which is so malleable and responsive to the equaliser on your music player...I have heard lots about bass of soundmagic and Klipsch...and tried them out too thanks to a friend who owns a store...there is NO earphone that comes even close to the sound quality these offer.
3. COMFORT and ERGONOMICS : Have you all tried all metallic earphones like SOundmagic models?? after 1 hour of use your external auditory canal will start to feel the fatigue and you will start feeling nauseous do to the pressure buildup in the inside ear and labyrinth. These are made of absolute light quality plastic and are so small that often you forget you have placed something in the ear..
These have been made for music...the cord though thin is rubber ensheated..I dont believe even a strong tug can displace the connections.
I have burnt in the earphones for approx 100 hours using White and Pink noise (search the net and download the tracks)..these earphones are too good at this price range..don't believe the hype that is built up by earphones like Klipsch...if professionals use a brand, it is Sennheiser..and I am not a fanboy but have actally tried different earphones before I felt these earphone deserve a honest review.
If you love your music, I dont feel this is too high a price for these acoustic marvels..these go well with any kind of music....the saxophone of jazz, the blue riffs, the hard metals, the soft strings of classical music...just go for it..avoid fanboyism and biased reviews on some paid web sites!

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01 Jan 2013
One of the better headphones in the 3-5k category.

These buds are excellent quality in-ear type phones. They are very well made and sound fantastic. They have a slightly bass centric response but are a fun set for most music types.

Fantastic tight bass.
Good Mids.
Excellent construction.
L-shapped connector.
Comes with an assortment of tips and a carrying case.

Weak Highs.
Those in search for a perfectly neutral earphone will be overwhelmed by the bass.
Thin cables (yet very durable)
Cables produce some interference when rubbing against clothes.
No Bi-flange or triple flange tips out of box, but bi-flanges sound superb.
Almost nil sound-stage.

I have owned these for about 4 years now and they sound better every time I hear them. They open up after a certain burn-in and are always fun to listen to. Not very critical towards music and absolute steal for the price.

I would also suggest the Klipsch S4 if you are looking for an overall neutral and sharp sound and if you can stretch your budget a little.

EDIT: 07/11/2013

After Four years of rough usage the connector gave away.I just bought the Soundmagic E30 and these blow the CX300 out of the water. Check out my detailed review for the same.

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17 Feb 2013
If you dont have money to buy these, save up and then buy these!

I have been using these earphones for over an year now. And boy, have I found anyone who doesnt like their sound. The whole of the hostel I live in dies for a day when I am not using them and if they can lay their hands on these! I wont go into pros and cons of it. The sound is simply amazing and go for it if you love your music. Klipsch S4 though a bit pricier than these, comes nowhere near to what these have to offer. Bass is on the lower side, though equalisers can always help you out. And if you are into classical at all, you might buy a 100 more of these after listening to them! (but actually you wont need to as they are really durable!)

"In the end", GO FOR THEM!

UPDATE: They have been serving me for good 2 years and I wanted to get them exchanged for a new pair through Sennheiser service centre but this pair have been too loyal to me. If one day they decide to stop, I will happily get another pair without any complaints.

A BIT OF ADVICE: for the extra bass, try pushing the earbuds a little more inside the ear canal. It makes a huge difference: the BASS GUITAR will make you float in the heaven of music!

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25 Jun 2013
When the audiophile inside you awakens...

Germans were mad, are mads and will remain mads forever, purely for the things they masterfully craft and engineer - CX300II Precision remains no exception.

* From the class leading frequency response to the brilliant sound-stage,exceptionally tackled trebles, especially in highs, tucked near perfectly in tandem with the bass, there is little you can get to complain with.
* In first tryst, you may not notice the quality at the lows, mids n highs remain great at that point.
* By the time you burn it in, it is the lows, which leads the pack followed by mid and then the highs. Be it any sound, CX300II is capable of giving it an unprecedented rendition, unlike you've ever heard.
CONS (If that qualifies to be)
* Not meant for bassheads, I've TekFusion, Sony XB30EX, V Moda GR02 Bass edition and while they are boombastic ghettos when it comes to bass, they fail to neutrally perform even the 50% of CX300II. Yes, amongst them, twinwoofers comes a bit close to it, with brilliant and deepest bass response of all.

