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Silent Moments of Melancholy (English): Book

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24 Aug 2011
A MASTERPIECE INDEED - Silent Moments of Melancholy

One needs precise idea of what poetry and poetry writing is all about, in order to write about the poetry. It is the richest form of literature ever since.

And this book, Silent Moments of Melancholy, is its true sense is rich in its content, candidly justifying what poetry is and what it should be.

The poems are true reflections of what morose is, a dark poetry in all aspects. People may argue that why is poetry always sad, pessimistic, and dark. Well that's when and how your true and intense feelings spurt out. And that is what poetry is known for - intensity; otherwise it would have been called prose.

Silent Moments of Melancholy is a great compilation with poems structured in perfect rhythm, meter, and use of figures of speech.

"Lessons from Old Man" is an exemplary illustration of usage of metaphor. "Lost Kingdom" is about the loneliness that one is pushed into after a true love abandons you. "Memories" will inspire you to never give up in life, no matter how much you have been shattered down.

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27 Feb 2012
A stylish book with great poetry

Something I have liked after many years. After reading some boring rhyming poetry, this one sizzled me up like beautiful fireworks in the sky on a new years eve.
Beautiful poetry. I picked the book looking at the cover and the synopsis, as no sample poems were available. I don't regret my pick. Dont judge a book by its cover, they say. But I did and I am happy.
I am still reading some of the poems as not only are they hard hitting in messages but difficult to understand language wise as well.


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13 Feb 2012
An array of words indeed!

Loved the structure of poems, the imagery!
Very interesting!
A must buy for all those who appreciate poetry!

The only thing that I felt was the incorrect usage of punctuation. I hope to see them rectified in the second edition!

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26 Dec 2011
One hell of a book

Fabulous poetry though with a lot of tough words. But it is piercing and thoughtful, the poems are really dark in nature and stand true to the word poetry. Best part is not many poems are rhyming, which makes it even a truthful reading experience. Very well composed and thematic. Nice flow. Painful but a pleasured reading!

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01 Oct 2011
Poetry as it should be

Reminds me of the times when our English teacher in school recited poems to us and explained their meaning as well. However, she also warned us that her interpretation may not always be true, every reader can come up with his/her own interpretation.
I learnt to understand poetry at a very young age. There after I read works of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Eliot, Neruda. I loved them all.
Along the journey I started feeling that poetry is losing its charm, the reception for poetry diminished, poets under valued. The entire mass flocked towards hostel, IIT, IIM stories with flavours of alcohol, sex, drugs to it.
And I lost hope that I might get to read something that has high literary sense and value.
This poet has built up my trust again. That poetry still exists and its value still intact. I am proud of this young cute boy (see his photo on the back cover of the book - gives you a sweet smile as if asking you - "so what's up dude") who has shown courage to exhibit his poetry to the world and retain the worth of this art form. He is not afraid to fight against the street-side language like English novels. He has strived to make is presence felt. Though it will take time for his work to surface out to the levels that one expects from a book, it will certainly be a joy ride for him.

My only concern the words could have been a little simpler so that even a lay man could understand it.

For example consider this poem

Anon, apace,
A felicity ensued.
Renovating my solitude,
Into a halcyon!
Like a panacea,
Like a harbinger,
There stood my crony.
My misery, then,
Was just ephemeral,
As I gamboled with her.

At first look you will not understand anything from it. Look up the words and you drown into an abyss of emotions that the poem talks about - solitude, separation, betrayal, and so on.

I am not going to comprehend it for you, for like my teacher had said every reader has an interpretation of his/her own.

Though sadistic and dark in nature, it will be a joy reading this book, especially deciphering what the poet wants to convey.

Also, the book is aptly priced. However, if I had been able to write a poetry book like that I would have priced it above Rs. 200. Its priceless for every poet though.

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29 Sep 2011
Entire visualisation I get from the poems is an unexpected trauma

Poetry can take various forms. There lies the beauty of this form of art. A million brains reading the same poem can come out with a million interpretations. It is so vast, profound, and versatile.

I write these words after reading the impactful poetry book, Silent Moments of Melancholy, which I recently borrowed from one of my friends (I will own a copy soon - treasurable, pleasurable).

Though I struggled with few words that the poet has used, the entire collection is a classic work of poetry. I would have loved to see this book on the shelves in bookstores in UK, the birthplace of poetry form that Amol Redij writes.

The entire visualisation that I get from the poems is an unexpected trauma that has made this young poet write his feelings honestly and with intensity that would send clouds bursting (read crying). His honesty supports the style in which he writes, the emotions I mean. Technically, most of the poems are perfect in meter and rhyme, that attribute to his poetic consciousness. However, I would also like to mention that there are few loose ends which Amol Redij will need to polish, but I certainly can't punish him for those small mistakes in return for the delicacy he has served in his book.

Particularly, the poem, "Delusion" is an excellent form of contradictory emotions. The over all feeling produces an astute razor-sharp corollary, almost a pang that will give cramps in your heart.

Reading that poem, "Delusion" I was reminded of Robert Herrick's 17th century poem,

Here a pretty baby lies
Sung asleep with lullabies
Pray be silent and not stir
The easy earth that covers her

I think you have read enough from me. Now go and read the book itself, a book that has universal appeal.

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29 Sep 2011
A classic piece

I Would say this is simply amazing. A collectible for your personal library.

I have become a fan of the poet, Amol. He has really came out with a masterpiece, a differentiator from what we get today.

My suggestion: A must buy for the reader who values literature.

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29 Sep 2011
It's a good book indeed, but good for a one time read only.

I am the first one posting a critic about your book. It may have been a nice book to many, but to me as a person or rather as a critic, it should have had atleast a little of your happiness in there. It could have started with happiness, showed a body of sadness and ending atleast a little with your happiness or something, where you are still in search of your happiness. (Or still on the look out for one...) Ultimately you always want to read something that makes you smile. It's ur happiness that counts. Your sadness only gives you and the readers pity towards you. Too much of hatred and darkness in the book. This is my frank opinion. Shows too much of negativity in life. Doesn't give hope for Lovers. Ultimately Love is not a bad feeling all the time.

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28 Sep 2011
After such a long time...a wonderful poetry book

I am shaken and stirred after reading this poetry book. Indeed the agony of today's generation is painfully highlighted in this book through the form of poetry.
Poems certainly break through you, piercing deep down into your heart.
I am really feeling inferior to write a review for this book for I don't have words...nothing in my vocabulary that can match the words that Amol has used.
A terrific prolific poet and though the theme is melancholic, I felt refreshed to have read such a beautiful work of poetry.

The book has an amazing look, the sad dull kinda look that goes perfectly well with the sadness that the poems want to convey. Certainly, you can judge this book by its cover.

I have loved all the poems, picking up one is difficult but "All in His Name" wins my highest votes. Simply brilliant, award winning stuff.

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27 Aug 2011
for people who have never read poetry

I have never read poetry. But,got this book and the first poem captures you. Stirs something very familiar within you. I think anyone even remotely related to a mill worker's life relates to it. great reading assured. thanks to the author....

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