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Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones: Headphone

Reviews of Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones

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20 Sep 2014
FAMILY BROKE :D escaped from schooling

I was in 10th standard vacation when i saw this product. i fell in love with the awesome features of the product.
I told my dad that i wont go to school for 11th if he didnt buy me this headphones. My dad didnt see the product but told me ok.

i got 15%off and bought this through dads internet bank, and within days it got delivered. Awesome quality and surround. but its wired. but worth for 80k :D

Now my family went broke and theres no money for my school fees :D
thank you..

PS: the noise cancellation is awesome. you dont hear your parents shouting at you :D

will give 5 star if it has 3.5mm jack

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09 May 2014
Best for car usage

I was plaaning to buy my second car as my wife constantly cribs about getting a new one for her. Had almost arranged for the down payment when i visited this product's page.Without a second thought, i purchased the headphones...

My life has never been better before. I use the headphones when driving. My wife's constant sarcastic comments now have no impact on me. It's a must buy product for all husbands. Recommended for to be husbands too..

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05 Mar 2014
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Finally, the first certified buyer review for these headphones!

All i can say is, Wow, these cans are fantastic. I upgraded from my HD 598's and am thoroughly enjoying experiencing my music all over again. A good DAC + Amp is absolutely essential to drive these to their full potential, so expect to keep atleast another 50k aside if not more, otherwise the sound coming out from these will likely not be loud enough and won't impress you. You will also need great source material, otherwise the flaws in imperfect recordings will be exposed. So in short, if you have well recorded lossless audio, a solid amp and dac, do not bother buying these, as you will be disappointed with regards to the price paid. If you have all of the above, prepare to experience your music all over again in a way you could only have imagined before!

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04 May 2014
I love you Sennheiser

This is so amazing headphones, only Rs 84,499 /-
Now I finally feel I have a life. I was so lonley in my life, it feels like I have a companion now. I used to think that my life is nothing, I was bored with my life. I have no friends. And finally I saw this headphones only Rs 85K S0O LOVELY.

Now I can finally say my life is not a waste. This is so perfect from FLIPKART. Guys, please get a life and buy this beautiful headphones. I know, I know I should get a MEDAL for this review. But this headphones are life saver.

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Jeremy D
24 Apr 2014
After seeing the joke reviews, just want to add my opinion

Yes, I own one of these. Yes, they are horrifically expensive. Yes, they are as amazing as the price would imply, possibly even more so. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before I begin, I must mention that I purchased my HD800 at a Canadian retail store at a sale price of around $1400 CAD. The regular retail price of the HD800 is $1600 CAD, which is about the same in USD. Converting the MSRP from CAD to Rs. gave a price that was just below what the seller here is asking. People complaining about the price in India aren't alone; these are relatively just as expensive in Canada as well.

With that out of the way, let's begin! WARNING: Massive text dump to follow!

I've been asked what makes the HD800 so special. The simple answer is: soundstage. Even though these are stereo headphones, the open design of the housing, the revolutionary driver design, and the positioning of the drivers make almost any recording sound like a concert hall. Sound does not feel like it is originating inside the head or right beside the ears; instead, the sound feels spacious, surrounding you. This is what we call soundstage, and these headphones are possibly the best in the world at it.

Of course, they are also great for listening to music without any distortion caused by the headphones themselves. The frequency response is super-flat, aggressively clear, and ruthlessly accurate. They demand high-quality source material; anything less, like a poorly compressed MP3 or a bad recording, and they will reveal every artifact the music contains. I had to re-rip much of my music CDs to something with a much higher bitrate (lossless compression, like ALAC or FLAC is ideal) to accommodate them.

Something else to take into consideration is their demand on your setup. These things are power-hungry, demanding a high-quality amplifier to satiate their 300ohm impedance. Trying to run these things on an iPhone 5S unamplified does them absolutely no justice; the sound is anemic, dry, and lifeless. That said, they don't sound bad unamplified, but putting them on a 24bit 192kHz DAC (external sound card for a computer) and running that into an external amplifier will deliver sound quality that would cost at least two orders of magnitude more in speakers and equipment than what the HD800+amp combo could deliver.

