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Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones: Headphone

Reviews of Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones

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26 Nov 2014
Just Awesome,Went into a blackhole listening to this

Here i am sitting here out in gargantula,, yes,, When you listen to this headphones u the time will slow down, u will reach another dimension, u can travel through the song,, and if ur lucky u can also go and meet Christopher Nolan ,,

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Ashishranjan Dwivedi
21 Apr 2014


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11 Aug 2015
Awesome out off the world headphone - wait can we really call that "headphones"? its a shame

My life is full circle now, I mean I have tears rolling down my ears, errr, eyes while I'm writing this review, I never thought I would be privileged enough to wear such "EXP"ensive earphones on my humble ears and listen to those 9.1 sounds emanating from the discovery channel series that I was watching. I couldn't believe myself when I was able to hear an ant walking next to an elephant on the screen, Ant's foot steps were so clear I could hardly hear the elephant (great noise cancellation).

In fact I can feel lot of ants in my ear already, this is like 3D "Super" surround sound, nothing can beat this. I have a lot of difficulty after I bought this, had to skip my breakfast, my lunch and have only curd rice for dinner, but what the heck, who cares when you have such great headphones at your disposal, I can visualize food now on "food channel" and I'm able to control my hunger during morning and afternoon.

It is time UN officially launched this headphone in countries were people are hungry and made them listen to "Food channel" 24/7 to eradicate hunger, what an innovation this is.. again, I'm prevliged to be born in an era where this headphone was invented, and I'm sure internet was only found for this so that this could be advertised on Flipkart!, thank you Flipkart for making my life meaningful (sorry cant type any more, tears are still rolling down and my key board may become wet)

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18 Nov 2014
Dhoom 4 with Sennheiser coming soon 2015

I really wanted this headphones because dhoom 4 will be made on these headphones, the plot of Dhoom 4 will be that they will make a gang to steal these headphones and how Jay and Ali get these headphones and become thieves them selves because these are the worlds beat headphones!! An awesome story!!! Dhoom 4 with coming soon 2015

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sambaji bhosle
07 Apr 2014
Truly Awesome

I was searching for an amazing headphone from so many days..finally i found this awesome masterpiece....i am selling my CBR 250 bike for this masterpiece....
guys this is a must buy headphone for every music fans.

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05 Apr 2014
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Sennheiser HD800

The king of detail. The 800 is probably the best dynamic headphone out there. Resolution and detail are outstanding. A very big soundstage. If your recordings are good, its an enjoyable immersion in music. If the recordings are bad, it is a terrible listening experience since the 800 reveals very nuance. It will deliver outstanding bass as needed, the mids are beautiful and forward and 800 is famous for its treble extension. Some will complain of sibilance. I personally don't. An important warning: Use a very good headphone amp to bring out the best in the headphone. Otherwise, please don't waste your money. Its that simple.

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Shashank Iyer
06 Mar 2015
ohhhh man now i can die peacefully !!!!!!!!!!

now........the thought process of buying this product came from the reviews only...........for this buy i had to spend my entire semester money.......{worth it......}.....for those who haven't used it yet these headphones works as speakers also.............

the bass sound is so good that you will feel extremely good {"feeling like you can end your life that moment only "in a positive way"........
the depth of the music is so good that even if there is volcano eruption won't bother you.....
the depth of the sound is so good that while operating my twitter account i came across K.R.K (aka apna launda) tweets i can listen all the abuses for this guy only beacause of these headphones ..

...concluding with the point that ...these headphones have changed my life as now i can listen to great music while doing laundry....." 5 star"

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05 Sep 2014
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Simply marvellous !!

After having bought OPPO HA1 DAC, I had been listening to HD 598 ! however I was waiting to get some extra money so as to buy my all time dream device, yes HD 800.
As has been the case with my surfing on, I suddenly saw the discounted price and just couldn't believe the price of 65 K being offered.
Ordered aroung 12 noon and thanks to the same day delivery , I was at 5.30 pm , taking out HD 800 from the excellent packing stuff.
Took me few minutes to to set up the Sonic Amarra player on my macbook and , yeppy! I had Cliff Richard sounding so different through the HD 800.
Postponed my dinner , so as to I could also listen to Yanni.
Later in the night downloaded few tracks from and the DSD samples from , and let me tell you guys, I was all together in a different world of music with the combination of HD music on HD 800 powered by OPPO HA1 amp.
Definitely a must buy , ( but be pre warned, you need a excellent amp to drive HD 800)

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11 Feb 2014
Worth the wait !!!

I had saved for 5 long years to buy this headphone....
and trust me guys its AWESOME....
well at this range dont expect any better...
a must buy

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24 Aug 2014

This is purely loot by foreign company. You can guess how much money has been spent by company to make this? What should we do if one part is made in Switzerland and another is America of this headphone? But we think that oh! its made in Switzerland or America, its of great quality. This is our misconception and nothing more than that. Do you know if this company sells 1000 headphones it will sell these of around 7 crore and it will take minimum 6 crore out of the country results in making the India poor and deflation of rupee. Please don't buy these products.

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