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Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones: Headphone

Reviews of Sennheiser HD 800 Wired Headphones

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09 May 2014
Best for car usage

I was plaaning to buy my second car as my wife constantly cribs about getting a new one for her. Had almost arranged for the down payment when i visited this product's page.Without a second thought, i purchased the headphones...

My life has never been better before. I use the headphones when driving. My wife's constant sarcastic comments now have no impact on me. It's a must buy product for all husbands. Recommended for to be husbands too..

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19 Nov 2014
Awesum Product !!!!!!!!!

Hi ,

I just wanna say that this product is just awesome ...... After hearing the same song from this device makes it more && more beautiful .....Although the cost is a bit high but its surely worth my Kidney ............

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05 Mar 2014
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certified buyer
Finally, the first certified buyer review for these headphones!

All i can say is, Wow, these cans are fantastic. I upgraded from my HD 598's and am thoroughly enjoying experiencing my music all over again. A good DAC + Amp is absolutely essential to drive these to their full potential, so expect to keep atleast another 50k aside if not more, otherwise the sound coming out from these will likely not be loud enough and won't impress you. You will also need great source material, otherwise the flaws in imperfect recordings will be exposed. So in short, if you have well recorded lossless audio, a solid amp and dac, do not bother buying these, as you will be disappointed with regards to the price paid. If you have all of the above, prepare to experience your music all over again in a way you could only have imagined before!

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Ashishranjan Dwivedi
21 Apr 2014


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21 Nov 2014
It's actually a time machine for 80000/- cheapest in the world, everyone must buy it.

I borrowed two months' salary (85000/-) from my employer to buy this headphone, my wife started shouting at me ("EMI kon bharega??, mere p.....a??") frustrated with her continuous ranting, I decided to watch Interstellar movie on my laptop and used these awesome headphones , middle of the movie , I realized that this is no ordinary stuff, I suddenly heard my wife cursing Mr BOSE, I thought that she's cursing those BOSE's headfone i purchased earlier, and rightly so , no comparison, now realizing these headfones have some alien connect, I closed my eyes , I actually began to travel through the wormhole these headsets had created inside their dark black holes, I realized I had slipped into the future, 10 years ahead, I saw my wife pulling my hair & beating me with these headfones, my head's shape had changed with continuous beatings over the last 10 years, but these amazing headfones didn't break, then I came back in the past to the moment where I was about to buy these headfones, I saw myself borrowing the money from the employer, I shouted!! don't do this, don't do this, biwi bohot maregi , but I didn't pay heed to my own calls, then I saw my wife shouting at me, and , me deciding to watch interstellar movie on my laptop, and after some time I saw my wife actually beating me, then I realized the truth behind the song I earlier heard, I opened my eyes and started running for the shelter and my wife was singing this song "BHAG BHAG D.K BOSE D.K, BOSE D.K BHAG"

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05 Apr 2014
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certified buyer
Sennheiser HD800

The king of detail. The 800 is probably the best dynamic headphone out there. Resolution and detail are outstanding. A very big soundstage. If your recordings are good, its an enjoyable immersion in music. If the recordings are bad, it is a terrible listening experience since the 800 reveals very nuance. It will deliver outstanding bass as needed, the mids are beautiful and forward and 800 is famous for its treble extension. Some will complain of sibilance. I personally don't. An important warning: Use a very good headphone amp to bring out the best in the headphone. Otherwise, please don't waste your money. Its that simple.

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12 Oct 2014
Pariyon ki khilkhilati awaaz

I always thought I am good for nothing and I am of no use to this world. Suddenly Flipkart introduced me to this amazing product. Don't you dare listen to those funny reviews if you want to listen to fairies, goblins and even rajnikanth. Yes, it has a direct contact with rajnikanth.Bhai, kharidke ko dekh, totte udd jayengey.

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06 Jan 2015
Finally after the road i've taken but i finally bought them.

At first i was a normal man and then one day while surfing on flipmart i saw these headphones. I had no money but i wanted to buy them. This was when i took the path of crime. i soon started smuggling and selling drugs, killing people, stealing cars.
Soon this felt not enough and i joined the ALKaeda. I changed my name to Osama bin Laden and started terrorism and blackmailing countries for money. The US thinks it killed me but im still alive and have finally bought these from all my savings.

These headphones are worth the the life.. Thumbs up

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Aaditya Chakravarty
26 Nov 2014
Awesome Headphone

Well , my budget was just around 100-1500 bucks but then my eyes fell on this "majestic" set of headphones which made my life worth living . Now i get voices of tom and jerry playing in my ear and not to forget i also hear shaktimaan's theme song , also he promised to tell me the secret behind the reveal of shaktimaan next week , THIS IS A MUST BUY , although i had to sell my kidney for this , but this is worth it for DAMN sure. The sound clarity is soo good that i can even hear the screams of dead people and i can hear their last wishes , oh! these headphones are just AWESOME !

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sambaji bhosle
07 Apr 2014
Truly Awesome

I was searching for an amazing headphone from so many days..finally i found this awesome masterpiece....i am selling my CBR 250 bike for this masterpiece....
guys this is a must buy headphone for every music fans.

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