Right after unpacking it, I started listening to songs via my Cowon MP3 player and goodness, audio nerves inside me literally sent a shiver up the whole body simply due to the way it charismatically handled a flac or 320kbps mp3 file. I was listening to so many new things for the first time, that too with a product which was supposedly wasn't even burned in.

The build quality is great albeit the wires may appear thin at first but mind you, they are tough like anything and my last pairs of sennheiser lasted 4 years of abuse and ultimately died when they got entangled in my bike tyres, me being unaware. So nothing to worry on that part also because Sennheiser's aftersales is an exception too in already long list of exceptions.

I can easily say that the point of the time, where you buy it...the audiophile inside you is born. And believe me, perils of being an audiophile are pleasantly poignant.

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19 Sep 2012

I did not purchase over Fk, but have been using for 3 months now

Pros : very good sound quality (obv), great bass enhancement , best in the 3 k zone .

cons : thin wires , no microphone , no volumen control .

But I am rarely use the headphones volume options , most new phones have sound control hard keys .

Also , you might think Skullcandy is a good buy, but let me tell you they are good for only color schemes , there is much lack on sound quality , they are mostly just ... loud ...

the cx300 gives you a more wholesome music experience .

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Avinash Kunchurkar
22 May 2014
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Damn Good

The ultimate product!!!! No other words to describe

P.S.: Many have found issues of the pin plugging of this earphone and end up hearing only one side of the earphone

There is a way to use it. Plug the audio pin in such a way until you hear a 'Tick' sound. Once you do it. you will just love whatsoever you are listening to.....

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11 Jun 2013
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A MUST BUY ... Truely AMZING .. Now I know my ears can SEE !!!

Hi all,
Jus orederd prodct yestrdy and i should say flipkart delivery i sooo fast ... Kudos to the team ... :)
Next, The package... OHHH .. my hands are paining from opening it ... very secured and safely they done the job !
Next the product:
Wht can i say than it's jus an AMAZING AMAZING Product.. it looked very simple thrgh the cover and i was skeptical ... thght may be jus another earphones... but when i tried it.. People and friends, blve me... The world outside just disappeared ... And as a grt, grt music lover, u can blve me when i say this .. the same songs which i've heard thrgh many other earphone and even in IMAX theatres whr much much better thrgh this earphones...
i'm very relectant to put it down ... Jus loving it ...
More words may ruin the soup but sorry I was very very excited ... :)

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08 Jun 2013
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Mixed emotion

Firstly a great service by flipkart , Initially I was delivered a fake one , the right ear speaker went off ,, and the build quality was cheap , called flipkart and had it replaced , the flipkart team replaced it in two days time ,

Now about the ear phones
pros :
great sound quality
bass is clean and effective
cheap compared to similar quality earphones from other brands
looks simple but great
cord is long enough
the 3.5mm jack is firmly attached through a L shaped socket
easily fits the ear , provided with 3 different ear buds

build quality seems fragile
at very high volume sound seems to crack a little
pouch is not great

bottomline: go for it , but watch out for fake ones EVEN from flipkart !!!

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04 Apr 2013
Once you start using this your life will change

This is the best pair of earphones I have ever owned. Before buying this I tried a couple of other headphones , I even tried Bose one's which were around three times the price but I finally settled for this and this is one of the best decisions I ever took . These earphones are awesome , the experience of listening to songs and watching movies changed after I started using these. I dont know much technical stuff like if the bass is good or not but I can tell you one thing if you are regular user like me and have the cash these are the earphones to go for.
Some one actually stole my earphones but now I am actually saving so that I can buy these earphones again these are so damn good.

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15 Mar 2013

Seriously, the BEST there is !!! :D

Awesome clarity with a proper base! \m/
Minimizes noise to the max and is suitable for all kinds of music!!!

I got one for myself almost an year back and gifted it to a friend recently!
If you want better in-the-ear earphones, the only option are Beats by Dr Dre, which are almost triple the price of these earphones!

Worth the price,
Worth even saving up money for a while and buying them!

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