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Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones: Headphone

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05 Apr 2014
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The king of detail. The 800 is probably the best dynamic headphone out there. Resolution and detail are outstanding. A very big soundstage. If your recordings are good, its an enjoyable immersion in music. If the recordings are bad, it is a terrible listening experience since the 800 reveals very nuance. It will deliver outstanding bass as needed, the mids are beautiful and forward and 800 is famous for its treble extension. Some will complain of sibilance. I personally don't. An important warning: Use a very good headphone amp to bring out the best in the headphone. Otherwise, please don't waste your money. Its that simple.

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05 Sep 2014
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Simply marvellous !!

After having bought OPPO HA1 DAC, I had been listening to HD 598 ! however I was waiting to get some extra money so as to buy my all time dream device, yes HD 800.
As has been the case with my surfing on, I suddenly saw the discounted price and just couldn't believe the price of 65 K being offered.
Ordered aroung 12 noon and thanks to the same day delivery , I was at 5.30 pm , taking out HD 800 from the excellent packing stuff.
Took me few minutes to to set up the Sonic Amarra player on my macbook and , yeppy! I had Cliff Richard sounding so different through the HD 800.
Postponed my dinner , so as to I could also listen to Yanni.
Later in the night downloaded few tracks from and the DSD samples from , and let me tell you guys, I was all together in a different world of music with the combination of HD music on HD 800 powered by OPPO HA1 amp.
Definitely a must buy , ( but be pre warned, you need a excellent amp to drive HD 800)

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Anup Kumar
29 Jul 2015
Planning to purchase on EMI

I am definitely going to purshase this on EMI. I have a good quality of 5.1 sound system but unable to enjoy the music to full extent as my neighbours gives police complaint whenever I listen to Himesh Reshammiya songs. So then I started listening to songs in my headphone but that does not give proper output while listening to Himesh Reshammiya. Now I am missing my favorite singer's song. I think this Headphone will solve my issue. It will be huge investment but I will compromise anything for Himesh Reshammiya.

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11 Feb 2014
Worth the wait !!!

I had saved for 5 long years to buy this headphone....
and trust me guys its AWESOME....
well at this range dont expect any better...
a must buy

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02 Mar 2012
first to review
Best Headphone in the market

Sennheiser HD 800 is one of the best headphone available in Market.highly accurate sound; super comfy over-the-ear design; detachable headphone cable makes it worth for price. The HD 800s sound a bit less like headphones and more like high-end speakers than any headphones we've heard.The headphones are supremely comfortable.Best for PC and it you can expend 80k on a headphone then you should buy "Woo Audio WA6 Special Edition headphone amplifier" that will enhance the quality of by for the best produce of sennheiser.

but if you are looking for buying a headphone for I-pad i will nor recommend it for you because it's way too expensive ,You'll need to provide your own adapter if you want to use an audio source with a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, otherwise no match for it's performance. For I-pad i prefer "Shure SE 535"

Well now , will i recommend this headphone for you ?

Sure if you can buy one , you should.
Sound Quality - 10/10
Comfort - 10/10
Design - 9/10
Build Quality- 10/10

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18 Sep 2013
must purchase

I spent a LOT of time with the HD800 in a wide variety of contexts. All my comparisons were done at my calibrated listening level of 80dBA (using the Rives Audio Test CD and my SPL meter for calibration).

And just so folks do not think that what I am hearing and have described below is either a factor of my amps, my cables, my sources, or my recordings, let me say this: I used 6 different sources (all with their own set of high-quality cables), 9 different amps, and lots and lots of the world's finest recordings . 3 of my sources are one-time Stereophile Class-A rated - two digital, one analog (the cartridge). I have amps from $400 - $1200 that I played them on, both tube and solid state. Sources included the Denon DVD-5900, Sony SCD-555ES, and my Vinyl rig of Benz-Micro Wood L2 on Denon DP-59L > Audio Electronics PH1 DJH. Amps used were SinglePower Extreme and MPX3, Decware CSP-2, Graham Slee SRG w/PSU1, and Audio-GD C-2-C.

Further, and unlike other headphone reviews, I also used my speakers for reference for this review. I also decided, in addition to other headphones, will that the very, very natural sounding but highly detailed B&W Nautilus 800 Signatures would be valuable in getting a good handle on the HD800’s performance. So I compared the sound of the HD 800 to the B&W N800’s as well as the JVC DX1000 and the Beyer DT880.
The HD 800s come packed in a beautiful storage case and also each pair of headphones is hand-assembled and tested in Germany.

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17 Feb 2013

the looks of this device is really scary... it seems as though it is a device used to make people deaf...... lol.... but is the best headphone out there which is waste of money according to me as one can buy a bike instead of this headphone....

if you are really mad about music, you should buy this one for sure.....
i feel they could have improved its looks... it really feels as a heaven for
people who are crazy about music.

looks 8/10
sound 10/10
feel 10/10

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01 Nov 2014

Sennheiser HD800 introduces a new paradigm in Circumaural headphone technology. Sennheiser HD800 headphone chassis is built with sandwich design, from metal covered with layers of a high performance non-toxic polymer called Leona. Leona offers high resistance to electricity and heat making the headphone extremely safe even in case of an electrical eventuality. Leona is self extinguishing, making it fire safe. The headband is built for high damping, eliminating vibrations.

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16 Mar 2014
its best at this low cost!!!

I bought this headphone and i was listening to song and guess what i got call from my girlfriend truly amazing .. Try it once and for all and you will never regret your decision that u have bought this headphones..

I also used it with my iphone 5S joined through bluetooth its amazing!!!

THANK YOU guyzz..

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06 Jun 2013
Excellent Sound

M using it it has a very excellent sound...and the best bass...

1. Light and comfortable to wear for long periods
2. Sound does not distort at all.
3. A MUST BUY FOR BASS LOVERS, as it is really high on bass, and safer to use than the in-ears which can damage the auditory canal. The bass also sounds EXCELLENT


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