Before I forget, I should also mention some other (relatively) superficial things about the HD800. They are super-comfortable; they can be worn for literally days on end without discomfort. The detachable cable ends in a 1/4" plug, which may be unsuitable for some setups without an adapter, which Sennheiser does not ship with these headphones (which is bizzare, considering that their previous flagship, the HD650, does ship with an 1/4" to 1/8" adapter).

Finally, and most importantly, the headphones are open-backed; this allows for the wide-open soundstage as previously mentioned, but lets them leak a lot of sound as a consequence. Furthermore, they make no attempt to isolate any noise, as this would allow sound waves to resonate with the enclosure, creating distortion; as a result, listening to music while the rest of your household is having a loud conversation the next room over is nearly impossible. This is not a defect, but a trade-off by design, to ensure the best possible sound quality at all costs. In a similar vein, these things can also be driven to insanely loud levels, due to how distortion-free they are. Be careful when tweaking the volume while using these headphones, as you can easily get hearing damage without feeling any pain while listening to loud music.

Overall, these headphones are purely for those who want the best possible sound they can get, at all costs, in the form factor of a headphone setup. For some, this may actually make these a value, as a speaker setup with similar performance would cost easily 10x as much as the HD800 paired with a high-quality tube amp. As these are very much professional headphones, with applications in audio engineering as well as private listening, this is something to consider. If you want a way to get enjoyable sound quality on the go, look elsewhere. If you want a simple solution for upgrading your headphones, start with something around 1/10th the cost. If you want perfection, knowing that some concessions need to be made, look no further.

In short, the Sennheiser HD800 is the best dynamic headphone ever made, if you know how to use it.

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05 Apr 2014
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Sennheiser HD800

The king of detail. The 800 is probably the best dynamic headphone out there. Resolution and detail are outstanding. A very big soundstage. If your recordings are good, its an enjoyable immersion in music. If the recordings are bad, it is a terrible listening experience since the 800 reveals very nuance. It will deliver outstanding bass as needed, the mids are beautiful and forward and 800 is famous for its treble extension. Some will complain of sibilance. I personally don't. An important warning: Use a very good headphone amp to bring out the best in the headphone. Otherwise, please don't waste your money. Its that simple.

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Ashishranjan Dwivedi
21 Apr 2014


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13 Jan 2014
WOW boom

i'm waiting for this product for long time. finally this awesome product in INDIA. I have 4 piece.. left right all are working fine. highly recommend product those who love music. its working without power awesome. if you switch on music entire city all will hear the music. MUST BUY

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09 Nov 2014
amazing earphones at cheap cost

very nice earphones.....that very moment i saw feel in love with them..i bought this earphones in exchange with my wife didnt liked it and she got divorce with me...i got ill health beacuse of lack of kidney......i lost my job......i am on platform...but wt makes me live do u know ....this earphones...i wanted to live 200years to sing songs from that earphones awesome.....

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05 Sep 2014
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certified buyer
Simply marvellous !!

After having bought OPPO HA1 DAC, I had been listening to HD 598 ! however I was waiting to get some extra money so as to buy my all time dream device, yes HD 800.
As has been the case with my surfing on, I suddenly saw the discounted price and just couldn't believe the price of 65 K being offered.
Ordered aroung 12 noon and thanks to the same day delivery , I was at 5.30 pm , taking out HD 800 from the excellent packing stuff.
Took me few minutes to to set up the Sonic Amarra player on my macbook and , yeppy! I had Cliff Richard sounding so different through the HD 800.
Postponed my dinner , so as to I could also listen to Yanni.
Later in the night downloaded few tracks from and the DSD samples from , and let me tell you guys, I was all together in a different world of music with the combination of HD music on HD 800 powered by OPPO HA1 amp.
Definitely a must buy , ( but be pre warned, you need a excellent amp to drive HD 800)

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